Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 69

Chapter 69
69 . Unique sword Sigshesta

After performing meaningful self-study all day I took Ray to my treasure vault hidden in the underground dungeon of Deruzogedo after school ended .
Ray was looking around in astonishment after seeing the sheer amount of magic tools and weapons .
“All “these yours Arnos?”
“I collected them all 2000 years ago . ”
“Hou . The story of you being the demon king of tyranny is gradually starting to feel more real . ”
Ray’s voice is definitely distracted as he talks to me while looking around .
To this man, the demon swords in front of him are far more important than the demon king of tyranny from 2000 years ago .
“Choose whatever you like . ”
Ray starts looking at the demon swords one by one .
All these swords are excellent articles from the age of myths but its hard to say if any of them are as good as Initeio to him .
Initeio is a good demon sword but it’s not very powerful . Even though it can slash magic formulas it doesn’t mean it can negate all magic . The user must use their own ability to cut the magic .
One example would be if you shot a mass of magic attacks and the user couldn’t cut them all . Or the time when Misa used Initeio and was unable to cut the complicated formula of Demon Ice Demon Fire Rivalry Wave . You could also just fire a wave of pure magic with no formula which would be very hard to cut with Initeio .
Even though it can cut through anti-magic, barriers and formulas its pretty mediocre as a sword due to its power being greatly dependent on its user . In the hands of Ray, it becomes a fearsome demon sword that can defeat both offensive and defensive magics . The slashing of all its opponents magic at the sword tournament was due to Ray’s skill .
Initeio was a good matchup for Ray due to him not being very good at magic but good with a sword .
“Nn…… . ?”
Ray stopped and turned his eyes to the corner of the vault .
“Can I try that one?”
“Aah . ”
Ray draws a demon sword from its sheath . The sword’s body is a silver so beautiful its enough to fascinate the eye .
“Nice . ”
Fumu . Has that one attracted your eye? It’s quite a strange one .
“Unique sword Sigshesta . It’s a very troublesome demon sword . ”
So Ray can try it out I create a statue in front of him using .
“Try to cut it . ”
Ray steps in front of the statue and swings Sigshesta down faster than the eye can follow .
“… . . Fuuu……!!”
The sword passes through the statue cleanly but nothing happens . It’s fully intact .
“Oh . ”
Ray smiles at the sword with interest .
“Sigshesta’s blade changes for the demon using it but it’s a tricky sword to use . If you don’t focus your mind and heart completely it won’t cut anything . ”
Even one stray thought or idle idea and the sword won’t show its full potential . Sigshesta only turns into a demon sword when your mind, body and soul are concentrating on one thing and that’s easier said than done . That’s not something that can be easily achieved .
Not to mention such single-mindedness on the battlefield will get you killed right away . To make matters worse, preparing wholly for your opponent’s attack doesn’t mean the sword will acknowledge it as single-minded dedication .
“Can you use it Arnos?”
“I can, but in my case I just force it to obey me . As far as I know, only one person has ever been able to truly master Sigshesta . ”
“I’d love to fight that a person . Is that demon sword user still around Arnos?”
I laughed .
“No . He said he wanted to reincarnate . He gave me that magic sword to put here . ”
Sigshesta is the demon sword my right-hand man Shin used 2000 years ago .
“If it’s you though, you might be able to use that sword . ”
“Because you resemble that fellow a lot . ”
Ray smiles his refreshing smile
“Am I that reincarnated person?”
“I don’t know yet . Are you aware of anything from back then?”
Ray thinks about it while staring at the sword .
“I feel like I’ve lived in another age apart from his one but I don’t have any memory of it . ”
I see .
“If you master that sword you might remember something . ”
“Why’s that?”
“A unique sword changes with its owner but the spirit of a previous owner can reside in the blade . If you were that previous owner you should be able to sync with the thoughts left in the blade . ”
It’s possible Shin foresaw this and that’s the reason he had me put it here so he could get it back someday when he reincarnated .
“Well, even if you remember your past life not much would change . I don’t think there’s any real need to remember it . ”
“Perhaps, but for now I’ll take this sword . ”
“Don’t you want to carry on looking?”
“I like this sword . ”
The sword is probably calling him but even if it’s not, deliberately choosing the most troublesome sword possible is something Shin would do .
“Shall we go back then?”
After reaching the surface me and Ray parted ways with me heading off to the Arnos fan union tower .
I enter the tower and start to head on up . I’d promised Melheys we’d talk .
As I approached the 2nd-floor familiar voices could be heard .
“Okay then . Now onto the lyrics of the Arnos-sama support song number 3 . Anyone with any ideas please raise your hand . ”
“Yes! I think this one should be about the feelings associated with the lines Arnos-sama has said . ”
“What lines has he said?”
“Like the one he said during the demon sword training class [Did you think my head would break just because you cut a mountain in two?] that one . ”
“Ohh . I like it . ”
“That it? In the case of Arnos-sama, his head not breaking is nothing special . Doesn’t that line lack a good direction?”
“I agree . ”
“If we do make lyrics like that then what would be the Arnos-sama style?”
The girls of the fan union fall into silence as they think but no one seems to have a good idea . After a while, a subdued voice spoke up .
“[Did you think we were dating because we kissed?]”
The girls let out a scream .
“Fiend! Arnos-sama you brute! But it sounds so good!! It’s cool! It’s definitely something Arnos-sama would say!”
That not something I’d say .
“Then how about this? [Did you think you took my heart just because I held you?]”
“Nooooo!! The brute!! But I definitely want to be told that!!”
“[Just because we’ve met at noon did you think I wouldn’t want your body?]”
“A straight delivery! That’s too fast Arnos-sama! Being active from lunch!”
“How about this? [Did you think I’d marry you just because you love me?]”
“I don’t know anymoooooore! It’s too mysterious! My brain is overheating!”
“The last line could be [Did you think you stopped being my thing just because I threw you away?]”
“Noo! I don’t want to be thrown away! Stop it, stop it Arnos-sama . You say it like I’m a convenient girl…… . . its cruel……”
Fumu . What the hell is going on?
“This has a good feeling now . Is the storyline any good?”
“I think so, yes . Let’s go for a love song for the 3rd Arnos-sama support song!”
“Wait a minute . A love song isn’t a support song is it? How are we supposed to sing that when Arnos-sama is fighting?”
“Ah, that’s right . ”
“It would be odd…… . . ”
“What if we think of it this way? Because Arnos-sama is so strong and all fights are trivial to him, he hears our song and his heart burns with love and desire to spend the night with his chosen one!?”
For a moment total silence came and then .
“Ge… . geniuuuuuuuuuuuuuus!! Have you seen through the heart of Arnos-sama!?”
You didn’t see through my heart .
“Ehehe……… . Just because it’s a support song it doesn’t mean it can’t also be a love song . ”
A giant scream sounded throughout the tower .
Fumu . Whatever . Let’s just pretend I didn’t hear anything .
I need to talk to Melheys and they are happy and having fun .
I carry on up the tower .