Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 41

Chapter 41
My view was dyed white momentarily then the familiar view of our my parent’s blacksmith and appraiser shop appeared .
Opening the door I stepped inside .
The familiar doorbell rang out and my mother who was standing inside turned around .
“Welcome home Arnos-chan!” my mother says happily jumping on me . “How was today’s test?”
“I won . ”
My mother smiles happily at me and pulls my head into her chest .
“Mouu, Arnos-chan’s a genius! You’ll be a splendid demon emperor when you grow up . If Arnos-chan becomes a demon emperor you’ll surely make a wonderful town . Mother will definitely live there! I look forward to it!”
“You know about demon emperors mother?”
“Of course . Because it’s Arnos-chan’s dream, mother examined it thoroughly! It’s where you govern an area of Deiruheido . I went to that castle that’s nearby and listened to various stories . I was also able to have a short audience with the demon emperor Erio Roodwell-sama . ”
Because I said I wanted to go to the demon king academy did you think I wanted to become a demon emperor?
You even investigated them and met one .
Is this a parent? No, it’s more like my mother’s ability to take action is amazing .
I’ve no real desire to become a demon emperor . If I think about Avos Dillheavia then eventually I’ll need to prove that I’m the real demon king of tyranny .
Oh well, it’s close enough to the truth to be mostly correct .
“That demon emperors family name was Roodwell? Where have I heard that before?”
“Un . Arnos-chan’s teacher Emilia-sensei is Erio Roodwell’s daughter . ”
Aah, I see . That Emilia is huh?
That explains why she gets so uptight about royal criticism .
“What did you talk about when you had your audience?”
“It’s a group audience but it was a great opportunity to listen, also only people with special permission may talk . ”
Fumu . Is that so?
I guess if a demon emperor was to listen to every single person there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day .
“By the way mother, the number of people have increased today . Is that okay?”
“Eh…… . . ?”
My mothers face becomes serious as she timidly peeks behind me .
“…… . Arnos-chan… . . by any chance…… . . is your third bride……a boy!!” my mother shouted in surprise when she saw Ray’s face . “Is that right? A boy? That is a boy’s uniform right? Like Arnos-chan’s?”
“Indeed . I’m Ray Grandori . I just started yesterday but were friends . ”
My mother’s expression suddenly brightened .
“That’s good . Mother was worried . Arnos-chan has only bought girls home so I was concerned he couldn’t get along with other boys . That’s right . It’s okay . Arnos-chan isn’t the type of person who just seduces girls!”
Were you worried that much mother?
“I can see why you’d think that . I didn’t know until today how good it was to spend time with a man . ”
2000 years ago I didn’t care about gender . If they matched personality-wise with me I’d show them my disposition .
Well, it did depend on the other party but I’m strangely matched with Ray .
“…… . A man…………is fine…… . ?” my mother muttered under her breath with a blank look on her face .
“…………A……… . Ar………Arnos-chan is… . . Arnos-chan is………”
My mother stepped back, staggered a bit and shouted out
“What should I doooooooooooo!? Arnos-chan has come ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!!!”
My mother’s switch has been flipped again .
“Is something about this situation strange?”
“Eh… . ? No no no, nothing is strange . Nothing is wrong with Arnos-chan . ”
“So far, rather than saying its strange I think this is normal . ”
I never minded if the other party was a man or a woman but I think I’m finally starting to understand normal feelings somewhat .
“I made it strange?… . . Really…… . ? Right, it’s normal… . . normal . You like boys . There’s nothing wrong with that . There’s nothing wrong . Please wait a minute . ”
My mothers grabs Misha and Sasha with tremendous force .
“Did you both know?”
Sasha spoke calmly to my upset mother .
“…… . Errm, can you calm down first?”
“You’re right . Mother shouldn’t become useless and panic . Arnos-chan showed courage in coming out . I must accept it!!”
Sasha’s face became expressionless and Misha’s face that is always expressionless somehow became even more so .
“Though he said he didn’t know until today I’m sure Arnos-chan was deeply troubled by it . He’s said before he was different . Was he rushing to marry Sasha-chan and Misha-chan because of that? He tried to trick his own feelings . Because Misha-chan wasn’t enough he started dating Sasha-chan as well……he proposed…… . . and drove himself into a corner……but… . . you can’t lie to your hearrrrrrrrrt…………!!”
“………Misha, do you have anything to say…… . ?”
“………Magnificent story……… . . ”
My mother turned around to Ray .
“Yes . ”
“It’s okay . Mother supports you . Even men are fine! Your feelings of love are the most important thing . That’s why you don’t have to lie about your feelings . It’s okay!”
Ray smiles .
“Arnos . May I ask what’s going on?”
“Just a small misunderstanding on my mother’s part . Well, I guess I’ll explain……”
At that moment the studio door opens with a bang and my father appears but for some reason, he stands still in the doorway .
“… . Arnos, it was hard…… . but you did well . ” Suddenly my father appears to be overcome with emotion .
“I understand your feelings a bit . In fact, long ago, I had my eye on a cute little boy…… . . !”
Isn’t that a crime?
“There’s no help for what you like . Father can understand you . You……how did you do it?”
“…… . Eh?”
“I mean, did you put it in!? In that case, father can really understand you! But if you let it be put in, that’s beyond fathers understanding………I want to understand………I want to understand and do it—”
My father speaks in a quiet but earnest voice .
“Did it feel good?”
Father…… . .
He seems to have stopped after confessing .
Whatever, this is my usual father after all .
Let’s just ignore it .
“By the way . You both don’t seem to have noticed but there’s another person besides Ray . ”
“Wait Arnos! Are you mad? This situations already out of control . ”
Sasha quickly jumps in .
“No problem . I’ll explain it all later . ”
Misha leans her head to one side in doubt .
“You haven’t given a proper explanation even once!”
Misha nods deeply at Sasha’s words .
“Don’t underestimate me Sasha . ”
Misha blinked a few times .
“You’ve been useless regarding this matter so far . ”
Misha nods in agreement again .
“……Ahaha……should I hide… . . ?”
When Misa spoke my mother and father seemed to notice her for the first time then they both smiled .
“Ah, welcome . I’m sorry for not greeting one of Arnos’ friends . ”
“Ouu . We showed you something a little strange . Please relax . What’s your name?”
“Why is Misa the only one who gets a normal conversation!? Where did the two-timing, bigamous homosexuality go!?” (1)
Sasha’s cry of protest rang out throughout the house .