Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 31

Chapter 31
After our break, I went back to Deruzogedo demon king school like usual and since today is our first day back after the dungeon exam our results will also be announced .
When I entered our classroom Misha and Sasha were already sitting down next to my seat .
“Yo,” I call out to them as I sit down .
“………Good morning…… . ” Misha says in a modest voice .
“Good morning . Nee, did you manage to clear up the misunderstanding?” Sasha asks leaning forward over my desk .
“What are you talking about?” When I ask her Sasha gives me an amazed look .
“What am I on about? Your parents . Me and Misha and aren’t going to marry you . Don’t you get the importance of this? What are you going to do?”
“Fumu . Is it that unpleasant?”
Sasha blushed when I asked her and looked away .
“……I’m not saying that… . . idiot……”
A feeble mutter leaked out .
“If you have any complaints, say it directly . ”
Sahsa turns back to me glaring while her had activated .
“Anyway . Because you put that ring on Misha left ring finger it’s now complicated . ”
I look over at Misha and there on her left hand is the .
“Doesn’t it fit on any other finger?”
Misha blinks a couple of times then nods .
“It’s significant”
“The left ring finger?”
Misha nods .
“Engagement . ”
“Aah, I see . Is that why my mother got so excited?”
Thing is, my mother is always excited . I didn’t know the reason but it was the ring . That’s why she started talking about happiness and other things .
“I’m amazed . How did you not know that?”
“I’ve only recently reincarnated . I haven’t had the time to learn a lot of things . ”
“Didn’t this exist two thousand years ago?” Misha asks .
“Aah . Engagements two thousand years ago were done under Contract so you didn’t have to worry about being betrayed . ”
“What’s that? Were emotions broken two thousand years ago?”
I laughed at Sasha’s words and nodded .
“In the age of myths, everyone was involved in the whirlpool of war . If you showed love to someone they would be the first to die . ”
“Hmmm . Then Arnos, errm……”
Sasha looks at my face with upturned eyes .
“…… . . So there was no favourite girl………?”
When I looked down at Sasha she lowered her face as if to hide .
“Wha, please say something…… . ”
“It’s nothing . I just didn’t expect to be asked such a question . It’s quite fresh . ”
A favourite girl? This me?
“Were you never asked?”
“Aah . They probably thought the demon king of tyranny would never fall in love with someone . Well, actually, they were right . There were no easy times in that age . ”
Who to kill next and what to destroy next .
I was doing my best to protect Deiruheido from the front .
I’m now talking about a favourite girl . I don’t understand it .
“Fumu . I’ve got some time until Avos Dillheavia shows some movement . This is my long-awaited peace . It might not be bad to try falling in love . ”
I looked into Sasha’s eyes and she blushed a deep red .
“Wh…why are you telling me……?”
“Is that a problem?”
“……It’s… . it’s not a problem particularly…… . . ” Sasha mutters feebly .
“Hey, Sasha . ”
“Your face is red . ”
Sasha hides her face in her arms .
“… . It’s… . . its not red, idiot…… . !!”
She glared at me over the top of her arms but seeing that I wasn’t bothered in the slightest she turned the other was as if to escape .
“Arnos . ”
I turn around at the sound of Misha’s voice .
“Take it off?”
Misha shows me the on her left hand .
Misha quietly looks into my eyes .
“Arnos wants to fall in love . ”
“Well, I only said it on a whim . ”
“Misunderstood . ”
I see . With me putting that ring on her left ring finger people might misunderstand and think we are engaged . She offered because I might be troubled if I try falling in love .
“Do you want to remove it?”
Misha’s eyes round when I ask her . After staring at me expressionlessly she shook her head .
“Then wear it until you get bored . I’m not petty enough to tell someone how they should use a gift . ”
“Won’t you be misunderstood?”
I laugh at Misha’s words .
“I’m not bothered about misunderstandings Misha . A misunderstanding won’t become true no matter how long you wait . It’s fine if the other person is wrong . ”
“You might be saying something cool but please be a little bit bothered . Especially in front of your parents . ”
Unnecessary interference comes from Sasha’s side .
“Ah, that reminds me . There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you for ages—”
Just then the bell sounded and Emilia walked in .
“It’s fine, I’ll ask you later . ” Sasha then turned to face the front .
“Good morning . Today I will announce the results of the dungeon test . ”
Emilia announces the scores of each group one by one .
No other group reached the treasure room apart from us . Most got between 30 to 50 points . The highest score so far is 70 points .
“—And finally the score of Arnos’ group . Arnos’ group was able to obtain the King’s Sceptre that lay on the bottom floor . ”
When Emilia announced that the whole classroom became noisy .
“However, very regrettably, the King’s Sceptre was stolen before we could verify it . ”
The classroom became even noisier .
“Right now the full power of Deruzogedo is looking for the criminal . Until its found Arnos’ group will be given 70 points on a tentative basis until the sceptre is found . ”
I heard the sound of a desk being hit next to me .
“I do not agree with this . ” Sasha raises her voice and stands up . “It’s the school’s fault that the King’s Sceptre was stolen . If the score is provisional then why is it not 100 points until found and verified?”
“I can understand the feelings of Sasha-san . Various possibilities were discussed but in the end, it was decided this time it would be handled this way . ”
“What various possibilities?”
“I will not explain it . This is the decision of the academy . ”
Sasha quietly stares at Emilia and her form .
Mutters and subdued voices come from the classroom .
“It’s conceivable that you stole it yourself to get a perfect score as you brought us a fake kings sceptre . ”
A voice leaks and as if triggered by it others also start .
