Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 16

Chapter 16
Sasha’s scream rang out through the Though Transmission .
Fumu . Have I gone too easy on them? There’s less impact than I thought and the castle has stuck in the ground in only a semi-ruined state .
They can still fight it appears but how will they get out?
As I slowly walk towards the Demon King castle I’m still hearing voices from Thought Transmission .
“…… . . I’ll use Flame Prison Annihilation Cannon ” .
Hou . She just said something interesting .
“Bu, but Sasha-sama . With the castle in this state even if you use all the magic power from the sorceress [mages] the success rate for is less than 20%!”
“If it fails the castle will collapse!”
“Don’t lose your nerve! Recognise the power of our enemy . He’s a mongrel and carries the mark of the inept but he’s a monster! He threw a castle . Do you think halfhearted magics will work on him?”
The members uttering complaints fell silent at Sasha’s voice .
As I thought, she’s got quite the charisma . Though she’s still immature its a shame to keep her as an enemy .
“The highest level of flame magic is Flame Prison Annihilation Cannon . Anything less will not defeat Arnos Voldigod . ”
No one else voices an objection . A subtle flow of magic power begins flowing through which tells me what their decision is .
“The enemy side is one person and we have 20 people! We can avoid the shame of loss with this . Do your best and face death . Show that mongrel the best magic of your lives and the pride of royalty!”
“Roger that!” all the members shout out in one voice .
Magic particles begin to rise from the Demon King castle and a three-dimensional magic formation appears . The Demon King castle itself is turned into a huge magical focus .
Seven Castle Lords [Guardians] are building a spell formation that’s hard to construct . In order to maintain it, 10 Sorcerer’s [Mages] are pouring all their magic power into it and the two remaining Shamans will be responsible for aiming it .
Sasha Necron is at the centre of it all, organising the various magics to make it work .
She’s worthy of her name the Witch of Ruin . She’s got a rare talent .
Even though she’s borrowing her colleague’s power it is not easy to develop such a large scale magic .
Unlike origin magic that provides enormous power but with an attached risk, the highest level of flame magic is a technique that can only be used by those with the skill and power .
It’s impossible with Sasha’s power alone but after training to use Demon King Army for a week she’s now at a level where she could actually use it in a real war .
“Are you all prepared? All your power and all your feelings . Leave them to me . ”
“Yes . ”
“I believe in you Sasha-sama . ”
“Please use all my power . ”
“Let’s win… . . ”
“We have the power of royalty . ”
20 peoples feelings and power all converge on a single point .
This is the true meaning of Demon King Army .
Taking advantage of each class characteristic . A group magic that adds extra magic power . It increases it by a factor of 10 .
Even against a higher class opponent, you will be able to retaliate .
The air itself strummed as if under tension .
In the next moment, Sasha yells out .
“Gooooooo!! !!”
The magic formation hangs above the castle and takes on a gunport type shape, Magical power concentrates in its centre .
The magic power concentrates to its utmost then explodes in one go . A comet that looks like a black sun shoots at me .
Fumu . For something that only had a 20% chance of working everything’s gone well for them so far .
“How splendid . Let me give you a reward . ”
To attack I hold my hand up to it and a magic formation appears along with a small red flame .
Thinking about it, this is my first time using attack magic in this era .
“Go . ”
The small flame that I fired collides with and in the next moment, a hole appears in the jet black sun . From the hole, a red flame rapidly wraps up the black sun and devours it .
It only took an instant but the huge was burnt without a trace .
“…… . No way…… . . was cancelled……”
“Sa, Sasha-sama! It wasn’t cancelled! The other sides is heading for us!”
The flame that I had fired plunged deeply into the castle and burst open . The castle is soon wrapped up in flames and burns down causing the walls and ceilings to collapse with a noisy rattle .
It collapsed almost instantly .
Sasha had a narrow escape . She escaped from the castle using Flight while carrying two Sorcerers [Mage’s] .
Is her magic running low? She unintentionally made an unsteady emergency landing right in front of me .
