Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 44

Chapter 44
A while later in Deruzogedo demon king academy .
“On that note, I’ve got something to tell you all . The Deiruheido demon sword tournament will be held soon and excellent students from this school can also enter . First-year students are rarely recommended but there are students in this class who have been recommended . ”
The classroom gets noisy at Emilia’s words .
“Who is it?”
“Idiot . There’s only one guy here who can go to the demon sword tournament . ”
Emilia watched the chatting students with a relaxed look .
“The nominee is Ray Grandori-kun . Congratulations . As a student of Deruzogedo I expect great achievements . ”
Emilia starts clapping and other students follow suit .
Ray doesn’t look particularity enthusiastic but he smiles anyway .
“He might win the championship . He is the demonic sword saint after all . ” (1)
“Aah . He did overwhelm that old seven demon emperor . ”
“If the winner of the demon sword tournament comes from our class we can all be proud . ”
Because they know Ray’s ability with the sword, words about winning are flying around .
“And one other person . ”
When Emilia said that the classroom got even noisier .
“…… . Another person…… . ? Was there someone else in this class who could enter a demon sword tournament?”
“Don’t think so . There’s Sasha-sama who’s also from the chaos generation but she doesn’t use a sword . ”
“……… . There is though . There’s a guy who can overwhelm even Ray with the sword… . . ”
“That guy huh…… . . ”
All the student’s eyes gather on me .
“Arnos Voldigod-kun . You are also entered into the demon sword tournament . As a student of Deruzogedo please don’t fight in a shameful manner . ”
At that moment shrill screams came from the classroom .
“If Arnos-sama has been entered then isn’t it already a win?”
“Yeah! Not only will he win but he’ll end up in the hall of fame!”
“What do I do? I’m nervous”
“Why are you nervous?”
“We need to make a cheering squad for Arnos-sama! Arnos-sama can’t fight alone!”
My fan union raises its voice .
“What’s going on? I’ve never heard of white clothes entering a demon sword tournament . ”
“Yeah . Even for regular or special participants, mixed bloods have to have their documents examined first and get rejected . ”
“No matter how strong Arnos is whats the head of the academy thinking?”
Some of the royals express their dissatisfaction .
Without bothering to explain Emilia carried on talking .
“To participate in the demon sword tournament you need your own sword so please prepare it . I’m sure you know the rules but you can’t exchange your sword along the way . If your sword is broken or destroyed you lose . Use of magic to harm your opponent is forbidden . You fight with your sword only . There’s more detailed regulations so please check with the officials in charge of the tournament . ”
I see . Fighting with your own sword huh?
With this, the key to winning is not only your own skill but the performance and durability of your demon sword .
“That’s all . Class dismissed . ”
Finishing speaking Emilia left the classroom and all the students started packing up to go home .
“I hope we’re the pair who meet in the finals . ” Ray says while leaning back in his chair and turning his head my way .
“Let’s settle our dispute properly next time with our swords”
“I completely agree . I want to do it until I’m satisfied . ”
Ray smiles in complete satisfaction .
“Some of the pairings might be a problem though . ”
“I don’t think you’ll be defeated . ”
Ray stands up and turns around .
“Why was I recommended to the sword tournament though? Do they think I’ll win?”
Ray can’t answer that question . When it comes to royalty and mixed races hes basically clueless .
“The royals shouldn’t want a mixed-race to win the tournament . They should have jumped on my parentage and banned my entry but instead, a mixed-race has been entered . A being that normally shouldn’t be able to enter . ”
I need to think about the motive behind this all .
“It’s strange alright . ”
Misa says coming over to us .
“Do you know anything?”
“No and to go that far…… However, I believe I know a well-informed person you should probably talk to if you want answers . ”
A well-informed person?
“The person I spoke about the other day and promised you could meet . One of the old seven demon emperors, Melheys-sama . ”
That reminds me, she did make such a promise .
“Where is he?”
“In our union tower . I know its sudden but one of his plans fell through and he’s free at the moment . If it’s convenient do you want to go now?”
“Yeah . ”
“Thank you . Let’s go then . ”
We leave the classroom and head over to the Arnos fan union tower .
After entering and approaching the 2nd floor I start hearing happy voices .
“Let’s start Arnos-sama’s support song! Jyanjyanjyanjyanjyan ♪”
“Strongest! In history! Arnos-sama~♪ Instant death with a beautiful sword~♪”
“Kill, kill, want to be killed~♪ Want to be rust on his sword~♪”
“His fighting figure is beautiful~♪ The compassionate Arnos-sama~♪”
“Affection in bed~♪ His manly sword pierces the heavens~♪”
“Kill, kill, want to fall down~♪ Want to be rust on his sword~♪”
“Arnos-sama ♪ With his manly sword ♪ Infinitely spreads his mixed blood~♪”
“A world without royalty ♪ Is the only solution ~♪”
“Kill, kill, want to fall down ~♪ Instant death with a beautiful sword ~♪
Fumu . Let’s pretend I didn’t hear anything .
Hang on . The cheering group just said they needed to make a support song so how is the song already completed?
I think this is probably something I shouldn’t think too deeply about . Shall I just put it down to daily training?
I continued up to the top floor, all the while trying to expel those lyrics from my brain but failing .
“Melheys-sama, I’ve brought Arnos-sama . ”
Waiting in the half-sword room was an old man with a long grey moustache, wearing a robe and leaning on a cane .
Melheys Boran, one of the old seven demon emperors .
Judging by the wavelength of his magic power he’s definitely one of the mazoku I made .
He’s also a survival type that focuses on magic the most .
He’s different from Aivis and Idol . He’s got the power to defeat strong veterans from the age of myths .
