Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 79

Chapter 79
Heading back to my seat I can see my fan union looking on with faces filled with rapture .
“Arnos-sama is the best!”
“Yeah! He can do anything he wants! I’ll follow him for the rest of my life!”
“Me too! That teacher though . Isn’t he the best and highest ranked teacher here who even teachers the heroes? My opinion of him is ruined now . How bad is it when your understanding of hero magic is less than a student from the demon king academy?”
“Arnos-sama might have done too much . I actually feel a little sorry for those students . ”
“What should I do!? I’ve just noticed something amazing!”
“………I have a bad feeling about this but I’ll ask . What have you noticed?”
“Demon swords are also a boys thing right? They are all about their demon sword . ”
“……… . I don’t think demon sword really has that meaning…… . ”
“What about holy swords then?”
“………!? Arnos-sama dual-wields!”
Kyaaaaaaaaaaa! Their voices ring out .
Looking over at the hero students half look confused at the sudden overwhelming momentum coming from our side and the other half look humiliated as well as confused .
“That surprised me a bit . ” (Ledoriano)
Ledoriano pushed his glasses up with his index finger
“But thanks to your display I understand it now . Overwhelming magic knowledge, a tremendous amount of magic power, and the technique to manipulate magic only meant for the heroes . ” (Ledoriano)
Looking at me with his cold look Ledoriano speaks confidently
“Arnos Voldigod . You are the demon king of tyranny reborn . ” (Ledoriano)
Laughter breaks out from the demon king academy side .
“Fuhahaha . Oi, what are you saying? Stop looking for an excuse just because Arnos answered your question . ”
“Aah . He can’t tell the difference between black clothes and white clothes . How embarrassing . ”
“Lay off hero side . Don’t you know anything about the demon king academy?”
“If you know then stop talking . ”
“No matter how amazing it is Arnos’ magic has no value . I suppose a human like you wouldn’t get it . ”
Ledoriano’s face starts to take on a dubious look . It seems this was outside of his expectations .
“If you say that he is not the demon king of tyranny then who is he?” (Ledoriano)
Ledoriano pursues it sharpy but even that question is ridiculed .
“Ledoriano-kun was it?”
The 3rd year student Libest speaks up .
“You seem somewhat familiar with the magic of the mazoku but do you know what the academy badges we wear represent?” (Libest)
“Of course . They represent your ability to be a demon emperor after taking the magic power and aptitude tests . The shape is always either polygonal or a star in a circle and the more sides or points there are the better you are . ” (Ledoriano)
“Heeee . So its always a star or a pentagram huh? Then tell me what shape is Arnos’ badge?” (Libest)
Ledoriano looks at my badge and its not a star or a polygon .
“…… . A cross…… . I don’t have any information on that……” (Ledoriano)
“That, Ledoriano-kun is the brand of the inept . In the entire history of the demon king academy, Arnos is the most distant from the existence known as the demon king of tyranny . If you call him the demon king in Deiruheido everyone will laugh at you . ” (Libest)
Following on from Libest some of the other 3rd years speak up .
“That’s right . Even the headmaster of the demon king academy has never bothered to meet him . ”
“How embarrassing to mistake that inept person for the demon king of tyranny . ”
“Arnos is not accepted by anybody back home . ”
Perhaps they were still angry about their treatment earlier but all the royals were riled up and getting even angrier about me being called the demon king of tyranny .
“……You are branding him inept when he has all that power? If that’s the case then what are the top students like?” (Ledoriano)
Ledoriano gulps and starts to look a bit scared .
It looks like the atmosphere created between me and the royals these last 2 months hasn’t been investigated by the hero academy yet . Looking at it from the sides like the heroes it must be difficult to grasp the current situation .
“…… . . Arent they just bluffing to hide him… . . ?” Laos whispers to Ledoriano who shakes his head .
“The demon king of tyranny is held in such high regard in Deiruheido that they won’t even speak his name . There’s no way they’d insult him even if acting and they would definitely never give him the brand of the inept even to hide him…… . ” (Ledoraino)
“Then what are you saying? That Deigo-sensei is inferior in magic knowledge to an inept non-conformist?” (Laos)
“Even if it’s only this one time please calm down Laos . ” (Ledoriano)
“Calm down! It’s not just magic its a heroes magic!”
Laos stands up and addresses me .
“Oi, you . Arnos Voldigod . Are you the demon king of tyranny?” (Laos)
“I am . ” (Arnos)
Laos suddenly turns cautious at my acknowledgement .
“I’ll teach you something . The name of the demon king of tyranny is Arnos Voldigod . Your history books and textbooks are wrong so you’d better rewrite them . ” (Arnos)
“…… . . What did……you just say… . . ” (Laos)
Laos looks confused which is to be expected since they were taught another name and now I’ve told him to doubt that .
“Oi oi . Look at him . That lie of yours is growing old now Arnos . ”
“You should understand with this . Don’t believe that inept persons lie . ”
“First off he’s not even a royal . He can’t be the reincarnation of the demon king because he hasn’t fully inherited his blood for the founder to reincarnate into!”
The royals begin jeering .
“Fumu . Don’t worry about what those fellows are saying . Also, I’m not bothered if you acknowledge me as the demon king of tyranny or not . ” (Arnos)
Laos gets angry again .
“…… . What’s going on!?………I don’t understand any of this……!” (Laos)
Fumu . I guess if people don’t have an answer they selfishly decide on one and look away from the truth that is all around them .
No . Actually, it’s quite a funny spectacle .
“Alright alright . Everyone stop being noisy . ” (Menou)
Menou claps her hands and calms the students down .
“Diego sensei the question about was ours so its the hero classes next . ” (Menou)
“Aah, that’s right . ” (Diego)
Diego turns to the class to select someone .
“Fumu . Don’t get too excited about the next question . Try not to give the wrong answer this time okay” (Arnos)
Diego stiffened at my words .
“You can’t say that Arnos-kun . It was just a mistake by Diego-sensei . It’s impossible for the dean of the hero academy to make a mistake with hero magic . Right sensei?” (Menou)
Menou gets a little revenge on Diego in return for earlier .
“*Cough* It seems we might have to change our plans a little . I want to continue this little ice breaker but it seems better to move on to the next class . ” (Diego)
Escape while there’s still chance huh?
“Eeh? is the hero academy running away?”
“That’s right . Things were getting good . ”
“We both have a draw with one correct answer each . Any more than this and they’ll lose . ”
“How can we lose if even their sensei gives the wrong answer?”
As expected from my fellow mazoku, they just blast away with a straight delivery .
“… . Don’t be stupid . As if we can lose in our own school . Let’s continue for a while sensei . The pride of the hero academy needs to be shown a little . ” (Heine)
Deigo walks over to Heine and scolds him in a whisper .
“Are you going to shame me even further in front of the mazoku… . !” (Diego)
Heine has a confused expression on his face .
Deigo shrugs his shoulders like he’s given up and returns .
“Class is resumed . ” (Diego)
Kuhahaha . What was that? I’m starting to feel sorry for Heine and the others having such a small fry teacher .
Compared to this guy even Emilia felt more like a teacher .