Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 28

Chapter 28
The Magic Clock showed 11:59:55
Heading towards the origin that Sasha and Misha had fixed their eyes on invites them to the past .
The time is now 11:59:56 and the world turned white .
The floors, walls and ceiling everything went white .
A further 2 seconds of time pass and the clock stops .
This place is now isolated from the world .
“Did you come?”
The point of a silver sword appears and the empty space in front of my eyes was suddenly cut . It looks a bit like a curtain for an actor to enter the stage .
From just the tip you could think it was a sword but I know its actually a scythe .
“What… . is that…… . ?” Sasha asks in a surprised voice .
“…… . . I cannot see the bottom of its magic…… . ” Misha adds .
Other than me this must be her first time meeting someone who’s power she couldn’t see the bottom of .
“Concentrate on your origins . The magic hasn’t fully formed yet . Besides, this guy isn’t someone you can take on . ”
Enlarging the space that was cut a pair of hands wearing white gloves appear . Grasping the space they wrench it open further and a figure slowly appears .
It’s wearing a white robe with a hood and no matter how hard you stare with your demon eyes you won’t be able to see its face . Of course, it’s possible it doesn’t even have a face to begin with .
“Nee . Arnos, what is that……?” Sasha asks me again .
“Eugo Ra Raviaz the guardian deity of time . Simply put, its the god responsible for protecting and keeping the order and flow of time . ”
“… . Go…… . God…… . . !?” Stunned, Sasha leaks the word .
“He’s here for business as a god . I’m going to greatly alter the past and he doesn’t forgive people that set out to do that . ”
Eugo Ra Raviaz turns to look at me . After a moment it appears to recognise me and says .
“—–Won’t permit—–”
A solemn voice shakes the air around it .
“Hou . This is the first time we’ve met where you’ve spoken . ”
In 2000 years will even gods change?
“—–Won’t forgive—–”
Again Eugo Ra Raviaz emits a voice that shakes the air around it
“Fumu . If possible could you look the other way on this? Even though I’m changing the past I’m only saving one mazoku . Or you could say only one tragedy is disappearing from this world . Can’t a god allow this one thing?”
“—–Won’t permit—–”
If you try to change the past with magic other supernatural powers will act to prevent it . The order of the world, the law of the world or simply providence . The guardian deity embodies all of it .
Eugo Ra Raviaz is here to remove the cause of whatever is trying to alter the past .
In other words, he’s here to kill the caster of .
“Yare yare . Even after 2000 years you lot are as narrow-minded as ever . You don’t like people stepping on your speciality . You don’t permit anyone other than gods to perform miracles . ”
Ignoring human prayers and stepping on the pride of the mazoku .
What value is there to a god that saves the order of things but doesn’t save anybody?
“The rules you and the other gods arbitrarily decided on are unjust . It might make me the bad one but I have no intention of following such things . ”
“—–Won’t allow disruption to flow of time . I will hand down judgement upon thee—–“(1)
Eugo Ra Raviaz disappears with a flash of light . The next moment he appears next to Avis Necron who’s still pinned to the wall .
What’s he doing?
“—–Old Seven Demon Emperor Avis Necron—–”
Eugo Ra Raviaz raises his hand and the demon sword Gador moves backwards out of Avis body and falls on the floor .
Aivis face is healed in an instant .
The wounds caused by the demon sword Gador cannot be healed but the guardian deity of time returned the time to Aivis .
It was returned to before he was stabbed with Gador and burnt with
Finally, his body was healed .
No, not healed . The wounds never happened .
“—–I grant thee the power of the god of time . Destroy Arnos Voldigod—–”
Eugo Ra Raviaz turns into light and is then sucked into the body of Aivis .
What remained was a silver weapon in Aivis’ hand .
The Time Gods Scythe .
Low laughter comes from Aivis .
“As expected from you . It’s now come to this Arnos Voldigod”
With the Time Gods Scythe in hand, Aivis’ magic power cant even be compared to what it was before .
“…… . . The power of a god…… . ” Misha mutters .
Indeed, she has good demon eyes . If you look into the abyss of this fellow you can see the power of Eugo Ra Raviaz overflowing from his source .
“I see the current Eugo Ra Raviaz has learnt to be more effective in his destroying of those that disturb the time flow by giving his power to them . ”
The power of Eugo Ra Raviaz has been added to the magic of Aivis but more importantly than that .
“What did you mean just then Aivis?”
Aivis doesn’t show any reaction to my words . He just stares at me in a grand manner .
“Have you seen Eugo Ra Raviaz do this before in the past?”
Aivis shouldn’t know about the existence of so naturally, neither should Eugo Ra Raviaz .
