Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 83

Chapter 83
“There’s no reply from any of the units Libest-sama . ”
In the demon kings castle, Libests subordinates are starting to panic over the loss of communications through
“If we can’t communicate with what are we supposed to do? Have they already been beaten in battle? Should we attack with the main unit instead of the scouts?”
“No . This is very strange . No way were they all beaten without at least one of them using to inform us . We should consider that they have set up traps outside . Carelessly moving about out there is probably what they want . ” (Libest)
Libest seems to have decided that staying put is the best course of action since they can’t see the enemies hand .
“It’s vexing but let them siege us . It’s not too late for them to underestimate us and give us the chance to strike back . ” (Libest)
There’s also the terrain effect of being in the demon king castle . If Libest [King] is in the castle then his power is strengthened . The true value of comes from siege warfare .
“Save your magic and the moment they show up really give them something to look at . ” (Libest)
They still don’t seem to have realised what’s going on while they stay in the castle and store up magic power .
After a short while .
“Hmph . Finally here? Let’s finish it . ” (Laos)
Laos emerges from the east and confirms the castle .
“You’re too hasty Laos . It’s boring if you don’t play around a little” . (Heine)
Heine appears from the west .
“Both of you are too careless . We still don’t know what will appear from the castle . Please proceed more cautiously . ” (Ledoriano)
Ledoriano appears from the north .
“I see them . North, east and west . It’s three heroes [Braves]!”
Libest’s subordinates raise their voices .
“Did they split up instead of acting as one group? I don’t suppose it matters now . Let’s go! Show those guys the power of the demon king academy!” (Libest)
“Roger that! Preparing Absolute Water Annihilation Cannon !”
“ preparing! Magic formation begin!”
A huge magic formation appears on the castle and turns into a turret above one of the gates .
“Start supplying magic power!!”
The formation activates as is receives magic and light gathers in the turret .
“Ready to fire!!”
Magic sights are aimed at Heine, Laos and Ledoriano .
“Here we go . fire!!” (Libest)
At that moment the lake turns white and is wrapped in holy light .
With Heine, Laos and Ledoraiano as the tip, a triangle formed of magic lines appears . From the centre, a huge magic formation appears and covers the demon king castle in light .
“……Libest-sama . Magic power and the power supply itself is decreasing rapidly . We can’t maintain the formation!”
The formation deployed on the castle disappears and even the whirlpools created around the castle have disappeared .
“…… . Wha… . We can’t draw any magic out . At this rate, the demon king castle will… . !!”
As soon as the [Guardian] speaks a sound rings out and the castle breaks in half and gets swept away in the water .
The outer walls, floors and ceilings come apart and everyone inside was dragged out .
Due to the castle collapse, the water becomes stormy .
Libest casts Flight and flew through the water somehow managing to regain control and begins re-establishing order .
“Everyone calm down and prepare for the enemies attack . I’ll help you!” (Libest)
“Ohh? Can you do that?” (Heine)
Heine appears behind Libest .
“Is onii-san a demon king [king] who will become a demon emperor in the future?” (Heine)
“What about it?” (Libest)
*Fufu* Heine laughs .
“Look at that . Do you understand?” (Heine)
Libest turns to look at where Heine was pointing and a flash of light appears .
The rubble from the collapsed castle is scattered in the water along with the other students and from the lake floor countless flashes of holy fire are firing out .
“It’s no good!……… Anti-magic can’t be used!………GUAAAAAAA!!”
The lake had become complete pandemonium .
To the listening Libest, Underwater Activity is barely working as their voices augmented by magic are becoming feeble .
“Ha! You’re weak! If this happens you Mazoku are weak!!”
Laos fires off multiple Holy Flames burning one student after another .
Both anti-magic and recovery magic were sealed by the barrier scattering the magic for them into the water and making them useless .
“Ahahahaha, how unsightly . I have to laugh if such a pitiful person is a future demon emperor . What is the demon king academy teaching you? How to let your comrades die without helping them?” (Heine)
Libest’s eyes sharpen at Heines words . He tries to pull his demon sword out but he can’t due to his low magic power .
“Why is your magic weakening? Would you like me to tell you?” (Heine)
Heine was totally playing with Libest now .
“The holy water that mixes with this lake creates a special barrier . You can use it as a source of magic power if you can draw it out but if not it will hinder your use of magic power . I say that but you cant use it at all so it would be hard for you to do . ” (Heine)
Heine deliberately exposes the holy water magic tool to Libest .
“So it was such a thing…… Even so, you should have remained quiet to the end!!” (Libest)
Libest accurately analysed the flow of Heine’s magic power and uses the holy water as a magic tool in the same way .
And that was the trap .
“………Ah……… . ” (Libest)
The power of the holy water penetrates directly into Libest’s origin . Holy water benefits humans but is poisonous to mazoku . The holy power tears his body inside to shreds .
Libest bleeds from his whole body .
“Ahahahaha! Failure failure! The students of the demon king academy can’t do such a difficult thing . ” (Heine)
Heine mocks Libest and raises his right hand .
“Come my holy sword . Great sacred ground sword Zeele . ”
Light gathers in his palm and instantly materialises .
A holy sword emitting a deep green glow appears in Heine’s hand .
“Hey, you’d better use anti-magic quickly . If you don’t do your best you’ll die!!” (Heine)
Heine swings his sword down and the water is split in half due to the pressure and amazing torrent of magical power it’s emitting .
The video suddenly broke off . Was the falcon familiar caught up in it?
“… . Libest-kun……!?” (Menou)
Menou screams and the next moment she glares at Diego .
“Rescue all the students quickly! If anything happens the hero academy will not escape responsibility!!”
