Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 57

Chapter 57
Were you frightened by my bloodlust? Emilia trembles while backing away .
“What’s wrong? Is this low born mixed-blood so scary?”
“…… . . Yeah, don’t flatter yourself…………… . I’m not scared!”
While speaking Emilia is falling back while looking for an opportunity to escape .
“Don’t move . ”
When I say that Emilia casts Flight and flew into the sky .
“I said, don’t move . ”
Emilia’s body immediately stopped moving and even manipulating magic became impossible so she crashed back down to the ground .
My words which were filled with anger and magic power carried a compulsion within them . They broke through Emilia’s anti-magic without any difficulty and restrained her body and magic power .
Emilia was still trying to escape but she was no better than a Daruma doll now and could only roll around on the ground shamefully . (1)
I walk slowly over to Emilia and stop .
Her expression was a mixture of humiliation and fear .
“Fumu . ”
I casually grab Emilia by the scruff of her neck and pick her up one-handed .
“………Release me…… . ! What are you doing?”
Ignoring her question I walk over the where the fan union girls have fallen and throw her on the ground .
“…Gah…… . ”
Even though she can’t move Emilia still tries to get away by rolling around on the ground .
“I’m going to play around a bit . It would be best if you remain afraid of me . ”
I approach the fan union girls and activate a magic formation over every one of them .
Looking them over with my demon eyes I can see that all of them are barely breathing .
Activating Healing I heal all their bodies at once then create new clothing for them using Construction Creation .
“…… . . Arnos-sama…… . ”
They slowly wake up and look at me .
Even though I’ve healed their wounds their consciousness are still hazy and they look at me in a daze .
“……We intended to protect your mother…… . . but… . . ”
Did you think you didn’t protect her? She makes a regretful face .
“Let’s hear your name . ”
“Your name . What is it?”
“… . . Elen . Elen Mihais……”
I ask the next girl .
“You are?”
“……Jessica Arnet……”
“… . . Maia Zemut……”
One after the other I ask all their names .
“Nono Inota . ”
“Shia Minshen . ”
“Himuka Houra . ”
“Casa Krenoa . ”
“Shelia Nijem . ”
“Elen, Jessica, Maia, Nono, Shia, Himuka, Casa, Shelia . ”
I said each name one by one .
“I will remember all your names for the rest of my life . ”
The fan union girls didn’t seem to be able to talk and just started crying silently .
“You should all rest now . ”
Turning around I return to Emilia .
“Now then . Sorry to have kept you waiting . ”
I grab Emilia by the scruff of her neck again .
“… . Wha… . . what are you going to do with me………!?”
“My mother will get worried if I do it here so let’s change places . ”
I used Transfer and after the pure white had faded an Arena appeared before us .
I throw Emilia on the floor and say .
“You may move . ”
I create a demon sword using and throw it towards Emilia where it lodges right next to her head .
“Use it . I’m going to beat you down until your rotten character is fixed . ”
Emilia stood up and turned her gaze to me .
“Don’t look down on me you inept mixed-blood…… . !”
“Hou . You seem energetic . Come . ”
Emilia pulls out the demon sword and slashes me .
As soon as she does an electric current runs down the blade and eats into her body .
“……Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……… . . !!”
Emilia instinctively let’s go and the sword falls to the floor .
“Ku . Kukuku . What was that Emilia? Can’t you handle the demon sword? Weren’t you part of the great royalty?”
Emilia glares at me while grovelling on the floor .
“… . . You inept person, amongst the lowest of the low . So self-important so……gokaa……!!”
I step on Emilia’s head and press it against the floor .
“Watch your mouth Emilia . I am not feeling kind today . ”
Holding my hand out the demon sword rises off the floor and floats to my hand .
“How about begging for your life?”
“Admit I am the demon king of tyranny . If you do, I might have a change of heart . ”
Anger enters Emilia’s eyes as she speaks to me .
“…… . How laughable . No matter how smart you try to appear you are not the demon king of tyranny . You can’t even become a demon emperor . You are just an inept person of vulgar low birth who—— . ”
I stab my demon sword in her back pinning her to the ground .
“…Ah… . . kafu… . . ”
“I guess I can admire that attitude . Now then, I’ll say it again . Beg for your life . ”
“Who wou——Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”
An electric current runs through the blade again causing intense pain for Emilia .
“… . . Haa… . . haa…… . . No matter what you do your blood will never be noble…… That will not change… . . ”
“Fumu . I don’t really care . By the way, this demon sword is poisonous . It’s a magic tool with some interesting effects . The host body that’s stabbed with this sword becomes a seedbed for a hundred poisonous rice worms that will fight and eat each other . Because they are poisonous, the bigger they get the more pain the host is in and eventually the host’s internal organs will be eaten . ”
“… . Wha… . . aaaa……a………”
“Listen . Can you hear it? The sound of them crawling through your body . ”
“Gyaaa… . . Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…… . Gieeeeeeeeeeeeeee…… . . !!!”
I put more weight on Emilia’s head .
“I’ll teach you another interesting thing as well . When one poisonous rice worm is left it merges with the power of the host . ”
“……………What do you mean…… . . ?”
“Don’t you get it? I mean that you will become the rice worm . It’s a strong curse . You will never be able to revert to your original body . ”
“You……you . . how much of a coward are you? Do you think the prestige of the royal families will be diminished by such an act…… . . !?”
