Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 68

Chapter 68
68 . The demon king self-studies

“Amazing, you’re amazing Arnos-sama! As noble as always!”
“Yes! If Arnos-sama teaches me the heroes magic then we don’t need to go on this school exchange!”
“This school exchange means we have to go to Azeshion right? Will we be lodging somewhere?”
“Possibly………… . are you going to do a night raid!?” (1)
“I can’t do something that shameful!”
“Why are you asking then?”
“Will we sleep in the same building as Arnos-sama? If so, isn’t that the same as sleeping together? It’s almost a hug right!?”
“You know…… . your strong delusions are quite embarrassing . ”
My fan union is being noisy as usual .
“…… . I see……… You’re that inept person . ”
Has it finally clicked? Menou looked at my school badge .
“I thought something about you was familiar . You’re Arnos-kun right? You won the sword tournament . ”
“Aah . ”
“Like the rumours say, you really can do incredible things . ”
You might hear about my power but to actually witness it . Can’t you hide your surprise?
Well, I’m pretty sure Emilia wasn’t saying anything good about me to the other teachers so Menou might have been doubting what she’d heard .
From what I’ve seen of Menou she doesn’t seem to be one of the stiff royals like Emilia either .
“Well then, as you can all see this is the heroes magic . Anyway, next week everyone in this class will be going to the royal capital of Gairadeite and studying at the hero academy . My third-year class will also be going . The owl will be delivering all the necessary paperwork to your houses today so keep an eye out for it . ”
Getting over her surprise Menou had started over again .
“Today is only a quick introduction from me so the rest of your day is self-study . Please try not to disturb the other classes . ”
Menou heads out of the room but stops as she remembers something .
“Oh right . I’m sure the hero academy is also practising army magic so there might be a competition between them using and us using . The best mazoku from all over Deiruheido are gathered here in this school so I won’t accept us losing . ”
Menou winks mischievously .
“Well, I’m sure the third years will uphold our honour but I expect no less from yourselves either . Please don’t show any unseemly behaviour and all of you do your best with self-study . ”
Menou leaves the class .
“Fumu . Self-study huh?”
“You’re not going to bother are you?” Sasha says looking over at me .
“Of course I am . It will be too boring otherwise . ”
I stand up
“Misha, Sasha, Ray, Misa come with me for a bit . ”
“That’s fine . ” (Ray)
“What are we doing?” (Misha)
“Because its self-study I’m going to teach you how to use your powers . ”
I hold out my hand and Misha takes it . The others also hold hands and I use .
The place we arrived at was the demon forest . This is the best place for practising due to the magic soil that repairs anything so you can go wild without worrying .
“……………I’ve got a bad feeling about this . What are we doing here…… . ?” (Sasha)
“I’m going to teach you all . ”
Sasha had a faraway look in her eyes for a moment .
“You serious?” (Sasha)
“I said I’d teach you all to use your power . The mock fight between us and the hero academy is also a certain thing too . There’s no way it’s just a possibility . ”
“I guess, but you alone will be enough won’t you?” (Sasha)
“I won’t deny that . ”
“I learnt something during the demon sword tournament . ” (Arnos)
Sasha’s face takes on a curious expression and Misha stares at me
“Learnt what?” (Misha)
“Even if its insignificant use everything you have . Doing your best is the highest thing you can do . Even if you have to overturn heaven and earth, push through with all your might . Doing that gives birth to something irreplaceable . ”
“……… . Why are you coming out with those springtime of youth lines when you have that insane power…… . ?” Sasha complains while Misa has a bitter smile .
“……Ahaha…… . Even if we know that, those things rarely work . ” (Misa)
“I understand it though . Arnos’ feelings . ” Ray says with his refreshing smile .
“I thought you’d say that Ray . ”
“Good thing . ” (Misha)
Misha nodded .
“Do my best . ”
I glance over at Misa .
“Of course I’ll do it . ”
“If everyone else is I will too . I’ll come with you . ”
I laugh and start walking .
“I’m glad I’ve got such understanding followers . ”
I activate a magic formation and turn back to face Sasha .
Sasha’s eye’s round in surprise .
“… . . Wait a sec . You can’t be serious…… . ”
“Defend against it otherwise you’ll die . ”
A jet black sun left a trail of light behind it as it shot towards Sasha .
Sasha immediately dodges it by jumping up and activating Flight .
The tree’s behind her disappear in a jet black explosion .
