Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 15

Chapter 15
-One week later-
For the group opposition test, I headed to the Demon Wood Forest behind Deruzogedo Demon King Academy .
It’s a deep forest covering valleys and mountains with an eerie feeling flowing out of it . It’s a perfect spot to train magic .
“Now then . Divide into 2 teams and we will begin the test immediately . Sasha’s team will go first . ”
At Emilia’s words, Sasha steps forward .
“Please be a role model for everyone . ”
“I understand . ”
Sasha suddenly smiles .
“My opponent will be…… . . ”
I see Sasha’s still glaring at me .
I’m not going to escape so there’s no need to look at me that way .
“I’ll do it . ”
I step forward with Misha .
“Then the first two groups will be Sasha and Arnos . Your results will affect your grades so don’t hold back . Do your best . ”
Emilia then leaves the forest along with the other students .
Are they observing us using familiars or the monitoring mirrors?
Both sides are using Demon King Army so in effect, we are simulating a war .
Even though its just a simulation I can’t seem to get away from war .
“Are you ready?”
Sasha glares at me with her
I take it head-on in a dignified manner .
“To whom do you think you’re talking to?”
“An insolent guy as ever . Do you remember your promise properly?”
“Aah . ”
“I can’t trust any verbal promise from you . ”
“I was thinking the same thing . ”
I try to set up Contract but Sasha cancels it without agreeing .
“I thought you said I was the untrustworthy one?”
“I don’t know what kind of contract you drew with your so I didn’t sign it . ”
Fumu . She isn’t making light of me as an inept person . Seems like she’s gazed at my core properly .
“Let that girl do it . ”
Sasha turns her gaze to Misha who’s behind me .
Even though she was being looked at by the Misha wasn’t bothered and stared back at her older sister .
“……Okay with me……?”
“Aah, it doesn’t matter who does it . ”
Misha holds up her palm and invokes the magic formation for .
The conditions were written in magic and Sasha signed it .
Unless both parties agree the magic contract can never be completed .
“Which position do you prefer?”
“You choose . It’s all the same to me . ”
“I see . Well then, I’ll take the east side . ”
By default that makes mine the west then .
“Nee, you’d better remember . That arrogant attitude of yours . You’ll regret it later . ”
Saying her piece Sasha abruptly turns around and leads her members off to the east side of the demon tree forest .
“Shall we go too?”
“…… . . Nn………”
Walking properly we arrive at the west side and wait for a while .
“Shouldn’t be long now . ”
An owl flying in the sky uses Thought Transmission
“The test between Sasha group and Arnos group will now begin . Don’t bring shame to the founder’s name . Beat your enemy with your full power!!”
Don’t bring shame to the founder’s name?
I never willingly attacked any of my enemies you know .
The age of myths was not peaceful like now so I only did what I did because it gave the best results .
I was originally a pacifist . The people of this age have misunderstood me a lot for some reason .
If I was such a warlike belligerent person from the beginning I would not have remained silent when branded as an inept person .
Whatever, I guess I’d better start .
“………Strategy……… . . ?” Misha asked indifferently .
“We are only 2 people . ”
Sasha’s team has 30 people which is about half the class .
“What’s your opinion Misha?”
She becomes lost in thought while wearing her usual deadpan expression .
“… . . My class is Castle Lord (Guardian) . I’m good at Construction Creation ………”
I’d already cast Demon King Army
I can freely assign classes to my subordinates . I made Misha Castle Lord (Guardian) because her magic control is very good so Construction Creation will suit her well .
Castle Lord (Guardian) focuses on building castles and dungeons, imbuing walls with magic and making barriers . It’s a class that requires precise magic formulas .
If the user of Demon King Army is skilled they can raise the power even further .
You build a Demon King castle using Construction Creation . Being in the castle will also raise the ability of the Demon King and protect them . It goes without saying but its extremely advantageous in sieges .
The proper tactic will show the maximum power of me and Misha .
“I think that’s what Sasha will expect us to do . ”
“… . . Then……what should we do… . . ?”
If I’m honest, thinking about tactics in this place is pointless because I can’t lose, however, I want to see Sasha’s panicking face .
I’m going to do something that the other side would never expect .
Misha looks at me with no expression like usual .
“…… . What… . . ?”
“The Demon King (King) class shares its power with its subordinates while becoming weak itself . The standard strategy is to build a demon king castle and stay inside for protection . ”
As long as they stay in the Demon King Castle the (King) can have its power raised . How well the (King) can perform and is protected is down to how skilful the (Guardian) is though .
“Let’s do this then . We’ll make a Demon King castle as a decoy and I’ll march on over to their castle by myself . ”
“………………… . ”
Misha’s face doesn’t change but her silence had a surprised element to it .
“What do you think?”
“…… . . Reckless…… . ”
*Hahahaha* I let out a refreshing laugh .
“That’s what the other side will think as well . We can completely outthink them like this . ”
“…… . . Be okay…… . . ?”
“Well, usually this tactic would lead to our defeat . I’d be shot with that much magic fire I’d look like a honeycomb but if there is enough power difference it will work . ”
Are you worried? Misha’s face hardens .
“You worried?”
When I ask her Misha shakes her head .
“I’m anxious but……Arnos is strong…… . ”
I’m starting to understand Misha very well . She’s staring at my core with her demon eyes and understands me as well .
“I’ll leave the decoy to you . ”
Misha nods .
“…… . . Be careful……… . ”
“Yeah, I know . I’m not very good at going easy on someone after all . ”
Misha blinks at me a number of times .