Even if by some small chance I had used it in the past and one of the other Old Seven Demon Emperors had told Aivis about it his lines still don’t add up .
He had to have already known about it and lied to me . It’s the most logical answer .
“What are you hiding?”
“It doesn’t matter to someone who’s about to die . ”
*Fu Kukuku . * Yare yare . It’s so ridiculous it makes me laugh .
“Haha, kuhahahaha . Who’s going to die after this? Don’t get cocky over your borrowed power . Your ability is known to me . ”
I draw a magic formation and fire off a . A jet black comet fires out and hits Aivis, however, wielding the Time Gods Scythe he cuts it right in 2 .
The jet black sun disappears as its time is devoured .
It wasn’t even anti-magic or a counter attack . The time of was returned and it never existed .
“Any magic will have its time returned . Your attacks will not reach me . ”
“You look so happy Aivis . ”
Aivis glared at me as I laughed .
“You prevented one magic . Is that it? If you intend to win try to make it look more natural . ”
I instantly made 6 formations and fired them .
“Upstream Barrier . ”
Waving his scythe Aivis sets up a magic barrier . . Any magic that touches it will have its time rewound .
Even anti-magic won’t help . It’s an almost unbeatable shield .
My 6 disappeared .
“A splendid display of bluffing but how do you intend to break through a magic barrier that returns time?”
*Fuu* I laughed through my nose unintentionally .
“What’s so funny?”
“I’ve already broken through it . ”
The moment I said it 6 appeared inside Aivis’ barrier .
“What……… . !?”
His body is turned jet black as it’s wrapped up in black flames .
“ is a magic barrier that unwinds the time of magic that hits it . A normal would disappear as soon as it touched it so I made mine go against time . ”
A that goes against time would normally be useless . Because it goes against time it has no influence in the world at all . In other words, the magic itself doesn’t occur . However, rewinds time so the magic has its time returned to it putting it in a state where the magic is now occurring and can affect the world .
The first 6 shots of I fired were decoys . I fired another 6 but sent them 6 hours back in time with . caused their time to be returned .
“Although you’ve borrowed the power of Eugo Ra Raviaz your knowledge and preparation regarding the concept of time is insufficient . ”
A low voice comes from the centre of the black flame .
“It certainly looks like it . I guess I was taking thee too lightly . ”
disappears leaving behind a perfectly healthy and intact Aivis .
“However, I who received the power of Eugo Ra Raviaz am now invulnerable . I cannot be hurt . ”
Eugo Ra Raviaz is the god of time and can freely return a body’s time with no penalties . It doesn’t stop a bodies time as that would be unsuitable but if you ever get hurt you can just go back to before it happened .
It’s an eternally invulnerable existence and Aivis who now shares that power also benefits from that power .
Taking on Eugo Ra Raviaz means I only have one aim .
“I already know what the aim of thou will be . ”
Aivis raises the Time Gods Scythe .
My cannot manipulate the time of Eugo Ra Raviaz’s main body but by using its own scythe against it I can .
By using the Time Gods Scythe I can make the immortal time gods time finite .
“It’s regrettable but I can’t just let you do as you please . ”
Aivis turned the scythe on himself and stabbed himself in the stomach .
“Magic Tool Fusion . ”
A three-dimensional magic formation covers Aivis’ entire body .
As it settles his skeleton shines a silvery white and sharp blades appear on both arms .
He’s fused with the Time Gods Scythe .
“Well, what will you do now my weak point has disappeared?”
There is a time limit to normal fusion magic but as long as Eugo Ra Raviaz is involved it doesn’t matter .
I can no longer beat Aivis using the Time Gods Scythe .
Also, due to fusing with the scythe his magic power has swelled more than tenfold .
“Also, thy own weak point is in full view . ”
Aivis waves both his arms which have assimilated with the scythe as if he’s trying to cut both the sky and the ground .
Should I make a barrier against the huge slashes coming my way?
I develop an anti-magic field filled with all my power .
Fiery sparks like bees are scattered around as his magic and my anti-magic clash .
His aim is Misha and Sasha .
“Fumu . How strange . Are you trying to destroy the important vessels for the founder’s reincarnation? Can you easily make more? Or-”
Aivis shows no reaction at my words and puts more power into his arms .
“Is breaking the container in which you put so much effort nothing compared to killing me?”
“You don’t have the luxury to be able to talk anymore . The situation has already been reversed . ”
With a snapping sound, the first layer of my anti-magic barrier is broken .
