Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 65

Chapter 65
“……… . . Ga……ka…… . ha… . . a……”
Melheys lets out a painful breath .
Venuzdonoa has pierced his head but he’s still alive .
“Fumu . It seems a troublesome thing has been embedded in you . ”
A demon slavery sword has been placed in Melheys brain . Even a persons thoughts can be controlled by the owner of the slavery sword .
“Perish . ”
Venuzdonoa destroys the slavery sword placed in Melhys brain .
When I pull venuzdonoa out of Melhey’s head he turns vacant eyes towards me . Gradually they begin to regain colour and life .
“Have you returned to sanity Melheys?”
He lowers his head in gratitude .
“…… . I am extremely sorry Arnos-sama………I was careless…… . ”
When I checked him in the union tower he definitely had no memory of me . I found it hard to believe that he had waited patiently all those years to only to try and kill me .
Of course, it was possible he had successfully hidden his memories from me .
Now though it seems that the aim of Avos Dillheavia was to make me think Melheys was an enemy so I’d kill one of my allies .
Since Ray had had a contract sword stabbed in his body I had toyed with the idea that Melheys might also be in a similar situation .
“Who attacked you?”
Melheys shook his head with an apologetic expression .
“……I don’t know . Even using magic I couldn’t see their face . That night I met Arnos-sama I was attacked by someone and stabbed with the demon slavery sword . I never even noticed they were there until it was too late . Two thousand years ago I stored and prepared myself but I didn’t even have the chance to use it . ”
I see, that’s why he stored it . 2000 years ago after being attacked by subordinates of Avos Dillhevaia he stored to defend himself if he was attacked again .
The other side knew Melheys was a tough opponent who prepared elaborate plans so they used him to try and kill me this time .
Sticking Venuzdonoa in the ground the sword turned back into a shadow and sinks into the shadows under my feet . It is, so to speak, now in its sheath .
“I’d better reconnect that . ”
I take my left hand that’s still grabbing onto Melheys and stick in back onto the stump where it fuses back to my body .
I try moving my fingers .
Fumu . No problems .
“Bring Gaius and Idol here . ”
“Understood . ”
Melheys creates 2 magic gates and the bodies of Gaius and Idol are transported to me .
“What are you going to do?”
“Apart from you, it seems that all the other seven demon emperors have had their origins fused and their bodies taken over . ”
Melheys face turns serious as he considers this information .
“Are they subordinates of Avos Dillhevaia?”
“Aah . ”
When I was dealing with Aivis I had no choice but to exterminate the other origin but it’s different this time .
“There are another two origins serving under Avos Dilheavia here . ”
I draw and activate the magic formation for Root Separation on the corpses of Gaius and Idol separating the two origins fused with their original origins .
“Avos Dillheavia trusted them enough to have them take over the bodies of the old seven demon emperors so they should be familiar with his plans . ”
Taking over the bodies of the old seven demon emperors meant that they were in direct control of the myths and legends of the demon king of tyranny . That type of position wouldn’t be given to strangers or subordinates they didn’t trust .
Even on the off chance they are clueless, there’s a chance that when I bring them back with Resurrection I might know their faces .
After separating their origins I drip two drops of blood .
“Revive and bow before me fools . Show me your identities . ”
As I activate two shock waves smash and cut their way through into this space and come flying towards us cutting the two origins in half right as they are about to be revived eliminating them and leaving nothing behind .
“Wha…… . . !”
As Melheys let out an exclamation of surprise I turn my eyes in the direction of the attack .
A man wearing a sinister-looking mask was standing there with his whole body covered in jet black armour .
Is the mask a magic tool? Even using my demon eyes I can’t feel any magic power coming from him . That also explains why I didn’t notice his attack until it was too late .
“………That’s impossible . Entering from the outside……… . ” Melheys says in a confused voice .
It certainly is unexpected . Forcing your way in from the outside is not easy .