I ready another one .
“Hey! Wait wait! Isn’t firing off Flame Prison Anhiliation Cannon a bit much for self-study?”
“What sort of self-study doesn’t endanger your life?”
“What are you saying!? Are you an idiot!?”
“It’s fine Sasha . Your origin gives off its most demonic energy when your life is in danger . A light that is about to go out increases its light to stay lit . This is a solid guidepost to follow for those who study magic . ”
Sasha barely evades another while her face has the look of someone driven into a corner .
The scenery behind her is burnt again .
“It doesn’t matter how strong my magic gets if I’m dead does it!”
“Of course it does . Use that stronger light to avoid your lamp going out . Use your power right at the moment you are about to die to save yourself . Then the next time you are about to die your power will increase again . ”
The mazoku in this age are weak because there is no risk of death . In order to increase your power, it’s essential to die to the extent where you don’t die anymore .
I ready another .
“…… . Saying such absurd things…… . ”
“You can do it”
“Such a reason . ”
“You can do it . Don’t you believe in me Sasha?”
Sasha looks at me silently .
“Use your . They are the ultimate anti-magic . Remember when you resisted the time magic of Eugo Ra Raviaz?”
I fire another .
“………… . Erghh………… . Really…… . . !!”
Sasha deploys antimagic in front of her and slams the power of her demon eyes into the .
“…………… . . Take responsibility if I die!!”
The burns through Sasha’s antimagic in no time but Sasha’s reduce the momentum of the black sun .
The black sun got smaller and smaller as well as the flames dimmed but it didn’t lose all it power and slammed into Sasha .
“……Geh…… . . Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………… . !!”
Sasha was engulfed in black flames and got blown away right to the other side of the demon forest .
“Is… . Is she okay?”(Misa)
“Alive . ”(Misha)
Although not perfect she was prepared to die and as such her almost destroyed the . Thanks to the she won’t die though .
“I would say I’d fight you but I’ve got no sword . ” (Ray)
“Leave it to me . ”(Misha)
Misha uses Construction Creation and makes an ice demon sword for Ray .
“I’m saved . ”
Ray picks up the sword and heads towards me .
“Here I come Arnos………!!”
“Regrettable . ”
I catch the blade with my hand and shatter it .
“That was a poor use of Misha . When creating stones don’t create the stone but create the atoms that make up the stone . What makes a demon sword? You should look into the abyss better for your answer . ”
While speaking I thrust my fist at Ray who tries to handle it barehanded .
“…… . Haa…… . ”
It seemed like he blocked it for a moment but my strike broke through and connected deep in the pit of his stomach .
“…… . . Kuuuu……………!!”
“You need to think more about how to fight if you lose your sword Ray . If you have a sword you arent likely to be defeated by your opponent but if you lose your sword you have too many openings that can be exploited . ”
“…… . . That may be so but you feel stronger than before…… . . ”
“Even I don’t stand in the same place for long . If you want to catch up with me you’d better run with all your might . ”
Ray collapses on the spot as rain starts to fall on me .
Misa is nowhere to be seen .
Rain Spirit Mist .
“Don’t keep showing me the same magic over and over again even if it is spirit magic . ”
I walk slowly forward and grab a single drop of rain .
“Aah…… . . ”
It turned into the body of Misa .
“You are weak to begin with Misa but even the weak have their own way of fighting . Use your head more and make better use of your spirit magic . ”
I hit Misa with my magic power and she falls down unconscious .
“Arnos . ”
I turn around to look at Misha who’s made a huge demon castle out of ice using
“Again . ” (Misha)
“All right . ” (Arnos)
I create another demon castle on the spot using .
Turning my palm upwards my castle rises into the sky .
“I’ll try it . ” (Arnos)
I point at Misha’s castle and my castle flies towards it colliding violently .
A loud noise resounds and countless pieces of rubble fall down .
After the dust settled only my castle remained . All that was left of Misha’s castle was rubble .
“You’ve still got a long way to go . ”
Misha suddenly falls down unconscious . Without any hesitation, she had poured every bit of magic she had into that castle .
“Fumu . Good resolve . ”
I draw a formation under everyone and cast Total Complete Demon Healing .
All 4 people regained consciousness and slowly got up .
Using I restore their lost magic power with my own .
“Now then, let’s continue our self-study . I’ll revive you all as many times as needed until school ends . ”
(1) The term used here is Yobai which roughly means night crawling .