Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 23

Chapter 23
23 . Sasha’s true motive

While leaning against the wall of my treasure room I vacantly stare off into space .
………… . I’m still waiting .
It’s been at least 10 minutes . How long does it take to change clothes?
I knocked on the door but my only answer was silence .
“……Strange . ”
Even if Sasha was still busy Misha should have answered .
Have they left without me?
Or……… . ?
“Misha? Are you there? I’m opening the door . ”
I opened the door having received no reply .
The altar enters my view first . It’s clearly different from before .
It’s red .
In front of the altar is Misha, head slumped forward and kneeling in a pool of blood with a knife thrust into the right side of her chest .
She’s still alive but needs treating right away, except I can’t . A magic barrier has been carefully set up around Misha .
“Oh? You finally appeared . You were very obedient there . ”
On the other side of the room by the entrance is Sasha . She’s wearing the and is holding the king’s sceptre .
“Fumu . What’s with your behaviour Sasha?”
Sahsa replied with a sneer .
“Hmph . You’re an idiot . Just because we got along a little you were so easily deceived . Did you really want this me to get along with that trash doll in this little play of ours while aiming for first position in the dungeon test?”
A play huh? Reconciling with Misha, being happy, even crying over her birthday present . Was all of that a lie?
“Men are simple . A little kiss for only a moment and you fall for it . Did you honestly think I liked a mongrel like you?”
“You’re very good at acting Sasha . ”
Sasha flinched a little at my words before glaring at me .
“……… . What do you mean?”
“What do I mean? You were so skilful I didn’t see it was an act . ”
“I see . It was a fine performance on my part . ”
“However, as betrayals go yours seems a bit tepid for some reason . You could have killed Misha, chopped up her body to make revival difficult, sealed those pieces in rocks and spread them around the world where I’d never find them . Why didn’t you do that?”
Sasha frowns and draws back from the atmosphere I’ve just created . I can’t say any more . I can’t show a complete lack of empathy .
“So far what you’ve done is nothing but pure mischief . You might as well just patted Misha’s breasts with that knife . ”
“…… . . Shut up . My purpose is to come first in the dungeon exam . ”
This stories getting stranger .
“Even if you have the king’ sceptre, it’s meaningless as long as you are a member of my group . ”
Anything the group obtains is the property of the leader .
“Contract was cancelled . ”
The contract was made between Misha and Sasha and now it’s disappeared . With this, she can leave anytime as it was only the contract that made her a member .
However I look at it I can’t see Misha agreeing to the cancellation . Unless both parts agree it cannot be cancelled . Even if one of them dies the effect will continue .
I don’t think Sasha has enough magic to forcibly break it either .
There are a few other ways to break it but those are the most obvious .
“I see . Interesting . ”
Sasha probably thought she had the upper hand but instead she now had a cornered look on her face .
“You… . . are you crazy? That girl will die if you don’t help her . This isn’t a situation where you can be composed! Don’t you understand that!”
“Fumu . What’s wrong with this situation? By all appearances, nothings changed . We have a tedious sleepy class this afternoon . ”
As I speak Sasha’s face becomes more and more stern .
“It just seems like a small quarrel between sisters to me . ”
“I told you I don’t think of that trash doll as my sister!”
Sasha puts all her anger into that shout .
“She was born to be used by me . Nothing more than a tool and when it became useless it was to be thrown away like a ragged dustcloth . A pitiful, miserable, magic doll . ”
Sasha is spitting out words loaded with hatred .
“Fufuu hahahaa hahahahahaha!! Please forgive me, but those words are the truth . How many times do you need to be deceived before you are happy? A really stupid doll . Did you really think we could get along all happy and nice? Aah, but it turned out alright . I thought I had no more use for you but you helped me deceive this mongrel . ”
She’s not even looking at me . Her eyes are locked onto Misha .
“Nee, Misha . Are you still alive? Let me tell you this in your final moments . No matter how many times I deceived you, you still believed me . You always played the good little girl all helpless and cute . You disgust me! I hate you!”
Sasha excitedly spits out words designed to hurt but the thing is, her have not formed .
Not just now either . Not once have they formed since this began .
“And?” I take a step forward and Sasha takes a step back . “Your true reason is?”
Sasha glared at me .
This time her formed .
“What’s wrong? Are you angry I saw through you?”
