Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 29

Chapter 29
“Come, Venuzdonoa . ”
In response to my call, countless black particles begin to rise up from my feet .
A sword-shaped shadow begins to emerge . There’s no object there, only a shadow exists .
As I raise my hand the shadow sword slowly starts to float .
As I grasp the handle the shadow reversed and in its place was a dark long sword .
“You said it was fated Aivis . ”
I lower the sword while talking
“Your body which houses the power of Eugo Ra Raviaz is timeless, permanent, immutable and immortal . ”
Aivis pours all of his power into the silvery white world .
In the space where everything is stopped I step forward .
“I obtained the power of a god…… I’m a god……”
Because Aivis has used too much of his magic power the consciousness of Eugo Ra Raviaz has come to the surface .
“I am world providence . I am an immortal with the power of providence and invulnerability . ”
No, have they merged together?
Is this the result of fusing with the Time God’s Scythe ?
The consciousness of Aivis and Eugo Ra Raviaz are beginning to merge .
“Altering the flow of time is the absolute territory of the gods . ”
“You cannot simply overturn fate . ”
Aivis’ right arm turns into a huge sickle and a huge amount of magic power flows out of it .
“Creating miracles is the work of the gods . ”
“2 stunted mazoku with only 15 years to live will give no benefits . ”
Aivis and Eugo Ra Raviaz have started talking together .
“Fate? Providence? Miracles? Kukuku hahahaha . ”
Laughter comes deep from my stomach .
“To whom do you think you are talking to? Know your place servant . ”
I step another step forward .
“Sasha said she would destroy such a fate . ”
Another step forward .
“A miracle happened twice is what Misha said . ”
Another step forward .
“My subordinates souls and word are brave and admirable . I will not stand idly by as they are sneered and ridiculed at . ”
Aivis readies his scythe as I walk towards him in a grand manner .
“Foolish . ”
“Do you still think of yourself as the demon king, stupid founder? No one believes in you! You should die in obscurity by yourself!”
The scythe is swung down at me .
A single blow and time-space is ruptured but I leisurely capture it with my bare hand .
“What is a demon king? Is it power? A title? Authority? A position?”
“All of it . ”
“It’s none of them . I am simply me . To completely annihilate those subordinates who rise up and rebel against this me no matter what their destiny or providence is . That is what a demon king is . ”
I raise my sword and speak to my 2 subordinates whose time has stopped .
“If you can’t believe in me that’s fine, however, I will break your destiny if you wish it Sasha . Misha . If you say a miracle has occurred then I will make it so . ”
Believe in me or don’t . I don’t care about things like that .
“Do not pray and do not wish . Simply walk behind my back . I will stand before you and block all unreasonableness . I will annihilate it all from now!”
As I loudly declare this a voice rings out .
“……Arnos…… . !”
Sasha’s mouth moved slightly in this world where time had stopped .
Her were activated .
She had poured all her magic into it and was desperately resisting the time stop .
The power had also extended to Misha .
“… . . Arnos……”
There’s no more words but the thoughts of 2 people were flowing through Thought Domain .
“I wanted to change destiny . ”
Sasha’s firm will and gentle heart floats across my mind .
Countless thoughts flow into my mind .
[I wanted to save my younger sister . ]
[I was convinced I’d lived enough but if I said I had no regrets I’d be lying . ]
[I still didn’t know love . I didn’t think I’d die without even having a kiss but there was no help for it . I’d run out of time . ]
[Then I met you . A person who could look me in the eye without using anti-magic and had the same eyes . ]
[Just that much was enough to make me laugh . But that’s fine . ]
[Let’s destroy that fate . Those words you said so very easily………]
[To the me at that time they gave me courage . ]
[I gave you my first and last kiss . That should have cleared up my regrets . ]
[But……but……if…… . ]
[If it came true I wanted to see the continuation of that love . ]
A quiet voice enters my mind .
[15 years is my life]
Her determination and small wishes overflowed as Misha’s calm and gentle heart touched my mind .
[It’s not scary because I never existed from the beginning but I still wanted to make memories . ]
[I wanted a friend but nobody would talk to me . No one called my name as I did not exist but then Arnos called my name . ]
[Misha . You called it . ]
[Whenever you said it my chest got hot . It made me feel like I was alive . ]
[Fun and warmth . I almost forgot I did not exist . ]
[I had nothing to regret . A miracle happened in my life . ]
[However . ]
[If there could be one more miracle . ]
[I want a birthday present . ]
“…… . Help me……” Misha says .
The girl who should be preparing to disappear clearly says .
“Help me Arnos . I am here . ”
Tears spill from Sasha’s eyes as she hears it then she cries out .
“… . Nee . Please . Help me Arnos . That only one can live…… . . There’s no such fate……!!”
I strongly grasp my sword as I’m pushed by the voices from behind .
“Foolish . I am an immortal and indestructible being . I am this worlds providence . ”
“Fumu . Then you should try to kill me . ”
I brush off the scythe with no difficulty and step forward right in front of Aivis .
Jet black magic rises from my sword giving it the impression that it had grown into a huge blade .
“This is Venuzdonoa . ”
The countless anti-magic barriers Aivis had cast on himself all broke as my sword cut through them and him .
“… . Futile… . . ”
“This body controls time and providence itself…… . what can you do…… . ”
Aivis’ right arm fell off and an astonished voice leaks out .
“……What… . . the……”
“… . . Heal…heal… . . heal…… . providence……all collapsing… . . ”
“What’s wrong? Aren’t you an immortal existence? This worlds providence is so fragile . ”
I swing my blade again and Aivis’ left arm drops off .
It was easily cut off and no matter how much you rewind it won’t go back .
“Impossible…… . ! Why? To be cut in stopped time and rewinding time is useless!?
I swing again and both of Aivis’ legs are cut .
“… . Impossible… . . Impossible… . . !! What is that sword? I’ve never heard of the founder having a sword!”
“Naturally . I very rarely had the opportunity to draw Venuzdonoa . Those who saw it died without even leaving their origin behind . It’s hard to create a legend when there’s no one alive to tell it . ”
I point the blade at the throat of Aivis .
“I’ll give you a pleasant memory to take into the afterlife . Principle destroying sword Venuzdonoa . It can destroy all things in creation and is the sword of the founder . Whether it be destiny, providence or a miracle . In front of me, they can do nothing but grovel and disappear . ”
No matter how strong, eternal or infinite Venuzdonoa will destroy them all .
In front of this principle destroying sword all reason becomes illogical .
“I…… . . !”
Aivis tried to escape with Flight but I grabbed him by the face .
“You won’t forget again . I’ll engrave your skull with fear . I am the demon king Arnos Voldigod . ”
I plunge the principle destroying sword Venuzdonoa into Aivis’ throat .
At that moment his origin disappears .
“I……I………… . . I………… . . !!”
In his last moments, this fellow screams out
Is it Aivis or is it Eugo Ra Raviaz?
“I…… . am…………… . providence…… . inadequate… . . person……!!”
With that both origins of Aivis and Eugo Ra Raviaz disappear .
With a clanging noise, the Time Gods Scythe falls to the floor .