Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 1

Chapter 1
01 . Invitation from Deruzogedo

A month has passed since I reincarnated .
I’ve spent the time looking into the world that is now two thousand years further on . It seems the magical arts have degenerated to a much lower level than I thought .
Human’s don’t seem to know about reincarnation magic at all . (1)
It was a rather common magic in the age of myths that I had lived in . For high ranking magic users, reincarnating was not unusual, however, in the present times that age has been called the era of magic . Reincarnation magic does not seem to be known in the present age .
I can talk from birth and have magical talent . My parents Gusta and Isabella have interpreted it that I’m just a very smart baby .
Growth is considered an advanced magic in the present era but it is still generally known about . (2)
Oh well . If the existence of reincarnation is not acknowledged I guess it can’t be helped .
The most surprising thing though was that I reincarnated as a human .
two thousand years ago I sowed my own seeds . With magic, I created 7 subordinates using my own blood and commanded them to have children and expand their bloodline . I needed a container that contained my blood for a successful reincarnation .
As I expected, over two thousand years the blood of the demon king Arnos did not die out, however, I did not expect it to mix with humans .
No, thinking about it I suppose that since the mazoku and the humans stopped fighting its probably natural that those with mixed blood are born .
I guess deep down I thought that the mazoku and the humans were fundamentally incompatible but after a thousand years of being separated by the walls, their troubles were diluted and eventually lost .
Humans don’t seem to know much about the mazoku anymore . I asked my parents but they didn’t know anything either . All they knew was that the mazoku tribe were really far away on the other side of a wall . They had no further information beyond that .
The demon country, the home of the mazoku is apparently called Deiruheido .
I felt the slight flow of magic power and out of the corner of my eye, something caught my attention .
Moving over to the window I open it and an owl jumps in before dropping a letter in my hand .
It’s a letter of invitation from the demon king academy Deruzogedo .
“Demon king academy?……… . ”
Deruzogedo is the name of my castle . I don’t remember hearing about this demon king academy .
I guess it was founded sometime during these last two thousand years .
While I was thinking the owl opened its mouth .
“Deruzogedo is a school to raise the demon emperor . The person who inherited the traits of the demon king of tyranny . In other words amongst the mazoku we were founded to find people descended from the imperial family and make them into a fine demon emperor . ”
The demon king of tyranny? What a nostalgic name for myself, although I was generally just called demon king Arnos during those times but perhaps it’s not bad having those 2 names handed down .
“The demon king of tyranny was the founder and it is the role of the academy to find the person closest to the founder and make them the demon emperor . You also carry the blood of the founder and therefore we invite you to Deruzogedo . We await your admission into the demon king academy . ”
I inherited the traits and talents of the founder? I am the founder .
Even if it followed the unique magical signature overflowing from my blood it seems the familiar cannot look any deeper into the abyss .
At first glance, having reincarnated, the blood of the founder flowing in my body is diluted . However, if I analyse it carefully with demonic sight I can understand that the blood has changed into the blood of the demon king Arnos .
“It is said that this is the year that the founder will be reincarnated . ”
They knew that . It seems that the year of my rebirth was handed down throughout the years .
“This year the students planning to enter the demon kings academy are really promising . They are already called the chaos generation . Amongst them are many people regarded as the potential founder reborn . Deruzogedo will be filled with joy when the founder demon king returns . ”
I see . The entire purpose of the academy is to look for the reincarnated demon king . For me .
Should I go then?
This chaos generation of the mazoku . I want to see my descendants with my own eyes .
“I have received your invitation . ”
“We are looking forward to seeing you . You who has inherited the talents of the founder . ”
With that, the owl flew off .
I’ve decided . Strike while the iron is hot . I’ll go to Deruzogedo . It’ll be inconvenient with this body though .
I use the growth magic . My body was wrapped in light and grew up to the age of 16 .
This should do .
Leaving my room I head to the front door .
It’s midnight now . Because both my parents are asleep I won’t have any issue leaving .
Or so I thought as I placed my hand on the door handle .
I hear my mothers voice from behind .
Crap, did you get up? Moreover, in this form, she won’t understand that it’s me .
I better turn round and explain .
“Arnos-chan? You grew up again!” my mother said while looking at my face .
“You understood well . ”
“Of course I did . Even if you grew up a bit Arnos-chan is still Arnos-chan . ”
It’s a bit embarrassing to be called chan when I’m the demon king .
