Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 27

Chapter 27
“How long are you going to cry? Stand up Sasha . ”
She slowly turned to look at me, her eyes red and swollen from crying .
“It’s still too early to give up . ”
“……Can you erase me instead of Misha?”
“If you ask if I can do it or not, I can . was it? The reason you need to make Misha reject you is because you are inexperienced . ”
Now Misha turned to me with a begging look in her eyes .
“Not allowed . ”
“Don’t worry . I have no intention of doing it . ”
Sasha pipes up .
“Please Arnos! Kill me! I’ve lived enough! I want to give the rest of my life to Misha . ”
“I never existed from the beginning . It’s weird if Sasha is the one to be sacrificed . ”
Both Sasha and Misha appeal to me .
They both want to protect each other so much that they are each willing to disappear .
Yare yare . How brave and admirable of them .
Unfortunately, both of their requests are not my style .
“That reminds me . There was a question similar to this in the aptitude test . ”
I say while thinking back to the entrance exam .
“There is a daughter that is powerful but lacks the aptitude of the demon king and a son that has poor magic but a great aptitude to be the demon king . One day they both receive a gods curse and are fated to die together at a certain time but you are also given one holy grail to cure one of them . Which one should you save? Describe the thoughts of the founder at this time . ”
“The one with the high aptitude . ” Misha answers .
“The demon king will not reincarnate into a mazoku that is not suitable regardless of how powerful they are . ”
I see . That’s the thinking of this era . Nowadays they lay emphasis on pedigree and aptitude so that’s the correct answer .
“Wrong . ”
Misha looks at me .
“Reincarnates into the one with power?”
You could also look at it that the demon king would only reincarnate into someone powerful .
“Also wrong . ”
Misha blinked as if she didn’t understand .
“In the first place who’s the fellow asking which one should be saved? When was it said the founder could only save one of them? A gods curse? When would I lose against a god?”
Turning towards Sasha and Misha I state in a grand manner
“The correct answer is to save both with the single grail . ”
They should understand what I’m trying to say .
Sasha stood up . It was without much force but she stood up .
“I’ll help you both . ”
“… . . How……? It doesn’t require much thought to see that it’s impossible . Originally our body and soul are one . We cannot remain divided forever . Even if you prepare a new body for Misha, a soul cannot live a long life when cut in half . Even if you reincarnate it will still only be half a soul and will still die young . ”
Sasha arranges her logic to prove its impossible, however, if you know its impossible, why did you stand up?
Is she expecting it? Betting everything on a tiny sliver of hope? That I will overturn common sense like in our group opposition exam and replace her with Misha?
To that expectation, I will not answer .
“In all cases, you are still the original one . ”
“… . . So it is impossible then……?”
“No, not at all . There’s a simple solution to this . Originally, there just needs to be 2 people . ”
Sasha’s eyes open wide in surprise .
“Is such a thing possible? How?”
“Change the past . ”
Sasha was at a loss for words . Indeed, she probably thinks that the past cant be changed, however, true magic can transcend even time, to a light degree anyway .
At this level, even for me, I can’t say that it will be easy .
“Time Manipulation can trace back 15 years . ”
This time Misha speaks up .
“I won’t be born if you change the past . ”
“… . That’s right . Misha was created by . If we were twins from the beginning the Misha who is here now will disappear . Even if she is a younger sister it won’t be Misha…… . . ”
If I change the past then Misha won’t be born . It’s blocked in all directions . A true impossibility .
However, the demon king is one that destroys even the impossible .
“2 divided souls . Due to its origin, it is destined to return to being one . Don’t you think there should be another origin?”
“What does that even mean?”
“Originally there was a whole Sasha . Then Sasha is divided by and we get a Sasha and Misha whose origin is halved . ”
They are both listening to me with a half-stunned look .
“We simply fuse Sasha with Sasha and Misha with Misha . It’s a simple addition and once done you will both have complete origins and will both be real people who were born . ”
“… . . I don’t really get it……… . If it was just me I can see it but is there such a magic to make the exact same person?”
“Sorry . No magic can produce the exact same person . There is only one origin for everything in this world . ”
“So it’s still impossible then?”
“No, I cannot make another person who’s exactly the same but I don’t need to . We’ll go and meet the other person ourselves . ”
“… . What does that even mean……?”
“I didn’t explain myself properly . I should have said I’ll go into the past and fuse the current you with the past you . ”
Both Sasha and Misha have looks on their faces that say they still don’t understand .
Origin magic . They don’t know the time concept that occurs when using it . In the age of myths, I wonder how many mazoku could change the past by more than a few seconds?
“Basically, I will send the origins of the 2 people who are here now 15 years into the past to when you were born . There will be 2 origins each then . One for the past and one for the present . Misha and Sasha are the same person but past Misha and Sasha are also the same person . Both your origins will return to being one . Misha will fuse with Misha and Sahsa will fuse with Sasha . ”
“… . . What will happen then… . . ?”
“You would both have bodies and would basically be born as twins . ”
Changing the past is subject to various laws and is very difficult . If someone notices that twins were born then contradictions in the timeline will occur and the past that was changed will not go well .
Therefore, all I need to do is make sure that nobody realises or becomes aware of it .
“Although the past will be changed both of you as well as Aivis will continue to think that Misha was born due to . Nothing will change . Not world history, not even a speck of dust . The only thing that will change is that Misha will still be here at midnight . ”
Sasha looked at me with a face that said that she didn’t believe me .
