Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 87

Chapter 87
Sasha and Laos faced each other on a road that leads away from the plaza .
“According to rumours, the witch of ruin has demon eyes that can destroy anything . ” (Laos)
Laos covers both his fists with holy flames while talking .
“Hmm . So you know of it then . Got a problem with that?” (Sasha)
Sasha smile at Laos .
“I’m called the holy flame destruction knight ya know . Destroying things is my strong point . Let’s have a little strength competition . ” (Laos)
“I see . You seem quite good at fire magic but can you evaporate an entire lake?” (Sasha)
Laos clicks his tongue and makes a disgusted look .
“You know you can’t win against Arnos but you think you can win against me in a contest of strength . I know the type of person you are” (Sasha)
“You mazoku are always so provocative . ” (Laos)
“Nee . Let me tell you something . ” (Sasha)
Sasha smiled at him and then laughed .
“You’re way too short-tempered . ” (Sasha)
“Shut up!!”(Laos)
Laos shoots holy fire from his fists but Sasha lightly waves her hand and easily brushes them away with anti-magic .
“Hou . Not bad . Let’s try it at half power this time!!” (Laos)
Laos crosses his fists and develops a magic formation .
“Grand Domination Holy Fire !!” (Laos)
The holy flames break into 8 pieces and attack Sasha from all sides but she sees straight through to their vital points and slams anti-magic into their origins .
Approaching Sasha’s eye’s the source of their magic was cut off and they were easily extinguished .
“Hurry up and come at me with your full might Mr pompous and weak idiot-san . If you don’t you’ll die before putting out your full strength . ” (Sasha)
Laos grits his teeth .
“……How did you know… . . ?” (Laos)
“That you’re weak?” (Sasha)
“Stop screwing around! I’ll kill you! I’m asking how you knew I was trying to make a barrier using Grand Domination Holy Fire !?” (Laos)
Sasha’s face breaks into a broad smile .
“You really are an idiot to ask your enemy arent you . ” (Sasha)
“What did you say… . . !” (Laos)
“You were trying to cast Eight Holy Flame Barrier weren’t you?” (Sasha) (1)
Laos complexion changes .
“…… . . How’d you know that? I’ve never used it while you were here . ” (Laos)
*Haaa* Sasha sighed .
“Use your head a little . Arnos taught me all the old magics . With him it was really hard defending against them all but at least with you as my partner, I can take it easy . ” (Sasha)
“Stop talking crap!!” (Laos)
Laos kicked the ground and charged straight at Sasha .
“Then how about this!!” (Laos)
Laos covers his whole body in fire magic Holy Flame Armour . It pretends to be defence magic but it actually covers its opponents when it comes into contact with them and seals their magic . Any mazoku caught will have almost all their power sealed .
Sasha didn’t retreat however but stepped forward instead .
“Haa! Like a summer bug jumping into fire!!” (Laos)
Laos spreads his arms wide and grabs Sasha .
“Demon Fire . ” (Sasha)
A black flame appeared in Sasha’s hand before turning into a black fire blade which she plunged into Laos’ stomach .
“Gaaa…… . ” (Laos)
“Did I not say I’d been taught everything Idiot-san? makes a barrier but to use it you have to grab your opponent . It might have worked as a surprise attack though . You’re too full of openings . ” (Sasha) (2)
Sasha puts more magic into the black flame blade causing Laos’ body to burn up inside .
Laos jumps back .
“Tch… . . !!” (Laos)
Putting all his power into his anti-magic Laos shakes off .
He quickly starts to counterattack before a startled expression crosses his face .
“Looking for this?” (Sasha)
Sasha holds out his school badge which she’d took when he grabbed her .
“Holy water constantly flows from this lake so I know it’s not completely gone even though its currently evaporated . You should have used it right away but you wanted to play with me first so this is what you get . ” (Sasha)
“Shut up! Let me show you what you want then!” (Laos)
Laos draws a magic formation using the holy flames and a sword made of shadows appears from the centre .
“Show your justice Galifford!” (Laos)
At Laos’ words, the rising holy sword sucks all the fire into it and turned into a glittering scarlet sword .
“How’s this then? Of the 88 holy swords it burns the hottest . It is said to have created the sun . What do you think of the magic power of the Holy Fire Kindling Sword Galifford?” (Laos)
“Idiot-san . No matter how amazing somethings magic power is, it’s useless if the user messes up . ” (Sasha)
“Haa! What was that? What was that? You scared?” (Laos)
Sasha sighs gain .
“I’m saying its a waste of a treasure because the user is an idiot . Is that any clearer?” (Sasha)
Sasha launches a at Laos .
“That won’t work!” (Laos)
The flame wreathed Galifford wiped it out in an instant .
“Oh dear . What were you just saying? In a battle, you have to hit your opponent!!” (Laos)
Wearing and wielding Galifford Laos rushes forward .
“Oraaaa!!” (Laos)
Laos swings his holy sword down missing Sasha who’d flown away using but the raging flames scattered from his sword turning the surrounding area into a sea of fire .
A wall of flames formed to block Sasha’s escape routes .
“And recovered . ” (Laos)
Laos holds his school badge in his hand .
“I take it that the fact that you wanted that back means you had no intention of using the magic barrier from the start?” (Sasha)
Sasha tightened her lips while talking .