Oh well, there’s no help for it . No point minding it .
“Where are you going this late at night? It’s dangerous outside . ”
Even though I’m a reincarnated being it doesn’t change the fact that I’m her son . Since I was found I guess I can’t leave silently now .
“Do you know of the demon king academy Mother?”
My mother tilts her head to side showing she doesn’t understand it .
“Never heard of it . Where is it?”
“It’s quite far away . It’s in Deiruheido . ”
“A school in such a far off place . Is something wrong?”
“An invitation arrived to enter the school . I intend to go . ”
“You, you cant . Such a far-off school? It’s dangerous! Arnos-chan is only a month old . ”
… . . No . Even if you say a month .
As a reincarnated person it’s a bit troubling being treated like a baby .
Unfortunately, they don’t believe the reincarnated story at all .
My mother doesn’t know anything about my character as the demon king either .
“Also mother cant travel such a distance to Deiruheido . There’s a magic school nearby . Is that no good?”
“There’s nothing to learn from a magic school . Besides, I’ll be going alone so mother is safe here . ”
“That’s no good . Arnos-chan is only a month old . I can’t let you live alone . What about money?”
“I can make money myself . ”
“How? The world isn’t so nice as-”
Magic power gathers in my palm and lumps of gold appear .
“Eh………? No way………this……… . it’s not a fake made by magic…… . its real . ”
My mother makes her living as an expert appraiser . She very good at judging precious metals .
She can no see how easy it is for me to make money .
“How did you do this Arnos-chan? Such magic . Even the sage at the castle can’t do this . ”
It seems my mother is surprised . It’s no wonder .
Speaking of the sage at the castle, they are a master of magic and compete for the top spot in the country .
If you couldn’t even use this low-level type of magic back in the age of myths you would have died but apparently, the world has become very peaceful .
“It’s the most basics of creation magic to produce things that already exist in the world . The beginners class teaches you to create mithril and orichalcum . For the demon king Arnos this is mere child play . ”
Do you believe me even a little that I’m a reincarnated being now?
“No matter how great a magic you can use no means no . Also, you shouldn’t call your own name like that if you are an adult . Okay?”
Tch . She’s got a point……… .
“What is this school then? What would you be studying?”
What should I do? I can easily leave by force .
“It’s alright Isabella . ”
My father comes over from the depths of the house .
“There’s no holding a man back from the road he’s decided on . ”
“But dear, Arnos-chan is only a month old and I don’t know anything about this school . ”
“They say if you don’t see a boy for 3 days they grow . Arnos is already a month old . In that case, we will have to observe him 10 times more but father doesn’t have eyes that big . ”(3)
Ah, un . It’s been a month . Having lived together for a month with my parents I understand them . My mother is a worrywart and my dad is a bit of a fool .
“Father knows Arnos . The demon king academy is a school a raises the wizard king isn’t it? Arnos is so good at magic I’m sure he wants to study there . ”
“…… . . I guess it’s roughly like that………”
It’s totally different but let’s keep that to myself .
“Go Arnos . ” My dad said in a powerful voice .
“Is it okay?”
My father nods .
“However, we will all go together . ”
…… . What?
“It’s the duty of a parent to support their child . You are still young . You are only a month old after all . ”
“…………… . So fathers worried as well . ”
*chichichi* my father wags his finger .
“It’s Arnos that doesn’t understand . Listen up . Parents are always sad and lonely when a child leaves home . You are a newborn . We will be very lonely . ”
My father is using difficult words to explain it .
I think you should use simpler words .
“Isabella’s lonely too right?”
“Yes… . . you grew up so fast . I didn’t think… . . sorry . Maybe Arnos-chan is a child given great power by God and you think your mother is obstructive but I want to be together a little longer . ”
I’m at a loss for words .
In my old life, I didn’t have parents .
My mother died .
Did my father die? Did he throw me away? I don’t know .
I don’t remember ever talking to my parents .
I never thought about it .
“If you will be lonely I guess there’s no help for it . ”
My mothers face lit up when I said this .
“Alright, its decided! We’ll prepare to move house straight away . Don’t worry about anything . Father is a blacksmith . No matter where we go we won’t have to worry about eating!”
And like this, the three-person family will move to Deiruheido .
(1) Kanji reads reincarnation but the furigana reads silica .
(2) Kanji reads growth but the furigana reads crest .
(3) The three days thing is part of an old proverb but I couldn’t find a good English source to explain it better .