“………Can you really do such a thing…… . ?”
I nod silently .
“Can all royal families use origin magic?”
“I can use it… . . ”
I looked at Misha and she nodded as well .
“Good . Both of you will be using . If I go back nothing will happen . Both of you need to go back and join up with your origins at the moment you were born . ”
“… . Wait . I know the basics of origin magic but such a great magic is……”
“That’s why I used Demon King Army . ”
The origins of us 3 will be connected by . I can pour my magic into them through the magic lines as much as they need
“Leave the magic power and use of it to me . All you need to do is look at your origins with your demon eyes . Those will be your targets . ”
I raise 2 fingers .
“One . Make sure you get your own origin . Fix your eyes on the time that you were in your mother’s stomach as the time stream you can travel back on is fixed then . ”
I can send them back 15 years but that’s too general . I need an exact time .
“Two and this is important . The assumption of origin magic is that you are borrowing power from the founder, the demon king . ”
The origins of magic use the rule that the older you are the more magical you are . Should I lend them my power from now or let them borrow my power from 2000 years ago? It’s not so simple a story .
When using origin magic it would be much stronger using the me from 2000 years ago due to the 2000 year drift strengthening my magic and increasing my power .
Oh well, it can’t be helped . It’s a troublesome magical concept . I should just finish up .
“Okay? Listen up . I am the founder . The demon king of cruelty that you believe in is fake . He’s an imitation . Believe that I am the founder when you use the origin magic otherwise will fail . ”
Misha and Sasha look at each other then nodded as they steeled themselves .
“Believe . ” Misha said
“In any case, I’m relying on you anyway . Even if it’s only a little, there’s a small chance that I believe you . ” replied Sasha .
“Don’t forget those words . ”
I hold up my hand and draw a three-dimensional magic formation in the room . In the blink of an eye magic that transcends time was built .
I concentrate all my awareness on using the magic .
At that moment a loud noise rings out and the ceiling collapses .
Following the rules of gravity, a huge pile of rubble falls down .
Mixed in with the rubble was a shadow which dropped straight down .
The moment my eyes caught the face of a skeleton it was already only several centimetres away and in its hand was a jet black demon sword . It was like it was holding condensed night in its hand .
It looks like a masterpiece from the age of myths .
The ominous swords effortlessly breaks through my anti-magic barrier before tearing through my skin, splitting my flesh and piercing my heart .
Fresh blood scatters .
“… . . Arnos… . . !!”
Sasha raises a scream like voice .
“Goodbye, strong Mazoku who’s name cannot be known . ”
One of the old seven demon emperors Avis Necron mutters in a low voice before pushing the rest of the sword into my chest .
“… . Sasha… . . ”
“… . I know!!”
Misha uses Creation Construction to cover Aivis’ body in a prison of steel while at the same time Sasha pours all her magical power into her .
Apart from the rubble that is still falling all the other debris, rubble and surrounding objects make a noise and shatter all at once .
“You should be quiet . ”
Aivis waves a hand and Sashas are suppressed while Misha’s steel jail is broken .
Aivis then activates Demon Binding Chain tying Sasha and Misha up in chains of magic .
“You are important containers . You should behave yourselves . It’s almost time . will be completed and the founder will reincarnate here . ”
Aivis looks up at the sky where moonlight is now pouring through .
“Fumu . I see . was purely to make a container for the founder to reincarnate into . ”
An astonished Aivis turns to see me standing there with a demon sword sticking out of my heart .
“… . . Impossible…… . wounds from the demon sword Gador cannot be healed…… . ”
It’s true that recovery magic hasn’t been working since I got stabbed .
But that’s it .
“Did you honestly think I die from just having my heart crushed?”
I grab Aivis’ face daring to take another blow from him at such close range .
“I thought it was about time for you to come, Aivis Necron . You studied fusion magic for over 1000 years and even gave it to your descendants . You couldn’t allow a nuisance to ruin it . ”
I draw a magic circle inside this guys body .
Superficial magic wouldn’t work on someone from the age of myths .
“Unfortunately, I don’t have time to play with you so I’ll have to ask you to leave early . ”
I smash condensed magic power into the inside of Aivis’ body .
“Flame Prison Annihilation Cannon ”
At that moment a jet black sun appeared inside Aivis and tore through the multiple layers of anti-magic he had built collapsing his body from the inside .
Black light began to leak from Aivis’ body as he began to split open .
“Gahh!… . . thi… . . this magical power…… . Impossible . Not only more knowledgeable than me but more powerful… . you……are strong… . !!”
Aivis was blown away while trying to resist rampaging inside his body .
“Fumu . As expected from a mazoku from the age of myths . ”
I pull the demon sword Gador from my heart
“I’m not able to heal the wound caused by this demon sword . ”
I threw the demon sword Gador at Aivis causing the jet black sword to pierce his body as if it was sucked in .
The force I threw it with was still in effect causing that guy’s body to fly into the air and smash into the wall where he looked like he was crucified .
“Gu… . . kaa……aa . . ”
He’s not dead but he shouldn’t be able to resist for a while .
I cast anti-magic on Sasha and Misha freeing them from .
“Okay?” Misha asks
I nod . 15 seconds left until midnight? I’ve got time .
It’s time for the live performance . Time to change the past .
“Okay, it’s now the final finish . Believe in me . ”
I pour magic into the formation I built and trigger Origin Magic .