Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 36

Chapter 36
“… . . I can’t believe it…… . Gaius-sama, one of the old seven demon emperors was handled like a child…… . ”
“… . . Just now……it wasn’t even a match……”
“…Maybe what Arnos is saying… . . is true… . . ? Maybe he really is the Demon King of Tyr—”
“Oi! What stupid crap are you saying!! No matter how strong he is, he’s not a royal . An inept person can’t be the demon king!!”
“That’s right . Neither wisdom nor power is important . It’s the noble blood that flows through our bodies . Don’t forget the pride of the royalty who inherited the blood of the founder . He’s just a strong inept person . His power isn’t noble . ”
Such joke like lines come from the audience seating .
Though the founder’s power as been witnessed it’s turned into a joke . Is this the aim of Avos Dillheavia as well?
If you do take over my position what do you intend to do? If they’re a petty person who’s only after power then I don’t need to worry but what is their aim if not?
“Kuukuukuu . ”
I heard laughter coming from Izel so I looked over . (1)
“Is that the last one? It was pretty clever of you to throw them but you’ve got none left . ”
I looked around and indeed, all the swords stuck in the arena are gone . The only one left is the one in Ray’s hand .
If he meets Izel’s double swords his sword will shatter in an instant .
If you think normally, that person would look defeated but Ray doesn’t .
What’s he going to do? Let’s watch .
“Well then . Shall I do it normally from now on?”
After muttering to himself he heads straight towards Izel in a dignified manner .
“Hmph, have you finally prepared yourself? I’ll teach a little shit like you that swords are not something to throw . Come . Let me show you how to properly use a demon sword . ”
Izel and Ray face each other .
All that remains between them is a half step .
In an exchange of blows Ray should be overwhelmed, however, he casually takes that half step forward .
“Careless behaviour . ”
The twin swords moved .
Both Izel’s arms moved like separate creatures . The blade of flame heads towards Ray’s head while the blade of ice heads towards his chest .
If he dodges the flame blade then he’s open to the ice blade .
Towards the certain kills coming his way, Ray raises the sword in his right hand .
“There . ”
The sounds of swords clashing are heard .
“Two . ”
“………… . !?”
A grimm expression appears on Izel’s face .
Ray’s sword brushed off Izel’s double blades .
Even though Ray had the ability to intercept the two swords, the more surprising thing was that the sword in his hand was still intact . By all rights, Ray’s sword should have been destroyed by either the flame blade or the ice blade .
“……Oooh… . !”
Izel swings his swords again .
The sound of swords rang again and Ray easily brushed them off .
“Four . ” Ray mutters .
“… . What are you doing little boy… . ?”
*Gakii* swords sound again .
“Five . ”
“……Tch……this then……!”
The next moment Izel doubles his speed and then even more the next .
Ray brushes off innumerable blows and still his sword is fine .
“Eighty seven . ”
“That…… . How can you defend yourself with that poor demon sword? What trick are you using!?”
*Gagagagaga* *Kikikikikiki* The sound of swords rang out incessantly .
“I see . Every time Izel deflected those swords Ray was throwing his swords got small nicks on their blades . The chips themselves don’t mean much on their own but when added up they stop the swords from using their full power . Doing that means you’ve tied them down a bit huh?”
“…… . Such a…… You aimed to chip my blades while I brushed those swords off at high speed……!? Being able to do such a thing…… . . !!”
If I wanted to be more accurate Ray was aiming at the exact same spot on each blade when he threw the demon swords .
He controlled the power, angle and aim to a hairsbreadth to hit the exact same spot on each blade . Doing that many times over, even the demon swords will accrue damage .
“I didn’t say anything as revealing my secret would become disadvantageous . ”
Ray says without appearing to be worried .
“Plus it was a handicap . ”
Izel moves back and fixes his stance .
“……Apparently, I’ve made light of you little boy . From here on I won’t hold back…… . ”
Magic formations appear on Izel’s hands .
Flames rise from the demon sword Zess and ice covers the blade of Ides .
“This is the true form of . Prepare yourself!”
Izel’s figure blurs and the next moment he steps forward swinging his blades at high speeds .
200 consecutive attacks in 1 second . There’s no gap for Ray to escape the fire and ice flying at him .
Ray breathes out and his sword flashes . Each flash equals the flashes from Izel’s swords .
“Four hundred and forty two . ”
“…Wha… . . ? How… . . ? It should have been useless trying to aim for the chips……”
Doesn’t seem like Ray intends to answer so I answer instead .
“It’s easy . Ray’s sword isn’t touching your swords at all . He’s deflecting your blows with just pressure from his swings . ”
“It’s quite difficult though . ” Ray says with a cool face “I can only fight your twin swords using sword pressure . ”
After Ray’s statement that sounded regretful Izel looks at Ray with a face full of anger .
“In that case, how long can your tightrope walk last! Show it to me!!”
Izel’s swords glitter and Ray brushes them off .
“Your sword style is certainly amazing but hows your stamina? I can go on for a century at this ra—”
Izel’s words are cut off .
The blades of flame and ice shattered with their tips flying thought he air before lodging in the ground .
“… . . My double swords…… . . broke…… . ”
“Four hundred and forty four . That’s pretty much what I estimated . ”
I wondered if that is what he was counting . The number of blows before the twin swords broke .
“By the way . ” Ray says with a cool look “When are you going to teach me how to use a demon sword?”
Ray has a refreshing smile on his face but Izel shrinks back as if feeling fear .
Izel turns my way as if to ask for help but finally notices that I’d won too .
“… . After all…… who are you guys…… . ? There’s never been anyone who could treat us old seven demon emperors like children……” Izel says while bowing his head .
I turned my eyes towards Ray .
“Ray . Were you holding back?”
“Not at all . ”
“Drop the modesty . With your power, you could have crossed blades without them breaking . ”
Ray puts on a cool smile and answers .
“If I’d done that then I wouldn’t have been able to practise . ”
“I wondered if it was possible to break those swords using only skill and no magic . Only at the end, I managed it . I’ve still got a long way to go . ”
Kukuku . Yare yare . He’s a funny guy .
You used one of the old seven demon emperors as a training partner .
How interesting . By any means, I want to see how deep his power goes .
“Come at me seriously tomorrow . ”
Without breaking his smile Ray answers
“What do you mean?”
“If you try and practise against me you will die . ”
“If possible, I’d like to ask that I not die . ”
An easygoing answer as ever .
“Whatever, do as you like . ”
“I’ll survive then . ”
I couldn’t help but laugh before answering .
“You make me want to get serious . ”
After looking at me with a blank expression Ray laughed as well .
“Arnos-kun…… . you’re a bit of a sadist aren’t you?”
“What are you on about? There’s no mazoku more gentle than me . ”
“Well, I’d appreciate it if you went easy on me . ”
“Ha . Don’t say stupid things . Your body isn’t saying that . ”
He’s not as dissatisfied as he’d have us believe .
He’s not warlike but he definitely doesn’t dislike fighting otherwise he wouldn’t practise the sword so much .
“At any rate, I’m hungry after this bit of exercise . ”
“The classrooms empty . Want to go back to class and eat?”
“Is that okay?”
“It’s fine . We’ll sneak off . ”
“Roger . Sneaky is it?”
While chatting away we leave the barrier with all the students watching us .
“… . Nee . Hang on a sec . You both easily defeated two of the old seven demon emperors so what’s with this everyday life feeling? Why are you sneaking off to eat…… . ?”
As usual, Sasha is complaining about something or another .
(1) Not a mistake . The author appears to have changed his name from Idol . I just checked in case it was me but it was Idol all last chapter and now its Izel .