“Oh? bullseye . Hows it feel when the party you were looking down on sees through you?”
Laos grabs his school badge and injects magic into it . Holy water gushes out at his feet and numerous floating balls of water formed .
“Seal her Galifford . ” (Laos)
The floating balls of holy water are wrapped in the holy flames of Galifford before drifting around Sasha and forming a magic circle that turns into a powerful barrier that blocks the power of the mazoku .
“How’s the taste of that Holy Fire Ember Barrier ? Can you use your magic? Can you move? You can’t can you?” (Laos)
Laos points the tip of Galifford at Sasha .
“I’m going to flashily break that impertinent mouth of yours so you can never speak again!!” (Laos)
Laos kicks the ground but the next moment he vomits blood from his mouth and falls to his knees .
“Ka… . . fu…… . . what……the……?” (Laos)
“Did you really think a stolen magic tool would come back and be safe to use?” (Sasha)
Laos looks at his school badge .
If you peer deeper into the abyss using your magic eyes you can see that the magic power wavelength is changing .
“I fused your badge with Cursed Poison Contamination . ” (Sasha)
Laos tries to put power in his legs but his body won’t respond .
“I think you know this but is a poison that hides in magic . It erodes the origin of the person affected by it, eats into your body and shreds your internal magic power . Because you used your school badge polluted the holy water . If you use the power of the corrupted holy water in such a state then you will naturally absorb the poison from that as well . ” (Sasha)
“… . . I didn’t hear that you…… . could fuse magic tools and magic together…… . ” (Laos)
“Idiot . This is a secret art of the Necrons . There’s no way you humans would know . Even other mazoku only know the basics . ” (Sasha)
Laos crawls across the ground and reaches for Galifford .
“Hmmm . Are you still holding out?” (Sasha)
“…Shut… . up…… Even if the holy water is poisoned it doesn’t mean it’s lost its effect . The fact that is still active proves that . That barrier was only developed in the last 100 years . Whether you are reincarnated or not doesn’t matter . You won’t be able to break it . In other words, you can’t move . ” (Laos)
The holy light of recovery magic envelops Laos .
“Don’t forget, as long as we are in the effective range of we can come back again and gain . You did your best but there’s no way you can win . ” (Laos)
Was the recovery powers of slightly better than the damage caused by ?
Laos grabs his holy sword .
Using his sword as a cane he slowly gets up .
“If you can’t move and you don’t know how to break free then that’s it . ” (Laos)
“I’m sorry to say but I’ve seen through it with my demon eyes . ” (Sasha)
Magic formations form on Sashas eyes .
Wherever she looks, in an instant, the roaring flames died and the holy water balls wrapped in the holy flames shattered like glass and disappeared .
“Do you know the origin of the witch of ruin?” (Sasha)
“… . . That should be the…… . . . I hadn’t heard that they could disrupt magic as well……” (Laos)
“There are many things in this world you don’t know about Idiot-san . ” (Sasha)
When Sasha glanced at Laos with her eyes he vomited more blood instantly .
“…Wh……a…… . t……?” (Laos)
“I’m stopping before it can heal you . ” (Sasha)
are the ultimate anti-magic .
They can even counter the powers of the god of time Eugo Ra Raviaz . Stopping something like from healing Laos is easy .
Also, as long as she’s looking at Laos the detoxifying powers will also be stopped .
“… . . Gahaaa… . a…a… . Damn it… . . This poison…… . ” (Laos)
“Did that really come out of your mouth? Have you forgotten what your partner did to Libest?” (Sasha)
As long as Sasha is looking at Laos he won’t recover and is making him weaker by the moment .
“… . That wasn’t me…… . That was that bastard Heine……” (Laos)
“I’m amazed . You should really think about where you belong before fighting . ” (Sasha)
Laos vomits more blood and crouches down .
“Shall I teach you your sins? Or do you remember what you said in the magic library?” (Sasha)
Sasha’s gaze turned cold and anger entered her voice .
“Did you think I’d let you get away with talking to my demon king is such a rude manner?” (Sasha)
“… . . Bullshit……all this… . . for such a thing……” (Laos)
Sasha smiles coldly and puts more power into her .
“You deserve death . ” (Sasha)
Sasha further dampens the effect of and starts attacking him more . Black spots start to appear on Laos’ body .
“…… . Ku…ah…… Gahaaa…… . . Bastard… . . I’ll remember this… and the next time we meet… . . ” (Laos)
“Next time?” (Sasha)
*Fufufu* Sasha laughs softly .
“Forever an idiot . You think there will be a next time? If that poison spreads to your whole body you will never be able to use magic again . ” (Sasha)
“…Wha………” (Laos)
“It can’t be helped after all . Your headteacher said it himself . In these exams accidents sometimes happen . We fought each other fairly so there’s no grudge to be had . ” (Sasha)
Laos tries to speak, his expression full of despair .
“… . Wa… . wait……wai……” (Laos)
Sasha smiled and looked at him with her
“Oh, indeed I’ll wait . I’ll wait and watch you writhe about . I won’t take my eyes off you as you slowly weaken and the poison spreads throughout your entire body . ” (Sasha)
(1) This could possibly be “the guard” Za=the and Gaado=guard . A bit like Za Warudo lol .
(2) Sasha’s being really polite speaking to him . Even when calling him an idiot shes using the O honorific .