Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 54

Chapter 54
“Well done . ”
I dispel Illusion Mimicry and appear .
“Ah… . . no, I only managed to get something useful in the middle of the conversation……ahahaha… . . ”
Fumu . Doesn’t look like she’s being humble .
I’m interested in Ray’s background and circumstances as well .
“The result is the same . ”
I put my fingertip on Sheila’s head and activate Time Manipulation . I go back to the time in her origin where she picked up Ray . Though there are many vague parts in Ray’s story no two people are the same .
I only restore her body to the time where she picked up Ray . Even if you don’t know the source of the illness or how to treat it most illness can be cured by turning back that persons time .
Her body is enveloped in the magic formation and goes back in time .
But………………Nothing happened .
“……… . Did it fail?”
“No . ”
was successful . Her body has surely become like it was before her illness but her magic power is as feeble as ever .
This needs more thought .
What else is different from her body and her origin? Something that isn’t here is affecting her life and leading to death .
How can such a thing be possible?
I’m almost certain it’s not her mazoku half but her spirit half that’s the problem . Is her weak body the result of being half spirit and half mazoku or due to the spirit disease?
The thing is, Misa’s the same but she’s very lively .
Spirits are very strange beings .
“How are they keeping the spirit disease in a state of remission? I’ve got no choice but to investigate it . ”
I begin walking to the door .
The unidentified mazoku running this clinic is the key . I wish I had more clues .
“Arnos-sama…… . !”
Misa calls out to me in surprise .
“What’s wrong?”
Misa is looking at Sheila .
Her eyelids are slightly open .
As I returned to the bed her eyes opened fully and looked at me .
“… . . You are Arnos-kun……?”
“How do you know of me?”
Sheila should have been unconscious and sleeping for over a year now . She shouldn’t know me .
“………… . I’ve always been conscious . When Ray comes to visit he talks about you and how he’s made a friend . ”
I see . Not as much of a mystery as I thought .
“Then do you know of the contracted demon sword placed in Ray’s body?”
“Yes . ”
“Due to that contracted demon sword if I cure you Ray will disappear but I’ll do something about it What can you tell me about this spirit disease?”
“……Someone was in here once talking about it . I think it was a doctor . It’s not a disease . Spirits are born from peoples hearts……”
“I know . Traditions and legends, rumours, desires, fears and hopes . These are the concrete things that are the embodiment of spirits . ”
Sheila nods slightly then leaks a painful sigh .
“…… . . Spirits are born from the strong wishes of many hearts so they are fully mature from the moment of birth but half spirits are different . They are born as babies . It’s probably because of that they said . ”
Fumu . I’ve got a rough outline to read now .
“So in other words, newborn rumours, weak desires and faint hopes fill in the spirit side of your dual nature . ”
“That’s right . For a half spirit to grow up its necessary to nurture new rumours and faint hopes . ”
As time goes on the rumours, traditions and hopes will spread to more and more people . If this is done then you can probably lead a normal and comfortable life like Misa .
“Newborn rumours easily fade away and many people will have their hopes crushed . Its the equivalent to losing half your body so many half spirits are physically weak people . ”
This also explains why was ineffective . The source of a spirits magic is the hearts of others so rewinding Sheila time was pointless as the rumours and traditions that are the source of her magic are weakening .
“What’s the lore that forms the spirit half of your body?”
“……… . . I don’t know . Unlike spirits, us half spirits do not know what legends or traditions are ours so to us its normal to have short lives . ”
So due to the collapse of rumours and beliefs many half spirits die . If their rumours and lore are spread throughout the world then they can be treated . But if you don’t know their lore then you can’t save them .
Since Sheila’s condition is currently in remission does that mean the Lognoss clinic knows what her lore is? They may be controlling the rumours and beliefs so it doesn’t get too big but doesn’t get too small that it disappears .
“Did the doctor talking about the spirit disease say anything?”
“…… . . I didn’t hear them saying anything about rumours and legends…… . ”
So only a few people probably know then . No, it’s probably reasonable to think that the unidentified mazoku is the only one that knows .
If that’s the case then searching this clinic won’t turn up anything . I doubt they are idiots who won’t prepare for my assault either .
“How come you are able to talk?”
“…… . I don’t know . A little bit of power returned today but I don’t think it will last long……”
Was there a slight increase in Sheila’s lore? People will just think that it was the treatment of the clinic .
Though I think its a blunder on their part that she’s got enough power to talk, their ability to fine-tune the lore is pretty good .
Or is it possible that something unexpected happened?
“Before my power goes I want to tell you something . ”
“To me? Not Ray?”
“To you . ”
Sheila looks straight at me .
“Ray has always loved the sword . Whenever he had a spare moment he was swinging his sword outside . I wanted him to enjoy it more so I enrolled him in the biggest sword dojo in the city but he quit after 3 days . ”
“… . . Why?”
Misa says behind my back .
“He couldn’t find an opponent . ”
“That’s right . He said it was awkward after he beat his master . ”
That sounds like Ray .
“After that, he participated in various competitions but he hardly ever lost . Even if he did lose, the next time he fought them he won . Before we knew it he was being called the demonic sword saint and was recommended to the demon king academy . ”
After taking a breath Sheila continued .
“I’ve always thought him to be splendid and honourable but whenever he was praised he would always laugh and act like it was boring . One day that child said ‘I wonder if I was more unskilled with the sword I could make friends’ . He’s clumsy and only interested in swordsmanship and learning about swords but no one could keep up with his talent and because of that he built up a lot of grudges and jealousy . ”
Fumu . Well, it’s a common thing to happen .
“If that child wanted status and fame it would be fine but all he wants is actually a very small thing . How can I use this sword more with my power? If he didn’t have his talent with the sword then surely he would have worked together with a friend in competitions and spent his days happily . ”
Few people have such a pure love for the sword and practising it . Most are drawn to the fame and position of a swordsman or they just want to hurt or kill people .
At the end of the day, the sword is a weapon .
For the sake of the sword, he swings the sword . Few people will be able to understand Ray’s thoughts on this .
“Since I became ill Ray has become more and more lonely . He used to come and visit and talk about his day but he always sounded bored, however, one day recently his voice changed . ”
Sheila says in a happy voice .
“He said he’d found an amazing guy . No matter how much he wielded his sword that guy wasn’t bothered a bit . He not only lost but was completely defeated . It’s strange but he sounded so happy to have lost . It’s the first time I’ve heard that child’s voice sound so happy . ”
It’s not unreasonable for Ray to feel that way due to his abilities in this age . For me, it’s only been 2 months since I reincarnated but even in that short time I was becoming frustrated .
“Arnos-kun . From that day that was the name of the person that that child began to keep saying over and over again . Aah, I thought he had finally found a best friend . It really was the right choice to go to Deruzogedo . ”
The smile disappears off Sheila’s face and she continues in a serious tone .
“That child wanted to fight you in the sword tournament with every bit of strength he had . I don’t know what the royals told him but I’m sure it’s something that goes against his beliefs . ”
I nodded at her words in agreement .
“Please Arnos-kun . Please let that child fight you with everything he has . ”
“You know, don’t you? You’ll die even if I remove that contracted demon sword . ”
“Originally, us half spirits don’t live long anyway . I thought that I would do my best until that child became an adult but it’s okay now because he’s made a friend who’s worried about him without worrying about the danger . ”
Sheilas face becomes gentle .
“There’s no reason to keep living if all I’m doing is holding that child back . ”
Mothers are strong .
I suddenly started thinking of my mother .