The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 377

With Ethan’s support, no one would object to Madelyn leaving. Instead of attending those banquets
with Hayson, she preferred to be with Ethan. Although Hayson was not afraid of the Arnold family, he
did not dare to offend Ethan.

They departed for Marisburg at ten in the morning and arrived at 11:30. The driver dropped her off in
front of a high -end restaurant. “Ms. Jent, I’ll head back now. Mr. Arnold will take you back later.”
“Alright, thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, Ms. Jent. Just doing my job.” Leyton opened the front passenger door upon seeing
the familiar car. Madelyn got out with her chain bag and wrapped the coat tighter. Leyton said, ” Mr.
Arnold’s waiting for you inside, and I won’t join you guys.”

Before entering the restaurant, Madelyn asked, “Did you finalize the business deal?” Leyton smiled,
“We’re already in the final stage, so it’s okay even if Mr. Arnold doesn’t show up.”

Madelyn nodded, “Okay, thank you.” In fact, she was worried that her presence might cause trouble for
Ethan. She thought that if he was busy, she could explore Marisburg on her own.

Upon entering the restaurant, Madelyn spotted Ethan sitting on a chair. He was slightly bowing his
head, seemingly sending a message to someone. She approached and quietly sat across from him.
“Hey, mister. Is the person you’re waiting for not here yet? Why haven’t you ordered anything?”

Ethan put down his phone when he heard her voice. Then, he poured her a cup of tea. “Perfect timing,
she’s here now. Don’t bother about the price, just order whatever you like.”

Several servers brought over some desserts and handed them two menus. “These desserts…?”
Madelyn questioned. Ethan said, “I ordered them for you, just to fill you up a bit for now.”

Madelyn just randomly picked a few dishes since she could not eat much. However, they would have to
take the leftover desserts home, as Ethan had ordered quite a lot.

Ethan’s amber-like eyes fixed on Madelyn as she enjoyed her food, finding pleasure in it. “I heard you
did well on your exams this time.”

“I did fine. I went through a lot of practice questions, so it wasn’t too challenging.” “Eat less cold food.
The weather hasn’t warmed up yet, so you might get sick.”

“Okay, I’ll take one last bite.” When Ethan was away on business trips, he usually settled for something
simple and rarely visited upscale restaurants like this. He also enjoyed peace and did not like being
disturbed during meals. He had also ordered these desserts at Leyton’s suggestion.

‘I should have ordered less,’ Ethan thought. As expected, Madelyn was already 80% full. Consequently,
she only took a few bites of the steak, and Ethan finished the rest. Madelyn would definitely not be so
unrestrained at home, but things were different when she was with Ethan since she knew he would
indulge her. “Done eating?”

Madelyn nodded contentedly, “Yeah. Where are we going later?” “I’ve already had your change of
clothes sent to the hotel by Leyton. Let’s take a walk to help your digestion.

“Ethan extended his hand. Madelyn understood his intention and handed him her bag. They left the
restaurant with his left hand carrying it and his right hand holding hers.

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