Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 14

Chapter 14
“Wh……What are you saying? You… . . I don’t understand what you are saying . ”
After finally opening her mouth a boring answer comes out .
“I’m inviting you to join my group . What’s hard to understand about that?”
“I’m not on about that . I’m a group leader . ”
“Quit then . ”
Sasha’s mouth falls open again and she looks at me in amazement .
“Stop saying such foolish things . I have no reason to quit being a group leader . ”
“If you join my group you can patch up your relationship with Misha . ”
Did my words irritate her? Sasha starts glaring at me .
“I have never thought of that doll as my younger sister . ”
Making a parting remark Sasha returns to her seat .
“…… . I’m sorry…… . ” Misha murmured next to me .
“You do not need to apologise . It was that fellow that picked a fight with me . ”
*Furufuru* Misha shakes her head .
“…… . . Sasha is a good person… . . ”
Are you defending her because she’s your older sister or do you really think that? It’s hard to judge due to Misha’s deadpan expression .
“…… . . It’s my fault……”
Fumu . Even after being called a trash doll, Misha doesn’t seem to hate her sister .
“Well then, let me correct myself . I was suddenly attacked by though I’m perfectly fine . That is not your fault . ”
Misha stared at me .
“… . . Gentle……”
I admit I am a little worried .
“What did she mean by doll?”
“……………… . . ”
Misha closes her mouth and doesn’t answer .
“…… . . I can’t say………”
You don’t want to tell me?
Whatever . Whether Misha is a doll or not is irrelevant . She is still my friend .
“It’s fine . I’m not particularly interested . ”
Misha smiled a relieved smile .
“…… . Nn………”
Signalling a fresh start a sharp clap rang out suddenly .
“Okay then . It seems that the groups have been decided . I’ll continue with my explanation so everyone please return to your seats . ”
At the sound of Emilia’s voice, all the students return to their seats .
“From this point on I will be teaching you all magic and we will be starting with Demon King Army . This magic is especially suited for warfare so in 1 week there will be a test . All groups will fight each other so please study hard for it . ”
Emilia begins by explaining the test to us .
When fighting in a group, Demon King Army raises your overall fighting ability .
It’s a bit of strange magic though . Depending on the user and their subordinates it has 7 classes and changes .
Demon King (King)
Castle Lord (Guardian)
Sorcerer (Mage)
Therapist (Healer)
Summoner (Summoner)
Demon Swordsman (Cavalier)
Shaman (Shaman)
Each of these 7 classes bestows a particular trait . For example, the Castle Lord (Guardian) excels in building castles and dungeons, barriers and anti-magic walls . Reinforcement magic is bestowed .
On the other hand weapon magic and attack magic is forcibly weakened .
As long as the class characteristic is adhered to, the general magic power of your group will improve .
The caster of the spell will always be the Demon King (King) and supply the magic effects to their subordinates . It’s also possible to supply magic power as well .
Naturally, if the Demon King (King) dies or runs out of magic power then the spell is cancelled and the magic effect disappears .
“I’ll now judge if the team leaders can use this magic . ”
If the team leaders can’t use this magic then their members will have chosen poorly .
In order, each team leader cast Demon King Army . None of them failed or seemed to have a particular problem .
If I’m honest, in an actual war none of these fellows would be usable . Only Sasha performed well casting a very stable spell . I guess that’s why she’s one of the chaos generation .
“Very good . I’ll now give a detailed explanation of the spell . First off—–”
Emilia restarts the class, however, because this is the magic that I developed I already know it all .
Also, she makes mistakes in her grand explanation but if I pointed them out it would be never-ending . Let’s just ignore it .
I started to feel sleepy from such a boring lesson and before I noticed it I had nodded off .
While my consciousness was absent the class bell rang and the lesson ended .
“Misha . ”
A harsh voice caresses my ear . It’s Sasha .
“Will you tell him?”
Is this about me?
“… . . Wake up… . . ?”
“No need . ”
I thought they’d start talking but there’s nothing but silence for some reason .
“Nee . Why are you with him?”
After a brief pause Misha says
“……Friend… . . ”
“I see . Is it fun?”
“…… . Nn…… . . ”
“I see, Hmph . Good for you . ”
Sasha’s words are stinging but she also seems to be happy somehow .
Misha said that she did not know if they were on good terms or not . She doesn’t seem to hate Sasha and that remark about her being a trash doll . Are there some circumstances behind it?
Well, they are sisters . Quarrelling is inevitable .
“And? What’s your business?”
Sasha jumped back surprised .
“Don’t get up so suddenly! I was surprised . ”
“Couldn’t you tell from my magic power flow that I was awake? You truly are a pitiable person . ”
Sasha starts glaring at me again .
“So? What do you want?”
appear in Sasha’s eyes .
By choice, changes in your emotions along with intensity can cause demon eyes to appear .
In other words, it’s not always controllable .
Although she can’t control it her are beautiful and that beauty is a manifestation of her talent .
“Let’s fight . ”
It was an unexpected proposal .
2000 years ago those with the courage to say that to me in such a dignified manner were rare amongst both the humans and mazoku .
“With me? What type of game is it?”
*Kuukuu* I laugh . No matter the game I don’t feel like losing at all .
“Emilia-sensei said so right? In one week we will be tested by fighting each other . How about the loser has to do what the winner asks?”
I see .
“Most amusing . ”
“If you win I’ll step down as team leader and join your group . ”
“What if you win?”
Sasha smiles and says
“I get you . ”
“You want me to join your team?”
“No . You will cut all ties with that doll over there and become my thing . You will offer your absolute obedience to what I say . I won’t permit any back talk . ”
With a prideful look, Sasha looks down on her sister .
“Misha, remember this . All of your things are mine . Even your friends . I will not give anything to you at all . Such an interesting toy is wasted on you . ”
Yare yare . I don’t know where these spiteful remarks to Misha are coming from, also, Why am I being treated like a toy?
“Whatever . I’m fine with that . ”
“Oh? You agreed very easily . Is that okay?”
“Well, I’m going to win anyway so yeah . ”
Sasha glares at me some more .
“I was careless earlier . Wash your neck and wait a week .
Sasha left with a flutter of her skirt .
“When she joins us you can make up . ”
Misha’s eyes blinked in surprise .
“…………So you invited Sasha………”
“It might be unwanted interference . ”
Misha shakes her head and smiles faintly .
“…… . . Thank you…… . . ”
It felt like Misha wanted to be friends with Sasha . Was I right?
Well, one way or the other it will work out .
“Don’t worry . I’ll do my best against the other teams next week .
*Kokuri* Misha nods .
“………I’ll do my best……”