Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 59

Chapter 59
The next morning I returned to the Lognoss Clinic .
“Nn……… . . ”
Misa, who had fallen asleep wakes up and looks sleepily at me .
“…… . . Arnos-sama…… . Ray-san is……… . . ?”
“Heading to Deruzogedo . ”
“Then……… . it’s morning already… . . ?”
Misa looks at Sheila .
Her condition is a bit more stable but could get worse at any time .
I had hoped that by morning would have helped her recover to some extent but it didn’t . Misa’s and Sheila’s wavelengths are just too different and due to the inefficiency of the spell Misa’s body won’t last . If Ray hadn’t stopped Misa I would have .
“Stay here until the finals are over . ”
Using Construction Creation I made a small glass ball appear on my fingertip .
“If something comes up break this glass ball . It will allow you to escape from the shadow sewing dagger . ”
I cast Light Source and Conditions so it activates when the ball is broken . simply makes light but it will cover the entire room in light and remove all the shadows so the shadow sewing dagger has no effect .
“See you . ”
“Errm……Arnos-sama… . . !”
Misa stops me .
“What’s up?”
Misa looks at me with a serious look .
“Can you use on me one more time?”
“For what purpose?”
“I’ll help Ray-sans mother revive before the end of the finals . After that Arnos-sama can just pull the contracted demon sword from Ray-san . ”
“ doesn’t have the efficiency to help her before the end of the finals . ”
It will take at least a day for sheila to get to the point where she can even walk . Also, continuing to use the power will put Misa in danger .
“It’s better than doing nothing . ”
“Even if you pray to the gods a miracle won’t happen . ”
“… . . Perhaps . But I won’t give up just because no miracles will happen . ”
Misa’s face carries a serious expression .
“I don’t want to regret it . I don’t want to look back later and think I could have done more . Even if nothing happens I still want to do the best I can . ”
Fumu . Can’t she understand the current situation?
“I understand your resolution . ”
I use and merge their roots together again .
“If you can make a miracle happen then come to the arena with Sheila . Even if the person who collared Ray notices I’ll deal with it . ”
Misa firmly nods .
“Understood . ”
“See you . ”
I move to the school using
I told Misa Sheila wouldn’t recover enough to be in time . That there’s no use expecting miracles .
I think about the finals as I head to the waiting room .
Ray has been told to set up some type of trap for me in the finals but he’s not good at magic . The use of other demon swords is not accepted either . Ray’s weapon Initeio is a sword that slashes magic formula . It’s strong but there’s not a lot he can do with it beyond that . What is Avos Dillheavia plotting?
Well, I’m not that bothered by whatever he’s plotting . My aims are to treat Sheila, remove the contracted demon sword from Ray and turn the tables on whoever planned this .
Anything beyond that is not worth considering at the moment .
I arrive in the waiting room and Ray is waiting on the other side of the room .
Like Ray, I also wanted to fight without worrying about such a boring plot .
While we waited for the start of the finals Ray kept staring at my sword .
A knock sounded from the door .
“Who is it?”
After a slight delay, a voice answered .
“……It’s me…… . ”
Misha’s voice .
“What’s wrong?”
The door opened and Misha’s face peeped through the opening .
“Supporting . ”
Misha nodded .
“I see . By the way, why are you only showing your face?”
“Can I enter?”
“Of course”
The door fully opened and Misha stepped through .
“Are you nervous?”
“Nervous? Fumu . I want to try being nervous at least once but I’ve got no experience . ”
Misha blinked a couple of times .
“What’s wrong?”
“Arnos like . ” Misha said with a laugh .
“Sasha not with you?”
“With Arno’s mother . ”
“Hou? That’s unusual . ”
I know that Misha learned cooking from my mother but Sasha isn’t that close to her .
“Heard she was attacked yesterday . ”
“From my mother?”
Misha nods
“Sasha sent a message . I will protect her so devote yourself to the final . ”
She’s a thoughtful person .
“Have you changed anything in the arena?”
Misha looks puzzled .
“There was evidence that someone sneaked in . ”
“Same as usual . ”
Fumu . I left Emilia’s corpse from before her reincarnation on the floor but someone’s cleaned it up .
Emilia’s reckless actions yesterday were unplanned by Avos Dillheavia . If they made a fuss over it his plan might end up being hindered .
The likelihood of them going after my mother again is very low but it never hurts to be careful .
If Sasha’s there, there’s no problem .
“……Something wrong?”
Misha looks at my face .
“No, it’s nothing serious . ”
“Anything I can do?”
I said it was nothing serious but… .
“In that case then, you can cheer for me . ”
Misha leans her head to one side .
“You said you came to support me . That’s enough . ”
Misha nods .
“Understood . ”
She walked to my side and took my hand . Her small hand overlaps mine .
“Not nervous . ”
“I’ve never been nervous right from the beginning . ”
Misha looks down in thought then raises her head .
“Arnos can win . ”
“I’ve never lost before . ”
Misha thinks again like she’s troubled about something .
“I’ll be happy when Arnos wins . ”
“I don’t think there’s any interest in the demon king of tyranny winning . ”
Misha shakes her head .
“Arnos is a classmate and friend . ”
“That’s right . ”
“So is Ray . Two members of the same team will fight in the finals to determine the best swordsman in Deiruheido . ”
Misha is speaking in her usual flat tone .
“It’s amazing . ”
At that time Thought Transmission was activated in the room .
“Thank you all for waiting . Let’s start the final game of the tournament! The first participant is Arnos Voldigod belonging to the Deruzogedo demon king school!!”
Apparently its time .
“I’m off . ”
Heading towards the arena Misha speaks to my back .
“Arnos was reborn . ”
Looking back Misha stares into my eyes .
“You are a student now . ”
Misha smiled slightly .
“Have fun . ”
Fumu . That doesn’t sound too bad . Is this feeling welling up from Misha’s support? It’s not a bad feeling at all .
I’m known as the demon king of tyranny but Misha is looking at the present me and not the past me .
I who was reborn into a boring, dull school life with too weak descendants and degraded magic formulas . There’s nothing to learn . No matter what I’ve done nothings come of it yet despite all this, this is what I wanted . This wasted time of idleness .
“Misha . ”
Misha looks puzzled and her face seems to say ‘what?’
I laugh .
“I’ll win the tournament . ”
“Nn . ”
I head out of the passage to the final stage where my friend awaits .