Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 46

Chapter 46
My father didn’t come home yesterday after all .
Since he’s a blacksmith he knows about swords but I’m still vaguely anxious .
“…… . It’s a strange feeling . ”
If anything happens I’m sure I can do something about it so there’s no reason to worry about it .
“Misha-chan’s come you pick you up Arnos-chan . ”
My mother’s voice comes from the entrance so I leave my room and head down to the front .
Sure enough, there was my mother and Misha .
“Good morning . ” Misha says .
She’s wearing a white one-piece dress decorated with fluffy ringlet type ribbons .
“I’ve never seen those clothes before . ”
“… . New clothes……”
I see . That explains the new look .
“……Strange?” Misha asks looking at me with upturned eyes .
“Not at all . They’re nice clothes . You look good . ”
Misha starts looking a little shy at my words .
“Arnos’ taste . ”
“Mine? I certainly think you look good but in the end, I didn’t answer any of your questions . ”
Just like yesterday, Misha lets out a little *fufuu* laugh .
“I can tell by looking . ”
“Nn . ”
Though I didn’t think I’d given any conclusive answers it appears she saw right to the bottom of my heart .
As expected of Misha, she’s a good demon eyes .
“You saw well Misha . I’m happy . ”
Misha’s talent is considerable . If her growth is handled correctly she has the potential to approach the level of mazoku from the age of myths .
“I’m glad . ”
Misha is happy at my words .
“Right, we’re off then mother . ”
“Take care . ”
My mother sent us off with a smile .
“Now then . Will you teach me your favourite thing Misha?”
Misha nods .
“This way . ”
Misha starts guiding me .
Walking together I was looking forward to seeing where Misha was taking me .
Eventually, we came to an area filled with shops known as the Midhayes shopping district . It’s probably the busiest neighbourhood in the city with many people and travellers coming and going .
“Here . ”
Misha stopped in front of a certain store .
Magic model shop [Hometown Of The Wounded Dragon] .
It’s huge .
A female shopkeeper wearing a hat turned to us as we entered .
“Oh? Welcome, Misha-chan . Have you come to make something today?”
“Nn . ”
“Thank you as always . That magic model castle you made the other day has already sold . You really helped me out . ”
The shopkeeper opens a door leading further inside the shop .
“Is that onii-san your boyfriend Misha-chan?”
Misha glanced at me then shook her head .
“Friend . ”
“I’m Arnos Voldigod . ”
The shopkeeper laughs then smiles at me .
“I’m Melissa Nomad . Nice to meet you . ”
“Aah . By the way, whats a magic model?”
Melissa’s face took on a surprised expression when I asked her .
“…… . There’s nobody who doesn’t know what a magic model is . Are you not from Deiruheido, onii-san? Where are you from?”
If I said from 2000 years ago I wouldn’t be believed .
“From a remote region on the human continent of Azesion . ”
“Heee . I see . Then Misha-chan came to show onii-san magic models . ”
Misha nods
“Then feel free . No one is using the workshop at the moment . ”
I follow Misha and Melissa into the workshop where I see several magic formations drawn on the floor . Looking closer I see that they are restricted formations .
Restricted formations limit the type of magic that can be used and where they can be placed but offer high precision when used .
The room also contains shelves and a long table with a glass globes on top . Inside the glass globes were all sorts of scenes like miniature buildings, trees and flowers .
It was like someone has cut out landscapes and miniaturised them .
“These are magic models . What do you think? Aren’t they great? Also, Misha-chan made this one . ”
Amongst all the glass spheres Melissa pointed to one that showed an ice castle built in a forest .
It’s an exact replica on the one Misha made during the team battle with the demon forest in the background .
A piece of paper with the word [sold] on it is placed underneath it .
“I see . They are made with Construction Creation . ”
Misha nods .
To make a huge structure using requires considerable magic power and understanding of the magic method used . Even more power and understanding is required to make small detailed things and that’s where the restricted formations come in .
“This model is excellent . To be this small and precise is great . ”
It would be very difficult .