Sasha carries on glaring at me but I smile back .
“Oh? Did you possibly think that I couldn’t control my ?”
Sasha closes her eyes and when she opens them again her are gone .
“As you can see, I can control them . ”
Sasha seems slightly relieved that she did it .
“Did you want me to say it was my misunderstanding? I see . Anyway… . . ”
I take another step forward .
“Your true reason is?”
Sasha presses her lips together .
Is she cautious of my approach or is it something else?
“I heard the story about Zepes and Liorg . You put a lot of pressure on the brothers to get along . You’re the same as that doll . A peaceful, easygoing, naive fool . ”
I’m naive? Well, in this age I guess I am . However, she says I’m peaceful?
“Even though you’ve got a little bit of power you know nothing . Don’t force your ideas on others!”
“I refuse . ”
Sasha was at a loss for words at my reply .
“When I want to say something I’ll say it . When I want to ask something I’ll ask . Who can give me orders?”
Of course I still need to know some courtesy, however, I don’t need to hold my words back here .
“Sasha . While you were my subordinate I gave you the hand of friendship . Surely you didn’t think it will end with this?”
I walk right up to Sasha who’s gripping the king sceptre firmly while being on her guard .
“If you hurt me even a little that girl dies . ”
Synchronisation magic Conditions .
If I harm Sasha the barrier around Misha will shrink and crush her but before that happens it will push the knife in deeper and kill her .
“The knife will be pushed in and kill her . Even you will need at least 10 seconds to break the barrier and heal her . That’s all the time I need . ”
Sasha’s body starts to float . She rises up and starts to fly out of the exit .
I was quicker though . I kicked the ground and rapidly approached Sasha grabbing her hand . Sasha’s face was completely surprised .
Because the conditions had been met activated, however, Misha was safe . There was no change to the barrier .
“……Why…… . . ? definitely activated…… . ”
Sasha turned her demon eyes on Misha .
If you looked into the abyss you would see that the knife, the barrier and the blood were all illusions made by my illusion magic .
Misha was healed with recovery magic Healing a long time ago and the barrier was broken . Activating it does nothing .
“Illusion Mimicry ……It’s a lie right?…… . When……?”
“The moment I saw it . My friend was dying . Of course I would act . ”
After that, I knew Sasha was planning something so I activated .
“By the way . I did that in 0 . 1 seconds . You had another 9 . 9 seconds to run away . What should I do with the remaining time?
I lay a little bit of emphasis on the hand I’m grasping .
Sasha frowns in pain .
“… . . Wait… . . ”
A voice was heard from the altar .
I look back while grasping Sasha’s hand .
I released and Misha was standing there .
“… . . Forgive her…… . ”
Fumu . Saying something like that .
“I don’t mind forgiving her but it would be better if she tells me what she’s really thinking instead of this lax betrayal and bad acting . ”
Misha shakes her head .
“Force is not good . ”
Yare yare . She doesn’t normally look at me with such serious eyes .
“… . . No good……?”
Whatever . It’s fine I guess .
I won’t take orders but it’s different if its a request . I’ll willingly accept the requests of this particular friend .
“You should thank Misha for this . ”
I release Sasha’s hand and she flies away immediately .
“You are truly foolish Misha . Did you honestly think I’d say thank you? Too bad . Your life exists to be used by me . In your last moments, you’ll regret this!”
Spitting out those words Sasha suddenly loses control of Flight causing her to fall to the floor doing a flashy roll along the ground as she hits it .
“… . Ouch… . Wha…… . This… . . ?”
“Aah, my bad . You were in such high spirits with your little speech I forgot to tell you but I disturbed the magic flow around here so you can’t fly . ”
I laughed at the girl who’s face showed humiliation .
“A loser is a loser . Give it your all and crawl on the ground all the way back, otherwise, I might change my mind . ”
“… . Insolent fellow… . . I’ll remember this……”
*Hahaha* I instinctively release fresh laughter .
“I wanted to hear such lines . Do it, if you can . ”
Even though I was undoubtedly being glared at I turned my back to Sasha and walked off .
Calling out over my shoulder I speak to Sasha .
“Sasha . I’m tolerant of betrayal by my subordinates not to mention yours barely ranks as mischief . I’ll forgive you if you show suitable manners and thanks . ”
Sasha didn’t say anything and left without looking back .