Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 62

Chapter 62
“Fumu . So that’s how it was Melheys . ” I said to the man that appeared . “You stuck that contracted demon sword in Ray and even the tournament was your idea . Your Unification Faction is simply a power balancer for the royal factions . If the royal factions get too big a lot more reckless royals like Emilia will appear . ”
Melheys nods in a polite manner .
“It is as you say . ”
“Your origin has not been taken over so who’s orders are you following or is it your own will?”
Melheys doesn’t answer .
Because he lost his memory did that make it easier to betray me? Is it possible he actually has his memory but managed to hide it from me? It could be neither of those options as well .
“The Unification leader is said to be an unknown mazoku . Is it Avos Dillheavia?”
“Is that what you think?”
Oh well . It was worth a shot .
“It’s fine . I’ll make you confess by force then . ”
“Unfortunately, that will be impossible Arnos-sama . ”
“Oh? Because a large Dimensional Prison was deployed you think you can beat me since I’m locked in?”
“No, since I had already won when the match started . Victory was decided while you were playing around in the demon sword tournament . Your loss was caused by your lack of attention when you lapsed into sentimentality . ”
Melheys draws a magic formation and pulls out the Kings Scepter .
It should have been kept at the academy but one of the old seven demon emperors would have no trouble getting it .
“Your left arm that was amputated by Initeio will not heal so easily . ”
What Melheys is saying is true .
Initeio cuts all magic formulas and the effect remains for a while afterwards so I’ll have to wait to use recovery magic .
I can heal it but it will take a while and Melheys won’t be stupid enough to allow me that time since he appeared the moment my arm was severed .
“Moreover, thanks to the your magic has been reduced by over half now . Being trapped in also means your subordinates can no longer help you . ”
Magic particles gather on either side of me and two men appear .
It’s two of the old seven demon emperors . Gaius Anzem and Idol Anzeo .
“Fuumu . Apparently, its time to return the debt . ”
Gaius carries his extremely large demon sword Grajeshion on his shoulder .
“Don’t be careless Gaius . Even if he’s weakened he’s still the founder . ”
Idol grips both his swords of ice and fire .
All three swords were destroyed by Ray and me but they seem to have been repaired .
“Have you understood? It’s three on one with three being old seven demon emperors . No matter what you do there’s no winning for you in this situation . ”
I laugh through my nose at the words of Melheys .
“Fu . Kukuku . Three on one? Can you not count Melheys?”
“What are you say—”
A noise rings out and Grajeshion leaves Gaius’ hand and pierces the ground followed by Gauis as he collapses on the spot .
“…… . Gaius?”
Next Idol’s head falls to the ground .
“……Wha, this is…… . !?”
A blade flashes but Melheys quickly unfolded a magic gate and disappeared only to reappear again a short distance away .
“As expected I still can’t cut three people at the same time . ”
Melheys looks in the direction of the voice and see’s Ray standing there holding my Kongo Iron sword in his hand .
“Ray Grandori…… . you should have died……”
“If Ray was beaten by me in the finals he was supposed to die . I guess the contracted demon sword was supposed to cut even deeper into his origin . If that were to happen not even I could revive him, however, the sword was embedded in Ray’s body . ”
Melheys seems to have noticed something
“…… . . Did you pretend to stab Ray Grandori in the heart but instead destroyed the sword that was embedded in him………?”
“That’s what I set out to do from the start but I knew I would be aimed at the moment I relaxed which would be right at the end of the fight and I was right . As soon as was deployed you stopped watching Ray with your demon eyes and that allowed me to act . ”
Melheys stares at me and Ray with a grim expression .
“Weren’t you one-sidedly observing me Melheys?”
“There shouldn’t have been a chance to make arrangements between yourselves in advance . Ray Grandori was fighting against you seriously . ”
“I was serious . ” Ray says . “I fought against Arnos seriously to protect him . I was also serious about destroying the bracelet and losing my mother as well . It wasn’t a lie when I said I wanted to fight him with all my might . ”
“Then how was it possible the moment I released my demon eyes for you to destroy the contract sword?”
“……We didn’t make any advanced arrangements . I just thought he would transcend it all with his strength and it seems he did .
“Wha…… . ”
Melheys is lost for words at Ray’s response .
