Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 94

Chapter 94
—The next day—
As I opened the door to the Arclaniska Auditorium I could hear voices from the inside .
“… . . Aah . All of Jergakanon are off today it seems . Well, that’s nothing new for Zeshia though . ”
“Well, they were crushed by the demon king academy lot . It seems Laos had to be admitted to the magic clinic because they couldn’t remove the poison from his body . ”
“Heine’s even worse . His entire bodies covered in stigmata and healing magic won’t work on those . They used holy water on him so he won’t die but he might have been better off dying . ”
“Wasn’t Ledoriano okay though?”
“Yeah but the guy who went to see him said he’s staying in his room and won’t come out . ”
“I’m worried… . ”
“Tell me about it . That mazoku lot is full of monsters wh—”
All the hero academy students turn around .
The students who were standing in a block in front of me quickly scattered to the sides and made way for me . Without fail, every one of them looked scared .
I walked down the now vacant aisle and headed to the demon king academy side .
“Did a certain someone overdo it yesterday?” (Sasha)
Misha tilted her head to one side .
“Fumu . You thinking what I’m thinking as well?” (Arnos)
Misha nods .
Sasha’s expression took on a pained look .
“……Ahaha… . . Everyone was amazing, right? Look at me . The exam was over before I noticed let alone did anything . ” (Misa)
Jergakanon surrendered as soon as Eleonor left . Presumably, she told them to .
“But I’m glad you didn’t get hurt . ” Ray says to Misa with a smile .
Misa blushes and says “Yes” in a small voice .
“By the way . ” I say to Ray taking a set next to him . “You seem to have mastered that unique sword . ”
“Really? I feel like I can still draw out more power from it . ” (Ray)
This man constantly seems to be aiming at a higher place .
“Did you remember anything?” (Arnos)
“From my past life? No, nothing . ” (Ray)
“Fumu . Since you used a holy sword I thought you might have remembered it . ” (Arnos)
Normally, a holy sword is impossible to use by a mazoku, however, if your magic power is well above the holy swords power then you can force it to surrender to you . The thing is Ray had the sword recognise him as its rightful owner and didn’t force it .
2000 years ago Shin Reglia was known as the strongest mazoku swordsman but it’s unknown if he could do what Ray has done . He said he would start a new sword in a new era . If so he may have succeeded .
In any event, Ray is only going to grow more .
“Were you an acquaintance of Arnos-sama in your past life Ray-san?” (Misa)
“First time I’m hearing this . That would explain why the sword idiot can use demon swords so well . Were all the mazoku from 2000 years ago monsters like you guys?” (Sasha)
Sasha and Misa both have eyes full of interest .
“Well, I don’t really know yet but it doesn’t really matter . ” (Ray)
“Indeed . ” (Arnos)
Sasha makes a dissatisfied face when she realises neither of us is going to say anything further .
“… . Hmph . A secret between men is it… . . ” (Sasha)
“Ahaha… well, if Arnos-sama doesn’t want to say either then that’s it……” (Misa)
Misa seems to be a little uneasy so Ray laughed at her .
“I won’t change . ” (Ray)
“Eh?” (Misa)
“I’m me . Even if I remember everything that won’t change . ” (Ray)
“I… . . see . That’s right… . ” (Misa)
“Am I wrong?” (Ray)
“… . . No…I’m…… . I’m happy… . . ” (Misa)
Misa looked down in embarrassment .
Looking at them sideways Sasha sighs .
“Enough already . Haven’t you both been flirting way too much in the classroom lately?” (Sasha)
“Eh, ah, no, not really, that sort of thing… . . ! Ah, eh? We haven’t, have we… . ?” (Misa)
While Misa was all flustered Ray wasn’t bothered in the slightest .
“If you’re jealous then you do it too with my demon king . ” (Ray)
“Wha… . . eh… . ah… . . !!” (Sasha)
Sasha quickly sneaks a peek at me then turns on Ray with a glare .
“Ray outside now! Were going to have a little talk . ” (Sasha)
Sasha stands up .
“Class is about to begin right?” (Ray)
“Not a problem . I’ll end it in 1 minute . ” (Sasha)
“Oh? This’ll be interesting with you . ” (Ray)
Ray also gets up and laughs cooly at the glaring Sasha .
“Are you fighting?” Misha says looking at them both .
“I wouldn’t stay we were fighting……” (Sasha)
“Just testing our strength . ” (Ray)
“Tha . . that’s right . It’s just like that painful hell called self-study . We overcame it but these small fry heroes are too weak . It’s boring if we can’t get serious . ” (Sasha)
“If you’re my partner I’m sure I can show the true power of this unique sword . ” (Ray)
“Ah, that’s right . I was worried about that sword . Did you use holy magic?” (Sasha)
“Simply put I can do it if I want to . ” (Ray)
“Haaa? Could you please explain a little more seriously?” (Sasha)
*Fufufu* Misha laughs and the 2 of them look at her .
“Good friends . ” (Misha)
Sasha’s eyes go soft .
“Looks like your sister won . ” (Ray)
“……Haaah . ” (Sasha)
Deprived of their venom the 2 of them sit down .
The bell signalling the start of class rings .
After a few minutes, Menou enters the classroom and another teacher enters the room and follows her to the platform .
Misha’s eyes went wide as she stared at the other teacher .
“It was a white-hot opposition test yesterday and both schools have found problems with their students . Let’s continue working hard together in the future . Let’s begin today’s academy exchange . ”
It was Diego Kanon Ijeishka .
The man who’s origin I certainly destroyed yesterday so it’s no wonder Misha is surprised .
It’s not another person disguised to look like him either .
The wavelength of magic power is identical and so is the origin to the Diego I destroyed yesterday .
The hero Kanon had 7 origins and could revive as long as one remained but Diego only had one origin .
Is it possible to revive if the one remaining origin was divided amongst 7 people?
No, and even if that were possible I don’t think this guy is Kanon .
Even if he used magic to divide his origin into 7 there’s no way he could withstand the pain like Kanon .
And even if all of it were true and he could revive I can’t believe he’d still be sane after the treatment he received .
“Oh yeah before I start I need to communicate something to the class . All members of Jergakanon are absent today due to fatigue . I’ll let you know when they are coming back . ” (Diego)
“Wasnt one okay?” (Arnos)
When I raised my hand Diego gazed at me .
“What do you mean?” (Diego)
It’s certainly the same origin but somethings off . His reaction is like a different person .
After everything he went through yesterday non of its showing in his behaviour at all . I don’t think he’s that good of an actor .
“Eleonor seemed unharmed in yesterdays test . Is she not okay?” (Arnos)
Deigo didn’t even pause he just answered straight away .
“She’s tired as well . It seems she used too much recovery magic on Jergakanon . It’s not serious but she won’t be coming to class . She needs to take care and rest . ” (Diego)
Certainly is no easy spell to stop, however, we promised to meet after school today and I don’t think she resting from fatigue .
“Let’s begin the class . Today we are talking about holy magic tools . You guys at the demon king academy might not remember but—” (Diego)
Yare yare . For some reason, the hero academy is more trouble than I thought .