Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 24

Chapter 24
“Well then Misha . ”
I turn round by the altar and Misha walks over to me .
“Are you going to tell me?”
She quietly watches me .
“…… . About Sasha……?”
“About you . ”
Misha falls into her usual deadpan silence when I say that .
“…… . . Want to know……?”
“Because you’re my friend . ”
Misha looks down slightly .
“You don’t want to say?”
Misha shakes her head .
“Want to say . ”
“You change your mind?”
*Kokuri* Misha nods .
“…… . . Arnos is my friend . Is kind… . . ”
“I see . ”
“……Nn…… . ”
Misha looked at me with her usual eyes devoid of feelings .
“…… . . At midnight on my 15th birthday, I’ll disappear…… . . ”
She delivered her confession in an indifferent tone .
“This related to you being a magic doll?”
It’s not a particularly surprising story from a technique like this .
“Magic doll is not correct . ”
Was it a metaphor then?
“Misha Necron does not exist . ”
Fumu . I see . Was it such a thing?
I can see most of the circumstances now going by what I’ve heard so far .
“In other words, you are originally Sasha?”
When I said it Misha blinked at me in surprise .
“…… . How can you know that…… . ?”
“It’s almost impossible to cancel any contract made by Contract unless the difference in magic power is enormous . Yours and Sasha’s magic power levels are very similar yet she cancelled the contract . ”
One of the few methods did come to mind .
“However, if you and Sasha are the same person then only one of you needs to cancel it since in effect you signed the contract with just one person . ”
“……Arnos is smart…… . ”
It’s not something worthy of being praised . I guess the people of this time don’t know that there is magic to split a person into two people .
“It’s similar to a magic called Soul Fission . The body and soul are divided but they gradually return to their single original form . ”
Misha nods .
“I’m a simulated personality created by magic . I don’t originally exist . I’ll return to Sasha on my 15th birthday . That’s why that girl called me a magic doll . ”
Because she’s a temporary life she’s a magic doll huh?
That explains the same magic power and why Misha is in white clothes despite the fact she has the same blood . They always knew she’d disappear .
“Is this the work of Aivis Necron?”
Misha is surprised again .
Looks like I’m right .
“……How… . . ?”
“Soul Fission is not a simple magic . In this age, it has really limited use . Also, the success rate dramatically drops if it’s not cast on a fetus . You carry Aivis’ blood . It’s not a big leap to suspect him . ”
And he has a reason .
“ and fusion magic together have a purpose . Fusion magic can fuse together two magics but it has a flaw due to it’s limited fusion time . ”
Even the fusion magic I improved still has a limited duration .
“However, it’s a different story if you originally divide one thing into two . Using the power of Misha and Sasha who will return to one person Aivis came up with a way of eliminating the duration defect of fusion magic . ”
Use to divide then use fusion magic to amplify the magic power . The original magic power will increase many tens if not hundreds of times and because it was originally the same thing it will permanently fuse together and never separate again .
I must admit even I find it quite an absurd thing to do . The complexity of the method, the difficulty of the magic and the risk to Sasha are all enormous .
Even if she survived the fusion could her body withstand the power? Even if it did, would her mind survive?
Well, even if Aivis is rotting he’s still a mazoku I produced directly . It will probably be fine .
“There are other possibilities I thought about but how’d I do?”
Misha nods . Guess I was right after all .
“Separation Fusion Reincarnation ”
“That the magic cast on Sasha?”
Misha nods again .
It’s a magic made by combining fusion magic and . It must have been developed to produce a stronger mazoku . This is probably the reason that he started studying fusion magic .
“That’s why you said we can’t meet on your birthday . ”
Misha nods .
“… . . I’m sorry… . . ”
“Why are you apologising?”
“… . . I was silent……”
“Don’t worry about it . When you want to say something you should just say it . ”
Misha looked down and muttered .
“I wanted to spend the time normally . ” She says while raising her gaze to meet mine before continuing .
“Since I was born my fate was decided . I’ll disappear and only Sasha will remain . Even so, those 15 years would be pretty good I thought . ”
Even compared to the short lives of humans her life is too short . For mazoku it’s a life so short it will be an instant .