“It seems you made a miscalculation . Usually, if there is a handicap you protect your body . Did you think I’d protect my body and the bracelet but be defeated by Ray?”
Melheys doesn’t answer and just quietly gazes back .
“It’s not a big deal though . I took all of Ray’s energy and fought against you outside the stage at the same time . I actually won two matches . ”
Melheys’ expression told me all I needed to know .
“You said I didn’t notice because I was playing Melheys . You got in the way of my match with Ray and you tried to kill both Sheila and Ray . Why did you think I needed to stop my fun over such a trivial trick? Insignificant and worthless . That’s all your plan was . ”
I take one step forward .
“It seems like I did make a small mistake . ” Melheys says “However, that’s not all my plan was . Preparation is key to any strategy and I did have a contingency plan in place . ”
Melheys creates another magic gate . If you know the structure of the prison you can still connect two different spaces and transfer between them .
“Do you think you can run away from me?”
“No, I’m not escaping . Certainly, I did miscalculate, however, the end result hasn’t changed . I’ve still won . ”
The magic gate slowly opens and a person appears from it .
Ray’s gaze becomes stern .
“…… . . Mother… . . ”
What appeared was Sheila who had been in the stadium moments ago . She was restrained by Demon Binding Chain .
She seemed unconscious . Has her spirit disease worsened again?
“Why do you think her condition got better after coming to Deruzogedo?”
Melheys draws another circle and dozens of red precious stones emerged from it .
“Destroying one of these jewels will erase one of the rumours and traditions that sustain her life . ”
Melhey’s flicks a finger and destroys one of the jewels . I checked with my demon eyes and Sheila was certainly weaker .
Conditions . By destroying the jewels the magic Forgetfulness will activate and wipe the rumours from the memories of those who know what Sheilas rumours and traditions are .
There’s 46 jewels . Presumably, that’s all the people that know Sheila’s rumours .
“Now that you understand shall we get on with the negotiations?”
Ray quickly glanced in my direction .
“If I want to save Sheila’s life you mean?”
Melheys nods graciously
“Indeed . ”
Melheys opens a gate over the jewels and another one over Sheila which sucks them both in and they disappear .
“Sign this Contract if you wish to help her . ”
Even if its difficult to kill me can still tie me down .
“Fumu . Then you should kill her . ”
Melheys looks confused at my words .
“…… . . I think I misheard that . What did you say?”
“I said if you are going to kill her then do it . ”
I say it again to threaten him and Melheys falls silent .
“Bear this in mind though . There’s nothing to protect you if you kill the hostage . ”
Melheys looks at Ray .
“Ray Grandori . Are you sure you want to sacrifice your mother?”
“I’m already prepared . My mother doesn’t want me to be sacrificed for her sake . ”
Melheys didn’t respond right away . He probably didn’t expect us to ignore the hostage so easily .
“… . . Do you think such a bluff will really work?”
“Try it and see then . ”
Melheys keeps looking at me like he’s trying to see my real intent .
“Well? Hurry up . You didn’t take a hostage if you had no intention of killing them did you?”
I take another step forward towards Melheys and raise my right hand forming a magic circle .
“Apparently, it seems I’ll have to show you how serious I am . ”
Melheys takes 5 gems out of the magic gate and destroys them .
“I wonder how long her body will last?” he says without seeming to care .
“Only five?”
“…… . What?”
“What are you so afraid of? If you are going to break something you break it all and do it quickly . Are you afraid of what I’ll do when they are all gone?”
“…… . How regretful… . . ”
Melheys takes another 20 gems out of the gate .
“With this that’s more than half . ”
“What about the other 21?”
Melheys doesn’t answer and just stares at me .
“Who are you going to fight Melheys?”
I send a huge amount of blood lust his way .
“Did you think I’d roll over just because you took a hostage?”
I put magic power into the formation in my palm and a black sun appears .
“You don’t seem to have noticed so I’ll teach you . When you decided to face me you’d already given up your life . ”
Melheys took up a fighting posture .
At that moment Ray threw his sword at him .
“Fuu… . . !”
“… . Ku……how futile……”
Melheys brushed the sword off without any difficulty .
“If you struggle any more your mother’s life will real—”
In the brief moment that Melheys was distracted Ray jumped into the gate Sheila had disappeared into and I jumped into the one that the jewels had disappeared into .