“…… . . Impossible…… . all by yourself you can cast ?… . ”
Fumu . In the age of myths, it was natural to use by yourself . Not that I can point that out here .
I’ve only got one thing to say now .
“You saw how I cast it . What I used was not . ”
“… . . Eh……?”
Sasha’s eye widen in surprise
“But there shouldn’t be anything above . ” one of the [Mages] protested
“No way……possibly… . origin magic!? A taboo spell that threatens even royalty! In that case, no wonder was destroyed!”
Yare yare . They don’t get it at all .
“I’m sorry to disappoint you but it wasn’t origin magic either . ”
Sasha just quietly stares at me .
“It was Flame . ”
“Wha…… . . Gre……ga…… . . ?”
Flame magic is ranked in order of power from the strongest first . Flame Prison Annihilation Cannon , Scorching Black Flame , Demon Blaze , Grand Flame and………Flame .
“… . . No way……with the lowest level of flame magic… . our… . . Sasha-sama’s was burnt down and our Demon King castle…… . . !”
Hopeless voices break out .
“Impossible! Such a thing is impossible……! There must be some secret……… . An evolved !”
I’ve got nothing to hide so I’ll teach them a bit .
“The secret is the difference in our magic powers . That was the only thing different between you, me and the other 20 people . ”
The [Mages] head shook like it has been kicked .
“… . . What… . did… . you… . say… . ”
“Such a thing……”
“It’s not an odd story or anything . If there are differences in magic power then could beat for example . However, if the difference in magic power is huge enough then this is what happens . ”
As I finish speaking I take one step forward and the [Mages] begin to tremble all over .
They are crushed by despair and lose the will to fight completely causing them to lose consciousness .
I carry on walking over to Sasha .
“… . . Far superior……monster……”
A mutter reaches my ears from behind .
“Do you remember our promise?” I ask Sasha .
Biting her lip Sasha looks at me with a humiliated expression .
“Why didn’t you kill me?”
Even if she says that it’s not like we were really at war or something .
It’s not necessary to kill my classmates . Besides, its a pain to have to revive people all the time .
“You have potential . It would be a shame to kill you . ”
I hold my hand out to Sasha .
“Join me as a subordinate . ”
After thinking for a while Sasha reaches out to take my hand with no hesitation or fear .
Just before she takes it she glares at me and activates her hitting me with their full strength .
“I refuse . ”
I stare straight into Sasha’s .
“Then kill me!”
“I refuse . ”
I hold out my hand to her again .
“How stubborn . It’s fine though . Join me as a subordinate . ”
“…… . Such humiliation . I’ll never forget this . Someday I’ll be stronger and when I am I definitely kill you……”
I laughed .
“Let me tell you something, Sasha . If the end of killing someone was only death then I’d have died 2000 years ago . ”
Sasha looked taken aback and then seemed to give up .
“Weird mongrel……” she sighed .
“……Fine . The present me cannot match you and besides, due to I cannot go against you anyway . ”
After making up an excuse Sasha demurely put the tips of her fingers on my hand .
“However, please remember this . This is a contract . I do not remember selling you my heart . ”
“Aah . My best regards . ”
Sasha stared at me in wonder as I started laughing .
“Nee . I want to hear it once more . ”
“What’s that?”
“Did you invite me because of that girl?”
“Well yeah . I’m hoping you both get along . It would make Misha happy . ”
“I see . Hmph . ”
She doesn’t seem bothered and lost interest in me .
“Aah, there was one more reason . ”
“What’s that?”
“Your demon eyes are beautiful . ”
Sasha’s face was immediately dyed bright red .
She turns around and tries to run away .
“I’m telling the truth . I have never seen such beautiful demon eyes . ”
Even during the age of myths I never saw anyone with such pure, calm and undefiled eyes like hers .
If my eyes are to be trusted then she has great untapped magical power and talent .
Well, at the moment she’s still too immature though .
“Are you listening?” I ask Sasha who’s facing the other way . She turns to face me again .
“… . I didn’t hear it… . . idiot… . . !!”
Is she shy? I was only trying to praise her . (1)
(1)Tsuntsun and an airhead MC . This should go well