Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 22

Chapter 22
22 . The treasury of the demon kings castle

After a while of breaking through walls, a large space opens up in front of me .
This is the hidden room that leads to the dungeons lowest layer .
Sasha’s face had an expression of surprise on it when she saw it .
“After breaking those walls a room appeared………”
“It was created using magic and was surprisingly easy . I only left the barest traces of magic to follow . A simple hidden passage that doesn’t use magic . It’s a blind spot for many people . ”
The only drawback to it is every time I come here I have to use Construction Creation and repair the hole I make .
“But the dungeon beneath Deruzogedo is closed to the public . Only students may enter . When did you find this hidden passage?”
“What if I said I made it?”
Sasha is dissatisfied and pouts .
“Avoiding it . If you don’t want to say, that’s fine . ”
It’s a fact though . Oh well, I can’t make her believe me .
“Should we go? This room leads to the lowest layer . ”
A few minutes after we start walking we arrive at an especially bright room .
The ceiling is very high and though we are in a dungeon it’s overflowing with trees .
There’s a waterway running through the room causing the light to glitter and reflect off its surface .
“…… . Sunlight…… . ” Misha mutters .
“Yeah . Sunlight during daytime and moonlight at night . It’s made to draw in the outside light . ”
“……Is it…… . for the activation of nature magic?”
Fusion magic which is the secret art of the Necron family uses nature magic . Sasha and Misha who both specialise in it immediately noticed that this room is a catalyst .
However, it’s a little different from 2000 years ago .
The position of the sunlight is different . Has somebody adjusted it using magic?
It wasn’t only me that used this dungeon, my subordinates did too so people would have been in here . Maybe one of them did it?
Suddenly, I look up at the ceiling but there’s nothing there .
“…… . What’s wrong… . . ?”
“No, it’s nothing . Must have been my imagination . ”
We lave the nature magic room and carry on .
On the way down a long flight of stairs, Sasha speaks to me .
“Nee, If Arnos has come here before then cant you use Transfer ?”
“This entire dungeon has an anti-magic spell woven into it to prevent Transfer working correctly . You could use it but you’d have no idea where you’d end up . ”
It’s easy to cancel the anti-magic but the dungeon has a system in place that would collapse it if you did .
It would have been easy to leave myself a loophole so only I could use in the dungeon, however, by setting it up so there were no exceptions it also made it the best way to stop intruders .
“We’ve been walking for 2 hours now . How much further is it?”
“… . . Look… . . ”
Misha points ahead where the bottom of the stairs could be seen .
“Fumu . We’ve reached the bottom . ”
Sasha runs ahead down the stairs but stops and stares at something in utter amazement .
Me and Misha catch up to her .
There was a pair of huge, luxurious gates that even a giant could fit through .
“It’s the gate to the altar room . ”
Misha looks at the gates with her demon eyes .
“…… . Anti-magic……”
“Aah . To stop people trying to break in using magic . ”
Misha stares even further into the magic abyss .
“…… . . Even Flame Prison Annihilation Canon could not destroy it……… . ”
“……Haaaa!? Then how do we get in………?”
Yare yare . They still don’t understand who’s here with them .
“Use your head a bit . If you intend to break it then you will fail . If magic doesn’t work then open it without using magic . ”
I calmly step forward and place my hand on the gate . Using my strength I push and with a heavy, grating noise the gate opens .
“It opened . ” Misha grumbled while having a dumbfounded look on her face .
“I thought this before when you lifted my demon king castle but what’s going on with your body………… . ? How can you open such a stupidly large door?”
Sasha pushes on the door but of course, it doesn’t move .
I can’t say this out loud but she looks really cute trying to move it .
“I train every day . ”
“In what dimension would training allow you to do this?”
Sasha starts muttering to herself .
“Does he come from a lineage with strong people in it?”
“More importantly, the thing you are after is over there . ”
At the back of the room is an altar with an ominous looking staff on it .
“Is that……the Kings Scepter…… . . ?”
If you look at it with your demon eyes you would tell straight away that it was loaded with great magic .
It’s completely different from the blunt demon sword that Zepes had . It’s a genuine item from the age of myths .
“A perfect score in the dungeon test is certain with this . ”
I had wondered if somebody had removed it but I’m happy that it’s still here .
“Nee……… . can I touch it……?”
Anything obtained in the dungeon is the possession of the group leader and a genuine tool from the age of myths is something rarely seen . Obviously, someone like Sasha with strong demon eyes would be interested .
“Go ahead . ”
“Thank you . ”
Happily running to the altar Sasha picked up the kings sceptre and stared in fascination at the mysterious magic tool .
