Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 34

Chapter 34
The next day at the 2nd training ground classroom .
Emilia enters along with the bell signalling the start of class .
Behind her is a male student in black clothes .
“Good morning . Before we start I’m going to introduce a new transfer student . ”
Emilia writes a name on the blackboard .
Ray Grandori .
The black-clothed student steps forward .
“Nice to meet you all . I’m Ray Grandori . Actually, I was supposed to be here for the first day but due to certain circumstances, I’m starting late . There’s lots of things I don’t know so I would appreciate it if people could help me when I’m stuck . Thank you . ”
He had a transparent like voice with light blue eyes, white hair and a beautiful androgynous face that gave off a cool impression .
“… . Oi, oi… . . he’s a 7 sided star . . ”
“Idiot . Of course he is . He’s Ray Grandori, one of the chaos generation . The tempering demon sword saint . He’s a monster who can use any sword . Forget about demon swords, he can even use spirit swords and sacred swords that mazoku shouldn’t be able to use . ” (1)
“I’d heard he’d enrolled but since he hadn’t come to school yet I thought it was just a made-up story . ”
One of the chaos generation huh . Like Sasha, he seems very famous .
“Ray-kun . Because you can use Demon King Army you are eligible to run as a group leader . What do you want to do?”
“Is that so? What should I do?” he says in a refreshing tone .
He doesn’t seem a warlike type .
“The groups have already been decided but I’ll postpone the matches to give you time to prepare some members for the group opposition test . Of course, you can enter someone else’s group this time if you want but next time you will be participating as a leader . A group with you as a leader with your ability… . . ”
Apparently, Emilia really wants to make Ray a group leader for some reason .
“I haven’t made friends with anyone yet so I’m happy being in someone else’s group . ”
“Eh… . . ?”
Emilia raises a puzzled voice .
Was it an unexpected remark from a member of the chaos generation?
“I…I understand . You won’t find members for your group so soon, so you are temporarily entering someone else’s group . I think there will be a number of students who want to join Ray-kuns group when you become a leader though . ”
“Being a leader is too much for me . ” Ray says frankly .
“Even if you say such a thing, I’m sure that those that enter your group will disagree . ”
Fumu . Emilia seems to be pushing Ray quite a bit . I wonder why?
“Well then . Since you need to choose a group, will the group leaders please stand up . ”
“It’s fine . There’s no need . ”
Emilia looks curiously at Ray
“Do you already know the group leaders names and faces?”
“Nope . Not at all . ”
Emilia starts looking at Ray suspiciously now .
“But I know the one . ”
Ray finishes talking and starts walking .
The classrooms gaze was fixed on him and whispered voices started leaking out .
“… . . Who’s group is he entering… . . ?”
“He’s the tempering demon sword saint . Did we have someone capable of controlling him in our class?”
“Maybe he thinks Sasha-sama is a leader?”
“I see . That’s true . There’s no way you’d think the witch of ruin was a member of a white clothes group . ”
Ray walks straight to Sasha’s seat, walks past and stops in front of my seat .
“Yo . Nice to meet you . I’m Ray Grandori . ” Ray says while having a refreshing smile “What’s your name?”
“It’s Arnos Voldigod . ”
“Well, Arnos-kun will you let me join your group? I’m pretty good at handling swords . I’m sure I’ll be of help to you . ”
Fumu . This is an unexpected offer .
“How do you know I was a leader?”
Ray answered immediately .
“Because your magic is the strongest in this class . ”
He can sense my magic and remain unafraid?
In other words, he has considerable magic power himself .
“Even though I’m in white clothes?”
Ray looks at my clothes and an expression that says he’s just noticed appears on his face .
“Oh yeah . I only saw your magic power . ”
Ray laughs at his own mistake .
“Even so, Arnos-kun is great . Normally white clothes couldn’t be leaders . ”
“If there’s rules, they can be broken . ”
Ray laughs .
“As I thought, I want to join your group . You’re interesting . ”
Ray offers me a handshake . He’s a very refreshing man .
“Ra…Ray-kun . You may join any group but Arnos-kuns mark is a stigma…… . . ”
“Stigma… . . ?”
Ray looks at the brand of the inept on my uniform .
“Aah, so you’re the rumoured one . The first person to be branded inept in the whole school’s history . ”
“So it seems . ”
“I see . So even with your strong magic, you are still branded inept? What’s the aptitude test for then?”
Emilia seems to be surprised at Ray’s simple question .
“Ra…Ray-kun . It that statement a royal critique?”
“Aah, sorry . Let’s pretend you didn’t hear that . ”
“I didn’t hear……… . ”
I couldn’t help laughing at Ray’s attitude towards royalty .
“You’re a pretty interesting guy . ”
“Really? Is that okay? I’ve often been told I can’t read the air very well . ”
“That’s amusing . ”
Ray lets out another refreshing smile .
“That’s the first time I’ve been praised for that . ”
Ray turns towards Emilia .
“Can I join the group of an inept person?”