“Ah… . I see . You could look at it that way . ”
“That’s right . Even though his magic is great he’s still an inept person . ”
“… . White clothes . Only royalty would be able to find the kings sceptre . It would be better to make one and present it……”
“But Sasha-sama’s there . ”
“Sasha-sama entered that inept person’s group . He must have done something to her . ”
Listening to all the noise Sasha turns around with her active . She emitting enough force to kill everyone in the room .
“Nee, all of you . I’ll only say this once . ”
In the blink of an eye, the entire room is wrapped in tension .
“Arnos has done nothing wrong . Because he’s not royalty, because he’s an inept person . How long are you going to keep thinking this? If there is any doubt about his power that is constantly producing results then look me in the eyes and say it . ”
All of the students look away from Sasha and the room falls silent .
“Ku . Kukuku, hahahahah”
I unintentionally laugh .
“Hey Arnos, why are you laughing?”
“No, it’s nothing . That’s quite the change . As expected of one of my subordinates . You spoke well . ”
Sasha pouts like she’s dissatisfied .
“I feel like you’re making fun of me……”
“Put your dangerous eyes away . If this is about the examination score then I wonder what will happen next?”
Sasha mutters in a small voice .
“…… . You said you wanted full marks . ”
So that’s why you were angry? What a cute fellow .
As Sasha was about to sit down a hand on one of the desks behind us was raised .
“Me too . I also think the Academies decision is wrong!”
A woman in white clothes stood up .
She had shoulder length chestnut coloured hair in a quirky style, large round eyes and attractive features .
“What’s your name… . . ?”
“Misa Iriologue . ”
Misha whispers her name to me .
“Emilia sensei mentioned various possibilities . Then if a student in black clothes bought the sceptre would they get the same response?”
Misa speaks to Emilia in a brazen tone of voice .
“Aren’t you discriminating against mixed races?”
Following Misa’s words calls of “that’s right, that’s right” came from white clothed students .
“We are always being looked down on!”
“Is royalty so great!? Saying nothing of Sensei, could even the Old Seven Demon Emperors stand up to Arnos?”
“You just don’t want to accept one of us could be the real demon king so you can protect your own positions”
Students in white clothes raise their voices one after the other .
However, Emilia was not moved at all and said in a cold tone .
“Misa-san . Royalty are the people who completely inherited the blood of the founder . Of course its right to favour the mazoku who might become the vessel for the founder . I think you understand about treating royalty and mixed blood equally . Are you criticising the royal families?”
“I’m saying its wrong . We are still Mazoku . Why should we treated coldly just because the blood of the founder is diluted in our veins?”
Emilia sighs .
“The actions of united groups are not accepted by the academy . Sit down, or should I give you an appropriate punishment?”
“The royal family is right, the royal family doesn’t do bad things . How can you say that? Even now you won’t give full marks to white clothes . Maybe some royalty plotted this?”
“Absolutely impossible . Return home for today . I’ll announce your punishment later . ”
“How can you say it’s absolutely impossible?”
“Were done . I’m going to start class now . ”
“Are you running away Emilia Sensei!?”
Emilia completely ignores Misa and starts writing on the board .
“Lets starts today’s class . ”
I raise my hand .
“What is it Arnos-kun? If it’s about the King’s Sceptre I’ve already explained it . Your marks are tentative until the academy finds the culprit . That is the decision . ”
“Fumu . In other words, I just need to find the criminal?”
Emilia shows a confused expression .
“That’s right…… . ”
“Just in case something like this happened I enchanted the Kings Sceptre with Trace magic . ”
“Eh…… . ?”
Whatever has enchanted on it leaves trace magic power behind that can be tracked using your demon eyes .
With my magic and eyes, I can trace it to the ends of the world if I need to .
“I see . Over there?”
I stand up and walk over to a certain students desk .
“Wha…what is it Arnos…… . . ?”
A student in black clothes and if I’m not mistaken it was this guy who said “Stole it by yourself to get a full score” and “bringing out a fake Kings sceptre . ”
“Before you say anything I didn’t steal it . If you think I have show me the eviden—-gah!”
I plunge my right arm into the abdomen of the black-clothed student .
“It’s not a bad place to hide it but if you use your own body make sure your anti-magic is applied more strongly to compensate . You are completely exposed . ”
I pulled the king’s sceptre out of the black clothes body before he collapses on the floor .
*Thud* I stamp my foot on his head .
“Did you think you would you would be okay after touching my things, thief?”
I cleaned the Kings Sceptre using magic and walk over to Emilia .
“No way royalty would do something like this was it? Fumu . It seems the impossible has happened then . Well, what are you going to do Emilia?”
Emilia can’t say anything . All she’s doing is opening and closing her mouth .
I make her hold the King’s Sceptre .
“If you let it get stolen on purpose then do better next time . ”
Emilia’s body trembles .
Yare yare . Was that a bulls-eye? I was only firing off a leading question .
“I’m joking . Begin your class . ”
I treat the stomach of that student with magic and then sit down .
In a shrill tone, different voices from usual rang out from the back .
“…… . . Arnos-sama is too wonderful……!!”
“He’s super cool!! He’s strong, level-headed and in the same white clothes as us!”
“He’s also kind . He treated that guy . ”
“I know but isn’t he slightly enviable”
“Eh? What do you mean?”
“He had Arnos-sama’s hand in his stomach . I want it in me too!”
“Eeeeh? That would be really painful . ”
“What is pain? Its the hand of Arnos-sama . ”
“Strange fellow . I would rather him step on me……”
Fumu . Though there’s some strange ones mixed in there it looks like the winds have changed a little .