Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 80

Chapter 80
There was almost a tingling to the air in the auditorium .
The royals from our side are angry with the heroes and they, in turn, are angry due to the humiliation they just received .
Does this class even have a point any more?
The low voice of Diego echoed out in the heavy atmosphere coating the auditorium .
“Holy swords are swords blessed mainly by the gods . They have magic power and chose their owners . Swords can also become holy swords if a spirit inhabits the blade . Apart from those two cases, there is no other way to create holy swords . ” (Diego)
Diego looked like someone being made to swallow boiling water as he talked .
At his words, murmurings came from the demon king academy side causing Diego to stop and clear his throat .
“Of course, there are exceptions to everything . ” (Diego)
Throwing out that line in desperation Diego continues .
“Holy swords are very rare items that you cannot just make more of even if you want to . Demon swords are great in that they can be mass-produced but holy swords are of a higher quality . That’s because on top of their own magic power they can also have the power of the gods and spirits reside within them . That is also what gives them their holy radiance . ” (Diego)
He’s not wrong per se in saying that holy swords are of a higher quality . There are demon swords with weak magic powers whereas all holy swords have strong magic . Also, most holy swords can seal a mazoku’s power . That ability is the main reason for most of the mazoku deaths .
It’s one of the reasons that humans who are inferior to the mazoku in both strength and magic were barely able to oppose the mazoku .
“It’s said that the number of holy swords existing in the world is 88 . Amongst those 88 the legendary holy sword used by the hero Kanon is regarded as the finest . The spirit god sword Evance Mana . 2000 years ago a master craftsman forged it before the gods blessed it and spirits dwelled within it . ” (Diego)
Fumu . There’s a nostalgic name . It was a ridiculously powerful magic sword . So much so it wasn’t even possible to think of it as a sword .
Well, it was a sword made exclusively to kill me after all .
“It was lost 2000 years ago but it’s said that when a great disaster comes to this world it will reveal itself along with the hero of legend and bring light back to this world . ” (Diego)
So it was lost .
2000 years ago in the whole of Azeshion, only Kanon could wield Evance Mana . With its owner gone it possible the holy sword that picks its own user disappeared . After all, the demon king it was supposed to kill hasn’t existed for 2000 years .
I’m suspicious about it really being lost though . If Aivis’ expectations are correct then whoever is trying to kill me now I’ve reincarnated will need Evance Mana or there’s no point even bothering .
“Speaking of 2000 years ago there’s an interesting anecdote that comes from that time about Mishens necklace . It’s a story about love and reincarnation . Does anyone from the demon king academy know of it?” (Diego)
There’s no way a mazoku from Deiruheido will anything about an Azeshion anecdote .
Naturally, no one raised their hand and after seeing this Deigo started gloating .
Yare yare . What a petty person . Even I’m starting to feel embarrassed for him .
“So nobody knows? Well, it can’t be helped . Then can somebody from the hero academy side please expl——” (Diego)
“Mishens necklace is said to have been given to lovers when one of them went to the battlefield . ” (Arnos)
Deigo gritted his teeth when I answered .
Fumu . A hit . Looks like the story didn’t change but then again there’d be no point changing a common myth like this .
If it wasn’t magic related then I wouldn’t have known it but luckily this a story from before I reincarnated so naturally, I know it .
“2000 years ago in the early days of the war, most of the humans that went to the battlefield did not survive . Therefore they made a wish on Mishens necklace that they would be tied together with their lovers and would be reborn in the same era . The shell of the Mishens shellfish that lives in Gairadeite lake is broken in two and made into two necklaces . One was worn by the lover staying behind and the other was worn by the one that went to the battlefield . ” (Arnos)
Diego just glares at me . It seems all he really wants to do it make us mazoku look like idiots .
“The Mishens shellfish live by drinking the sacred water of the lake and are said to be messengers of the gods . The humans of the time believed that the divided shells would guide the two origins to each other after death so they could meet . ” (Arnos)
From my perspective, the Mishens shell doesn’t have the power to act on someone’s origin though I understand there may be times when people want to cling to something .
Whenever I killed a human that wore a Mishens necklace I always cast Reincarnation on them . Magic is greatly controlled by the heart after all . If their desires were genuine then they may very well meet each other again when they are reborn .
Of course, it could have been that me doing that was just a way for me to soothe my conscience a little bit .
“In the latter half of the war hope arose in Gairadeite due to the activities of the hero Kanon . Many more people returned from the battlefield wearing Mishens necklaces and married their lovers . After that, the necklaces were simply called shellfish necklaces and the custom of combining the two shells into one and presenting it to your lover was born . ” (Arnos)
As peace approached people began to see hope which sounds good but some were simply trying to turn away from reality .
