Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 38

Chapter 38
38 . Spirit magic

“……I shot before but this was so strong…… . . even though the magic power was only me and Misha………” Sasha mutters to herself in amazement as the huge soldier falls to the ground .
“…… . . Surprising……”
Misha’s voice can also be heard from the ice castle .
“Nee Arnos, what did you do?”
“I’ve already told you . Listen to your own origin”
“Even if you say my own origin what does that……… . ahh………”
Sasha raised a sound that says she’s noticed .
“Separation Fusion Reincarnation ?” Misha asks
“So that’s how it is . ”
Originally Sasha and Misha were one person but was applied to Sasha and her origin was divided in two and from that Misha was born .
They were supposed to return to one being on their 15th birthday with their magic power increased by a factor of 10, however, I sent Misha’s and Sasha’s origins to the past and had them merge with the 2 origins existing in the past and from that they became 2 separate people .
It’s not perfect however due to the fact the origins are newly born but even so, their magic power cannot be compared to their past selves .
Until now Sasha and Misha were unaware of this due to Past Modification so they believed that their power was the same as before .
This was, however, necessary . Thanks to Time Manipulation if they were made aware beforehand it would cause a contradiction between the past and the present and if that happened then altering the past would not go well .
However, the conditions of are now met so the power limiter has disappeared . That is the reason Misha could use fast and highly accurate Construction Creation .
“Say so earlier . I might have realised too late and died here . ”
Sasha lands in the forest and looks around .
“Nee . If anyone’s still alive, please answer . I’ll help you . ”
She calls out but there’s no reply .
I can still feel magic power everywhere so I don’t think anyone’s died .
“How’s that? Seems your prided castle has been crushed . ”
I take my eyes of Remote Clairvoyance and turn to Ray .
“Though it’s disappointing I guess this is my defeat… . ”
He smiled his refreshing smile
“Or so your subordinates probably think . ”
Then through I heard Sasha’s voice .
“Aww enough already . Raining at such a time… . ”
Rain? It’s a clear sky without any clouds even .
“Be careful . ”
Misha’s voice calls out .
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s not raining here . It’s only raining over Sasha . ”
The colour of Sasha’s complexion changes .
The rain had now turned into a downpour and severely limited her field of vision, however, even if your view is limited it has no impact on demon eyes that can see magic .
“… . . What’s this……this rain… . it’s not ordinary rain Misha . ”
“……Every single drop of rain has the same wavelength as Misa’s magic . I can’t find her main body… . . ” Misha replied .
Sasha’s eyes narrow .
“What’s with that? This magic……? It’s not lost magic . I’ve never heard of it before . ”
Fumu . Isn’t this spirit magic?
This is the same magic that Riniyon the grand water spirit used in the great spirit forest Ahartherun .
Misa is half-demon half-spirit . Is she linked to Riniyon somehow?
The magic of spirits is special since they are magic themselves .
From the beginning, exchanges between the mazoku and the spirits were uncommon so after a thousand years of no interaction, the knowledge and traditions of the spirits that the mazoku did know would have disappeared .
Well, maybe not completely . Unlike me, the true demon king of tyranny who’s been wiped from history some documents on the spirits should exist somewhere .
Neither Sasha nor Misha knew what this was so Misa must have hidden her spirit magic until today .
To reveal it here means she must want to win .
Though its a familiar magic to me if Sasha can’t deal with the source of it then she’ll struggle to cope .
For Misa, it’s a rare chance to beat the superior Sasha .
Sasha must understand this as well .
“Fine . I’ll strike first . You’d better be prepared though . If you can’t stop it you’ll die . ”
Sasha erects an anti-magic barrier and a magic barrier on top of herself .
Sasha’s power had improved dramatically from and on top of that, she’s got the Sorcerer class as well which further boosts her magic power .
Misa and the fan union will have a hard time breaking through Sasha’s defence .
“Here we go!!”
From the downpour, the girls from the fan union appear and attack Sasha .
Eight people in total, all with spears in their hands .
They must have judged they couldn’t break through Sasha’s anti-magic .
They attacked from all directions and struck with all their might .
“You finally showed up . ”
Sasha’s barrier blocked all the attacks without a single scratch .
Sasha looked at all eight of them with her demon eyes .
“Please sleep for a while . ”
“… . Aah…… . ”
All eight of the girls staggered and fell down unconscious .
“I went easy on you . You should all be up in a day or so . ”
“……Not yet……”
Sasha’s eyes open wide at a voice .
One of the fan union girls who should have been unconscious was crawling along the ground .
“…… . I will enter…… . . Arnos-sama’s group……”
The opponent is overwhelmingly inferior in magic power, however, they resisted the through sheer willpower .
In this moment Sasha was distracted .
The raindrops falling down took on the figure of a person and suddenly Misa appeared over Sasha’s head wielding a pure white demon sword .
“I’ve got you Sasha-san!”
“Naive . ”
Sasha deploys full power anti-magic barriers and magic barriers overhead .
Misa swings her demon sword down .
The snow-white demon sword easily broke through Sasha’s barriers and cut her down from head to abdomen .
Fresh blood flows out and Sasha collapses .
“… . . Haaa………haaa…… . ”
Misa landed on the ground breathing heavily . She must have put all her effort into that attack .
“Fumu . I see . Is that your demon sword?” I ask Ray .
No matter how good the surprise attack, Misa herself lacked the power to break through Sasha’s defences .
