Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 75

Chapter 75
Are you upset by my words? Laos puts his hands on the floor and puts power in his feet but his body is pretty tattered and he is unable to stand up .
“You…… . !!” (Laos)
Gritting his teeth Laos glares at me .
“It’s fine Laos . This is your defeat . ” (Ledoriano)
While speaking Ledoriano stands in front of me .
“I apologise for his rudeness . As a consideration for me would you consider forgiving him?” (Ledoriano)
“I’ll think about it if you apologise for being rude as well . (Arnos)
Ledoriano speaks without any hesitation .
“As you say, the hero Kanon may not have defeated the demon king of tyranny . It happened 2000 years ago after all and we have no way knowing the truth . ” (Ledoriano)
I was actually a little surprised .
“You changed your attitude pretty quickly . ” (Arnos)
“Of course I did . Why not? When shown such a difference in power I’ll do what you say . ” (Ledoriano)
It’s a calm judgement after witnessing my power but it doesn’t sit right in my gut for some reason .
Why be so hostile if you are going to back down that quickly?
“What happened to your pride? Is that all right for a reincarnation of the hero Kanon?” (Arnos)
“Pride is never more important than a life . If bowing my head will resolve a situation then I’ll do it as many times as needed . ” (Ledoriano)
Fumu . It’s a believable reason .
“Whatever . It’s fine . Let’s go Sasha . ” (Arnos)
“Eh……? You done? I thought you’d rampage a bit more . ” (Sasha)
“There’s no point tormenting an opponent who’s lost their hostility . ” (Arnos)
We head for the door .
“Aah, please wait . Can you tell me your name?” (Ledoriano)
“It’s Arnos Voldigod . ”
Opening the door we left the library .
“Wait wait . ” Eleonor rushes after us . “I’ll take you to the gate . ”
As we move quickly to the gate Eleonor raises her finger .
“You leaving right away?” (Eleonor)
“I don’t mind and I’m sorry for any trouble I’ve caused you . ” (Arnos)
After that, we continued to the gate with Elenor following us to see us off .
“I’m really sorry . I know you got into a quarrel but Arnos-kun is really strong . I was surprised . ” Eleonor said as we reached the gate .
“I wouldn’t worry about it . There are energetic people wherever you go . It’s a bit troubling though when people think pure power can solve all their problems . ” (Arnos)
“……… . That line has zero persuasive power coming from you…… . ” (Sasha)
“Fumu . What do you mean Sasha?” (Arnos)
“Nothing . Nothing at all . ” (Sasha)
Eleonor laughs at our interactions .
“Arnos-kun and Sasha-chan are close . Are you dating?” (Eleonor)
“Eh… . . no…… . such a thing……isn’t… . . !!” (Sasha)
“Hmm? What are you getting so flustered over?” (Eleonor)
“What! I’m not flustered . ” (Sasha)
“I see, I see . Hmm . Not flustered huh?” (Eleonor)
*Unun* Eleonor nods .
After looking at me Sasha looks down .
“What’s with that…… . . ” (Sasha)
Eleonor smiles softly .
“Could you come here Arnos-kun?” (Elenor)
“What’s up?” (Arnos)
Going up to her she puts her lips near my ear .
“You’d be better off skipping this academy exchange . The hero academy hasn’t changed in 2000 years . ” (Eleonor)
After whispering that to me Elenor separated her body from mine .
“What do you mean?” (Arnos)
She laughs and smiles at me .
“You’d be better off not knowing any more . Bye-bye . ” (Elenor)
Elenor returns and heads back into the academy .
“What did she say?” (Sasha)
It hasn’t changed in 2000 years huh?
“Open . ” (Arnos)
I force open Lock Barrier and open the gate .
“Hey hey, Arnos . What are you going to do?” (Sasha)
“I’ll behave myself properly this time . Why don’t you go and play around in the city?” (Arnos)
“Haaaaa…… . . !?” (Sasha)
Ignoring Sasha’s raised voice I cast Illusion Mimicry and hide my magic with Hiding Magic .
Walking through the gate I head through the garden and come to the outside wall of the library . Looking up I see the second-floor window which Laos entered through is still open .
Jumping lightly I entered through there and heard voices .
“I left you with the bad guy role there Laos . ”
“Don’t worry about it . ” (Laos)
Looking down I could see Laos who was covered in the light of recovery magic .
“But damn that mazoku was strong . ” (Laos)
He stood up as if nothing had happened .
“What level was that guy?” Ledoriano says quietly .
“Five students have made it to Gairadeite so far and I think he’s one of them . He’s probably one of the top class ones from the demon king academy . Is he a 3rd year or one of those chaos generations we’ve heard about?”