Only Gairadeite who had the hero was barely able to hold back the invasion of the mazoku . In the rest of Azeshion, the humans were being steadily hunted down .
“In addition, if someone was seeking marriage the tradition was born of dividing the necklace and only wearing one half to signal their desire for marriage . That tradition still persists to this day . ” (Arnos)
Finishing my explanation Deigo simply grumbles .
“…… . That’s right . ”
The bell rings signalling the end of class .
“Okay then . Next class starts in 10 minutes . ” (Diego)
Diego leaves the hall in a hurry .
“It’s regrettable that our competition couldn’t be completed Demon king academy onii-san . ” (Heine)
Heine smiled at me with a generous smile .
“What are you talking about? This game is my win . You teacher acknowledged your loss . ” (Arnos)
“Tch . How shrewd . ” Heine said without a hint a shyness or timidity .
If I believed that this game had no winner then becomes invalid . Which one of us is the shrewd one Heine?
“Do you want to know about the hero Kanon?” (Heine)
“No . ” (Arnos)
Kanon was killed by the humans and there’s mountains of things I want to ask about that but Eleonor says its a secret . I won’t be asking you .
was only valid for one answer per question . If I ask too ambiguous a question then the answer can be just as ambiguous .
“I’ll ask another question . Do you know the name of the demon king of tyranny?” (Arnos)
“…… . . Is that okay? You want me to say it here?” (Heine)
“I don’t care . ” (Arnos)
“Avos Dilleavia . ” (Heine)
You can’t lie under the effect of and I can’t see any evidence that the contract has been forcibly altered or destroyed . It seems he really doesn’t know the name of the demon king of tyranny .
“Something wrong?” (Heine)
“No, I just wanted to confirm something . ” (Arnos)
“Ohh . ” (Heine)
Heine flashes a mischievous smile .
“By the way, do you know about tomorrow? Were going to have a test between our two schools . ” (Heine)
“Fumu . Do you want to bet again?” (Arnos)
“Yeah . Tomorrow’s test is going to be a good honest fight all fair and square . ” (Heine)
Heine holds out his hand with an innocent look on his face .
“My my . It doesn’t sound like you are saying to you are going to cheat and be underhanded at all . ” (Arnos)
I smile back at Heine while shaking his hand .
“No way . Please look forward to tomorrow onii-san . I’m sure you’ll be surprised . ” (Heine)
Heine and the other two head back to their side .
What’s he planning? Not that it matters as the result will be the same as today .
“Hey hey, Misa . Is that the shellfish necklace Arnos-sama was on about earlier?”
The fan union girls are gathering around Misa’s seat .
“Ah… . it looks like it…… . ” (Misa)
Misa’s words become vague .
“Hang on . This reaction is suspicious . Really suspicious Misa . Did someone buy it for you?”
Fumu . How sharp .
“Ah…ahahaha… . . that’s not true… . . I bought this myself . ” (Misa)
“Hmmm . Is that so?”
“Did someone give it to you who bought it themselves?”
“It’s got to be . ”
“No way! Did you get it from Arnos-sama!?”
“Traitor…… . !!”
“You’re wrong! I really bought it myself!” (Misa)
“Will you bet your life on that statement?”
“……Ye… . . yes… . . ” (Misa)
Misa answers while being pressured .
“Eh? Has the first lesson finished already?”
Turning around I see Ray standing there .
“It’s just finished . ” (Arnos)
“Really? Guess I overslept a little . ” (Ray)
Without caring in the slightest Ray searches for a free seat .
“Is here free Misa?” (Ray)
“Ah, yes . It’s fine . ” (Misa)
Ray sits next to Misa and looks at the necklace she’s wearing .
“You’re wearing it? I’m glad . ” (Ray)
“Ah……erm……ah…ahahaha……” (Misa)
Misa looks really awkward and looks around at the fan union girls who are now looking at Misa with great interest .
All their eyes are asking the same question .
“…………………Yes……… . . ” (Misa)
Misa answers like she’s given up and all the fan union girls lean back in surprise before they all move away from Misa and face each other .
“Yes! She said yes!”
“That means Ray-kun gave it to Misa!?”
“Eh? But Ray-kun is with Arnos-sama……”
“Then that means…… . ”
“In other words……”
“She’s keeping indirect company with Arnos-samaaaaaaaaaaa!!”
It seems they reached their conclusion from a rather slanted angle .