Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 50

Chapter 50
The owl flying in the sky raises its voice .
“I have confirmed the destruction of Kurt’s demon sword . The winner of the first match is Arnos Voldigod!”
The auditorium falls silent . I guess most of them are royalty . Looks like there’s no recognition for a mixed-race who doesn’t technically even qualify for participation .
I turn around and start returning to the waiting room just as a voice is raised from the corner of the auditorium .
“As expected of Arnos-chan!! He’s a genius!!”
“Well done Arnos! This will be an easy victory for you!!”
It’s the voices of my parents .
Encouraged by my parents the voices of the mixed-bloods rise up in cheer .
“What should we do!? The match finished before we could sing our cheer song!”
“Arnos-sama is so strong we might not get a chance to sing at all!”
“Let’s sing now!”
“About what? He’s already won . It’s a support song . What are we supporting!?”
“We can use support song No . 2 [The noble Arnos-sama’s honourable sword]”
“Are you listening to me!?”
“Jyanjyanjyanjyanjyan ♪”
“……… . Fine . It can’t be helped . Let’s celebrate the victory of Arnos-sama!”
The sound of drums and wind instruments brought by the fan union start to play out . ”
“I am the top and you are the bottom ♪”
“Shuu shuushuushuu instant death ♪ Fuuhaaaaa ♪”
“I am the top and you are the bottom ♪”
“La lalalalala easy victory ♪ Uuuahaaaa ♪”
“The noble Arnos-sama’s gift ♪”
“Women dancing on the bed are his trophies ♪”
“Arnos-sama put it in ♪ Make them pregnant with magical power ♪”
“Strong man in one shot ♪”
“Pregnant ♪ Pregnant ♪ Pregnant ♪”
“I am the top and you are the bottom ♪”
“Byuu Dobyuubyuu, instant kill ♪ Fuahaaa ♪” (1)
“I am the top and you are the bottom ♪”
“Ahh, aaahan relief ♪ Uuahaaa ♪”
“Hey, struggle ♪ Accept it in —————♪”
It didn’t rhyme and the vibrato was useless, however, it was kind of exciting as I watched the humiliated faces of the royals as the song was sung . It was the final coating of shame applied to them after I overwhelmingly showed off my abilities .
Also, I doubt they factored into their calculations that I had a song made for me purely to make fun of the enemy . My fan union might actually have a rare talent .
After leaving the arena I left the waiting room and headed to the audience seats .
“Unun that’s it . I think these lyrics are good too . Listen to this . ”
I hear my mothers voice as I enter the seating area .
“Eat Arnos-chan’s honourable sword and be conquered ♪ The sword tip jumps ahead ♪ Dye it pure white ♪ Jyuu jyuujyuujyuu, violation ♪ Ahaa ufuuu ♪” (2)
Fumu . What awful lyrics, however, my fan union are looking at my mother with total respect .
“As expected of Arnos-sama’s mother!”
“Amazing! It’s amazing! It’s the first time I’ve heard such a beautiful singing voice!”
“Un unn! The lyrics are bold but delicate and clearly represent the surging heart of Arnos-sama . Tears have come out!”
“Uhh……*sniffle* I’m deeply moved……”
The fan union seems to be deeply impressed .
Where’s the moving element in those lyrics? I don’t understand it at all . Is this what happens with a 2000 year gap?
“Honoured mother, if you have the time would you please visit the fan union as an outside lecturer . Please give us special singing training!”
“Me too! Please visit us!”
The fan union all lower their heads at the same time .
Fumu . I have a very bad feeling about this . If I don’t stop it here I’m sure difficulties will arise later .
“Sorry, but my mother is usually very busy . ”
“A…Arnos-sama……! Kyaaa!!”
The entire fan union retreated 3 steps down and bowed while still screaming .
“kya kyaa! If Arnos-sama says so kyaa!!”
“I’m sorry for being so impudent . Kyaa!”
Make a noise or bow . Pick one . I don’t want both .
“It’s fine Arnos-chan . The shop is closed sometimes . May I visit when I’m free?”
“With pleasure! Thank you! We did it!”
