Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 66

Chapter 66
66 . Tranquil morning

In the darkness, I felt a little hand touch me .
“Arnos . ”
I hear the voice of a familiar girl as I’m gently shaken .
“Breakfast . ”
I open my eyes and see a girls face looking at me .
Beautiful blue eyes and long platinum blonde hair with ringlets that tickle the tip of my nose .
It’s Misha .
“Woke up?”
“Aah . ”
Misha laughs happily and says
“Good morning . ”
Getting out of my bed I ask Misha
“Why are you here Misha?”
I draw a magic circle under my feet and change my pyjamas into my uniform instantly .
“Practising making bento today . ”
I see . Was my mother teaching you how to make bento’s while she was making mine?
“I also made breakfast . ”
“I’m looking forward to it . ”
Misha blinks several times and looks surprised at my words .
“What’s wrong?”
“Going to eat?”
“We are talking about breakfast right?”
Misha nods a couple of times and points to herself .
“Can’t I?”
“Mother made Arnos’ share . ”
I see .
“Let’s go then . ”
“Nn . ”
Misha answers plainly like normal and opens the door .
Her expression is as deadpan as ever but she seems depressed .
“I’ll happily trade my breakfast for the one Misha made . ”
Misha stares into my eyes searching for my true intent .
“………That okay?”
“If it’s okay with you . ”
Misha thought a little before answering .
“Arnos likes mothers cooking . ”
“I do indeed, but I seldom get a chance to eat your cooking . ”
Misha looked down a little and smiled a shy but happy smile .
“Gentle . ”
“I’m just whimsical . ”
Misha shakes her head .
“Did Arnos understand?”
“Understand what?”
“My feelings?”
“That you were a bit disappointed?”
Misha lowers her eyes slightly when I pointed it out .
“…… . . Embarrassed…… . . ”
“You often look at me as well . ”
When it comes to seeing right to the bottom of my heart no one else comes close to matching Misha .
“However, my demon eyes won’t lose to you . ”
When I say that Misha’s eyes open a little and she laughs .
“Did I say something funny?”
“Have a guess”
Why did she laugh?
“Are you happy?” (A)
“Look more . ” (M)
Misha answered me but didn’t give me an actual answer .
Misha heads down to the living room and I follow .
Breakfast is set out ready on the table but only for two people .
“My parents?”
“Work . ”
My dad is still helping out the workshop that helped him with the Kongo Iron sword . Thanks to the demon sword tournament my dad seems to have been acknowledged as a superior craftsman now . He’s even been told he can go and help out anytime he wants in the future .
“My mom?”
“A customer asked for an appraisal at their home but it’s quite far away . ”
So she left early then .
“Arnos was tired from the tournament so they said they didn’t want to wake you . ”
I wasn’t actually tired but I guess it’s a parent thing .
“Shall we eat?”
“Nn . ”
It’s usually quite noisy thanks to my noisy parents but me and Misha had a quiet breakfast together .
After finishing breakfast we tidy up and leave the house together .
Walking side by side we take a leisurely walk to school .
I could have used but we have plenty of time . There’s no need to hurry .
It’s not a bad feeling at all attending school while slowly taking in the morning streets .
“That’s… . . ?”
We encounter a face we know well .
It’s Sasha and she’s looking at us suspiciously .
“……… . Why are you coming to school with Misha?”
“Because we met this morning . ”
“I can see that you’ve met up . I was asking why . Don’t you want to tell me? Is the explanation awkward?”
“Bento . ” Misha says . “I had Arnos’ mother teach me . ”
“I see . Hmph . You did say you were learning cooking . If you were going this morning you should have told me . ”
Sasha seems slightly dissatisfied . Do you feel left out?
“I said . ”
“Eh? When?”
“When I went out this morning . ”
Sasha looks down in thought but doesn’t seem to remember at all .
“You’d already gone when I got up though…… . ”
Misha shakes her head .
“That was the second time . ”
“Lie…… . Really…… . ?”
I see . Sasha fell asleep again after Misha told her .
“Fumu . Sasha’s weak in the mornings it seems . ”
“I’m not really……… . ”
Misha nods at me .
“Very weak . ”
“I’m not . It just takes me a while to get out of bed, my head is all fluffy and my memories a bit vague . That’s all . ”
How is that not weak? Have you listened to yourself?
“What’s with those triumphant eyes?” (S)
“It’s fine . It’s nothing to be ashamed about . Being weak in the mornings isn’t a problem . Your life isn’t over because of it . ”
“Can you stop talking like you’re saying something really important?” (S)
I told her she didn’t have to be ashamed but it looks like she didn’t understand what I was saying .
“Whatever . It’s fine . Let hurry up and get going . ” (S)
As soon as Sasha started walking Misha hurried after her .
“About what?”
“…… . . I went alone . ”
“I don’t mind that . It can’t be helped that you expressly left early this morning and made a big detour to Arnos’s house . ”
Misha looks down thinking .
“……I won’t go anymore……”
“Why? I said I don’t mind . If Misha wants to go then just go . ”
Misha falls silent and I start laughing .
“What are you laughing at?”
“Nothing at all except you’ve done nothing but lie since we met up Sasha . If you wanted to come to my house you should just say so . ”
“I……… . I didn’t say I wanted to come or anything……”
Her words feebly drop off at the end .
“There’s no point in being stubborn . You are weak in the mornings and couldn’t come anyway but don’t worry about it . In front of me, your morning weakness means nothing . ”
“… . . Errrm . You seem to be exaggerating a bit there but what do you intend to do?”
“I’ll come to you and wake you up myself . ”
“… . . Eh . ”
Sasha’s face turns beet red .
“I’m not as nice as Misha . Don’t think I’ll let you fall asleep twice in front of me . ”
I look into Sasha’s eyes while talking .
“What’s your answer?”
Sasha couldn’t meet my eyes and looks down .
“………………………… . . Yes………… . ”
Sasha’s answer is very faint . Is it really so embarrassing not being able to get up in the morning?
“We can all go together next time . ” I say to Misha who nods happily .
“… . . Bu…… . but…its weird that Arnos will come to wake me up just so I can go to Arnos’ house . ”
Sasha starts mumbling to herself .
“Yo . Good morning . ”
I turned around and Ray was standing there .
“Yo . ”
Misha and Sahsa say good morning to Ray together .
“Have you always gone to school together?”
“No . It’s just a coincidence this morning . ”
Ray walks over to my side .
“Oh, by the way . Do you have any idea where I can find a good demon sword?”
“Fumu . A stand-in for Initeio?”
“Because it was spectacularly broken it can be fixed but it will take quite a while so I need a replacement for the time being . ”
Fair enough . Not like he can have Sheila become his sword every time he needs one . I wonder if I’ve got a suitable sword for Ray in my treasury?
“Good morning everyone!”
In the distance, Misa waved at us and runs over to us where we greet her .
“This is unusual all of you attending school together . ”
“Yeah . Apparently its a coincidence . ” Ray says .
“That’s right . *Fufufu* but it’s nice being able to attend school this way since I was always alone in the mornings . ” (Misa)
“That’s surprising . I didn’t think you were someone that got lonely easily . ”
“Ahahaha… . . That’s a secret…… . ”
As two people make a little exchange we continue on our way to Deruzogedo enjoying the tranquil morning calm .