Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 88

Chapter 88
I speak to the blackened lump that had been hit by .
“How long are you going to play dead? I won’t use anti-magic so I suggest you take this chance . ” (Arnos)
The blackened lump was wrapped in dazzling light and Ledoriano stood up brushing ash off himself .
“Yare yare . You do have a good eye . I was going to take you by surprise . How’d you see through it? It seems I’ll have to fight seriously against you . ” (Ledoriano)
Ledoriano removes his glasses and his magic power swells up .
“Just to let you know but rank 1 and 2 in the hero academy are special existences compared to rank 3 and below . If I don’t seal my magic power with that tool my own power is so great it will destroy my body . ” (Ledoriano)
Ledoriano draws a magic formation and a huge amount of magic power is concentrated in it . At the same time, I feel killing intent from behind .
A holy sword of light is swung down aiming at my head but I simply reach up with my right hand and catch it .
“Were you going to distract me by dumping a huge amount of magic power while someone else catches me by surprise? That’s actually a pretty honest way of fighting . I’m surprised . ” (Arnos)
Grabbing Enhalle I swing it downward smashing the still attached Zeshia into the ground .
“……Tsu… . . !!”
The ground cracks open burying Zeshia in it from the force of the blow but she refuses to let go of Enhalle .
She understands if she loses her holy sword they have no chance of winning .
“Fumu . You’re pretty sturdy . ” (Arnos)
I raise my hand and smack her into the ground again but only the hole gets bigger while Zeshia looks unhurt .
“It’s useless . She’s protected by her anti-magic and the holy sword . Her double defensive barrier won’t be so easy to break!” (Ledoriano)
Ledoriano places his hand on a small puddle forming on the ground .
“Protect me and heal me my holy sword . Come Holy Sea Protection Sword Beiramente” (Ledoriano) (1)
The puddle suddenly floats in the air and transforms into a blue sword reminiscent of the ocean .
Ledoriano takes the blue floating holy sword .
As soon as he has his sword I throw a at him .
“Holy Sea Protection Barrier !” (Ledoriano)
Ledoriano covers his whole body with a magic barrier and receives a direct hit from .
“Holy Sea Protection Wall !” (Ledoriano)
Ledoriano stacks a barrier on a barrier .
“Holy Sea Protection Curse Wall !” (Ledoriano)
A holy curse to repel demons is now placed on the double barriers .
“Protect Holy Sea Protection Sword . Protector of life since the olden days Beiramente . Thine power and thine will show it now!!”
The holy sword throws open all its power and Ledoriano amplifies the power of the barriers he’s placed dozens of times .
“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!” (Ledoraino)
Ledoriano waves Beiramente and the jet black lighting that had coiled around him was flung off and destroyed a nearby building .
“Did you think it would be over with one spell? I’ll be troubled if you look down on humans that much . ” (Ledoriano)
Ledoriano kicks the ground and faces me setting up Beiramente .
“You might have sealed Zeshia’s Enhalle but your right hand is now occupied!!” (Ledoriano)
“Fumu . That’s a good barrier . I really can’t fault it . ” (Arnos)
I raise my right hand that’s still holding Enhalle and the attached Zeshia causing Ledoriano to stare at me wide-eyed .
“Wha…… . . ” (Ledoriano)
I brush off Beiramente and throw the Enhalle Zeshia combo .
“Now then . Rank 1 or rank 2 . I wonder whose barrier is stronger?” (Arnos)
Ledoriano and Zeshia collide before being blown several meters away .
“Fumu . I see . Rank 1 is indeed better . ” (Arnos)
At the moment of the crash, Zeshia let go of Enhalle because things would not have ended well for Ledoriano if the power of Enhalle had also entered the mix .
Thanks to this I can also feel Zeshia’s origin now as well .
Last time I looked at her origin my eyes were dazzled by Enhalle so I couldn’t see anything .
“Hou . ” (Arnos)
Enhalle that I was still holding the tip of turned into light particles and disappeared .
Did Zeshia summon it?
No, it’s different .
For a moment there was 2 Enhalle’s then the one I was holding disappeared .
“……Use that Zeshia . This fellow is looking down on us . This is a good chance to win . Let’s finish it in one go . ” (Ledoriano)
Zeshia nods and both of them develop magic formations at their feet .
Now, this is an awfully nostalgic magic feeling . 2000 years ago the heroes used this against me without fail .
