Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 81

Chapter 81
The next day .
We have come to lake Seimei outside the castle walls for the test .
Students from both academies are carefully checking their equipment and magic tools in preparation for the test .
Students from both academies got angry yesterday and even though neither side is looking at the other they are both giving off a tense atmosphere . Both sides might as well be saying I’ll show you .
The bell signalling the start of lessons rings out and Diego starts talking .
“Today we have an opposition test . As you already know opposition tests are done using army magic . The hero academy will be using Hero Unit while the demon king academy will be using Demon King Army . It should prove to be meaningful training since the characteristics of each spell are different . ” (Diego)
Even though Diego is explaining in a simple manner his eyes are giving off an eerie light .
“Dark feeling” Misha murmurs next to me .
“Fumu . He certainly doesn’t seem too sane . It’s a face I saw a lot of 2000 years ago . ” (Arnos)
“In a cage of hatred . ” (Misha)
It’s strange though this hatred for the mazoku . How can you be so hostile to an opponent which you have had no interaction with? And after yesterday events it’s an even lower boiling point it seems .
“The location for the test is lake Seimei . In other words, it’s an underwater battle . This is a measure to prevent damage to Gairadeite from magic . The surface of the water forms a natural anti-magic barrier and minimises the power of attack magic cast in it . Please do not cast magic above the water . ” (Diego)
There are normal humans in Gairadeite after all . Unlike the mazoku their bodies are weak so they are prone to magical influences .
“In addition, because lake Seimei is a testing ground there are buildings as well as caves in it . Making good use of them will be the key to victory . Now, any questions?” (Diego)
No one raised their hand .
“Menou-sensei I’ll have the selection class take part as they are used to using army magic and training in lake Seimei . Does the demon king academy have any 3rd-year students that have combat training and knowledge of army magic?” (Diego)
Menou looked at me for an instant .
“Or the chaos generation was it? Even reincarnated people will be fine . I don’t mind . ” (Diego)
“We’ll use 3rd-year students . ” (Menou)
“Understood” (Diego)
A weird smile crossed Diego’s face for an instant .
“Don’t be too hard on us . ” (Diego)
“Same here . ” (Menou)
Menou and Diego walk away from each other .
“Gather here everyone . ” (Menou)
All the demon king academy students gather around Menou .
“As explained by Diego-sensei we will be doing an opposition exam . The 3rd-year students will be going out . The first-year students haven’t trained in underwater warfare and it’s only Arnos-kuns team that is likely to have the land advantage over there . ” (Menou)
This is true . Two of the chaos generation Sasha and Ray are in my group . It’s no exaggeration to say that the remaining students are nothing but a disorganised mob .
“However, there are only five members in Arnos-kuns team and at the moment the school rules say that teams with less than 10 people cannot participate . ” (Menou)
Fumu . I think I remember Sasha saying something about that before .
“You can borrow the remaining five people from other teams but such a sudden change would not make for very good group coordination . ” (Menou)
“Matching the numbers is enough . I’ll take on the students from the heroes side by myself if you like?” (Arnos)
Sasha made a disapproving look at my words .
“Hang on . Why by yourself? I’ll be troubled if you don’t leave me my share . ”
Ray nods at her words .
“It’s about time I tried out this sword . ”
Misa laughs .
“Ahahaha…… . . I might not be very helpful but I’ll do my best . ”
Misha looks at me .
“Help you . ”
“If it’s you Menou you can see the power of me and my subordinates . ” (Arnos)
“I can . ” (Menou)
After affirming it Menou shows an unusually mischievous look .
“Sensei is a little angry here too . ” (Menou)
“Oh?” (Arnos)
“It will certainly be an easy win for Arnos-kun but I want to show those hero academy boys the power of my students . ” (Menou)
Fumu . Is that how it was?
It’s true that my easy victory will do little to calm down Menou’s sour feelings and that’s why she wants to show the power of the students she raised with her own hands .
“I understand your feelings Menou but do your 3rd-year students know how to deal with heroes?” (Arnos)
“… . . Do you know Arnos-kun?” (Menou)
“Who do you think I am?” (Arnos)
Menou didn’t answer and fell silent .
“In the old days those guys were sly and that class yesterday showed that they haven’t changed . If you don’t know what they have planned in this test then using my team would be the wisest move . ” (Arnos)
“Then why not think about it this way?”
It was the 3rd-year Libest .
“If we don’t know what they have planned then why not let third-years go out and see what they are planning?” (Libest)
Fumu . One of the royals has said something unusual .
“I don’t know where they found the information from but the hero academy knows a lot about the mazoku . We are at a disadvantage in this test just from that . More than anything we need to know their intentions . ” (Libest)
It’s a pretty standard strategy plus 2000 years have passed since we’ve had to fight the humans . If they really want to destroy the demon king of tyranny then they have probably developed magic I don’t know anything about .
If they have developed such magic I doubt they would be stupid enough to use it here though . It will probably be the same fighting methods from 2000 years ago .
“Even if I don’t know anything I won’t lose . ” (Arnos)
“I see you’re as arrogant as the rumours say though most just say you are an inept person . ” (Libest)
Libest sighs .
“Arnos Voldigod, I am from one of the royal families and frankly speaking I will never forgive you for saying you are the demon king of tyranny . ” (Libest)
With a strong will, he continues
“However, when you made that holy sword yesterday in my chest I felt satisfied . ” (Libest)
“Hou . ” (Arnos)
“You’re a disagreeable man but you’re a mazoku . They are different however . To insult the demon king academy is to insult the demon king of tyranny . ” (Libest)
I suppose you could look at it that way . To assume the identity of the demon king of tyranny could also be called a form of respect, however, I don’t particularly need to take that worthless title back up .
“You should leave the first match to us . If you’re the demon king of tyranny then why don’t you stand dignified at our backs?” (Libest)
He’s said something I know very well .
“Is that okay? Doing this is the same as being my herald . ” (Arnos)
“Today is an opposition test . I don’t remember being taught in Deruzogedo to have an internal dispute when fighting an enemy . Of course you take the best action to win . ” (Libest)
That is a mazoku-like way of thinking or perhaps it’s the result of Menou’s education?
2000 years ago the mazoku were not monolithic . Some were as loyal as Shin and others didn’t like me, however, when faced with a common foe such as the humans and spirits they forgot whatever quarrels they had and united to defeat the enemy in front of them .
Thanks to Avos Dillheavia they have been distorted somewhat but it seems some underlying values have not changed .
“The founder whom we respect fought for the weak and I have pride as his decedent . If I have to sacrifice myself to an inept person then so be it . ” (Libest)
For all that the royals say it doesn’t mean they don’t care .
In other words, to meet the expectations of his teacher this man will humble himself to this inept person .
“All right . Despite not knowing their intentions show me your resolve senpai . ” (Arnos)
Libest makes a fearless smile .
“Indeed . I don’t need you to tell me that . ” (Libest)
Fumu . What a loveable fellow .
Well, if he suddenly became obedient I’d find it a bit creepy actually .
“Well then . Is your team ready Libest?” (Menou)
All of Libest’s team nodded .
“Like sensei said earlier it’s a little ridiculous . If they have something to say they should just say it . As for that Diego with his constant prickling at us . If he’s an adult he should behave himself . ” (Menou)
When Menou says this in a low voice the eyes of Libests team glaze over in anger .
Their whole demeanour says they will get revenge for their teacher .
“It’s good! We will win! Let’s show these humans the power of the demon king school!” (Libest)
At Libest’s words, their voices rang out