Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 21

Chapter 21
21 . Dungeon test

The grand magic training was over and now it was lunchtime .
I’m currently talking with Aivis in the corridor .
“…… . . In other words, you are my lord, the Demon King of Tyranny?”
“Ahh . The name of the Demon King of Tyranny is Arnos Voldigod . Someone has rewritten it as Avos Dillheavia . ”
Aivis had listened to my story without interrupting or denying it .
“Who’s the someone?”
“I have no idea, yet . But it will also be the person who erased your memory . ”
“I see . ”
Aivis put a hand to his chin and appeared lost in thought .
“I understand that my memory was deliberately erased, however, is it not possible Arnos that you did this to me?”
A thirst for blood appears and Aivis turns his demonic eyes to me .
“I’m sorry but I have no proof that is wasn’t me . ”
“You have the ability . If you are indeed an enemy of my lord the Demon King of Tyranny then I cannot remain indifferent . ”
Aivis is no fool . Seeing it from his standpoint with no memories he has no way of telling if I am lying or not . It’s natural that he sees me as a potential enemy . He saw me use Time Manipulation after all and as far as he knows only I can use it .
2000 years worth of memories erased and out of the blue, someone appears as an ally and proclaims himself as the Demon King of Tyranny as well as trying to fix his memories . No wonder he’s suspicious .
“However, at the moment I shall remain neutral out of the nostalgic feeling I have from you . ”
“It would be a help if you would . ”
“Farewell . ”
Aivis walks off down the corridor .
“……That person is Aivis Necron, one of the old 7 Demon Emperors……… . ?”
“… . . Yes……It’s not possible for us black clothes to speak to him……”
“… . What about the inept person?”
“Why’s the inept person with one of the old 7 Demon Emperors?”
The students here sure like rumours . Good thing I don’t care about such things .
“Arnos-kun . ”
I turned around as Emilia called out to me .
“I’ve got a lost article . Please take it . ”
Emilia gives me a school badge with a 6 sided star on it . It’s certainly not mine .
“Whose is it?”
“A member of your group . ”
Sasha’s or Misha’s then but since I’ve never looked at their badges I’m not sure which one .
“………It’s not Sasha-san . ”
What strange wording . Why not say Misha’s name?
“It’s negligent to use me for this . You should hand it back yourself . ”
I thought she’d be offended or get angry but she looks embarrassed . Whatever . Misha will be looking for this after all .
“I’ll pass it on . ”
I turned around to put it in my bag and Emilia spoke to my back .
“There’s a dungeon test this afternoon . Don’t come here but go directly to the entrance of the underground dungeon . ”
“Got it . ”
I leave the classroom and follow Misha’s magic to the courtyard .
It’s crowded when I arrive and in the centre of it all is Sasha and Misha .
“I’m sorry but I can’t help you . If you want to join the group you’ll have to speak to Arnos . ”
“But Sasha-sama, I have no interest in speaking to that inept person at all . Please Sasha-sama . Can you speak to him…… . ”
“I can’t be helped, anyway, he doesn’t listen to anything anyone says . ”
They seem to be former members of Sasha’s group and apparently they want to be in my group so they can be with Sasha again .
Guess I’ll intervene .
Misha’s there as well but no one is talking to her .
If you want to be in my group then you’ll have to deal with Misha as well though it’s normal to think that Misha is closer to me since she’s been in my group from the start .
Is it because she’s wearing white clothes? She’s the logical choice to talk to if you want to get a message to me .
Thinking about it, I’ve never seen Misha talk with any other mazoku . She’s not the most talkative of people to begin with . Maybe always being with me part of the reason .
“Sasha-sama . Are you satisfied being in that inept person’s group? Don’t you have a plan?”
Sasha’s has a bored expression on her face .
“It can’t be helped since we have a contract . Are you sure you want to make light of Arnos just because he’s branded as an inept person? He completed fusion magic after all . ”
All the students fell silent . Not a sound could be heard .
“Fine . Let’s go . ”
The students reluctantly left .
I call out to the sighing Sasha .
“You actually seemed like my subordinate there . Such a thrilling rejection . ”
She obviously wasn’t aware I was there as her eyes rounded and she turned away .
“… . . Shut up…… . they were annoying me, that’s all…… . . ” Sasha says feebly .
“Misha, you dropped this . ”
I hold out her school badge .
“… . . Thank you… . ”
Misha takes the badge and puts it back on .
“Did you come to pick me up?”
“For what?”
“…… . . The dungeon test this afternoon………”
Oh yeah, Emilia mentioned something about a dungeon test this afternoon . Basically, it’s a test that challenges the dungeon that’s built under Deruzogedo . It’s similar to the group opposition test as you have to act as a unit .
Magic tools and weapons are placed in the dungeon and you compete to score the highest .
Although they try and sell it as a training exercise for labyrinth exploration it’s basically a treasure hunt .
“That’s not why I’m here but you are right about the test . ”
“Nn . ”
The meeting place is the entrance to the dungeon but since we are all here we can set off a bit earlier now .
“Arnos . Did you listen to the exam explanation properly?”
