Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 85

Chapter 85
Ledoriano and the others head down into the dried-up lake .
“Oi…… . you guys…… . ”
Diego speaks up, his voice barely hiding his surprise .
“It’s fine Diego-sensei . We’ll use that . ” (Ledoriano)
“Wait . I won’t permit unauthorised use of that . ” (Diego)
“You’re starting to look silly up there . Please be quiet . ” Laos says while cracking his knuckles “Just watch . I’m going to beat him up good . ”
Heine jumps down and Ledoriano and Laos follow him .
All the Jergakanon scarlet uniforms landed at the bottom of the lake .
“Wait . I haven’t authorised it . Do you think you can start this test without permission?” (Diego)
“We will now begin the interschool test between the hero academy Jergakanon class and the demon king academy 1st years Arnos group . ”
It wasn’t Diego that made that announcement but Menou using .
“Keep the honour and pride of your ancestors and please fight fairly . ” (Menou)
“Menou-sensei could you please refrain from mimicking me . ” (Diego)
“Eh? Didn’t you say you’d permit this if they won the last match or are you trying to stop it because you are afraid you’ll lose?” (Menou)
“Not at all, but now the lake barrier is gone damage may occur to Gairadeite . ” (Diego)
In the middle of Diego’s speech I developed a large scale anti-magic barrier over the whole lake .
“I’ve made it even safer than it was before . ” I tell him via
“Fighting while deploying large scale magic makes puts our students at quite the disadvantage . Even with this handicap are you still trying to escape?” (Menou)
Diego glares at Menou whos openly provoking him .
“Do what you want . ” (Diego)
Diego talks to Jergakanon via
“Oi Ledoriano . You know what the purpose is right? You absolutely have to win . Put that condescending mouth of yours to work . ” (Diego)
“Understood . ” (Ledoriano)
is cut off .
“Now then . ” (Arnos)
I develop another magic circle .
“And I asked you to save a portion for me . ” Sasha complains next to me .
“I’m sure those fellows said the same thing . ” (Arnos)
I develop another on the same scale as the last one .
A huge jet black sun was launched pouring down and burning the underwater city .
“Four Genus Barrier Seal ”
Four huge magic formations appear to the north, east, south and west of the city with each one representing the different elements of water, fire, earth and wind .
The four formations activate as anti-magic and synergistically amplify each other dampening the power of as it approaches .
A loud crackling sound can be heard as the two collide followed by a raging storm from the aftermath of the two powers meeting .
At that moment a figure jumped and a vertical light appeared .
The jet back sun is cut in two by that vertical light before quickly disappearing .
The figure of the person who cut landed on the ground .
My demon eyes pick out a girl with purple hair gathered at the back of her head and carrying a shining holy sword .
“Fumu . Even though their barrier reduced the power of my it still wouldn’t be easy to slash it like that . ” (Arnos)
Thinking about it I haven’t seen the 1st ranked student in the hero academy yet . You would assume they’d be in Jergakanon but is that girl it?
“This might get interesting . ” (Arnos)
“And? What are you going to do? Fire off a more powerful ?”
Sasha looks over at me .
“I could, but if I make it any more powerful I won’t be able to adjust it anymore . I could end up obliterating even their origins . ” (Arnos)
This isn’t a war . I cant go doing something like that for a mere school test .
“I’ll enter this fight . ” (Arnos)
I step forward and slowly start walking towards the city .
“Don’t you want a demon king castle building?” (Misha)
“From what I can tell the barrier they’ve set up over the city is powerful but has a narrow range . Its power to seal mazoku is probably due to the 4 different elements developed and overlapping in multiple layers . As long as its there they won’t come out in case I use another . ” (Arnos)
Even if I build a demon king castle and wait for them they won’t appear . It will just descend into a boring stalemate .
“But isn’t it a disadvantage to fight in there? It could go the same way as Libest’s team . ”
“The barrier will disappear if the caster is incapacitated . ” Ray says with a fresh smile on his face .
“What if they are Kanon’s reincarnations though?”
“Either way the caster is inside the barrier so we will have to fight in there . ” Misa says with a serious expression .
The fan union girls nod .