“That’s… . it’s allowed…… . but as one of the chaos generation that regarded as a potential reincarnation of the founder you should make a more suitable judgement regarding your position . ”
Emilia presses her view on Ray forcefully .
“Understood . A suitable judgement . ”
Ray tightness his expression and turns back to me .
“Well then, Can I join Arnos-kuns group?”
Fumu . Did he think as long as he makes a face befitting a member of royalty he would be fine?
He really can’t read the air at all .
Emilia seems to have had too many surprises for one day . Her eyes are wide open and her mouth is hanging open but she doesn’t seem to have noticed at all .
Actually, this is a masterpiece .
“… . What’s going on? Why is the tempering demon sword saint going to the inept persons camp all of a sudden?”
“… . Even if it’s temporary it’s too much… . . ”
“Now that Ray Grandori had arrived I thought that finally, that inept person and his arrogance would be finished……”
The ruthless voices of the royal students leak out .
“As expected of Arnos-sama! He showed himself to be better without any fighting . How cool!”
“Yes! Arnos-sama’s charm is so great even the tempering demon sword saint has fallen to it!”
“Wait! I noticed something enormous!”
“If he fell to Arnos-sama’s charm then isn’t this love at first sight!?”
“Eeeeh . Then isn’t Ray-kun our rival?”
“Bu…But he’s a man…… . !!”
“That’s powerless before love!!”
The voices of the strange Arnos Fan Union ring out .
“Is that fine? It seems like there will be some disappointed people . ”
I hint about his royal colleagues .
Yeah, he’s thinking deeply over it now .
“If I’m honest, I was wondering what I would do if there were no good leaders but isn’t Arnos-kun absolutely stronger than me?” Ray says in a down-to-earth tone of voice .
It seems he doesn’t care that I’m an inept person .
I don’t know if it’s his true intention but I don’t hear any lies either .
“I guess . ”
“Then please let me . It matches my nature to serve under a talented leader . ”
This freedom of not being bound to royalty is like the mazoku of 2000 years ago .
“That is my reason . Is it okay?”
“Fumu . In that case, I decline . ”
Ray’s expression turns blank .
“If you just want to blindly follow orders then join any group here . If you want to be one of my subordinates then, by all means, show me the corresponding power . ”
“Arnos-kun . ”
Suddenly a striking expression floats on Ray’s face and he says in a theatrical tone of voice .
“Even though I said I wanted to follow orders I’m not that carefree to blindly follow them . I have something I must do at any cost . Yes, a mission . In order to do that I’ll become your hands and feet and climb to the top of this academy . I want to be put in your group at any cost!!”
“Is that so? Then show me suitable power . ”
Ray returned to a refreshing smile again .
“… . That’s strange . I thought that performance was pretty good… . . ”
I can’t get a grasp on this man . It feels like he’s air .
“……Eh? Did he just turn down the tempering demon sword saint!?”
“As expected of Arnos-sama! Haughty! He’s so haughty!”
“Wait! I’ve noticed enormous!”
“What now?”
“… . Ray -kun said he wanted to put it in……”
“What about receiving!?”
The Arnos Fan Union were having an incomprehensible conversation .
“Ah, that’s right Misa . You can enter Ray’s group . ”
“Eh? Errm… . . yes . If you say so Arnos-sama then I will…… . ” Misa says in a puzzled voice .
“Combine your strengths and challenge me in the test . If you do well I’ll add you to my subordinates . ”
“… . . Understood . ”
I watched Ray .
“Is that okay?”
“A leader is too out of character for me…… . . ”
Fumu . He said that a while ago but I thought he was being modest but he doesn’t seem to be .
Being a leader is essential to becoming a demon emperor along with power . He has the power but doesn’t seem interested in positions or politics .
“You’re very interesting . I only wanted to play a little but if you aren’t motivated I won’t force you . ”
“No, it’s fine . I’m interested in you too . ”
Ray states his opinion and smiles his refreshing smile .
“Be gentle . ”
“Nah . I’m going to smash you with my full power . ”
Ray had a strange expression on his face before correcting himself .
“As a matter of fact, I have a one-year-old daughter waiting for my return . ”
“My my . Then you will have to fight with your full power so you can return alive to her . ”
I laughed at Ray . That has to be a lie . He’s an irresponsible man .
“What’s that for?”
“No, it doesn’t matter . I feel like I can get along with Arnos-kun very well . ”
“Fumu . That’s strange . Even though this was a chance meeting I just had the same thought myself . ”
Even though I’m just being whimsical my words seemed to fall into place and in my gut, I knew them to be right .
(1) I’m having trouble with his nickname/title . The author used 錬魔の剣聖 . 剣聖 is sword saint, 魔 is demon and 錬 is tempering, refine, drill, train, polish . I couldn’t think of anything that sounded good in English so if anyone has a better suggestion I’m all ears . I’m starting to wonder if the author was playing around with the alchemist kanji and was going for something like demon alchemist sword saint?