“Is he the reincarnation of the demon king of tyranny?”
“If so then——”
A clear voice echoes in the magic library .
Appearing in view is a boy in a scarlet uniform . He’s got blonde hair with red eyes and nice facial features .
“The mazoku are not our enemy . ”
Laos laughs and shows his agreement .
“Aah, I agree . I somewhat understand opponent-sans ability . He’s certainly strong, frighteningly so but I’m not saying I couldn’t win in a fight against him though . To them we humans are small fish after all . ” (Laos)
“Was he fooled by your acting?” (Ledoriano)
Laos nods .
The blonde boy speaks .
“The day of the academy exchange is coming up . From now on well be able to see the surprised faces of the mazoku . ”
Fumu . Looks like he pretended to be beaten by me so they could hide their strength for the upcoming competitive tests with the academy exchange . Looks like the humans are still good at trickery .
Is this related to what Eleonor said about them not changing even after 2000 years?
Thinking about it, you could think that it looks like the grudge against the mazoku has not diminished but to me, I’m finding it hard to see it as anything other than people being in high spirits about the upcoming academy exchange and the competitive tests .
“After all, we have the holy mother on our side . Don’t we Eleonor . ”
The blonde boy calls out to Eleonor who has returned, however, she remains silent .
“……It’s nothing . ” (Eleonor)
Elenor heads up the stairs alone .
“As usual I don’t understand what she’s thinking . ” (Ledoriano)
The blonde boy smiles wryly .
Eleonor comes straight upstairs and walks to the window where I am before staring outside .
No, it’s different . Her eyes meet mine .
Fumu . Can she see me?
“……………… . ”
Elenor opens her mouth and silently mouths some words .
*Here is no good* she says
Eleonor then smiles and points outside before casting Flight and flying out of the window .
I follow after her .
Eleonor stops in the shade of a tree a little way away from the magic library .
“I remember giving you some advice . I’m sure I said you mustn’t enter without permission . ” (Eleonor)
Looks like she can see me .
I cancel and appear .
“That’s pretty impressive . There’s hardly anyone that’s ever seen through this . ” (Arnos)
“Hahaha . I can’t see your figure or your magic at all, however, your origin can’t be hidden . ” (Eleonor)
I see . That is true but usually, you can only see someone’s origin due to their magic power . Average demon eyes cannot see someone’s origin directly . There are exceptions however . The hero Kanon who was good at root magic was able to do so .
“Now you’ve understood you should leave . Nothing good will come from getting involved with the hero academy . ” (Eleonor)
“Aren’t you a student here at the hero academy?” (Arnos)
“I am and I’m also not lying . ” (Eleonor)
“Evidence?” (Arnos)
“None . ” Eleanor says without hesitation .
I unintentionally laugh at her dignified manner .
“Aah . You don’t believe me?” (Eleonor)
“No, I just think you’re a funny person . I’ll withdraw today out of consideration for you . ” (Arnos)
“Really? In that case, out of consideration for me would you tell me something?” Eleonor asks in a happy tone of voice .
Yare yare . What a shameless fellow . I like it .
“Very well . I’ll answer anything . ” (Arnos)
“Do you have any memories from your past life Arnos-kun?” (Eleonor)
“Yeah . ” (Arnos)
“Do you know about the hero Kanon?” (Eleonor)
“That’s two things . ” (Arnos)
“Aah . ” (Eleonor)
Eleanor’s face takes on a *Damn it* look .
“I was careless . ” (Elenor)
She sticks her tongue out in embarrassment .
“I knew Kanon . I made him a promise before I reincarnated and that’s why I’m here . I came to see if he’s been reborn . ” (Arnos)
“Eh……?” (Eleonor)
Eleanor’s face takes on a strange look . Is she wondering why I told her?
“Then I’ll also teach you something as well but its a secret between us two . ” (Elenor)
Eleonor raises a finger .
“I promise . ” (Arnos)
Her usual relaxed expression became serious .
“The hero Kanon doesn’t exist anymore . At least not the Kanon you’re looking for . ” (Eleonor)
“Fumu . What do you mean?” (Arnos)
“2000 years ago he was killed . Despite his origin, he’s no longer a hero . If you look for him you’ll probably regret it . ” (Eleonor)
I heard a voice from the distance .
“Oiiii! Eleonor! What are you doing over there? Heine is gathering everyone!”
I instantly hide with .
“Sorry . I need to go . ” Eleonor says and starts heading to the magic library .
“Eleonor . ” (Arnos)
She turns around when I called her .
“Who killed him?” (Arnos)
With a sad look she says
“…… . . Humans . ”
Eleonor leaves with those parting words .