Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 52

Chapter 52
I won all my matches easily and proceeded to the finals .
Even for me, Hiding Magic has a large power consumption and I had to leave it permanently on but all my opponents were even smaller fry than Kurt so my average match times were less than 3 seconds . Due to this, I didn’t have to worry about exhausting my magic power .
“I have confirmed the destruction of Noiria’s sword . The victor is Arnos Voldigod . ”
Cheers came from one corner of the auditorium where my fan union and the white clothes have gathered while a different commotion was coming from elsewhere .
“Seriously…… . again…… . another one defeated…… . ”
“He’s got to the finals unhurt…… . . ? It’s a strength you wouldn’t expect from a mixed-race……”
“Then all we can do is trust in the demon sword saint . ”
“Aah, Ray Grandori also has flawless victories . I’m sure he will meet our expectations . ”
I headed back to the waiting room with the words of the royal faction lingering behind me .
Misa is waiting for me .
“Are you going now?”
“Aah . Straight after I talk to my parents . ”
I then leave the waiting room and head to the auditorium bumping into my father on the way .
“Aah Arnos . Father has to go to work now but I’ll definitely come to watch you tomorrow . ”
“If you’re busy don’t worry about it . There’s the magic broadcast as well . ”
The demon sword tournament is being broadcast across Deiruheido with Remote Clairvoyance .
The equipment to broadcast it has spread to about 50% of Deiruheido so quite a few people can now watch it and that is one of the reasons the royal factions don’t want me winning .
“Don’t worry . This is your big moment . Even if I’m busy I’ll still come watch you . ”
My father slaps me on the shoulder .
“……Uh…… . . !”
He probably forgot he was injured .
He really overworked himself .
I heal my father’s injuries with Healing .
“How’s that?”
“O… . . Oooh I’m healed! As expected from Arnos . There’s no pain at all no matter how much I move!”
My father makes some useless movement back and forward and side to side and—
“Uoohh… . !!”
He stumbled and hit his head against the wall . My father crouches down cradling his head .
“Ugugu… . sorry . Healing once more please… . . ”
“It’ll heal even if I leave it . ”
The spell should still be active . It doesn’t require using again .
“… . . Oh . It really did heal . ”
My father stands up .
“See you . ”
Shaking my hand my father runs away quickly .
“Sorry your father is so busy . He’s overworked but he still made time to come see you . ”
My mother comes over to me while speaking .
“What’s father working on right now?”
“Your father told me to keep it a secret . ”
My mother laughs while smiling sweetly .
“It was impossible for your father to forge a Kongo iron sword at our house so he went and bowed his head to an acquaintance and borrowed their faculties . He’s working to pay them back now . ”
I see . So that’s why he’s not been at home recently .
“Arnos-chan is clever so you surely didn’t want to trouble us to buy you a sword . We didn’t want that to stop you so your dad made you a sword . ”
Fumu . I’ve been completely misunderstood .
If I win the tournament should I say it was thanks to my father’s sword?
“It’s a secret that mother told you though okay . ”
“Understood . I’m done for today so I’m going home . ”
“Eh? Aren’t you going to watch the rest of the matches Arnos-chan?”
“I’ve got something to take care of . Ray will win anyway . ”
“I see . If you’ve got something to do, do you want me to look after your sword?”
My mother tries to take my Kongo iron sword .
“It’s not really a problem to keep it . ”
“But it’s heavy . Arnos-chan needs to rest for tomorrow . ”
She forcibly takes my sword .
“It’s okay . Without this sword, Arnos-chan can’t participate in the finals tomorrow . Mother will protect this sword at all costs . ”
It’s true that a spare sword cannot be used in the tournament but Avos Dillheavia will probably want me in the finals so he can lay his trap . I don’t believe he will try to stop me from participating .
My mother holds my sword tightly to her chest .
“I’ll entrust it to you then . ”
“Un . I’ll carefully take it home”
Sasha and Misha are somewhere in the arena as well so everything will be fine .
