Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 2

Chapter 2
02 . Very weak descendants

Several days later .
In front of my eyes is the nostalgic view of my castles front gate .
My castle was made from a 3d solid magic formation so even after 2000 years it’s still in good shape . Though in some odd places it is showing it’s age compared to when I was last alive .
The only thing that’s really changed is that its name has been changed to demon king academy .
Looking around my surroundings I can see people entering the gate one after another .
Are these people taking the entrance exam?
“Arnos-chan, stay strong . ”
Although I said it wasn’t necessary my parents found out about the exam and came with me to school .
“You, that, he, he, hehe, retain a calm mind!”
My father is muttering nonsensical things .
“No, can you calm down father . ”
“A, ou, you seem to be okay . ”
“Un un . Our Arnos-chan is so strong after only a month . He will definitely pass!”
Naturally, no other mazoku have turned up with their parents .
I’m slightly ashamed by the surrounding gazes .
“I’m off then . ”
I turn and head off towards the row of mazoku queued up in front of the front gate .
“Good luck, do your best Arnos! Good luck, do your best Arnos!”
Hmmm . My father is embarrassing……… .
Is this what human parents are like? I must admit it doesn’t feel bad at all, just a bit embarrassing .
“Hurray, hurray Misha! Fighto, fighto Misha!”
Another embarrassing cheer that wasn’t from my father could be heard from behind .
A quick glance showed me a bearded, stern-faced man raising his fists in the air and yelling .
The blood of the mazoku is mixed but seems quite weak in him . About the same as my dad maybe? That means he could be a human being as well .
Trudging away from the embarrassing man is an expressionless girl . She’s very pretty with blue eyes, a straight nose and an innocent facial expression . Long platinum blonde hair with fluffy ringlets cascades from her head .
She’s wearing robes coloured in black and white . The embroidery and design seem to be of mazoku origin . If that’s the case perhaps my parents are mazoku and not human as well . Well, my mother might be mazoku anyway .
“Good luck, do your best Arnos! Good luck, do your best Arnos!”
Just as I enter the main gate I can hear my father again .
That girl turns to look at my father and follows his gaze to me .
“Ah… . ”
Our eye’s just met .
“Were both troubled it seems . ”
When I speak she lets out a shy little laugh .
“…… . . Nn……… . . ”
The girl let out a short agreement .
Is she a poor talker? Taciturn perhaps? Doesn’t seem like she’ll say anything more .
She doesn’t seem to be wary of me though .
“I’m Arnos . Arnos Vorudeigod . ”
After I spoke I wondered if I had done the right thing . That’s the name of the founder demon king . On one hand I don’t want to cause a scene but on the other hand, I don’t see any reason to hide it either .
Well, it doesn’t really matter . Now or later, it makes little difference .
“…… . . Misha…… . ”
Unexpectedly she didn’t react to my name .
“…… . Misha Necron…… . . ”
I wonder why she didn’t show any interest? Saying that, it’s better this way .
2000 years have passed . I can’t imagine anyone here will be interested in demon king Arnos .
“My best regards Misha . ”
“……… . Nn……… . ”
Another short reply .
As I was about to enter the gate a man stepped in front of me .
He had swarthy skin, a forged steel like body, short cut white hair and appeared to be somewhere in his 20’s .
He had a smile that just screamed bad intentions .
“Ha? Taking the admission test with your parents . When did the demon king academy become a playground for children?”
Hmmm . Who’s this fellow?
“……… . Oi, is that?”
“Aah… . this is bad……They’ve caught the arrogant gaze of Zepes . I wonder if that guy will keep all his limbs……… . ?”
Apparently, this chap is famous .
Putting him aside for the moment, does this queue extend all along the right-hand side? I’m sure that’s where the arena was .
I see . They must be doing the entrance exam in there .
“Are you good at fighting Misha?”
“…… . . Not really…… . ”
I guess fighting’s not her strong point . Well, since things have become peaceful that’s fine .
We headed over to the right and joined the queue .
“You…… . . !! Oi, bastard, bastard!!”