“Aah . You can get a perfect score if you get to the altar on the bottom floor and retrieve the king’s sceptre . A simple matter . ”
“You weren’t listening after all . Though there is a perfect score it’s absolutely impossible . No student has ever made it to the bottom . Not even a teacher has ever made it . Nobody even knows if the king’s sceptre is there . Some even doubt that the lowest floor even exists . ”
“Then why is there a perfect score item?”
“……Even if you ask such a thing me, I don’t know . It’s probably tradition or myth that the king’s sceptre is on the bottom floor . ”
Yare yare . Is this academy even fit for purpose?
“Is the king’s sceptre an item that strengthens your magic like Demon King Army ?”
“Yes . It’s said that the sceptre was made by the founder . ”
“If that’s so then it exists . ”
“… . . You always say such irresponsible things . Whatever, it’s fine . Let’s go . It’s time”
As I started to move Misha came over to me and looked up .
“… . How do you know……?”
“It’s my castle . ”
Misha tilts her head to the side .
It’s been a while since I’ve been in there . I set off for the dungeon thinking such things .
Two sets of students are already gathered there .
As we arrive the bell rings out signalling the start of class .
“Well then . The dungeon test starts now . Any items obtained in the dungeon belong to the group leader . The time limit is 9am tomorrow morning . Any students that return sooner than that can go home . Those that want to give up please use Thought Transmission and contact me . ”
Emilia opens the door to the underground dungeon .
“May you have the blessing of the founder . ”
With that signal, all the students rush forward at once .
I walked slowly . I’ve got no particular reason to rush .
“Wai, wait Arnos . Shouldn’t we take the initiative!? The dungeon is a first come first served deal! We don’t have time to leisurely saunter in!”
“It’s fine . ”
“Fine…… . ”
“You can go ahead if you want . ”
“We are not allowed to go alone . ”
Sasha is walking just ahead of us .
It seems that the school has put monsters in the dungeon but the students running in front have defeated them so we were able to leisurely stroll through the dungeon .
“Right there . ”
“Why do you know that?”
“I’ve been here before . ”
While giving me a look that says she doesn’t believe me Sasha reluctantly walks the way I pointed out .
About 10 floors down Misha talks to me .
“… . Can I ask something……?”
“What’s up?”
“……What can I give for a birthday… . . ?”
Misha looks at Sasha’s back .
“Is it Sasha’s?”
*Kokuri* Misha nods .
“… . . Tomorrow……”
I see . This is a sudden story .
Well, it can’t be helped . They only made up yesterday .
“Is there anything that you desire right now?”
“Let’s see . I want to be the best in this exam . ”
It’s an answer with no desire .
“Is that so?”
“…… . I’m troubled……”
“You are the best present for her . ”
Misha shakes her head from side to side .
“Something that will never be forgotten for your entire life is the best . ”
The hurdle is very high all of a sudden .
“If it’s something you thought of, wouldn’t she be pleased with it?”
“…… . Really……… . ?”
“She was happy that you have made up . ”
Misha thinks with her usual expressionless manner .
“She likes clothes . ”
Clothes? Then there’s something good at the bottom of this dungeon .
“Then there’s something that Sasha will be pleased with . ”
“It’s here on the lowest level . If it’s still left that is . ”
Then Misha gave one of her rare smiles .
“… . . Thank you……”
“By the way, when is your birthday?”
Really? Are they twins? They are very similar .
“What do you want?”
Misha thinks for a while .
“……I don’t need anything……”
“Don’t hold back . ”
“… . . We won’t be able to meet……”
Even if I can’t see her tomorrow I can still give her a birthday present or is there really nothing she wants?
Should I push it?
“That reminds me . How old will you be Misha?”
“…… . 15 tomorrow…… . . ”
So Sasha is also 15 .
Born 15 years ago and this is the year that the demon king reincarnates . Sasha is still rumoured to be the reincarnation of the founder .
In other words, my words were not taken verbatim . They didn’t believe that I would be born as a baby but would transmigrate into a strong container already brimming with power .
I didn’t actually say how I would be reincarnated I guess .
They may have thought that I would not go down the traditional route of reincarnating as a baby .
There is also the possibility that the demon king academy was not searching for the founder at all . In fact, it could be the opposite . It’s been made to not recognise me as the founder .
“Arnos? This is a dead end . ”
Sasha had stopped and was looking at a wall .
“Aah . It’s a hidden passage . ”
“I’ve looked with my demon eyes . There’s nothing there . ”
“It’s made so that it can’t be detected with demon eyes . ”
Saying this I walk straight into the wall .
“Eh… . wai… . Arnos…… . . ?”
*Thump* my head hits the wall and the wall is destroyed .
I carry on walking and the wall collapses .
*Gogogogogogogo* I keep on walking destroying the passage in front of me and leaving a hole in the shape of my body behind me .
“Haaaaa……… . !?”
“…… . Strong………”
“He’s a strong idiot alright . That’s great and all but…… . . Didn’t he say that this was a hidden passageway?”
“……Can’t be seen with demon eyes…… . ”
“There’s no magic device either…… . . ”
I walk back to Misha and Sahsa who have dumbfounded looks on their faces .
“Hurry up . ”
Sasha began walking with a puzzled look still on her face .
“This is just walking through solid rock and destroying it . ”
“……Nn…… . ”