Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 47

Chapter 47
While walking down the road Misha said to me .
“What do you need the magic model for?”
“Aah . ”
I put the magic model on my fingertip and hold it out to Misha .
“This is the first magic model I’ve made so I want you to have it Misha . ”
Misha blinked a couple of times then smiled happily .
“Thank you . ” she says while staring at the model .
“How is it?”
“…… . . Amazing…… . . ”
Misha changes the angles and takes a long slow look at my magic model .
After several minutes pass she’s still looking intently at the model .
This is the first time I’ve seen Misha so engrossed in something . It seems she’s not only interested in making them but in the models themselves .
“Beautiful . ”
“Even the places you don’t normally see are created . ”
Did she notice? As expected of Misha .
“It’s the structure that’s important to Construction Creation . If you create a sword without thinking about the structure of it then the end result will be a pretty poor sword . Magic models are the same . Just making the appearance of it won’t work well . ”
Misha nods at my words with a serious look on her face .
“When you create stone, don’t create the stone . Create the atoms that make up the stone . This was something often said in the age of myths . ”
“Who’s words?”
“Mine . ”
It’s easy for me to say that but not many people can do it .
“……………… . ”
Misha stares at the magic model again .
“Like I said it’s yours if you like it . ”
Misha’s eyes round .
“Is that okay . ”
“It’s my gift to you for going out with me today . ”
Using I created a ring band and used the magic model like a gem and placed the ring on Misha’s right-hand index finger .
“With this, you can look at it whenever you want though it’s a bit insipid as a gem since it doesn’t sparkle . ”
Misha shook her head from side to side and showed off a very happy smile .
“It’s beautiful . ”
“I see . ”
Misha nods .
“…… . . Arnos can do anything…… . ”
While looking at the ring Misha says those words in a manner close to a monologue .
“Well, there’s nothing impossible for me . ”
When I said that Misha looked a little discouraged .
“………I can’t do anything…… . ”
“That’s not true . ”
Misha looks at me .
“Arnos helped me . ”
“I did . ”
“So I want to help you in return . ”
After falling silent for a little while Misha continues .
“Avos Dillheavia is a fake . I want to help Arnos too . ”
She’s saying an admirable thing .
“But I’m not necessary for Arnos who can do anything . ”
I see . So you’ve lost heart huh?
Misha is as kind as ever .
“Perhaps, but even I have limits . ”
Misha blinks at me .
“You have good demon eyes and you’re good at creation magic . If you focus on those two things alone you may even surpass me . ”
“…… . Really?”
“I’m not omnipotent . An unforeseen impossibility may appear . The only thing I will never be surpassed in is my power to destroy . ”
I destroyed, ruined and destroyed again to change the impossible into the possible, however, I’m not stupid nor blind enough to make a habit of doing it for every situation that arises .
The more you prepare the better .
“The time may come when your creation magic will prove very useful . ”
Naturally, the growth of Misha is essential for that .
“If you want to be my power then get closer to the abyss of magic . ”
Misha nods in determination .
“I’ll wait for you . ”
Misha’s eyes fill with a strong will
“I’ve only taken from Arnos but someday I’ll give back . ”
“Aah, I look forward to it . ”
At that time a *nyaa* sounded out .
A black cat stuck its head out of a nearby window with a signboard underneath for cat cafe [Silver Vine Pavilion] .
“………Nyaa… . . nyaa…… . . ”
Misha imitated the cats call but the cat ignored her and went back in the cafe .
“……Nyaa…… . . ”
Misha’s shoulders dropped a little .
“Shall we go in?”
“…… . That okay?”
“Aah . Here’s where I was going anyway . ”
“…… . Arnos likes cats as well……?”
“Something like that . ”
We entered [Silver Vine Pavilion] and were greeted with a cheerful “Welcome” from the staff .
Many cats were walking around and Misha was calling out to them “Nyaa nyaa . ”
After sitting down a white cat jumped into Misha’s lap .
“Look Arnos . ” Misha said happily “Cute . ”
“I’m glad . ”
Misha nodded with a smile .
“Nyaa? Nyaa?” Misha says while stroking the head of the white cat .
Of course, the cat doesn’t reply . It just relaxes in Misha’s lap .
After ordering tea a black cat jumped on the shelf behind me . It’s the cat that stuck its head out of the window .
“I’m sorry for the trouble Aivis . ”
“………… . ?”
Misha looked at the black cat in surprise which then started talking .
“Please forgive the disgrace of showing myself to you in such a form my lord . ”
“I don’t care . ”
Because we can’t have people knowing that Aivis is alive he’s taken this form . We also don’t want Avos Dillheavia to notice either so we are meeting up in person and not talking through magic .