Fumu . It’s fine I guess . She’ll be in a daze for a while now .
“Misha, over here . ”
I call Misha over to a door by the side of the altar .
“This is the treasury . ”
I step into the room . At first glance it’s empty but when I speak a few words the magic veil is lifted and magic tools such as demon swords and magic armour start to appear one by one .
I collected all this during the age of myths .
Amongst them was the very rare thread called the demon dragon thread which was produced by dragons . A dress with moonlight sewn into it called . A robe woven with fur from the golden lion Sirius which was called the most beautiful in the world, the . There were a lot of other pretty costumes as well .
“You can choose something that will suit Sasha . ”
Misha stares at the clothes scattered around the treasury .
I know her quite well now . I know that she is not looking at the outer clothes but rather at their abyss .
Magic items made in the age of myths choose their own owners . You can’t just give someone an item as you don’t know if it will accept them or not . It’s not easy . How’s she doing?
After a while, Misha began to walk .
“This is good . ”
The item she picked up was woven with feathers from the divine bird Phoenix . On one hand it grants you the blessing of the immortal fire but on the other hand, if you are not worthy of it it will turn you into ash .
“It looks beautiful but it can be difficult to wear . ”
“…… . Nn…… . ”
Do you understand? I know she has strong demon eyes but how can she be certain that it will accept Sasha?
“You should give it to her then . ”
With a happy smile on her face, Misha held in both hands . How she was holding it said how important it was to her .
She heads back to the door where Sasha is but on the way she was distracted by a ring placed on a pedestal .
The . It gives off a cold air and got its name after covering the seven seas with ice lotus leaves .
It’s no coincidence that Misha saw the ring . Magic items and their users are attracted to each other .
“Do you want it?”
Misha stares at the ring expressionlessly .
“It’s Misha’s birthday tomorrow as well . ”
She shakes her head .
“…… . . It’s fine…… . ”
Misha leaves the treasury as if running away .
There might be some circumstances . Whatever . On my way out I take the and go after Misha .
“Ah! Arnos, Misha, where’d you go? When I looked up you were gone . I was worried . ”
Sasha hurries our way carrying the king’s sceptre .
“My bad . Were you lonely?”
“I already said I was…… . . worried . ”
Why say it again if you feel embarrassed?
“Please stop looking at me with that face . It feels like you are looking down on me . ”
“What are you saying . The words ‘looking down on someone’ don’t exist in my dictionary . ”
“Please look in a mirror and then say that again . ”
What’s she saying? I don’t understand what she’s getting at .
“Do we have any more business here?”
Suddenly turning around Sasha looks back at the altar . All that’s left is to return and complete the dungeon exam so we should finish our other business quickly .
“Are you going to give it to her?” I said to Misha who was hiding behind my back .
“… . Now……?”
“Or are you going to hide it and give it her at home?”
After thinking a little Misha shakes her head and steps out from behind my back .
“Sasha . ”
Sasha looks back and was surprised to see the in Misha’s hands .
“What’s that Misha?”
“… . . I found it……”
Misha nods .
“For you . ”
“… . . Eh? for me? Is that okay?……Because… . . that’s……an outrageous magical tool . ”
She understood the huge magical power hidden within as she stares at it with her demon eyes .
“…… . . Tomorrow . Because it’s your birthday…… . ”
Sasha smiles softly and tears come to the corner of her eyes .
“I haven’t got you anything . ”
“…… . I don’t need anything……”
Sasha smile was troubled .
“Thank you Misha . I’m so happy . I’ll treasure it my entire life . ”
Misha smiles with joy .
“… . Nn… . . ”
Magic circles form in her eyes as she looks at the . . There’s no need for them here so has she become emotional causing them to come out?
Somethings odd though . If it was overflowing joy then they should have come out after she was told it was for her birthday but they came out while staring at the . Something has made her excited . What’s she come up with?
“Can I wear it?”
Misha nods and hands over to Sasha .
She puts her hands on her uniform buttons but then looks at me as if she’s just noticed me .
“I’m changing my clothes……”
“Aah . I’ll turn around . ”
“That’s no good! Please go into that room over there!!”
Good grief . She knows how to make work for people . Can’t be helped .
I listen to what she said and enter the treasury .
As I was about to close the door Misha unexpectedly appeared .
“… . She was pleased… . . ”
“That’s good . ”
“……Arnos’ help……”
“You were the one that chose it . ”
Misha looks shy .
“… . Today is the happiest day of my life……”
“You exaggerate . ”
Misha shakes her head .
“Thank you . ”
I nodded and softly closed the door .