I look down at Emilia .
“Your pain seems to have disappeared Emilia . ”
“…… . Eh?”
“Its evidence that your body is getting closer to merging . ”
Her face turned pale .
“… . . Sto… . . stop……”
“What wrong? You should continue . Something about the nobility of royalty and so on . ”
Emilia leaked a voice while he face was filled with humiliation .
“……… . Please stop it…… . . please……… . ”
“Fumu . I guess you have about a minute left . How is it? The feeling of being reborn?”
“Please! Please stop it!! Please help me!!”
“It’s not that bad actually . You will obtain stronger magic than you have now . You can take revenge on me then . Eh?”
Emilia’s body starts shaking .
“… . You……How cold-blooded are you……!?”
“Ku, kukuku . Hahahahahaha . Cold-blooded? This me?”
I vigorously stamp on Emilia’s face .
“Don’t make me laugh woman . Not after what you did to my mother . ”
Emilia falls silent at my stone-cold voice .
“Now then . It’s about time . ”
I fall silent and wait for the time to pass .
Looking down at Emilia’s face I can see tears falling non-stop .
“…… . . Under……I understand…… . ”
“What do you understand?”
Emilia forces out a thin voice while gritting her teeth and twisting her face in humiliation .
“……Demon King of tyranny Arnos Voldigod-sama…… . . Please grant me mercy……”
“I refuse . ”
Emilia begins weeping like a child .
“… . . Lie…… did you lie…… . ? When I begged for my life… . . ”
“I said I might change my mind . I decided not to . ”
Finding no words to say tears come out of her eyes again .
“Five seconds left . ”
Emilia couldn’t speak anymore and just looked in despair .
“Three, two, one . ”
She closes her eyes .
“Zero . ”
There’s no change in the body of Emilia .
Ten seconds pass, then another twenty and still she remains the same .
She opens her eyes .
“Why… . . ?”
“Kukukuku . Hahahahaha . Haven’t you noticed yet? The poisonous rice worms were a lie . No, actually it was hilarious . Did you think you had received mercy? You can let out a surprisingly modest voice . ”
Emilia’s face dyes red .
“I spared your life . ”
“… . I… . . wont… . . forgive you……… . !!”
Emilia grabs my foot with pure hatred on her face .
“… . . I’ll never forgive you!! No matter how strong you are your power has no nobility! It’s the power of a vile, vulgar mixed race! The disgrace you have given to the royalty here, someday, sometime…… . you’ll regret it… . !! Even if I can’t do it, my child will and if they cant do it their children will and their children and their children . Each generation will bear a grudge against you!!”
“Emilia . ”
I return her glare with tens of times more hatred than she is sending at me .
“It is this me that does not forgive you . Let me teach you the reason I spared your life . ”
I kick Emilia onto her back and thrust my hand into her chest grabbing her heart .
“… . . Ka……ha…… . . ”
“Receive my curse until the end of time . ”
Emilia who was kicking her feet stopped breathing after several seconds and then stopped moving .
“Realise it . Your arrogance . ”
I draw a magic formation on the floor and use Mazoku Training . A girl with brown hair and brown eyes appears on the formation .
The girl opens her eyes and stares at the body of Emilia in surprise .
“I’m dead… . . but this is…… . ?”
I tell the confused looking girl .
“How does it feel being reborn Emilia?”
“What is this? My body…… . My magic power……”
Emilia seems to be unable to hide her surprise at the weakness of her new body .
“… . Like this… . . Do you intend to humiliate me with this magic? With such low born power…………!?”
Laughter leaks deep from within my body .
“Kukukuku . Hahahahahaha . I see . Low born power? This is great . Listen up Emilia . ”
I told her to look down .
“You still think of yourself as royalty?”
“……… . . Eh?”
“I reincarnated you using Reincarnation . I bought you back with the mixed blood of humans and mazoku . Look into your own abyss with your demon eyes . ”
“…… . A lie…… . . ”
Emilia falls to her knees . Her whole body is shaking and she keeps muttering “a lie… . . a lie……” in an incoherent manner .
She keeps checking the blood flowing through her body again and again . There’s no mistake . She’s a mixed-blood no matter how much she looks . Far from royalty, she’s not even a pure mazoku anymore .
Emilia stands up with a crazy look on her face and grabs the demon sword near to her .
“Wrong…… It’s wrong… . . It’s not me . ”
Struggling she strongly puts the blade to her neck .
“You can die Emilia but I’ve cursed your origin . No matter how many times you die, until the end of time, you are cursed to be reborn as a mixed-blood mazoku . ”
Blood flows from Emilia’s neck . The demon sword falls from her hands and clangs to the floor .
“… . . I’ll study this curse……”
“You cannot escape my curse . ”
Did my words crush her hope? Emilia collapses in place .
“………No………… . . No……………………… . ”
Emilia shook her head again and again while her eyes were empty .
“Take a good look at Deiruheido from your new position . You might notice your opinions were unexpectedly biased . ”
“No…………… Such a thing……no…… . . ”
I use to leave this place and as my world dies pure white
“………… . Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… . !!!!”
A crazy sounding scream rings out .
(1) A daruma doll is a traditional Japanese hollow round doll . I’m sure pretty much everyone has seen them before .