“Fumu . Are you Avos Dillheavia?”
No answer .
“You don’t want to talk? Let’s see what we can do about that . ”
I hold out my hand and the shadow underneath my feet moves revealing a shadow sword that rises up towards my hand .
“…………… . . ”
The hand of the masked man moved slightly and ripped a hole in which he disappeared into .
“Melheys . ”
“………I can’t sense his magic power so it’s difficult to follow him . I can’t find him anywhere in so he’s probably escaped . ”
Did he judge he couldn’t win against Venuzdonoa? He must have seen the fight between me and Melheys .
Only one more second and he would have been rust on my sword . Seems he’s no fool .
He had one purpose only it seems . To dispose of the origins of the subordinates possessing Gaius and Idol . If the origins are destroyed it’s impossible to get any information from them .
“What should I do? I may still be able to follow him . ”
“It’s fine . Leave it . ”
It’s not the time to chase the masked man . I have no doubt he accounted for being followed .
“I’ll give you instructions later . For now, revive Gaius and Idol . ”
The only origins that masked man destroyed were the subordinates of Avos Dillheavia . He left the original origins of Gaius and Idol alone for some reason . As per usual they will have no memories but they can revive in a normal state now .
“Your will . ”
I sheathe Venuzdonoa in the shadows again and open a gate in front of me from which my Kongo Iron sword emerges .
“Are you done here?”
“Aah . ”
I pick up my Kongo Iron sword .
“Please enter my lord . I have connected it to the arena stage . Ray Grandori will also appear there . ”
Nodding I enter the magic gate .
As I walk through the distorted passage I started to hear voices .
“……Oi, what’s happened…… . ?”
“I don’t know . There’s no sound coming from the stage and you can’t sense any magic either…… . ”
“There’s no communication from the management either . What’s going on?”
“Oi, wait a moment . Look there! Is that a figure emerging?”
“…… . . Aah, it is……Has the magic been cancelled…… . ? One person’s standing and the other is on the floor…… . . ”
“Has it been settled?”
“Who won?”
The magic fades and disappears .
What the audience saw was me standing there with my Kongo Iron sword and Ray on his back next to a broken Initeio .
The owl’s voice rings out .
“The destruction of player Ray Grandori’s sword has been confirmed . Winner, Arnos Voldigod!”
*WAAAAAAAAAAAA* A great cheer overflowed from the arena .
“Yes! Arnos-chan won!!”
“Aah……that’s right . Our son’s great after all . ”
I can hear my mother and father .
“As expected . Arnos-sama is the best in the world!”
“Indeed . Arnos-sama is super cool…… . . *sniff*…… . Uuuuu… . ”
“Wait, why are you crying?”
“Because I’m so impressed……All the rules helped the royal faction and hindered Arnos-sama……… . . but he won without complaining……”
“Enough already . Becoming so serious all of a sudden . ”
“I’m always serious!”
The girls of my fan union are in tears .
A grand applause comes from the audience seating . Most of them were mixed-bloods but they were all very happy . They were in such a state clapping and screaming it looks like they could go on forever .
Eventually, the cheers settled and the owl spoke .
“The closing ceremony will be held later but right now player Arnos will be awarded a souvenir demon sword . ”
A girl wearing a dress enters the arena holding a demon sword in both hands .
Blue eyes and with her blonde hair down the girl had a familiar face .
Coming closer the girl smiles at me .
“Congratulations . ”
She presents me the souvenir magic sword .
“Fumu . What are you doing Sasha?”
Sasha immediately looked a bit awkward .
“Misha is with Isabella so don’t worry . Anyway, the match is over so you can do what you want now”
“I didn’t ask that . ”
Sasha glares at me with dissatisfaction .
“You don’t seem to know but the Necron family is a prestigious family . We are not very good with swords so we honour the champions of the tournament instead . ”
I see . Because Sasha is a direct descendant of one of the old seven demon emperors she’s in the right social position to do it . It’s all about giving prestige to the winner .
