Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 40

Chapter 40
I woke up with the bell signalling the end of the class .
“Today’s classes are now over . Everyone, please be on time tomorrow . ”
Emilia leaves the classroom and all the students start getting ready leave .
Ray who sits in front of me leaned his chair back and tilted his head my way .
“Should we get something to eat?”
“You’re always hungry . ”
“My bodies efficiency is bad . ”
I push my chair back and stand up .
“Do you want to come to my house and have a victory celebration? My mothers home-cooked food is the best . ”
“Sounds good . It’s your treat then . ” Ray says before standing up
Next to me, Sasha has a doubtful look on her face .
“Nee . Just this morning we were cruelly fighting for our lives in the demon tree forest . Why are you both so friendly? Also, isn’t it humiliating to celebrate with the person you lost to?”
Ray and I look at each other .
“Is that so?”
“It was my complete defeat and I don’t feel bad about it because I’ll win next time . ”
Ray smiles at me . He’s a funny guy .
“Surely you don’t think you’ve got a grasp of my power with just that one match?”
“I’ve never lost to the same opponent twice . ”
“I’ve never lost . ”
In response to my gaze that looks down from the high place I’m in Ray smiles his refreshing smile .
“…… . Why are you competing against each other again? I thought you were going for a victory celebration? I don’t understand at all . ”
Sasha’s complaint seems to come from the bottom of her heart .
“What don’t you understand?”
“It’s a difficult thing for girls to understand . ”
“Aah, I see . ”
We laugh together as we reach an understanding .
It felt like we could understand each other’s thoughts and feelings without speaking .
There’s some similarities to the master-servant relationship from the age of myths but there’s more a sense of equality between us here .
Is this what friendship between men is like? It’s not bad .
“Jealous?” Misha said to Sasha .
“I’ve said before but I’m not even though Misha keeps saying it . ”
“Shouldn’t I?”
“It’s fine . It’s good you speak your mind . ”
“Hey! Don’t answer for me! Misha asked me not you!”
What are you getting so excited for?
“I say what I want to say when I want to say it . ”
Sasha seems dissatisfied but I lightly brush her off .
“Anyway, let’s go . There’s a guy over there who’s face is saying he’s hungry . ”
“That would be me, but I can last another 10 seconds if needed . ”
“Is that your limit?”
Me and Ray laugh .
“…… . . What are those two laughing at……?”
“…… . Relations are good…… . ”
Sasha and Misha mutter something to each other .
“I’ll transfer us . ”
I hold out my hand and Sasha takes it firmly while Misha takes Sasha’s hand .
I offer my other hand to Ray .
“…Aah, could you wait a moment?”
Ray seems to have remembered something and calls out to a girl who’s about to leave the classroom .
“Misa-san . ”
Misa stops and comes over to us .
“What’s wrong?”
“We’re going to have a celebration at Arnos’ house . Do you want to come with us?”
“Eh…that’s . I’m happy to be invited but isn’t it better for just your group to go?”
Ray makes a meaningful face at me .
Is he just being kindhearted or is he interested in Misa?
Either way is fine I guess .
“What are you talking about? You are already one of my subordinates . ”
“Eeh… . . ? But I completely lost to Sasha-san and Misha-san . I borrowed the power of Ray-san . ”
“Victory or defeat is irrelevant . You showed great promise . Also, mazoku cannot use spirit magic but you can and it was the same magic as the great spirit Riniyon . ”
“… . . Riniyon……?”
“You don’t know?”
Misa shakes her head .
If I remember right she did say that her mother was dead . No wonder she doesn’t know anything .
“It’s one of the great spirits that protected the spirits forest during the age of myths . You probably have some kind of link to it . A spirits magic is deeply related to its existence . ”
Misa was seriously listening to my words . She must be interested in her deceased mother .
“It’s pretty interesting that you can use the true power of a spirit . ”
There were no half spirits half mazoku in the age of myths so I have no idea if Misa will be able to completely use the power of a spirit yet .
“… . Thank you…… . I’d love to be one of your subordinates but……”
“What’s wrong?”
“…… . What about the others in the Arnos Fan Union…… . ?”
Aah, that’s right .
“For the time being it’s only you . It seems like it would be too noisy if the others joined my group . ”
“Ahaha…… . that’s right… . . ”
Misa looks uncertain .
“What’s wrong? Is it that hard to join by yourself?”
“More like I feel sorry for them……Their reactions will be scary . I might be attacked in the dark if things don’t go well… . . Ahaha…… . . ”
Fumu . Those fellows are a little crazy .
“But that’s my problem . Please don’t worry about it Arnos-sama . ”
“If you say so . ”
“Fast! What a heartless response . ”
Sasha pokes fun at me again .
“Aah Sasha-san, that reminds me… . ”
Misa sneakily beckoned her over .
“What’s up?”
“Fufufu . Because I lost the match . ”
Misa takes out the magic photo and gives it to Sasha who looks hard at it .
“…… . . Tentatively, I’ll take it as loot… . for now……”
“What’s on the photo?”
Misha suddenly appeared surprising Sasha and causing her to drop the photo .
“Fumu . What are you making noises over?”
I pick up the fallen photo .
“Don, don’t look! You mustn’t look!!”
“What are you so panicked about? It’s only a photo . What’s going to happen?”
Turning the photo around I saw a boy with black hair and eyes . He’s also naked .
Because it was necessary to change clothes for class the photo was taken in the few moments when changing clothes with magic that you are naked .
“……………………… . . ”
Sasha’s face is red hot and she shrinks into herself .
“Even though its a voyeur photo Arnos would be aware of the magic . ” Ray says while looking at the photo over my shoulder .
“There’s no way I wouldn’t notice . Loads were taken after all but I left it alone because it seemed harmless . ”
I present the photo to Sasha .
“It’s a very cute thing to do . Did you always want to see my figure?”
Sasha raises her eyes and glares at me . Her cheeks are red hot and her have formed .
“Don’t be so conceited! Okay? Listen up . I like naked men! Your body just happens to be my preference! It’s only your body I’m after!!”
Fumu . Is that so? Even I’m a little troubled by her words .
The classroom has fallen silent and everyone is pulling back a little .
“I also like Arnos’ naked body . ” Misha says throwing Sasha a lifeline .
“Misha . You don’t have to support Sasha you know?”
Misha shakes her head .
“Arnos’ naked body is artistic . I like it . ”
Misha stares into my eyes .
Yare yare . How brave, but isn’t it shameful?
“Truly? I had no idea my nakedness was so attractive . I’m really sinful . ”
I let out a laugh .
“All right then . I’ll fulfil the wishes of my subordinates . If you want to see it that much Sasha, I’ll show you . Not with a photo but directly!”
“Eeh… . ? Directly… . . eeeh……! Ah… . . errrm……”
Sasha is completely confused .
“What’s wrong . Wasn’t my body your aim? I’ll give you today’s reward . ”
“Tha, that’s right… . I did say that……”
“What? Don’t you want to?”
Sasha looks down .
“………………………… . I do…………… . ”
“All right . Here you go . ”
I strongly clench my fists and flex my muscles .
The upper half of my uniform explodes .
“Look at it!”
“Why are you taking it off here!? You idiot!!”
Sasha regained her full form and yelled at me .
It’s not bad to play the fool once in a while .