“……Talking about Arnos…… . . ”
“This me? Being careful?” I ask unintentionally
Misha tilts her head at me .
“…… . Strange… . . ?”
“No . ”
*Fufufu* laughter comes deep from my stomach .
I didn’t think that she’d be worried about me fighting . Is this what having a friend is like? It’s a fresh feeling and unexpectedly doesn’t feel too bad at all .
“You be careful too Misha . ”
“……Nn…… . ”
Waving at Misha I head off into the east side of the forest where Sasha’s group is .
After a few minutes, a huge magical power flow comes from behind me .
Turning around I see 3 huge castles have been built in separate places throughout the west side of the forest .
They will probably be hollow shells as they are only decoys but even so . For Misha to construct 3 huge castles in such a short period of time is outstanding . Her magic power far exceeds others in her class .
Excluding me of course .
“Now then . Hows the other side reacting……?”
I use my demon eyes and intercept their Thought Communication .
Voices came through almost immediately .
“Sasha-sama . Three castles have been built on the enemies side . ”
“Two are probably traps . The Demon King (King) will be hidden in the remaining one . ”
“Do we destroy the castles one by one?”
“No . In such a short time Misha cannot create three complete Demon King castles . She will be buying time to complete and strengthen the real one . I’ll swat them first . ”
“Roger that . Please give us instructions . ”
“Form units consisting of Demon Swordsman (Cavalier), Therapist (Healer), Sorcerer (Mage) and Summoner (Summoner) and head to each castle . ”
I see . Assuming its one class per unit that 12 people heading off to the 3 castles .
She’s still got more than half her units at her position . She’s being more cautious than I thought .
Now then——
“Fumu . Have you finally built your castle?”
That took longer than expected . A huge Demon King castle has appeared on the enemies side . Until I had a destination I couldn’t move out .
Now then, let’s begin . I use Transfer
My field of vision turns pure white and the next moment Sasha’s Demon King castle appears in front of me .
I intercept their Thought Communication again and my head is filled with noise .
“Sa, Sasha-sama!?”
“What’s wrong?”
“The enemies Demon King (King) Arnos Voldigod has suddenly appeared in front of the castle!”
“What!? How’d he do that…?”
“I don’t know . The (Shaman) was watching very carefully for approaching magic power but he just suddenly appeared!! It’s some type of magic we don’t know!”
I heard Sasha take in a sharp breath .
“…… . . Possibly…… . the lost magic Transfer … . . ? It must be…… . what else could it be… . ?”
Fumu . She’s very flexible in her thinking and understood it without seeing it .
“If the Demon King (King) wants to come alone that’s fine . He might as well beg me to kill him . He probably intended to surprise us but we’ll teach him the folly of his reckless tactics!”
“I wonder about that?”
I force my way into their causing Sasha’s team to start panicking .
“What the…… . . Why can I hear that guys voice!?”
“I don’t know . The magic formation has no problems . We shouldn’t be able to hear him!”
“Well, we can!! Find the cause, quickly!! There’s a chance that he might be able to hear us as well!!”
Yare yare . They sure are noisy .
“The cause is the method in how you constructed the spell . The recall rate of the formation is 89% . That’s pretty low so it enabled me to monitor you . ”
“That’s stupid! If the recall rate is 89% then it can be used to conceal secret communications on a national level but you’re saying it can be intercepted!”
“Don’t be fooled by his words! There must be some other reason!
Good grief . I took the time to carefully teach them but they don’t believe me .
“It’s not a problem . ”
At the sound of Sasha’s voice, her subordinates regained their calm .
I’ll admit her charisma is pretty good .
“Even if he’s monitoring our he’s still the enemy (King) and he’s here alone . This castle was constructed by 7 (Guardians) . He won’t be able to breach even the first layer . ”
7 (Guardians) made this? I guess it will be pretty sturdy . There are a number of traps, dungeons, reinforcements for the (King) and plenty of protection .
“It’s a very light castle . ”
I walk straight up to the castle and place my hand on the wall .
“It’s useless . Multiple anti-magic formations are woven through it . ”
“If you are only cautious of magic then you don’t know what a real battle is . ”
I strongly grasp the wall and sink my fingers into it .
“Remember this . In the future make your castle heavier . ”
With a groaning sound, the Demon King castle is ripped from the ground .
“Shaman! Wha, what’s going on!?”
“I can’t believe it . That guy… . . Arnos Voldigod, he’s lifting the castle out of the ground!!”
“No… . way . Hows he doing that………!!”
I completely lift the castle out of the ground using only one hand .
“… . No way…… Where’s he getting the power from? He’s the (King) and he’s not receiving any protection… . How… . . ?”
“Certainly, when using Demon King Army the power depends on the class, however, there’s a big difference between our base strengths . ”
I slowly turn my body and start swinging the castle around . Centrifugal force slowly builds up as I start swinging faster and faster .
“Mon, monster! Not only lifting the castle but swinging it around as well!?”
“Stop! What are you going to do? Stoooooop!!”
Fumu . Don’t look for mercy here .
The anti-magic was perfect but they ignored physics (1)
In the first place, these people have gotten too used to peace and no longer train their bodies . Before starting to use strong magic you need to work on your physical strength .
“Hey, take care when falling otherwise you’ll die . ”
I throw the castle away using the centrifugal force I’d built up . The huge Demon King castle flies through the sky cutting through the air and then smashes into the ground .
(1) Says the guy swinging around an entire castle one-handedly .