Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 4

Chapter 4
I turn around to leave but a voice calls out from behind .
“… . . Wait… . . bastard……”
Zepes tries to unsteadily get up but his body is too wounded so he crawls on the ground .
“You can be saved if you get treated immediately . Give up . ”
“Ha . To inherit the blood of the founder but not being able to deliver the finishing blow to an enemy……… . to think such a thing is to bring disgrace to this demon king tribe…… . ”
Does the demon king tribe mean they inherited the blood of the demon king?
I didn’t inherit any skills though since I’m the founder .
“Stop talking so much . You’ll die . ”
“Kill me . ”
“Hmmm . A small fry like you is not worth killing . ”
What’s his problem?
“Ha! You can’t do it, can you? Then you fail . Try to make me give up if you can . Even if I die, I won’t give up!!”
I can make him give up if I order him to but… .
“I know what you’re thinking . You’ll use compulsion magic on me . That’s fine . Try it . I won’t give up!! Haahaahaa… . fuhahahahah!! Gah!”
I stamp on Zepes’ head pushing his face into the stone floor .
“Yare yare . You’re too full of yourself . Such an odd sense of superiority you’ve got . ”
He did say one interesting thing though .
“If I don’t use compulsion magic I can’t make you give up was it?”
“………Ha…… . . it’s true……… . you piece of shit………!”
Even with me standing on his head Zepes is still talking big .
“Hmm . You’re pretty amusing . Very well . It’s my victory if I make you give up without using compulsion magic and you win if I cant . ”
“Haaa? You sure? You sure do talk big . Even if I die I won’t give up!”
I blink my eyes and invoke the magic contract
If I can make Zepes give up without using compulsion I win and if not he wins is written down .
Contract is absolute . The contract is signed with the users magic power . It is impossible to change the contract .
Zepes signs it without hesitation .
“You’re an idiot . No matter how much you hurt me I won’t give up . At best I’ll feel sorry for you . Hyahahahahaha!”
I place my forefinger near Zepes forehead .
“Oh? What’s that going to d—-”
I flick his forehead with my finger .
“Gah…… . ”
Zepes whole body disappears .
“Oops? I thought I’d reduced the power enough . Did he die?…… . I see . ”
Yare yare . This is my loss .
I guess there’s no help for it .
I cut the tip of my index finger with my nail and let a single drop of blood fall .
Resurrection magic .
Zepes whole body is rebuilt and comes back to life .
His armour and sword were a little bit more difficult .
“Wha!…… . . What’s that magic? The dead Zepes revived!!”
“He brought the dead back to life! Such magic surpasses common sense!!”
Why are they surprised? The spectators are getting noisy over Zepes being revived . If I couldn’t use this magic, death would really mean death .
“Wha… . . I………”
Zepes looks at me with a confused face
“How’s it feel dying once? Feel like giving up yet?”
“Id… . idiot…… . who’s giving up—gya!”
I flick his forehead and he dies again .
“Oops, I killed him again . Oh well . As long as it’s within 3 seconds, Resurrection can bring him back without any risk . It’s the 3-second rule . ”
The silence from the arena washed over me like a wave .
Hmmm . Something I’ve done has silenced them .
I’m following the 3 seconds rule where it’s safe to kill someone . This was a common joke during the age of myths . They don’t seem amused .
As expected after 2000 years of change . Has humour changed as well? Actually, looking closer, everyone looks terrified . Is my joke that bad?
Hmm . I’ll have to restrain my jokes until I understand this ages humour .
“Haa…… . !”
Resurrection . After reviving again Zepes look at me with a face filled with fear .
Is he starting to feel it? This much shouldn’t become a trauma for him .
“You said you wouldn’t give up even if you died . Surely you didn’t think your life would end with only one death?”
There’s no reply from Zepes . He’s just trembling .
“Well then . Shall I ask you again? Do you want to give up?”
A hopeless expression floats across Zepes’ face for an instant, however, a weak voice comes out .
“Wh… . . who’s giv—-!”
Another flick and he’s dead again .
Resurrection . Having to use a drop of blood each time is a pain .
Again Zepes’ body is rebuilt . He’s watching me with a fear stained face now .
“By the way, Resurrection magic has an interesting philosophy behind it . After you revive are you the original or are you a copy of the original with the same personality and memories? Could you be a completely new person? What do you think?”
A sound of chattering teeth can be heard from Zepes shaking lips . His face is completely pale .
“B…… . . ba……… . bastard…… . . such cruel behaviour…… . . ”
“Fumu, not interested I see . In my era, this was a hot topic for debate . ”
Well, if their humour is different I guess philosophical arguments will be different as well .
“Right, time to kill you again . ”
“Y… . you…… . talk about…… . killing so easily…… . ”
Haha, I have a really refreshed smile right now .
“What’s this? You said something so modest all of a sudden . Being dead doesn’t really mean death you know . ”
I extend my finger towards Zepes .
“P… . pl… . pl… . . please wait…… . ”
“Oops . ”
Crap . My finger slipped and I killed him by mistake . He was trying to say something as well .
Oh dear . Let’s revive him again .
“Ba…Bastard!! I told you to wait!!”
“Ha ha ha . My bad . I was careless . ”
“Ha ha ha my ass! Shit! How do you kill someone carelessly?!”
“Oh . You seem a lot better now . Well then, one more time . ”
I bring my finger to Zepes forehead again and his eyes immediately lose all colour and shine .
“… . . Please wait… . ”
“What is it?”
“I…… . . ”
With an expression stained with humiliation, he said
“It’s my defeat . I give up . ”
What? What a boring ending .
“You didn’t last long playing our game . I was intending to kill you at least 10,000 times . ”
I crack this little joke with a smile to show there’s no hostility but Zepes trembles like I’ve just threatened him .
“… . . That Zepes…… . . was handled like a child……… . ”
“……… . To overwhelming…… . who is that guy? I’ve never seen his face before . ”
Voices started leaking out from the seating area .