I turned around to look since it was so noisy behind .
That man from a while ago was glaring at me .
“Hmph . You finally turned around . ”
Yare yare . My descendants appear to be lacking in manners . (1)
Should I chastise him a little?
“I’m sorry . Your magical power was so weak I didn’t see you . ”
“Wha…… . what did you say!?”
The man’s eyes turned furious almost immediately .
“This one is the Demon duke Zepes Endou and you knowingly insult me?”
“Demon duke…… . . ? No, I’ve never heard of you . Are you famous?”
Aah, I see . This nickname must have been born sometime during the last 2000 years .
“Oi you bastard . Apologise now . ”
What an awfully cold voice .
Zepes glares at me with merciless eyes and makes a fist . Particles of magic power gather and a magic formation is drawn .
two, three, four…five magic formations .
He opened his hand and condensed jet back flame sprang from his palm .
“Wha…… . . !?”
“Were you surprised? Good . Will you beg for your life? I’ll forgive you if you lick my boots . If not I’ll use this dark flame that can burn even the gods called Demon Fire and turn that ojou-chans face into a skeleton . Hyahahahahaha!!”
Wha, wha…… . what type of low-level magic is this? What was the point of drawing five magic formations to make this demon flame ?
Of course I’m surprised . He spoke in such an exaggerated and grand manner yet I’ve just been shown magic that’s inferior to a child playing with matches .
Despite being my descendant he’s not blessed with magic power at all . Poor chap .
“Fuu . ”
“… . What… . the…… . Impossible!! That’s impossible!!”
I blew the demon flame out with my breath .
“Bastard, Bastaaaaaard…… . . What did you do!!”
“Why are you surprised? I just blew a match flame out with my breath . ”
“My demon flame is a match flame!?……… . . ”
In the first place, the usage of magic power is fundamentally different between me and Zepes .
This fellow frantically scrapes together magic power and forcefully uses it . I naturally have it all around and can spontaneously use it .
If you couldn’t do that in the age of mythology your death was certain .
No, I suppose that the peace at any price mindset has caused the degradation of magic, however, this could be a good age to live in . Mazoku that were weak can speak in such a grand manner now .
“Bastard……such an insult……don’t think that you can return alive now . ”
Doesn’t this fellow understand the difference in our levels?
“Wait a minute . ”
When I spoke, the body of Zepes stiffened like he’d been paralysed .
“……What’s wrong?”
“Wha… . I can’t move……what have you done!?”
Oh, I see . Magic power is naturally attached to my words so I must have cast compulsion on him .
To be this easily caught by the power of words . He must have very weak anti-magic abilities .
“Oh well . Please stand there and reflect for a while . ”
Zepes looked apologetic as soon as I finished speaking .
“All those things I said…… . It was not words that should have been spoken when meeting someone for the first time…… . . If there is a hole……I want to climb in . How can I apologise for what I’ve done?”
Zepes carried on reflecting while standing there like a scarecrow .
The voices of the other applicants from earlier were murmuring again .
“That’s amazing . That guy made Zepes apologise . ”
“Aah, did you see? He extinguished that demon flame . He must be a master at anti-magic . ”
“I’ve never seen his face before . He might be the dark horse of the chaos generation . ”
So exaggerated .
I moderated my voice though . Even that fellow should be able to undo my compulsion in about 10 minutes or so .
“I’m sorry to keep you waiting . Shall we go?”
I called out to Misha who was waiting for me and we began walking .
“…… . Arnos…… . ” She calls out to me in a small voice .
“…… . Strong…… . ?”
I couldn’t help laughing .
“I won’t deny it, but in this case, it’s not appropriate . ”
She leans her head to one side in puzzlement .
“…… . . Why not appropriate?”
“That guy was too weak . ”
We passed into the arena where the examination was taking place .
(1) Yare yare is usually translated as something along the lines of ‘oh boy, here we go, my my’ and so on . It’s an expression of relief or disappointment usually . I didn’t translate it because I like the sound of it, sorry . Same with Fighto .