“See you later . ”
Saying bye to my mother I left the areas and as soon as I did girls voices rang out .
“Can you give us some advice for our new cheer song honoured mother . ”
“Yes . Well then, listen up . ”
She seems completely fine with my fans . What kind of song will they make? Honestly, I don’t want to think too much about it .
“Thanks for waiting . ”
I call out to Misa waiting by the entrance .
“No problem . ”
Taking Misa’s hand I use Transfer and arrive at the Lognoss magic clinic .
“What can I do?”
“Can you use that thing you used in the team based exam?”
“Rain Spirit Mist ? It’s spirit magic to make it rain though . ”
“Aah . I’ll lend you the magic power so make it as wide as possible . ”
“Understood . ”
Using Demon King Army I send magic power to Misa .
Gradually a rain cloud covering the entire city appeared and it started raining .
Using we melted into the rain and fog .
Opening the door to the clinic a slight fog entered .
We boldly walk through the corridors filled with people but thanks to they can’t see us .
Using my demon eyes I use my distance vision and check the list of inpatients .
Sheila Grandori . That will be Ray’s mother .
It seems she’s in a special room on the 10th underground floor .
We head downstairs and arrive at the 10th floor . There’s nothing strange looking about it . It looks like a normal hospital ward .
I opened the door without any hesitation .
The first thing to catch my eye was the magic circle covering the entire room . It was a magic formation used for healing and Sheila was sleeping on a bed in the centre of it .
Me and Misa walk to her side .
“… . Her body is……”
Misa let out a surprised voice . Sheila body was so transparent it looked like she was about to disappear .
She showed no sign of waking up and her vitality was so low I wasn’t even sure that she was alive .
“Fumu . So this is a spirit disease?”
I touch Sheila’s head with my finger and diagnose her body with my demon eyes, however, no matter how much I look into her abyss I cannot find the source of her illness . Apart from being weak, her magic power is stable as well .
It’s not strange that her body is deteriorating with how weak her magic is but her condition seems to in a lull at the moment .
“……Have you understood it… . . ?”
“It’s similar to someone getting old…… . ”
Her body is normal . It looks like her life is ending due to natural causes and she’s weakening, however, I’m sure she’s still quite young .
Wait…is this?
“I see . So that’s what they are calling spirit disease . ”
“What do you mean?”
“This woman is a half spirit half demon like you . ”
Misa’s eyes open in surprise .
“But Ray-san is a royal… . ?”
“It’s not really much of a mystery . She’s probably his adoptive mother and not his birth mother . ”
“… . Yes…… . that’s probably it…… . ”
“This disease is probably related to her spirit side . The lives of spirits are slightly complex . The common sense of the mazoku won’t apply to them . ”
If it was related to her mazoku side my demon eyes would have picked up her illness .
“That reminds me . Ray-san did say half-demon spirits didn’t live long and they were not lively . ”
Wasn’t that when they were talking in my garden?
“Have you got any ideas?”
“No… . . Even though I’m a half I don’t know anything about spirits… . . sorry……”
So his mother was taken hostage and Ray allowed a magic tool to be embedded in his body . I assume the royal faction offered him a cure for his mother as a trade-off .
How are they keeping her stable? The magic circle is having no effect on her whatsoever .
I don’t believe Ray is trusting the royals blindly either though .
Can this clinic really perform effective treatments on spirits? That would require a mazoku to be very knowledgeable about spirits and that means there is a very high chance that they are from the age of myths .
What should I do?
Once I’ve helped his mother all I need to do is remove that tool from his body .
Should I search for the cure? No, let’s try something else first .
“Misa, I have a request . ”
“Yes . What do you need?”
“Ask Ray about his circumstances, particularly his mother . If I can understand her past and in particular her origin I can use Time Manipulation on her . If I can rewind her time then she will be cured even if I can’t find the source of her illness . Of course, if you mess up both you and Ray will be at risk . ”
Misa nods in determination .
“I’ll try . ”