“Should I build the demon king castle in the city centre?”
Misha makes a proposal .
“The demon kings castle terrain effect will offset the barriers effect . ”
Creating a demon king castle that spans the entire city will certainly counterbalance the barrier seal but it would depend on the caster . Depending on the person’s magical power this could certainly turn to our advantage .
“Wouldn’t it take time to build a castle that specialises in such a terrain effect? Especially when under the effect of that barrier seal . ”
Mishas nods .
“Create in 3 minutes . ” (Misha)
“Shall we go then? I’ll protect Misha and the castle for those 3 minutes . Everyone else wait outside the barrier . Once the castle is built Sasha and Ray will enter and defeat the barrier caster . Misa you’ll handle the remaining small fry . ” (Arnos)
“Got it . ” (Ray)
“Understood . ” (Sasha)
“I can’t bring shame to Arnos-sama . I’ll wait for the proper timing…… . ”
Elen, one of the fan union girls clenches her fist with a serious look .
“It’ll be okay . You’ll be able to easily see when the castles built . No need to be so tense . ” (Misa)
“No, I mean the time for the support song . ” (Elen)
“………Ah……ahaha…… I think its better if you don’t sing……” (Misa)
Fumu . Apart from Ray and the others, I had thought the fan union would feel pressured but they seem the same as ever .
I guess they have more guts than I give them credit for .
“If the opportunity comes, sing as much as you want . You’ll break the hearts of the enemy in your own way . ” (Arnos)
“…… . . Yes!!”
Elen nodded as if suddenly motivated .
“Then I’m off . ” (Arnos)
I stretch out my hand to Misha and we touch fingertips .
I set my gaze on the distant city centre and cast
The landscape dyes white for a moment then turns into the plaza .
Here would be the perfect spot to build our castle .
I can feel the influence of the barrier but apart from that, there’s no particular problems .
Misha clasps her hands as if in prayer .
Shining ice crystals appear from the on her ring finger and form a magic circle .
“A castle and town of ice” (Misha)
Ice crystals spread across the plaza freezing the ground before forming a demon king castle that reached to the heavens .
It’s still unfinished though .
doesn’t finish with this though . The crystals carry on growing in number and rapidly cover the ground of the entire city .
“Heee . So large scale magic can still be used even under the influence of ” Heine appeared in the square .
“But it appears to be unfinished . ” Ledoriano appears next .
“Really? Do you think we’ll let you build it in our territory?” Laos appears .
“…………… . ”
The girl with the shining sword from a while ago stood silently behind them .
“Although it was reduced from it was still splendid how you destroyed my . Can I ask your name?” (Arnos)
The girl doesn’t say anything .
“Please excuse her . She can’t talk so I’ll answer in her stead . Hero Academy 1st place belonging to the selection class [Jergakanon] . Reincarnated from the 4th origin of the hero Kanon, Sacred Wind Advent Knight Zeshia Kanon Ijeishka . ” (Ledoriano)
Ranked 1st but reincarnated from the 4th origin?
If you exclude the teacher that’s why Eleonor said 4 people .
Fumu . I must say this is a rare event for this me but I can’t see the bottom of the abyss for this person .
“That’s a good holy sword . What’s its name?” (Arnos)
“It’s the holy sword of light [Enhalle] . It rejects all demons . In front of this sword they return to nothing . It can probably cut this unfinished castle in two . ” (Ledoriano)
I wanted to see if she was Kanon but it looks like I’ll have to deal with this holy sword first as it’s light is covering my demon eyes .
“Nee Ledoraino, enough with the talking . ” (Heine)
Heine holds his hand up and a magic circle appears .
“Let’s clean up before the castle is built . ” (Heine)
Ledoriano, Laos and Zeshia also develop magic circles .
“Four Genus Barrier Chain ”
Magic formations formed of earth, wind, fire and water come flying from all sides at the castle Misha hasn’t finished yet .
“Fumu . It’s not me you are trying to clear up?” (Arnos)
I develop anti-magic and block and in that moment the magic formations broke and scattered and in their place chains of magic tied to my hands and feet appeared .
Each chain had the attributes of earth, wind, fire and water .
