Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 56

Chapter 56
Heading back home my mother is talking to the fan union girls .
They’ve left the more popular streets and the area they are in now is already dark and deserted .
“Isabella-san . ”
My mother turns around and see’s Emilia standing there .
“Good evening Emilia sensei . It’s amazing that the two students from your class are in the finals . ”
“Indeed . Thank you . Both of them are my prided students . ”
Emilia smiles but something about the expression gives off a dark feeling .
“Is your home this way Emilia sensei?”
“No . I’m here because the regulations say that the finalist’s swords are kept the day before the finals so I rushed after you . ”
The fan union members seem to be wary of Emilia and whisper amongst themselves
“Was there such a rule……?”
“I don’t know……but……”
“Is that so? I wasn’t aware . Does the tournament committee keep them?”
My mother asks without displaying any cautious behaviour .
“Yes . Its to stop swords being switched . It’s just a formality though . ”
Fumu . So Emilia’s aim is my sword .
Do you intend to alter it or just break it?
“I see . I feel bad asking sensei to do it so I’ll go and hand it to the tournament committee directly . ”
“It’s fine . I don’t mind . I’m going back to the school anyway . ”
“Funnily enough, I’ve left something at the school as well . Should we go together?”
My mother laughs while smiling but Emilia is starting to panic a little .
“It’s a bit strange though . I read through all the tournament rules but having to leave the sword behind wasn’t written down anywhere . It did say though that each person was responsible for managing their sword . ”
My mother’s smile doesn’t break .
Even if she’s not suspicious of Emilia directly she’s not accepting her words either .
Since she investigated about becoming a demon emperor she must be aware of the feud between the royals and the unification faction . She’s also aware that Emilia is in the royal faction .
“Let’s go . I can’t believe I missed that rule . I need to confirm it properly . ”
Emilia’s really confused now .
At first glance, my mother seems like she’s easy to deceive, however, compared to mazoku society human society has a lot more scammers, swindlers and fraud in general .
As such, even if you read a manual on a product you’ve bought you’ll get a headache from the level of detail written .
Humans, in particular, are very noisy and troublesome when it comes to rules and regulations .
It looks like it hasn’t changed after 2000 years either .
No, it might actually be worse .
Even if my mother trusts Emilia she will want to check just in case . Emilia seems to have made light of the common sense of human society .
I guess due to that wall I made there would have been almost no interactions between the humans and the mazoku . Oh well .
“……I’m troubled……”
That said, Emilia grabs the sheath of my sword .
“…………Emilia sensei… . . ?”
“Please give me the sword Isabella-san otherwise you’ll get hurt . ”
My mother pulls the sword from its sheath and backs off .
“Are you okay with that? If you don’t listen to me then you might end up dying together with that sword . ”
The magic formation for Grand Heat Blaze appears on Emilia’s palm but my mother still doesn’t let go of my sword .
“Shall I burn that filthy body that gave birth to that child that defies royalty?”
A large dark red flame that was burning vigorously attacks my mother .
“Mother! Please escape!”
The 8 fan union girls all deploy anti-magic fields at the same time .
For a moment the barriers seemed to block but they were burnt down the next moment .
Wounded by the intense flames the fan union girls collapsed . Though they managed to avoid death thanks to their anti-magic fields they had suffered extreme burns .
“Everyone… . . !”
My mother screams out .
“Why………Emilia sensei? Aren’t they your important students?”
“No . Lowly mixed-race peasants are not my students . They are just leftovers begging for the scraps left in my class . ”
Emilia lets out a smile full of dark feelings .
“Will you hand me that sword now?”
“…… . . Why……?”
“Why? Please don’t say such a shameless thing . ” Emilia says in an upright and innocent tone .
“My brother Kurt Roodwell is a swordsman representing the royal faction . More than anyone, he had a noble power and a noble heart but that unforgivable cowardly great criminal Arnos Voldigod broke that . I cant silently allow that man to brazenly stand on the final stage . ”
“Arnos-chan fought fairly! Your older brother won’t be pleased even if you do something like this!”
Emilia scowls at my mother in anger .
“Fighting fairly are words only allowed by the royals . There is nothing honourable in the power of Arnos Voldigod . No matter how strong he is, he is still a feeble coward of low birth . Such contemptible powers cannot be allowed to defeat royalty . ”
“………Don’t you find it strange that you intend to break Arnos-chans sword so he can’t appear in the finals? If you say royalty are honourable and noble then do the right thing and act like it!”
“You’re wrong Isabella-san . The royals don’t have to do the right thing because anything the royals do is always the right thing . Your arrogant words of doing the right thing is a direct criticism of the royals!!”
appears in Emilia’s hand again .
Anti-magic appeared again to counter it .
“…… . Mother…… . please run away…… . ”
The 8 badly burnt fan union girls stood up again .
“Everyone, don’t . ”
“If we relax the anti-magic everyone will be burnt again . Please run as far away as possible . Arnos-sama will surely come . ”
“But……… . . ! If you are all burnt by that flame you will all die! ………… . You’re all already badly burnt………!!”
Emilia intensifies the flame .
was already twice the size of the last one and it was getting bigger .
