Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 9

Chapter 9
“Do we need to go to that room over there now?”
*Kokuri* Misha nods .
After entering the room an owl perched on a stone statue opens its mouth .
“Please stand in the centre of the magic formation to start the aptitude test . ”
A large number of magic formations are drawn on the floor with students standing in them taking the test .
“………Well then……… . ”
“Ou . Later . ”
Misha walked over to an empty circle .
I also find a suitable circle and stand inside . As soon as I have a voice echoes in my head .
“In this aptitude test, we measure your thoughts against the cruelty of the demon king . In addition, we perform a simple test on your knowledge of the demon king . We are reading your thoughts so cheating will not be permitted . ”
Fumu . They are using Thought Transmission .
Whoever thought that lying is impossible is inexperienced in the use Thought Transmission . It’s not hard to lie while using it .
I don’t have a reason to lie though .
“Then let’s begin . It is said to be wrong to call the name of the demon king but please state the demon kings name . ”
No need to think this one through . It’s Arnos Voldigod .
“In the age of myth, the founder destroyed Deiruheido using Flame Prison Annihilation Cannon . As a result, all of Deiruheido was burnt to the ground and many mazoku lives were lost . Why did he perform such an act of violence? What were the founder’s feelings at the time?”
Fumu . What a nostalgic story .
The answer to why I used on Deiruheido was that I was half-asleep .
At that time I was in the middle of a long battle with the hero Kanon .
I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t relax for even a moment . I had to be in a state constant battle readiness .
Thanks to that I fell into a half-sleep state and thought I was fighting Kanon and used by accident .
This question is slightly wrong however . Certainly, Deiruheido turned into scorched earth but not a single mazoku died .
Even though I was half-asleep my magic control was still perfect . I turned the country into ash but made it so the mazoku were not affected by the spell .
If you can’t even do that much then you are not worthy of being called the demon king .
“You defy mass murder even though that was the creed of the founder . Describe why this was the correct reason for the demon king . ”
A trick question . A person who defies mass murder . I don’t remember ever making mass murder my creed . If I don’t have to kill someone I won’t, however, in that age helping people usually involved killing . That was the only reason .
“Moving on . Next question-”
And so the aptitude test continues, however, all the questions are about me . Naturally, I know the answers so I answer without any hesitation .
30 minutes later the aptitude test is finished and I leave the room .
I half listen to the owl explaining about the admission on my way back .
Passing through the mirror room I go outside and find Misha standing there .
Without doing anything she staring off into empty space .
“What are you doing?”
After hearing my voice Misha turns to me .
As expressionless as ever I see .
“……… . . I waited………”
“For me?”
*Kokuri* Misha nods .
“You told me later . ”
Oh yeah, I did say that .
“Sorry . Is the day over now we’ve done the aptitude test?”
She took the trouble to wait so it would be awkward to leave now . I can’t do something like that .
“Well then, as a celebration for passing do you want to go out and have some fun?”
Though she’s as deadpan as ever it appears like she’s puzzled a bit .
“With me?”
“Yeah . ”
“That okay?”
“I’m inviting you . ”
What are you thinking?
Misha looks down and remains silent .
“If you’ve got some business to take care of don’t worry about it . ”
“…… . I’ll go…… . . ”
“Really? Okay then, do you want to come to my house first? I’m sure my mother is making a feast and waiting . ”
Misha nods again .
“All right then . Hold on . ”
I hold out my hand and Misha holds it without any hesitation .
“Like this?”
“That’s it . Let’s leave . ”
Flight like the name implies it allows you to fly . It’s pretty easy to use but there’s a better magic for moving around .
“I’m ready . Hold my hand harder . ”
“Understood . ”
Misha strengthened her grip on my hand .
A magic circle is drawn on the ground and the scenery in front of us is dyed a pure white . The next moment a blacksmith and appraisers shop called [Solar Wind] appears before us .
It’s a wooden house with the 2nd floor being our living area .
“We’ve arrived . This is my house . ”
I say this but Misha is still staring at the signboard in front of us .
Her face hasn’t changed but it appears like she’s surprised somehow .
“…… . Magic?………”
“Yeah, Transfer . A very brief explanation is that it connects two spaces and allows for instantaneous movement . ”
Misha closes her mouth then opens it again and mutters some words .
“……Lost magic…… . . ”
Fumu . Seem’s she’s unfamiliar with it .
“What is it?”
“It’s a magic that no one knows how to use anymore . It was lost back in the age of myths . ”
I see . Magic seems to have degenerated more than I thought over the last 2000 years . Though it’s existence is known those who can use it have disappeared .
I can sort of understand it though . is a magic that I created and even in the age of myths, those that could use it were few .
“……Arnos is a genius… . . ?”
*Haha* I laugh unintentionally .
“… . . Serious…… . ”
“No no, I’m sorry . It’s a bit embarrassing being called a genius for just this much . ”
I won’t deny I’m a genius though . Anyway, I only want to be told this when I use magic no one else can use .
“………Who are you Arnos……?”
“I’m the founder . The demon king . ”
Misha’s expressionless face suddenly showed surprise .
“You believe me?”
Misha thought about it and said
“… . You have proof… . ?”
After all, she doesn’t believe me .
“I am proof . This is my power but the people in this time have weak demon eyes and don’t have the ability to stare into the abyss that is my power . ”
Misha falls silent and seems troubled .
Originally the demon king proved his existence by power but in this era, they are obsessed with pure blood, royalty and other superficial things .
If I’m honest this era is a bit different from my original idea .
“Arnos’ magic power is enormous . I cannot see the bottom of it either . ”
If Misha can’t see it then pretty much everyone else will have no idea .
If I press it any more than this it will become an annoyance for her .
“It’s fine . You will understand soon enough . Let’s go . ”
“… . . Nn…… . ”
I opened the door to my house .