“Fumu . Apparently also has the effect of holy magic . ” (Arnos)
This is a holy curse used by heroes . has a curse like side effect for anyone caught in it .
For example, this curse was triggered when a spell was prevented with anti-magic and the magic chains bind that person .
“No need to bluff onii-chan . With connected to you, your power is less than one-tenth onii-chan . ” (Heine)
Heine raises his hand above his head .
“Come, my holy greatsword Zeele . ” (Heine)
Light gathers in his palm and a holy sword emitting a dark green glow appears .
“Fufufu . Wouldnt it be better to beg for your life? I’ll help you . ” (Heine)
“Fumu . Begging for life? That’s fine . Bow before me and I’ll forgive you . ” (Arnos)
Despite my limbs being tied with I look down on Heine .
“You know something?” (Heine)
Heines expression distorts in displeasure .
“I hate that kind of joke!!” (Heine)
Heine kicks the ground and comes close in a moment .
Swinging the holy greatsword Zeel overhead Heine swings downwards with all his might .
The slash filled with holy power hits me directly and droplets of holy light flew off and scattered in every direction .
“Fufufu, ahahahahaa . How’s that? How do you feel without your ability now? What’s that? I can’t hear you anymore . ” (Heine)
“That’s quite a good sword . With sealing demonic power it allows the sword to cut easily . ” (Arnos)
I used the slash from the holy sword to cut the chains binding me .
The droplets of light covering the area fade and everyone could now see .
Everyone stares dumbfounded at me standing there unharmed .
“When you’ve captured your enemy think about your attack method a bit more . ” (Arnos)
“… . Shut up! Then I’ll just keep doing it until I cut you!! Ledoriano, Laos, Zeshia!” (Heine)
“Understood . ”
Again, each of them develop elemental formations and fire them at the castle .
“Hey, go on . Prevent it with your anti-magic . Do you want your castle stolen?” (Heine)
“Fumu . That’s right . ” (Arnos)
I develop anti-magic and block the spells .
“Hey, next time I’ll use a stronger magic slash…… . wha… . . ” (Heine)
Heine loses his words .
My libs are not chained . I prevented the activation of with anti-magic .
“… . What… . . How… . . ?” (Heine)
“Did you think the same attack would work on me twice?” (Arnos)
I take a step forward and Heine takes a step back in fear .
“Such a thing… . our magic…… the magic we trained so hard in every day to defeat the mazoku being broken so easily—” (Heine)
Heine theatrically falls to one knee and punches the ground .
“……Did you think I’d say that?” (Heine)
Fumu . Did he think he’d seen through me? I wouldn’t do such a shameful act though .
Looking up with a mocking expression Heine develops a magic formation on the ground .
The other 3 also draw a magic formation on the ground .
“Four Genus Barrier Cage . ”
The ground moves and the earth swells up and completely covers me .
“We don’t expect the same magic to work multiple times either . With those great demon eyes and analytical ability, no attack will work twice . We’ll teach you just how many magic barriers we Jergakanon have . ” (Ledoriano)
The cage of earth surrounds me completely .
“It’s 1088 . ” (Ledorino)
“Haahaahaa! Oops . Make that 1087 now . No matter how much you talk that’s not something you can endure . ” Laos says in a triumphant voice .
At that moment black lighting overflows from the cage of earth .
“… . Wh… . . at… . . ?”
Making a popping sound jet black lighting spreads around the entire cage .
“Everyone dodge—” (Ledoriano)
At that moment just as Ledoriano is speaking the 4 of them are caught up in the black lighting which tears their anti-magic up .
“… . This… . power . Even under the influence of …… . Such huge magic……!!”
“It’s useless……… . even though we stacked layering barrier magic, pinned him down…… . and cut him…… . Why why why why why…… This stupid amount of magic power……!”
Heine, Ledoriano, Laos and Zeshia were swallowed by origin magic Demonic Black Lighting Emperor and blown away .
“You seem to be misunderstanding something . ” (Arnos)
Thanks to the well-weathered cage of earth crumbled leaving no traces behind .
“Just because the same attack won’t work twice it doesn’t mean it will work the first time either . ” (Arnos)