Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 84

Chapter 84
I calmly step forward and head towards the heroes .
Forming a line next to me is Ray with his sword Sigshesta and Sasha wearing her is on the other side .
Misha also silently joins the line while Misa and eight members of the fan union follow behind .
Misa casts a questioning look at me with her eyes and I nod .
That makes 13 people in total . We now meet the number of required people .
“Heine” (Arnos)
Like someone unwinding after finishing their work he sits on a rock by the lakeshore and casts an innocent smile at me .
“Yo, Onii-san . That senpai was really weak . If that’s a third years student then the mazoku are no big deal . ” (Heine)
Heine laughs trying to provoke me .
“If you were the genuine hero Kanon you wouldn’t have needed to use that barrier . ” (Arnos)
The expression of Heine who was smiling comfortably distorted slightly .
“What are you trying to say?” (Heine)
“No matter what you do or how far you go you’re just a fake . A hero is someone who holds both strength and courage . At the height of the great war that man even gave mercy to the mazoku . Even if you look-alike you are nothing like that man that lived his life in constant conflict . ” (Arnos)
“Heee . Are you saying I’m not a hero? You speak like you knew him . ” (Heine)
Heine spits his words out .
“What do you know of humans Onii-san? Are you a reincarnated person? You may have met the hero but we still hear his voice to this day . ” (Heine)
Fumu . Now that’s something interesting he’s just said .
Let’s talk about it in detail after I beat them up .
“And? Are you playing with us next Onii-san?” (Heine)
“Aah . Do your best to hang on . I’m going to twist and crush that boring pride of yours . ” (Arnos)
Standing behind Heine, Ledoriano pushes his glasses up with his index finger while Laos stands up and cracks his knuckles . All the Jergakanon guys are motivated now .
“Sorry to interrupt all the excitement but your opponents are not Jergakanon . ” (Diego)
Diego walks over to us .
“To begin with if they fight now Jergakanon will be fighting consecutive battles . You might think you can win if they are exhausted but that’s just cowardly or is that how you are taught in the demon king academy?” (Diego)
Deigo sneers at us while talking .
“Sorry, but this is the hero academy . You will refrain from using such tricks while here . ” (Diego)
This fellow is number one at getting caught up in the moment and getting all cocky .
“The next opposition exam with Jergakanon will be held later . I really don’t know what you are trying to achieve with your insults . If you want to fight them then how about you fight my 3rd years first? The battle will start in five minutes . How about it?” (Diego)
I see . You want to let Jergakanon rest while we expose our power .
After fighting his 3rd years it will become a consecutive battle for us instead and he’s using lack of time to start the battle right away .
Such tedious little tricks he’s using .
“I couldn’t care less . Send out the small fries . ” (Arnos)
Diego grins and laughs .
Looks like he thinks everything’s going his way .
The holy water barrier can be used even by non reincarnated humans so does he intend to cut our power down as much as possible and let Jergakanon finish us off in the end?
“Then let’s begin immediately . Where do you want your base?” (Arnos)
“Give us the underwater city . ” (Diego)
We turn around and head towards the lake .
“Aah, first of all, can I just say I can’t use Underwater Activity magic . ” Ray says while flashing his refreshing smile .
“……… Okay . It’s an underwater battle . What do intend to do?” Sasha says while seeming surprised .
“It’s fine . I can hold my breath for a long time . ” (Ray)
“Huh?” (Sasha)
“Who else can’t use it?” (Arnos)
Awkwardly all eight members of the fan union raise their hands .
“…… . I don’t think they’ll die if I leave them alone……… Should I just let them float in the lake?” (Arnos)
“Should I support them?” (Misha)
If Misha uses on them then all 8 members of the fan union should be able to manage .
“That would be a heavy burden on you though Misha . ” (Sasha)
“It’s not a problem you need to worry about . ” (Arnos)
I cast on myself and dive into the lake .
Using I fly through the water and head to the caves that’s our base area .
“Hang on . Aren’t you being a bit irresponsible?” (Sasha)
Sasha and the others soon follow after me .
When we arrive at the base we hear Diego’s voice through .
“Are both forces ready? Let’s begin the test between the demon king academy 1st years and the hero academy 3rd years . Keep the honour and pride of your ancestors and fight fairly . ” (Diego)
Diego signals the start of the test .
“First of all, we need to do something about the holy barrier . While in it the power of the mazoku is halved . ” (Sasha)
“Take away the heroes badges?” (Misha)
Misha and Sasha look at me .
“The holy water barrier is established and freely moved through the flow of the lake water that in turn is controlled by the school badges . All it really is is a magic technique . We only have to stop the water flow . ” (Arnos)
“But how do we do that?” (Misa)
“Very easily . ” (Arnos)
I hold my hand in front of me and form a magic circle . It rapidly expands and causes particles of magic power to rise .
“………Eh………… . ?”
Sasha who’s seen this magic many times lets out a surprised voice .
“Wai…wait… . hang on……what… this magic is not normal… . . ! Even when we were self-studying… . ?” (Sasha)
“You probably learned this in history class Sasha . The name of the magic that the demon king of tyranny used to burn all of Deiruheido 2000 years ago?” (Arnos)
Sasha lets out an astonished voice .
“Weren’t you being serious before…… . ?” (Sasha)
“Of course I was, but if I don’t suppress it properly entire countries will disappear but due to this holy water barrier the power should be just about right now . ” (Arnos)
The black sun appears from the magic formation .
“Perish humans . Bear witness to the power of the demon king . ” (Arnos)
The dark light emitted from the jet back sun covered the entire bottom of the lake .
I fire and in an instant, both the normal water and the holy water are vaporised .
As if total night had come the holy lake continued to burn under the jet black sun .
“Fumu . You don’t need to hold your breath anymore Ray . ” (Arnos)
Before long, light begins to penetrate the darkness and it starts to clear up .
The water from lake Seimei had completely dried up and the students from the hero side were lying on the floor of what was once an underwater city .
“If there’s no water there’s no point worrying about controlling the water flow . No matter how much holy water flows in now they cant re-establish the barrier . ” (Arnos)
I cast my eye over to the far lakeshore to see Diego trembling with fear .
“…… . Ridiculous…… the water from lake Seimei…… . . The water given by the gods has dried up…… . . with just one spell……” (Diego)
He looks at the empty lake Seimei with surprise .
None of the prostrate 3rd years tried to move .
Have you given up on the battle already?
I use magic and pick up the fallen heroes and deposit them on the lakeshore .
“Fumu . Was the match over with my opening move? Even if they are called heroes the 3rd year’s don’t amount to much . ” (Arnos)
I fling those word at Jergakanon using
Heine, Laos and Ledoraino all have Grimm expressions on their faces .
“……What…that… . . was it possible to completely evaporate the lake with just one spell?…… . That bastard…… Isn’t he actually a monster? Even if he’s not the demon king is this really the level of a reincarnated person……?” (Laos)
“……Apparently, he’s clearly different from the 3rd years over there…… . To think our ancestors were dealing with these guys…… Well, humans managed to survive to this day……” (Ledoriano)
“But the stronger they are the better it feels when they give up right? If we contain them in a barrier then they should be manageable right?” (Heine)
The 3 of them let out words like that .
“What are you playing around at? It’s your turn now so get down here quickly . ” (Arnos)