“With only that much time I wanted memories but no mazoku would talk to me . Half a Necron . I’m not supposed to exist . Even in the school, it was the same . ”
Fumu . Certainly, I’ve never seen Misha talking to another mazoku . Even Emilia will only do businesslike exchanges .
“I thought so . ”
Misha’s eyes are strong and stare straight at me .
“Arnos spoke to me and became my friend . You took me to your house and your parents happily spoke to me . ”
Misha laughs .
It was trivial but Misha cherishes those memories so much .
“A miracle happened in my life . ”
A girl I spoke to on a whim considers it a miracle . What kind of past have you walked until now? It’s easy to imagine .
This age is certainly peaceful but it’s still not without tragedies .
“Arnos . ”
Misha calls me .
“Thank you for calling my name . I was happy . ”
The thing I wanted to say tomorrow has arrived . I gently place my hand on the head of Misha who’s saying such a silly thing .
“What’s wrong?”
“Are you happy? Are you really satisfied?”
Misha nods .
“I’m not afraid because I never existed from the beginning . ”
Yare yare . This is quite the problem .
“You are here and you are my first friend . You didn’t think I was going to let my friend die did you?”
Misha’s eyes rounded but she immediately shook her head .
“……Impossible even for Arnos…… I do not exist from the beginning . I’m only returning to the original . I’m not dying, I’m disappearing . I cannot revive . ”
Resurrection . If the soul survives the death then by looking into the abyss at the origin of the soul they can be revived, however, the origin of Misha is Sasha . After Misha disappears, even if I use the origin of Misha which is the source of the resurrection won’t exist anywhere .
“A body and soul cannot remain divided forever . ”
Originally one thing divided into two by magic . The time limit is 15 years . After 15 years the body and soul that is not restored cannot continue living .
To begin with, the state of division between Misha and Sasha is unnatural . Magic can temporarily cause unnatural things to exist and can also restore unnatural things .
That being said magic cannot indefinitely maintain artificial things caused by magic .
If it does maintain it then a distortion will inevitably form somewhere .
“Thank you . ”
“What for?”
“Because Arnos is kind . ”
I don’t understand at all .
“Kind words are good and all but just those won’t save you . ”
Misha shakes her head .
“I was truly saved by you so it’s alright now . ”
What do you mean its alright?
While thinking Misha reached up and patted my head .
“There there . ”
Another action I don’t understand .
“What are you going to do?”
“Are you sad?”
“Sad? This me?”
The sad one should be Misha .
“Do you regret becoming friends with me?”
“Why would you ask that?”
Misha kept quiet for a moment the spoke .
“… . Misha Necron does not exist… . . ”
She says it in her usual indifferent tone . Because she will disappear she’s worried about me making friends with someone who will disappear .
Stupid . This complete idiot .
I grabbed her slender body and pulled her to me hugging her strongly .
“… . Arnos… . . ?”
“There are two things that I don’t know . ”
Strongly . Strongly . I hug Misha .
I will tell you that you are here .
“… . What… . ?”
“Regret and impossibility . ”
While being hugged by me Misha turns her cold eyes to me .
“I told you . I am the founder, the Demon King . I will grant your wish . ”
Even with her usual deadpan expression Misha seems puzzled .
“I want to reconcile . ”
She must mean Sasha .
“That is my wish . ”
Is that what she wants in her last few hours?
She still doesn’t believe I’m the founder .
I won’t let my words become lies .
“…… . . Difficult……?”
“Don’t worry . I told you I don’t know what impossible is . ”
I release Misha .
I began walking towards the large door out of the room .
“Where are you going?”
“To where Sasha is . I’ll make sure you make up . ”
When I laughed Misha smiled happily .
“… . . Nn……”
“Misha . Will you make me one promise?”
Misha looks at me .
“You must keep thinking that there is a tomorrow right up to the last moment . ”
She remains silent .
“Do you want to spend the time normally?”
Misha nodded at my words .
“I understand . ”
“Alright . Let’s go and quickly catch Sasha . ”
We start heading back the way we came .
I stare ahead and the sound of Misha’s steps follow me .
There’s nothing to be scared about she said . Because she doesn’t exist .
Is that really so?
She may have just given up and accepted it .
Take a good look Misha .
I am Arnos Voldigod .