Yesterday Aivis flew through the city disguised as an owl which was our signal to meet .
When I transferred my memories to him using Thought Transmission I also gave him these instructions . That’s why me and Misha were wandering around the city today until Aivis contacted us .
“Have you found anything out?”
“It’s one of the old seven demon emperors Melheys Boran . He belongs to the unification faction but he’s not the leader . ”
Fumu . That certainly is strange . He supports the unification faction but the most powerful of the old seven demon emperors is not at the top?
“So who is at the top?”
“I investigated but never found them . The leader never appears at meetings . From what I can find no one in the unification faction knows who they are . ”
“Even Melheys?”
“So it seems . ”
Even more suspicious .
“Well, it could turn out to be another one of the old seven demon emperors . If it was known you were the head of the unification faction you might lose your seat as one of them . ”
Just because you are one of the old seven demon emperors it doesn’t mean you can’t be replaced .
“If it’s a mazoku from the age of myths it wouldn’t be surprising if you couldn’t catch their identity . ”
Could it be Avos Dillheavia? If that’s the case what could they be plotting? Could they be trying to control the balance of power between the royal factions and the unification faction?
“I learnt something as well . Melheys has also lost his memory and only had one origin . ”
“Have you made contact?”
“Aah . After examining my origin directly he recognised me as the demon king of tyranny . It’s very likely that he’s an ally but I didn’t mention you to him . ”
Aivis waits for my orders .
“Investigate Melheys and try to find the head of the unification faction . Play it safe and only investigate the top layer of his memories . It’s possible his origin is still fused but with a method unknown to me so I couldn’t see it . ”
“Your will . ”
“Have you learnt anything else?”
“Just one thing . It might possibly lead to the leader of the unification faction . ”
Our tea was bought over by the clerk so Aivis waited until they had left before continuing .
“There’s a magic clinic called [Lognoss] in this town . One of the demon emperors called Elio built this with their own money and it has the reputation of providing the best treatment in Deiruheido . Demon emperor Elio is just a puppet though . There’s another Mazoku pulling the strings from behind…… . ”
“Even after investigating you cant find them huh?”
Aivis nods .
“It’s the same wall I encountered when investigating the leader of the unification faction . ”
“Understood . Anything else?”
“There is but I haven’t confirmed the information yet . ”
“One more thing . Investigate the demon sword tournament and especially any of the old seven demon emperors involved in it . ”
“You will . ”
Aivis left through the window .
An unidentified mazoku, an unknown leader for the unification faction and a magic clinic with unknown purposes .
Are they connected or different people?
I don’t know but either way, I must make sure I don’t underestimate them .
After finishing our tea Misha leads me to the Lognoss magic clinic .
“Here . ”
“Fumu . It’s a pretty big building . ”
“It has a lot of patients . ”
I see . It also doesn’t appear to be suspicious .
I looked the building over with my demon eyes but I could only see weak magic power .
“Arnos . ”
Misha points off to one side .
It’s Ray . He seems to have just come out of the clinic .
“Yo . ”
Ray saw us and came over calling out to us .
“That you Arnos? What’s wrong?”
“I’m just passing by . Have you caught a cold or something?”
Ray smiles as if troubled .
“I’ve just visited my mother . ”
Is she hospitalised?
“Is it bad?”
“She was born with a weak body . It’s nothing to worry about . ”
He doesn’t look particularly down .
“If the doctors can’t do anything I’ll help . ”
“Ooh . Are you good at healing magic as well Arnos?”
“I wouldn’t say it was a strength of mine but I could make a seriously ill patient healthy enough to conquer the Neil mountain range tomorrow . ”
Ray smiled a bright smile .
“That might be a bit too healthy . ”
“Genuine medical magic not only heals the patient but makes them healthier than they were before . ”
“In all honesty that a bit scary so I’ll just accept your feelings at the moment . ”
Fumu . It can’t too bad an illness then .
“Aah . That’s what I wanted to tell you . I might not be participating in the demon sword tournament . ”
Ray’s expression becomes cloudy for an instant before his smile returns almost immediately .
“I see . Well then, we can settle our match another time . ”
“…… . Don’t you want to know the reason?”
“I thought you’d be interested . ”
I appear to have caught Ray off guard .
“… . . I just thought you were doing what you wanted like always . ”
“I thought you’d call me out on it by saying I was trying to get out of settling our match or something . ”
“I don’t like forcing other people . ”
Fumu . Seems like that’s the story he’s going with .
“See you at school . ”
Ray left .
“What do you think?” I asked Misha
“… . . Different than normal . ”
“That’s what I thought . ”
He was acting very suspiciously . What’s going on?
Normally I wouldn’t be too bothered but Ray acting like that at this place bothers me .
Let’s have Aivis check on him just to make sure .