Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 11

Chapter 11
Dinner was finally ready so Misha and I moved to the living room .
Luxurious dishes were lined up on the table as well as the mushroom gratin which is my favourite .
“Now then, eat up” my mother said setting down a large platter full of mushroom gratin before serving it out onto smaller plates .
Kuu, this savoury smell is unbearable . I’m ready to start drooling at any moment .
“Misha-chan as well . Please eat lots . ”
“……Nn…… . ”
I’m not bragging but my mother’s food is delicious . I cannot remember eating any food that was this good back in the age of myths .
In a peaceful world where magic has degraded cooking seems to have evolved . This was the conclusion I had arrived at after eating my mothers cooking for the last month .
“Thanks for the food . ”
I scoop the gratin up with a spoon .
“This is…… . ?”
What the… . . !? This gratin has 3 kinds of mushrooms in it! (1)
Eryngii, Porcini and one I don’t know . It’s always only one type of mushroom!
“Mom got excited . ” she said while laughing .
She saw right through me .
“Hurry up . Eat . ”
Nodding I put the gratin in my mouth .
The creamy flavour spreads through my mouth with a slight hint of salt . The rich tastes condensed tightly and fell into my stomach .
This is so good . I just want to keep going .
Aah . It was good to reincarnate . Really good .
“Fufu . Though Arnos-chan grew so big right away your face is still like a child when eating . ”
My mother said such a thing while I was in a trance eating the gratin .
“By the way, mother would like to ask something………”
My mothers face becomes serious while she’s talking .
“What part of Arnos-chan do you like Misha-chan?”
I choked when I heard that .
“Ah? You okay Arnos-chan?”
“Ah……aah… . . yeah”
I was careless . The surprise made the gratin go down the wrong way .
I was so absorbed in the gratin I forgot to tell my mother the truth .
To make me, the one called the demon king lose his calm . My mother’s gratin has terrible power .
What being can oppose me in this era? My mother apparently .
“So which part……… . ?”
Misha sits there expressionlessly deep in thought
“……… . His kindness………”
The moment Misha finishes speaking my mother strongly makes a fist .
“Right, that’s right! Arnos-chan is so gentle! Arnos-chan was going to come to Deiruheido by himself but knowing I would be lonely we all came together!!”
Fumu . I see . Is this what’s called a doting parent? It’s my first time experiencing it . It’s quite embarrassing .
“………Filial piety…… . . ”
“Right, right! Misha-chan understands . As expected of the one Arnos-chan chose . ”
All right . Right here and now lets lightly correct this .
“Please listen, mother”
“Do you want some more mushroom gratin Arnos-chan?”
“What? There’s some left? Let’s have it . ”
My mother came back with some more gratin and I started to devour it .
“And with that sorted . How did your love with Arnos-chan begin Misha-chan?”
“………The beginning of our love…… . ?
“How did you meet? Who called out to who?”
“………I was spoken to by Arnos……”
“Arnos-chan calling out to girls . That womaniser!”
Mother is all excited and whistling *Hyuu-hyuu* now .
Good grief .
“And? What did Arnos-chan say?”
Misha looks down and starts thinking .
Did you remember my words?
“……… . We’re both troubled it seems……”
“Kyaaaaaaa! Very good!! Arnos-chan if girls are told such a thing they will fall in one shot . ”
How is that cool? Trying to talk to my mother at the moment seems pointless . Let’s look for another opening .
Besides, there’s still some gratin left . I have to eat it while it’s still hot .
“And? What was your answer Misha-chan?”
“…… . . Nn…… . . ”
“Mouuuuu! Telepathy! Perfect affinity right from the beginning! Fated love… . . ”
My mother is now in her own world with an entranced expression on her face and does not appear to be coming out of it any time soon .
“Then, then… . . have you…… . you know… . . two people…… . have you kissed?”
Alright . This is the question I need . I can explain the truth with this . If you’ve never kissed how can you be lovers?
“……… . We haven’t…… . ”
“Ehhhhhhhhhh, are you waiting for marriage? Romantiiiiiiiic!!”
*Chi* so that’s what it came to .
“What will you do? Arnos-chan is only 1 month old . It’s a while until he’s of marriageable age . It’s quite a wait . ”
“…………1 month……… . ?”
“That’s right . Are you surprised? Arnos-chan’s really smart . He could talk as soon as he was born . He could use magic too . He grew big using Growth . ”
Misha quietly stares at me . (2)
Even amongst mazoku, those that can use magic in their first month are quite rare . In other words, it’s another piece of proof that I’m the reincarnated demon lord .
It will still take more than that to make people believe though . Resurrection magic wasn’t something only the demon lord could use after all .
“…… . Eh? possibly? Misha-chan…… . are you worried about the age difference?”
My mother’s thoughts are completely off the mark .
“…… . . I don’t mind…… . ”
“Is that so? My husband is also younger . It’s a good thing . Arnos-chan is so cute . ”
Misha turns to me .
“… . . Cute……?”
“Don’t look at me with such eyes . ”
At this exchange, my mother pumps both her fists up and down .
“Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Nee nee, just now I heard it, I did [cute] and [don’t look at me with such eyes] . You said it! Middle-aged couple? Are you a middle-aged coupleeeeeee!?”
My mothers incredibly excited while my dad is sitting there silently drinking his sake while nodding to my mother and staring off into the distance .
I had hoped that my mother would calm down soon but she’s getting even more excited . She hasn’t stopped to draw breath so I’ve had no chance to correct her about Misha .
Before anyone knew it dinner was over . Everyone was talking lively so it had become quite late .
I was taking Misha home halfway so we went outside .
“Give me your hand . ”
Misha grabs my hand obediently .
“I’ll send you home with Transfer ”
“………Though you don’t know where it is……?”
“Think of your home . I’ll read your mind and send you there . ”
“… . Can do that… . . ?”
“Easily . ”
Misha stares at me .
“…… . . Amazing…… . . ”
The place Misha was thinking of was transmitted to my head .
“Sorry about today . ”
Misha shakes her head .
“…… . . Was fun…… . . ”
“Even so . After my parents calm down I’ll correct them and let them know we are only friends . ”
“…… . Friends…… . . ?”
“Aah . You still have friends in this era right?”
Misha points to herself?
“… . . Friend… . . ?”
“Am I wrong? Don’t we have such a relationship?”
Misha shakes her head then smiles a pretty smile .
“…… . . Happy…… . . ”
“I see . ”
I send power into my hand and use
“Well then, I’ll see you at school . ”
“……Goodbye…… . . ”
Misha disappeared .
(1) Shocking truth!
(2) A bit late in the day but I want to point out Arno’s speech and thoughts . It’s hard to translate properly but he speaks and thinks in a very manly/rough/arrogant/rude manner normally . The exceptions are generally his parents and Misha who he’s mostly polite with and shows respect . In this thought, he calls himself “this me” or “me-sama” . A more direct but stilted translation would be Misha looks at me-sama .