“Sanctuary ” (Arnos)
A grand magic that unites the people hearts as one and turns their hopes and wishes into magic .
“Do your best Jergakanon!”
Lots of voices sounded in the underwater city .
“The hope of Azeshion! Symbols of world peace!”
“Don’t be defeated by strangers . ”
“Show your overwhelming might like always!”
Is Gairadeite aware of this exam? I can hear the voices of the residents .
“……As expected of a reincarnated person . You seem to know this magic, however, despite your knowledge of the past you look down on humans too much . There is one crucial difference between 2000 years ago and now . ” (Ledoriano)
A huge overflowing light comes from the town and gathers on Zeshia and Ledoriano .
As the heroes 2000 years ago did those 2 people also wear .
“2000 years ago thanks to constant loses the population of Gairadeite was about 100,000 people but now along with the towns outside the walls the population is about 10 million people!!” (Ledoriano)
Zeshia and Ledoriano glare at me as the gather light into themselves .
“We Jergakanon will never lose as long as we have the support of the people! I’ll show it to you and you will learn it . Unlike you mazoku that only have your power we humans also have our hearts . This love from 2000 years ago that the hero Kanon used to bring world peace has expanded greatly . ” (Ledoriano)
The world became peaceful and the population increased? Are you trying to say that people’s love and desire have also increased that much as well?
“Though humans and mazoku might have been equal 2000 years ago the peace that we achieved was different . The power of the hero Kanon that even killed the demon king of tyranny is now 100 times stronger . You can never compete with human beings . In this peaceful world you mazoku cannot win . (Ledoriano)
Fumu . It was me that brought about peace though .
I’m not going to bother waiting for them to listen to me though .
“This love from 2000 years ago will again bring us victory!” (Ledoriano)
2000 years ago I dealt with the humans of Gairadeite that were supplying power to but doing that for a simple exam would be a bit…
These guys are using the power of the people who are offering them assistance unjustly .
For starters, I need to break the pride of these two .
“Going on about love . You’ve missed the point entirely . ” (Arnos)
Ledoriano laughs scornfully at my words .
“You still don’t understand? You’ve lost . A long-lived mazoku being driven to reincarnate is proof that human love won . If your brain has become dull from being reincarnated let me remind you of it again . ” (Ledoriano)
The 2 heroes kicked the ground at the same time .
From the left Beiramente is thrust out and from the right, Enhalle is swung down .
In response, I enveloped both my hands in holy light and received their blows head-on .
“Wh . . at… . the… . ? This is… . ?” (Ledoriano)
Ledorianos expression became grim due to the fact I was also using
“What’s wrong? Did you honestly think the mazoku didn’t have love as well?” (Arnos)
Ledoriano looked amazed but he quickly regained his composer and laughed .
“Another stupid line . Even if you can use the magic there’s no love in your hearts mazoku . All you have is the ugly desires of anger, jealousy and laziness . History proves this fact . You have no love . ” (Ledoriano)
So much conviction . Is that the gift of the hero academy education?
“Because of that, you cannot master the true power of . To begin with, we have 10 million people . Even with the full support of the demon king school, you have less than 100 people . We are overwhelmingly superior in both quality and quantity . ” (Ledoriano)
“10 million? What of it? 8 people are more than enough . ” (Arnos)
I use and talk to them .
“Misa . How it going?”
“Yes . We’ve entered the city and are looking for Jergakanon members . ” (Misa)
“You should wait there a while . ” (Arnos)
“Eh? Yes . I understand . ” (Misa)
“Elen . Can you hear me?” (Arnos)
“Ye, yes Arnos-sama . ” (Elen)
“Jessica?” (Arnos)
“Yes!” (Jessica)
“Maia . ” (Arnos)
“Here!” (Maia)
“Nono, Shia, Himuka, Casa, Shellia . ” (Arnos)
Every time I call their name they answer loudly .
“I’ve decided to do a single support battle . ” (Arnos)
The fan union listens carefully to my words .
“There are 10 million people over there but that is an insignificant amount . Your thoughts of me are worth at the very least those 10 million over there . ” (Arnos)
My fan union falls quite but a strong determination flows through .
“Now sing . Send your love to me . ” (Arnos)
When I said that that was surrounding me suddenly became like a raging tornado and shot to the heavens in a beam of light that connected heaven and earth .
(1) The kanji reads holy sea protection sword but the furigana reads rule/control the sea