The fan union is shaking hands with my mother .
My mother is smiling in a meaningful way while I’m filled with a vague feeling of uneasiness .
“Leave it to your mother Arnos-chan . With this, I can be at school with you sometimes as well . ”
“……………… . . ”
Fumu . Mother . Is she going to lay the groundwork so it’s easy to come out with Ray? I need to stop this . I can’t trust the expression on her face .
“Let’s begin the second match . Appearing on the stage is Madra Shenson from the Einas sword school!”
A man steps onto the stage . His whole body is covered in scars and he looks like a beast .
“…… . That person . Isn’t that Madra of the gale? He’s Deiruhido’s fastest swordsman………Wasn’t he the runner up in the last tournament………?”
“Aah… . . He’s changed a lot . ”
“He said he’d do anything to avenge his loss to Kurt . It seems that he went to the underground labyrinth of Goranuhelia . ”
“The labyrinth of Goranuhelia!? It’s said that even getting past the first floor is difficult . ”
“Aah . Rumour has it that he spent 200 years in there and reached the 250th floor . ”
“… . . That…… . that’s not sane…… . . ”
“This is what happens when someone drives themselves insane and seek only strength . In this area, he has surpassed Kurt . ”
Hou . The underground labyrinth of Goranuhelia? How nostalgic . I remember wondering how deep it was and headed for the bottom floor . Turns out it has 2500 floors .
The owl’s voice rings out again .
“Next up is a member of the Lognoss demon sword association, Ray Grandori!!”
Ray was a member of the Lognoss demon sword association?
“Ray Grandori…… . the demonic sword saint huh?”
“Aah, one of the chaos generation . ”
“It’s a good matchup for the second round but Madra will win . ”
“If Ray had even 50 years more experience it would be a hard match to call but as it stands their experience is too different . ”
“Was the demonic sword saint a member of the Lognoss demon sword association though?
Ray steps into the arena .
The demon sword he’s using is Initeio . That’s the sword he lent Misa . It can cut through magic formations .
“Second match of the first round, begin!!”
The signal sounds out and Madra and Ray walk towards each other .
The moment they entered sword range they stopped .
“Withdraw . ” Madra says in a serious voice
“I’m good . ”
As usual, Ray had a refreshing smile on his face .
“I’m not threatening you . You may have heard of the demonic wind sword Refresia . Once drawn it becomes a gale . I will wait three seconds for you to withdraw . If you don’t, you will die . ”
Madra scowls at Ray .
“Three . ”
Ray doesn’t move .
“Two . ”
Ray still doesn’t move .
“One . ”
Madra puts his hand on the hilt of his sword .
“Die . ”
The demon sword was drawn in a lighting quick action and flashed towards Ray’s neck .
Madra is surprised .
Instead of cutting Ray’s neck his sword was broken instead .
Bits of sword sprinkled against Ray’s neck but the rest was gone .
“……When…… . I drew my sword……?”
Ray’s sword is still in its sheath .
“After you drew it . ”
“…… . You drew after me yet you are faster than my demon sword Refresia of the wind…… . . ”
The moment Ray drew his sword and then sheathed it was not even registered by Madra’s eyes .
Ray smiles .
“My friend was much faster than you using only a tree branch . ”
“……A tree…… . branch……… . . ?”
Ray turns his back since the winner is determined .
“The destruction of Madra’s sword has been confirmed . The winner of the second match of the first round is Ray Grandori!!”
The cheer’s of the crowd was full of surprise .
“Amazing . That Madra was done in an instant . ”
“Did anybody see him draw his sword? I didn’t see anything at all!”
“I wondered what was going to happen after Kurt was defeated but there are some reliable royals after all . ”
“Aah . He is one of the chaos generation . He might even be the demon king of tyranny . ”
The girl standing behind me stares at Ray’s back with a sad expression .
Well, the Lognoss demon sword association is a royal group after all .
I wonder why Ray belongs to them?
“Are you worried Misa?”
She nods .
“Shall we go and ask . ”
“Eh… . ?”
“Come . Ask him directly and confirm it yourself . ”
Misa followed me as I started walking .