“Hey, just accept this sword already . ”
Sasha holds out the demon sword again .
“That’s not the attitude someone who’s supposed to be praising me should have is it?”
I casually take the demon sword .
“…… . I’ll do it properly…… . ”
Sasha blushes and looks at my face .
“Congratulations Arnos Voldigod and blessings to your sword . ”
Closing her eyes tightly Sasha stretches out towards me and lightly touches my cheek with her lips .
Applause once again overflowed from the seats .
“I said it… . . ” Sasha says while looking down and not meeting my eyes .
“Was there such a rule? If you didn’t want to do this they couldn’t make you . ”
“I know that . I don’t need you telling me . ”
Sasha’s face suddenly looked like she wanted to dodge the question before averting her eyes with a frustrated look .
“…… . I said I’d do it because I thought you’d win……” Sasha mutters weakly .
Her words faltered as she searched for the words she wanted .
“I have no intention of honouring any demon king……… . . apart from you……”
She’s speaking some pretty cute words which make me smile unintentionally .
“That’s a good intention . ”
“…… . Hmph…… . You’re as self-important as ever…… . ”
Contrary to what she said Sasha’s mouth softened .
“Ah . ”
Sasha let out a voice like she’d remembered something and drew the magic formation for Thought Transmission in front of me . It was programmed to transmit to the audience .
“Arnos Voldigod . Can you tell us how you’re feeling right now?”
“Aah . ”
There is something I need to say .
“I was able to win thanks to this sword . ”
I lift it over my head and show off my Kongo Iron sword .
“This sword that my father forged with his hopes and desires had the same strength as the demon sword Initeio . Its power comes from the heart and not magic . My father is a true master craftsman . ”
I turn my eyes to the seats .
“Thank you father . ”
Looking at my father I can see his face is strongly trying to endure something .
I listened carefully to my father’s voice .
“……What’s he saying Isabella……? Shouldn’t he be saying something to the teachers of the school…… . ? That swords no big deal . Everything he achieved was down to his own power and because he worked so hard——”
My father sheds tears while being deeply moved and my mother smiled a gentle smile with tears in her eyes .
“…… . He really is something……I’m not happy Isabella……”
My mother gently strokes my fathers trembling back .
“We are now ready for the closing ceremony . Can all spectators please move to the throne . ”
The owls voice rings out and the audience stand up and begin to move .
Looking over at Ray he’s surrounded by a number of doctors but they are struggling with his wounds . They are using recovery magic but it doesn’t look like he’s healing .
“I’ll do it . You can go”
I cast Anti-magic Healing on Ray .
His wounds heal in a moment and his eyes open slightly .
“……… . Is it over?”
Did you lose consciousness for a while? Ray looks a bit absentminded .
“It was a good game . ”
I hold out my hand to the fallen Ray who reaches up and grabs it .
“It’s the most frustrating feeling to lose . ” Ray says to me while standing up . “But next time I’ll win and defend you at the same time . ”
“I look forward to it . ”
Me and Ray exchange smiles .
“…… . Ray-san, Arnos-sama…… . !”
A voice drew near to us .
Looking up Misa is running down the seats towards us with lots of tears in her eyes .
Her face is very pale and it doesn’t look like she’s very impressed with my victory .
“Are you okay… . . Misa-san?”
Ray is worried and calls out to her .
“… . . Sorr… . . ”
Misa attempts to talk but her voice catches in her throat .
“…………I’m……… . . sorry……”
Misa’s voice falteringly comes out full of apology and guilt .
“…… . Ray-sans mother……I……I……a bit more……just a bit……she became energetic……I couldn’t protect her……she recovered…… . . ”
“Don’t worry about it . ”
When I said that Misa’s eyes rounded and she looked at me with a questioning expression .
“Sheila’s spirit disease is cured . ”
I drip a single drop of blood down and cast Resurrection .