Diego sighed at the angry Menou .
“So you say but I didn’t think the students of the demon king academy were this weak . There hasn’t been a single student in the last two hundred years who couldn’t bring themselves back from this test . Of course they will be immediately rescued but I fail to see how we are at fault for your student’s cowardice . ” (Diego)
Menou grits her teeth . It’s obvious she has many things she wants to say but the first thing to do is help her students .
“Stop talking and help faster! What are you doing!?” (Menou)
“I’ve already sent out familiars to collect them . It’s still going to take a couple of minutes . Just wait a while . ” (Diego)
Menou was stunned . This test is a simulated fight so of course injuries happen and accidents occur . In the worst-case scenario, you even have to assume the worst so there’s no way Menou could have imagined that they didn’t have any emergency preparations prepared .
Not willing to wait any longer Menou ran to the edge of the lake .
“Don’t be so impatient . ” (Arnos)
I grab her shoulder as she tries to jump in .
“There’s little a mazoku can do in that barrier . ” (Arnos)
“Even so, I can’t wait!” (Menou)
“Not even 5 seconds?” (Arnos)
Her eyes go round at my words .
Students fly out of the lake one after the other before gently landing on the ground .
“Is this you Arnos-kun………?”
“It’s easy to pull someone up if they are not fighting . ” (Arnos)
All the students have been pulled out of the lake and placed gently on the lakeshore .
“… . . Libest-kun…… . !!”
Menou runs over to Libest who’s the most seriously injured and casts Anti-Magic healing but the wounds won’t heal at all .
“…… . Why…… . ? What’s wrong……?”
Menou pours in even more magic power but the blood continues flowing from Libests body .
“… . Why?…… Please work…… . . Please……!!” (Menou)
“Menou-sensei it’s useless . He has a stigmata . ” (Diego)
Menou looks at Diego who had remained silent until now .
“What do you mean?” She asks him sharply as she continues using magic .
“When deeply injured by holy magic a stigmata appears like on that student . If that happens healing won’t work anymore and all you can do it bet on their life force being strong enough for them to recover . ” (Diego)
“Heal him!” (Menou)
“Did you not hear my explanation? Recovery magic doesn’t work . ” (Diego)
“This is the responsibility of the hero academy! What was your intention of using such dangerous magic in a simple test? You’ve been saying holy water over and over again!” (Menou)
“It’s not dangerous magic and no student of the hero academy has ever received a stigmata from it . It’s probably because the students of the demon king academy are too weak . You say holy water like its magic but it’s not as I explained earlier . In this environment, it causes troublesome fluctuations in magic fields . It’s just simply that your students couldn’t adapt to it . ” (Diego)
“Show me proof that its a magic tool!!” (Menou)
“That’s fine but we didn’t know . I could understand if we knew and intentionally did this but we didn’t so I’m a bit troubled being unjustly accused . Well, it’s an unfortunate accident . Lessons have been learned so going forward let’s learn from each other . ” (Diego)
He’s good at spouting crap that’s for sure .
“It’s fine discussing holy water but shouldn’t something be done about the students first?” (Diego)
When Menou didn’t answer back Diego left .
Menou continues pouring magic power in but no matter how much she uses Libest’s wounds won’t heal .
“……Arnos-kun… . . ” (Menou)
Menou turns pleading eyes to me .
“Why are you so worried? I can heal stigmata’s . ” (Arnos)
“Really?” (Menou)
I nod and kneel besides Libest .
I put my hand on the part of Libest’s chest where he had been stabbed by Zeele and the stigmata had formed .
As I do Libests hand slowly moved and grabbed my arm .
“………I’m sorry…… . sensei…… . . I couldn’t meet your expectations……” (Libest)
Menou looks like she’s about to cry at his words .
“Uuun, I’m sorry…… . Libest-kun . Sensei was bad . I got worked up over a stupid thing and put my student in danger… . . I’m disqualified as a teacher… . . ” (Menou)
“… . . That’s not… . true… . . sensei . Sensei is a teacher more splendid than anyone…… . . and I wanted to… . prove it… . . ” (Libest)
Libest’s words trail off .
“Here……” (Libest)
Libest opens his other hand and in it is a hero academy school badge .
“Why do you have this… . ?” (Menou)
“… . Those guys……… It’s a tool to control the holy water……… . . Without it, their power would be halved……” (Libest)
I see .
“On the verge of being stabbed by the holy sword did you put all your power into your demon eyes and not anti-magic?” (Arnos)
So instead of protecting himself, he left himself defenceless to look for the tool controlling the water .
He could have died .
Such splendid resolution .
“……Inept person… . ” (Libest)
Libest calls me .
“You’re a disagreeable man…… In fact, I hate you a lot… . . ” (Libest)
“You don’t say . ” (Arnos)
Libest puts more strength into the hand grabbing my arm .
“…… But for the first time today, I think…… . . you have the power…… . . even if you lack respect…… . . If I only had …… . your strength……” (Libest)
“It’s okay Libest-kun . The hero academy is cheating . The holy water is an unfair magic tool . I’m going to officially protest to the old seven demon emperors . ” (Menou)
Libest grits his teeth and shakes his head spilling tears .
“…… . I’ll bear the shame and ask…… . Please Arnos……” (Libest)
“You don’t need to say anything Libest . ” (Arnos)
I understand his feeling well . We are both mazoku after all .
You don’t want a protest and complaint lodged .
“You played your role splendidly . We know there is a barrier using holy water and a tool to control it . ” (Arnos)
I erased Libest’s stigmata and stood up .
“Leave everything to me . Without cheating, I’ll show them hell . ” (Arnos)