“Very Impressive . Thou art using the class’ characteristic of which means thy magic power should have decreased by at least 30% . Though art also supplying magic power to as well as the 2 people using it and all the while controlling it . Despite all this, thou endured my blow suffused with a gods power . ”
Another sound echoed out and my second layer shattered .
“… . Arnos… . . !!”
Misha and Sasha watch me with worried eyes .
“How kind . Is the past not yet changed? Although you have the help of skilled people origin magic is difficult to control . Just give up and throw away your burden . ”
As Aivis is talking the sources of Misha and Sasha which are travelling back in time by 15 years are still on their way .
One reason the magic still hasn’t completed is that those 2 still don’t completely believe that I’m the founder .
No matter how much they think they believe if it’s not from the bottom of their hearts the origin magic will not complete .
“Not that it matters . The result will still be the same even if you don’t give up . ”
A louder sound rang out as my third layer was destroyed .
I’ve only got one layer left .
“It’s fine already Arnos!! Were done . Even if it’s you…… . . !”
“Escape . ”
Misha and Sasha both appeal to me .
“Fumu . Yare yare . That’s the reason . You seem to think there’s a chance that I will lose so you don’t believe that I’m the founder . ”
“Why are you saying such a thing in this situation……?”
“Don’t worry about it . I’ll buy you the time you need to let the origin magic complete . ”
The loudest sound yet rings out and my last barrier is broken .
“It was a good bluff at the end there, however, this is the end . ”
Aivis raises both his arms up high .
I immediately set up anti-magic on Sasha and Misha again .
“You protected those two people right up to the end Arnos Voldigod . ”
The voice of Aivis that had been far away was suddenly by my ear .
Accelerating his own time Aivis approached me in almost . 1 of a second and stuck his right arm into my abdomen .
“Thou hast been negligent with thy own anti-magic . ”
Using the Time Gods Scythe embedded in his body he makes my body’s time go out of control .
“I will drink all thy time and make thee disappear . ”
Silver light surrounds me and time accelerates . 1 billion years——-10 billion years——- . Eternity piled up in an instant . Even the body of a demon king cannot survive forever . One day I will die and disappear .
The light splits open and the body subjected to eternal time became extinct .
“Fu…… . . fufufufu, fuhahahaha!! How’s that? Did you realise it, stupid founder? Fate cannot be changed . When I became immortal, no, 2000 years ago when you fled from battle it was decided that this is what would happen on this day!!”
Fumu . I see . Have I finally heard the truth?
“I don’t know why you can remember since your past has been deleted but you seem to remember me somehow or another Aivis . ”
From behind, I put my hand on his shoulder .
Aivis seems to be in a state that says he cannot believe it as he slowly turns around .
“… . Ho…… . w…… . ? You certainly died……… . ”
Aivis was born right at the end of the war . Despite being a mazoku from the age of myths he’s never seen a true magic battle .
“Did you think I’d die from just being killed?”
Aivis uses his demon eyes but there’s no trick . I was certainly killed earlier .
“Don’t be so surprised . I just used Resurrection . ”
“… . . Only your origin remained……and you still used magic… . . !?”
Even if the body is ruined the origin is also the source of magic power and it remains there . Those who have mastered magic can use it even if only their origin remains . That’s why it’s possible to resurrect even from there . If you’re dead for less than 3 seconds you can revive yourself .
Aivis teleports 10 meters behind me .
A magic circle forms at his feet and a world of silver white spreads out from there .
It’s a grand magic that stops the time of all things .
A silvery-white barrier extends spherically . If you step foot inside it everything stops, not temporarily but forever .
“Fumu . As expected, this is mythical magic . ”
Into the world of stopped time I step forward slowly .
“Wha……… . . ”
“You’ve only stopped my time . Did you think you’d stopped my ability to walk as well?”
“Impossible……!! Why haven’t you stopped!? Why!?”
Aivis desperately puts out more power but its useless .
float on my pupils . Everything I can see as well as magic is destroyed . are the ultimate anti-magic .
“…… . What’s with this magic power… . . ? Using which drinks magic and still supporting those 2 dead weights? How can you still surpass me who’s obtained the power of a god… . . !? Impossible . How can such a thing… . . !?”
“Did you forget where this is Aivis?”
I walk straight up to him .
“I will teach you what it means to challenge the demon king in his own castle . ”
Black particles of light begin to fill the space . They soon increase to an uncountable number and fill the room .
Many magical characters appear on the walls, floor and ceiling all crammed together .
The true demon kings castle appears . The strongest magical tool that Arnos Voldigod owns .
A huge three-dimensional magic formation——-
(1) As probably expected from a time god he speaks in a very archaic way and I’m terrible at using ye olde English so I’ll only throw in some odd words .