Melheys slowly walks over to me, activated his demon eyes and stared into my eyes .
Several seconds later a single tear spilled down his face and he kneeled in front of me .
“I’ve been waiting all this time for your reincarnation my lord demon king, Arnos Voldigod-sama . ”
Fumu . This, I did not expect .
“Do you remember me Melheys?”
Melhey’s shook his head .
“I have no such honour . I was defeated by someone and my memorises were erased but my origin remembers you . After meeting you I am finally convinced . ”
The same as Aivis and the others .
“I want to check for myself . ”
“Your will . ”
I place my hand on Melhey’s head and activate Time Manipulation and Recollection .
I explore the outer layer of memories and just like Aivis and the others the memories are gone .
Next, I look into the abyss and confirm Melhey’s origin .
Only one .
Melheys doesn’t appear to have fused with one of Avos Dillheavia’s subordinates . His body hasn’t been taken over .
“What do you know?”
“2000 years ago after Arnos-sama reincarnated I was attacked by someone and my memory was erased . When I regained consciousness I found myself in Ahartherun . ”
The great spirit forest?
“Did you cross the wall?”
2000 years ago Deiruheido and Ahartherun were separated by the magic wall .
“Probably . My memory of it is vague but I think I used the wall as a way to escape from whoever was attacking me . ”
Even though the wall was a grand magic that used my life force to activate, a mazoku from the age of myths with powerful magic and enough desperation could cross the wall though with significant risk to their life .
I can only think of 20 people from the age of myths that could do that and even then the compensation would have been huge .
“I’m assuming they didn’t follow you because crossing over the wall in pursuit of you would have exhausted most of their magic powers and it would have taken a considerable time for their powers to come back before they could return to Deiruheido . ”
“That’s what I believe . It took me over a hundred years to restore my magic power to a level where I could cross back over the wall . ”
Unlike Aivis, Melheys had enough power to cross the wall . Erasing his memory would be one thing but it would have been extremely difficult to take over his origin .
“When I returned to Deiruheido the name of the demon king of tyranny had already changed to Avos Dillheavia . Though I had no memories I wasn’t able to wipe out the sense of wrongness with that name . The other old seven demon emperors didn’t seem to doubt the name Avos Dillheavia but I always had my doubts until now”
“Has it changed to belief now?”
“Indeed it has . My origin says that you are the true demon king . ”
There’s no strange points in Melheys’ story . I’ve also learnt that Avos Dillheavia existed right back in the age of myths .
There were a lot of people hostile to me 2000 years ago but there were 3 beings who had outstanding power .
The hero Kanon, the great spirit Reno and the creation god Militeia .
Those 3 helped me build the wall and they were all seeking peace, however, it’s not strange to think that they would deem me unnecessary in peaceful times .
Would they do something so roundabout though?
I don’t think any of them wanted the throne of the demon king of tyranny either .
Is it the work of someone else?
“Do you know what Avos Dillheavia is planning?”
“I do not . ”
Well, not unexpected . There’s a limit to what you can do fighting alone with no allies .
“Report back to me if you find anything . ”
“Your will . ”
As expected it’s only possible to follow a trail when it’s close by .
“Let me ask something else . Do you know the aim of the person who recommended me for the sword tournament?”
Melheys thought for a while before answering .
“Does Arnos-sama know the royal faction?”
“Is that different from royalty?”
Melheys nods .
“The royal faction is a group that wants to extend the rights of the royal families . They are making the radical claim that if you are not a pureblood royal then you are not a mazoku . ”
Fumu . A group with a few screws loose it seems .
“There are many royal factions in Deruzogedo . I think this is the work of one of them . ”
“What’s the purpose of recommending me?”
“It may be a check against the unification faction . Arnos-sama is the main topic of talk between the unification faction and the royal faction due to your trampling of the school system . Arnos-sama is mixed blood yet no royal or even any of the old seven demon emperors can stand up to you . You have become the driving force of the unification faction and the royal factions are taking interest in you now . ”
“In other words, by defeating me in the demon sword tournament it will damage the unification factions momentum?”
Melheys nods his agreement .
“The royal faction seem to be unable to ignore you now . As long as Arnos-sama is involved, when you win the tournament the unification faction will tighten its bonds . There are more mixed blooded mazoku than there is royalty . The royal factions are afraid of mixed-bloods . ”
“Even so, I’m no fool . They intend to defeat me by any means in the tournament . ”
Melheys face took on a determined expression .
“I’m sorry Arnos-sama but could you please not participate in the demon sword tournament?”
“To you, it is a trivial thing but to the unification faction, Arnos-sama is their light . We cannot afford to turn off that light . ”
Melheys is the unification faction .
He may be considering that Avos Dillheavia might make a move during the tournament as well .
At his core, he doesn’t think well of the royals who rule Deiruheido .
“I don’t intend to poke the royal faction . ”
“You will win . No matter what happens I can never see you losing, however, you may win this one game but you might not win the whole game . ”
I see .
“Will they beat me by using the rules?”
“It may seem funny but even if you achieve overall victory, as long as you lose even one match that will be enough for the royal faction……… . . ”
Those who give priority to blood over ability .
It’s no wonder they take such actions .
“The thing is, even if I decline I don’t think they will cancel the recommendation . They may even say I tried to escape . ”
“We will do something afterwards if we don’t appear in the match . I plead for your benevolence . ”
He is one of the old seven demon emperors . He has the power to do that much .
Yare yare . This has become troublesome .
Well, it’s not like I’m actually bothered if I’m in the tournament or not .
“I’ll think about it . ”
“Thank you very much . ”
Melheys lowers his head deeply .
(1) I dropped the tempering part of his title and just kept the demonic sword saint part .