The fan unions magic cannot prevent it . It’s hopeless against the power difference but they all laughed .
“It’s fiiiiine! There’s eight of us but only one over there . ”
“Fumu . I held back a little last time . ”
“Oi! Are you imitating Arnos-sama!?”
“By imitating Arnos-sama I can borrow one one-millionth of his power! That’s fan union magic!”
“Was there such a magic!?”
“If we can borrow one one-millionth then this will be easy!”
Despite the crisis in front of them, they are fooling around trying to calm my mother’s anxiety .
“Please hurry up and go mother . If mother is here then we cant get serious!”
My mother nodded immediately .
“I’ll call for help! Please wait!”
My mothers starts to run while carrying my sword .
“As usual I don’t know what any of you are thinking . Even doing this won’t buy you any extra time . No honour, no power no wisdom . There’s a word for all of you . Stupid . ”
In Emilia’s other hand another appears .
“…… . . It’s not useless…… . ”
“…… . It’s not stupid……”
They say it like they are persuading themselves as well .
“……I’ll protect……the important Arnos-sama… . . ”
“… . . Protect…… . !!”
“Everyone, let’s go!!”
The fan union match their magic power together and deploy their anti-magic but the from Emilia’s right-hand burns it away instantly .
All eight people had spread out and dodged the flames . They quickly used Construction Creation and created spears before attacking Emilia all together, however, Emilia exploded the in her left hand releasing flames in all directions .
The fan union was surrounded by flames and blown away .
“… . . Kyaaaaaa…… . . !!”
“Like I said, you can’t buy any time by doing this . ”
My mothers figure is still reflected in Emilia’s eyes .
Another appears in her hand .
If she releases it my mother has no way of dodging it .
At that time I heard a faint melody .
“…… . You are under and I am above…… ♪”
Singing . The fan union girls lying on the ground are singing .
“…… . Shuu, shushushu, Instant death……♪ …… . . Fuuhaa…… . . ♪”
They unsteadily start to get up but there’s no power to resist . If Emilia ignored them it would be over .
“… . . You are under and I am above……♪”
Emilia’s face distorts and she says in a low voice .
“Would you please stop?”
Another fan union girl gets up .
“…… . La lalaala easy victory♪ ……… . Uuuahaaaa♪”
Emila shouts out like she can’t bear it .
“Don’t you understand what the word stop means!!”
Emilia’s burns one of the fan union girls but she continues singing whilst on fire .
“… . . The noble Arnos-sama’s gift~…… . . ♪”
They are doing anything to attract the attention of Emilia .
“………Attentive in bed . The prey dances~…… . ♪”
The remaining seven people rush Emilia empty-handed .
“…… . . Arnos-sama will put it♪ ……… . Get filled with the best magic power♪”
“Stop it!! Stop it right now!!”
Another girl burns but still the singing continues .
“…… . . Strong m-a-n in one shot~♪”
Another girl collapsed . If they are singing they are burnt but still, they continue .
“……Geeeet filled with♪ …… . . geeeet filled with♪ ……… . geeeet filled with♪”
Gasps for breath and a weak melody sounds .
“…… . You are under and I am above… . . ♪”
“You are all underneath!! You are all under the royals!! Stop this stupid song!! It’s royal criticism!!”
Emilia furiously burns the fan union girls .
“……… . Byuu, dobyuuu, instant kill♪ ………fuu ahaaa♪”
One by one the girls fall to the ground .
“……You are under and I am above……♪”
Two people are left .
“………Ahh, Aaahah relief♪ …… . Uuahaaaa♪”
One falls, another and the last person falls .
“… . . Hey, struggle…… . . receive the…… . noble gift……”
Still, she sings . A painful voice comes out from the flames .
“Making me go through this extra trouble……!”
Emilia clicked her tongue .
“But like I said it was useless after all . ”
Emila cast Flight and rises into the sky . Scanning around she quickly caught sight of my mother .
“… . Die…… . . !”
burnt violently in her hand and then shot towards my mother in an instant .
The next second a huge pillar of flame shot up into the sky .
“……Fufu, aha, ahahahahah!”
Emilia descends to the ground with a laugh .
“Haa . I finally feel refreshed . Should I send her corpse to that in inept person?”
She begins walking then begins to skip .
“Fumu . You’re in a good mood . Did something good happen?”
She stopped moving and turned around .
“…… . Arnos-chan… . . ”
I moved to my mothers side using Transfer and became her shield .
“Mother, are you injured?”
“I’m fine . ”
My mother hides her hands behind her back .
They are slightly burnt .
Because I arrived right at the last minute I wasn’t able to protect her .
I healed her using Healing and turned to my teacher .
“Hey Emilia . ”
I take step forward .
Despite the fact we are quite far away from each other Emilia steps back like she’s been struck .
“I’m a tolerant person . I can’t remember a single time I ever got angry in my past life . Fools used to buzz around me all the time but if they changed their attitude I forgave them . I thought that it was narrow-minded to get angry over such small things . ”
I stare straight at Emilia . I wonder what type of face I have right now? I can’t even imagine it .
“The thing is I’m sure that was a mistake now . ”
I take another step forward .
My voice sounded much colder than I would have thought .
“Emilia . You, I do not forgive . ”