The model Misha made fits in the palm of your hand yet the details are superb wherever you look .
“Is this your favourite thing Misha?”
“I like making small detailed pieces . ”
Misha’s voice which is usually monotonous seems more lively than usual .
“Look . ”
Misha holds out a hand and activates the restricted formation .
“Everyone eating together . ”
Using the glass ball appears first followed by the dining room in my house . Food appears on the table then Misha, Sasha, Ray, Misa, my mother and father appear . Its the exact scene of all of us eating in my house the other day .
Misha makes it look easy but it’s actually quite difficult to create such detailed models from a mental image alone . She may have a photographic memory .
She looks really happy . Her face which is usually expressionless is faintly breaking and smiling though she is also concentrating with her eyes firmly fixed on the model .
She suddenly stops working on the model and turns to me .
She looks a bit uneasy .
“Not at all . It’s interesting . Even though it’s only for fun, pursuing smaller and finer details means you are approaching the abyss of . ”
Misha laughs her little *fufu* laugh again .
“Arnos likes magic . ”
“I’ve never really thought so…… . ”
Misha shakes her head .
“Likes . ”
Fumu . I’ve never thought about it . For me, magic is like breathing .
“Does it look that way?”
Misha nods .
“Then perhaps I do . ”
I don’t really understand myself in a lot of ways .
If Misha says it is so then perhaps it’s worth considering?
She starts using again .
After a few minutes, my figure finally appears at the table and the magic model is complete .
“Done . ”
“It’s very good . ”
I examine the magic model Misha made . The dining room is intricately detailed . I cannot imagine anyone else born in this era that is able to use like this .
“If I do, I’ll make a masterpiece like no other in this world . ”
A laugh came from behind me .
“Big words onii-san but magic models have been around for 500 years . It won’t be that easy . ”
“Really? Then can you show me the best magic model?”
“… . Ahh . As you’d expected, the best model in the world is not in this store . There is a great one here though . Some say it is the best but that’s subjective . Follow me . ”
I followed a happy looking Melissa over to where a lot of models were displayed .
The store is larger than expected and full of people .
Magic models appear to be popular in Deiruheido .
“Through here is the magic model that’s counted in the top ten . Its creator is unknown though . It’s called the phantom gem and is supposed to have been made by a famous mazoku over the course of a decade . ”
Melissa takes me further into the depths of the store where beautiful magic models are lined up .
I’m sure these are the expensive ones .
Further down a luxuriously decorated section comes into view with an elderly gentleman wearing a monocle standing there . Presumably, he’s looking at the magic models .
A man who seems to be a clerk is accompanying him .
“Aah, sorry that was careless of me . Can you wait a moment . ”
Is only one person at a time allowed to look at these models?
If I don’t feel like waiting can’t I just peep anyway?
“Is that what I’m supposed to aim for? Shall we come back when it’s quiet?”
“Wait just a bit . That’s the famous appraiser-sensei Demir Grahate . Everyone in this neighbourhood knows him . He’s a legendary appraiser . If you are recognised by him you are called a first-class magic model maker . Well, it’s a little rude but let’s watch him . ”
Is this special treatment?
Whatever I can see well from here anyway .
“… . Hou . As expected of something called the phantom gem . ” Demir says while looking at the model .
“It’s about the size of a little finger but it’s so precisely built and faithfully reproduced inside . This is old Deruzogedo . Are the rumours of it being hundreds of years old true? It’s splendid . There’s probably only 5 people in history who can use this well . ”
I became slightly interested so I enhanced my eyes and looked at the magic model .
“Is that the magic model that’s counted as one of the best ten?”
“You can see it onii-san? That’s right . Isn’t it amazing? Are you regretting your remarks from a little while ago?”
Melissa starts teasing me .
“Regret? What are you saying? I could easily make that . ”
“Demir who was eagerly looking at the magic model turned around and sent a sharp glance into the people around .
“Who was it? Who just profaned this splendid work?”
At his scolding tone, the lively shop falls silent .