“Though a demon sword chooses its owner there’s a magic connection through Demon King Army and because of that I can lend it temporarily . ”
“You can’t normally do that . ”
“Perhaps . ”
If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t there a story that he could handle holy swords and divine swords as well?
Even if that’s the case, its well outside the norm to subjugate a demon sword and lend it to other people .
He resembles Shin a little .
“Hadn’t you better go and heal her? She’s currently Sorcerer class . I don’t think she’ll be able to heal the wound from that demon sword . ”
I snorted at Ray’s words .
“I’ve already told you once . Don’t underestimate my subordinates . ”
Sasha is reflected in the waterfall monitor and the next moment her body is wrapped up in a golden flame .
Misa was surprised and backed off reflexively .
“That was unexpected . I didn’t think you could use a demon sword . ”
Sasha gets up and flies in the sky .
Her entire body is still wrapped in golden flames as she gradually embodies the she’s wearing .
The robe grants the benefits of immortality . As long as your magic does not run out it will heal all wounds over and over again .
“… . . Then my next step is to cut off that robe…… . . ”
Misa sets up her pure white demon sword .
As expected . Sasha still needs to be wary of that sword .
“I’ll help . I feel Ray’s power coming from that demon sword . One person is at a disadvantage . ” Misha’s voice rang out .
“…Though I’m glad I think it will be decided before Misha arrives . ”
Misha can’t fire a from the castle as Sasha will be hit but Misa will not wait for Misha to arrive either is probably what Sasha thought but suddenly a magic formation appeared right by Sasha and standing there was a platinum blonde haired girl .
It’s Misha .
Sasha can’t hide her surprise .
“Misha…… . . was that Transfer ?”
“Because I’ve seen it many times now I thought I could do it . ”
Fumu . I’ve certainly shown it many times but you can’t just imitate with that alone . must have strengthened her demon eyes as well .
“…… . That’s fine . Fill me in on the details after we beat that woman . ”
“… . Both Misha-san and Sasha-san are amazing……but I cannot afford to lose here………”
Looking up at Misha and Sasha who are standing side by side Misa puts all her power into the demon sword .
Despite Ray’s help, that demon sword is not suitable for Misa . The fight cant be dragged out much longer .
“… . . Here I go . ”
Misa readies her stance and kicks the ground .
“Sasha . ”
“I know . ”
Sasha forms a magic circle and readies Scorching Black Flame .
The golden flames from the are still wrapped around Sasha’s body . They mix with and turn it a golden colour before Sasha fires it at Misa .
Misa cuts the golden flame with her pure white sword extinguishing it .
“As I thought . ”
“A demon sword that cuts magic . ”
The foundation of magic is the technique used to cast it . A magic blueprint so to speak . That pure white sword cuts though magic by cutting through the technique itself thus nullifying the magic .
“… . . Have you understood it? Neither magic nor anti-magic works on this sword…… . In addition… . . ”
The body of Misa turned into raindrops and disappeared completely .
She became rain itself by using her spirit magic .
“Misha . ”
“Nn . ”
Standing back to back Sasha and Misha connect both their hands from behind .
They don’t know where Misa will appear from and in front of that sword, both defence and offence are invalidated . Almost .
“Fufuu . ” Sasha laughed .
“Whats is it?”
“I never thought a day like this would come . ”
In a normal school and in a normal exam it wouldn’t be unusual for sisters to work together and challenge it, however, for them, this is an irreplaceable miracle they could only have dreamed of .
“We’ll show you the secret art of the Necrons . ”
“Nn . ”
Misha smiled a light smile .
“Here I coooooome!!”
Out of the raindrops Misa suddenly appeared in front of them .
She’s 3 steps away from reaching them with her sword and Sasha creates a magic circle to meet her .
“Wrong . ” Misha mutters .
Misa doesn’t have the demon sword she’s only pretending to .
Sasha quickly looks up startled .
Overhead the raindrops changed into a pure white demon sword that was falling towards them at a tremendous speed .
It was so fast Misa must have thought it was unavoidable but the bodies of two people disappeared . The falling sword cuts through the empty air and pierces the ground .
“That’s regrettable . ”
Misha had used to avoid the falling sword .
They both reappeared with one pair of hands clasped together and their other hands pointing at Misa .
“Demon Flame ”
“Demon Ice ”
They then both spoke at the same time
“Demon Ice Demon Fire Rivalry Wave ”
The Necron secret arts . Fusion magic . They combined and . Golden fire and silvery-white ice combine into a glacial fire that attacks Misa .
Misa immediately pulls the pure white demon sword from the ground and prepares to cut .
“Haaaaa…… . !!”
Demon sword and magic wave collide, however, even though momentum was reduced it wasn’t stopped .
The magic technique constructed by fusion magic is complex with the techniques overlapping in layers .
Even if the surface technique is nullified the two magics underneath would just separate but still exist .
Misa didn’t have the skill to cut all the techniques at once .
Wrapped in flames and ice Misa’s body is blown away .
After hitting the ground she didn’t move . Has she lost consciousness?
The effects of the spirit magic is over and the rain disappears .
Light abruptly broke through the clouds overhead .
“Though we had practised alone…… . we matched our breathing pretty well for our first time . ”
Misha smiled lightly at Sasha’s words .
“I am the same as Sasha . ”
Sasha laughed happily .
Fusion magic is difficult due to trying to match the magic wavelengths but for these two it’s as easy as breathing .
Probably because they were originally the same existence .
“I’m the same as Misha too . ”
While speaking Sasha raises her hand and Misha high-fives her .