“Good grief . If you don’t have the courage to come forward then don’t say such thoughtless remarks . To have no respect for such a great work and to look down on it with such a remark is deplorable for lovers of magic models . ”
I called out to Demir who turned back to the model .
“It was me who said it . ”
Demir turned to glare at me .
“I’m not diminishing that work at all . I’m just stating facts . ”
Demir frowns at my remark .
Melissa who was standing next to me starts getting upset .
“Errm, onii-san…… . ? Let’s leave this area…… . ”
“It’ll be fine . ”
“Be fine? Nee Misha-chan please stop him . ”
Misha stared at Melissa .
“Be fine . ”
“Ehhh…… . . be fine…… . . ”
Demir takes step towards me .
“Are you a magic modeler?”
“No, but this level of is easy . ”
Demir laughs at my words .
“Yare yare . A rank amateur . Listen up . Making a small model like this is harder than you think . If you can do it then go to the workshop and show me . Nn?”
“That’s unnecessary . ”
Demir laughs .
“That’s it then . Be careful with your big mouth in the future . You should show more respect for great works and modelers . ”
“You’ve misunderstood . I can make it here without going to the workshop . ”
I hold out my hand and draw a formation .
The next moment a stone no smaller than a speck appeared in my hand .
Demir trembled and stared at the tiny pebble in my hand .
An upset Melissa rushed over and bowed her head .
“I’m sorry! This onii-san is an amateur that knows nothing about magic models . Please forgive him………”
Did she think Demir was angry?
Demir answers Melissa .
“What are you talking about?”
“Eh… . . ?”
Melissa’s face shows a blank expression .
“You’re the owner of a magic model shop but you’ve said nothing at all about this work . If you don’t understand the splendour of it then keep silent . ”
Melissa is stunned at the transformation of Demir .
Demir stares at the tiny stone I’ve made .
Magic power fills the monocle and he activates his demon eyes .
“… . Aah… . as I thought……no, more than I thought…… . It’s incredible…… . . if someone told me I wouldn’t believe it…… . . What’s this……!? This tiny grain is Deruzogedo castle……! No, no it’s different . Not just Deruzogedo………is this the entire city? At 10,000 times magnification, no even a million and I still can’t see all the details…… . . ”
“If you make it a billion times magnification you should be able to see it fine . ”
“A billion! You built a billionth scale magic model!?”
“It was easy . ”
Demir has an amazed expression on his face while his whole body shakes .
“I can’t believe it……… . A billionth scale magic model, without using a restricted formation done in an instant……”
Demir uses even more power and desperately stares at the very small model .
The monocle enlarges whatever he’s looking at so it should be fine now .
“…… . . Wonderful……it’s too splendid…… . !! What precision . How is such a thing even possible? You… . . no… . . ! Sensei! Please tell me your name!”
“It’s Arnos Voldigod . ”
“Arnos-sensei! I want to see more of your work! I’ll make sensei the worlds best magic model maker! Please . Will you show me your work in the future? I’ll pay any price you ask . ”
Yare yare . Such an exaggerated thing .
Because Demir is being noisy a crowd has gathered and seems to be interested in whats going on .
Should I leave quickly?
“Sorry, but I don’t intend to be a magic modeler . ”
“Wha………even with all this talent……why is that? Think of the wealth and fame!”
“Unfortunately, I’m not interested in that . ”
“Not interested!?”
Demir’s voice is going wild now .
When I point at the model which is floating in the air it moves to my palm and drops down .
“Then sensei, would you at least sell this wonderful work? I’ll pay whatever you want!!”
“I’m sorry but I’ve still got a use for it .
“No way! Sensei! Arnos dai-sensei!”(1)
I turn around and talk to Misha .
“I’m sorry . I’ve caused a bit of a disturbance . ”
Misha shakes her head .
“Done nothing wrong . ”
“What about the uproar?”
“Arnos like thing to do . ”
Fumu . Misha isn’t bothered .
“Should we move on?”
“Nn . ”
Moving through the hustle and bustle of our surroundings we left the magic model shop .
(1) Dai-sensei = Great teacher/great master etc . Usually reserved for those at the top of their field .