Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 93

Chapter 93
“Now then . ” (Arnos)
I head over to Misha and cast Total Complete Demon Healing but the wound doesn’t heal .
At first, I thought it was just being slow but it wasn’t . It must be due to the powerful barrier covering this temple . It’s so strong it makes look weak .
This barrier could even partly block
“That door at the back?” (Arnos)
I look at the divine light leaking from the door with my demon eyes .
It’s only the aftermath of magic but its enough to limit my magic power .
I’ve got a feeling I know what’s behind that door .
“… . Go… . . ” Misha mutters “… . I’m fine……”
Could you tell I’m bothered by what’s behind that door? How admirable .
“I’ll wait . ” (Misha)
“Don’t worry about it . You’re my top priority . ” (Arnos)
I block the doorway up with but there’s still some light leaking through .
It’ll be quicker and easier to treat if we get away from here but I need to do something first .
I look at the holy water ball with my and the holy water ball split open revealing Eleonor inside .
“… . . Sorry for having you rescue me Arnos-kun… . . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor tries to walk but she falls down . Have her legs gone weak?
I support her body with my arm .
“Ah… . . ” (Eleonor)
“You okay?” (Arnos)
Eleonor nods .
“Than…thank you . ” (Eleonor)
She doesn’t seem to be injured . Looks like she was only locked in .
“He…hey… . . stop looking so much… . ” (Eleonor)
She’s currently naked . Eleonor takes a step back and tries to hide her naked body but her large proof of peace can’t be hidden by her arm and peek out .
Fumu . I’m not really sure why but is this situation bad?
“You seem to be okay anyway . ” (Arnos)
I reach out to her body .
“Eh…? Han…hang on……” (Eleonor)
I touch her collarbone with my fingertip .
“Stay still . I don’t remember the shape of your hero uniform so I need to ask your body . ” (Arnos) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I cast on Eleonor covering her body with the magic formula and the next instant she was wearing the hero academy uniform .
“Wa……thank you…” (Eleonor)
I go back over to Misha and hold her .
“Diego sensei? (Eleonor)
“Destroyed . Origin as well . ” (Arnos)
“… . . Eh?” (Eleonor)
Eleonor who is normally carefree turned serious .
She activates her demon eyes and looks around . She can also see peoples origins directly so she can clearly see Deigo’s origin has completely disappeared . (1)
“……Amazing Arnos-kun… . . ” (Eleonor)
That was an unexpected reaction .
“Your teacher is killed and your words to me are amazing?” (Arnos)
She lowers her eyes slightly .
“I know everything . Diego sensei set the magic on everyone… . all of it… . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor’s expression turned dark .
“In this hero academy only I know the correct history . Not all of it but still…… But nobody believes me . Whenever I say that the hero Kanon was killed by humans they all say I’m crazy… . . ” (Eleonor)
It’s not in any textbook so it’s probably the proper reaction to being told that .
“Don’t you find what I’m saying strange Arnos-kun?” (Eleonor)
“It’s certainly unexpected meeting someone else . ” (Arnos)
Elenor gives me a puzzled look .
“The history of the mazoku has been rewritten as well which is giving me a bit of a hard time . No-one believes me even though I’m telling the truth . ” (Arnos)
Eleonor looks surprised hearing my words .
“… . The demon king of tyranny’s name… . . ” Eleonor murmurs
“It’s Arnos Voldigod . Sometime in the last 2000 years, it was changed to Avos Dillheavia . ” (Arnos)
A stunned looking Eleonor looks at my face .
“Can’t you believe it?” (Arnos)
“Yeah . Though I thought it was strange…… You Arnos-kun… you’re too strong…and not just your strength and yet the mazoku weren’t accepting you . It was a very distorted scene to watch… . ” (Eleonor)
She’s half talking to herself like she trying to convince herself of something .
“But this distortion led to me remembering something a little… . . ” (Eleonor)
The correct history . A truth that is not recognised .
Eleonor seems to have had the same experience as me .
“Arnos-kun is the demon king of tyranny?” (Eleonor)
“Yeah . ” (Arnos)
“… . Why are you looking for the hero Kanon?” (Eleonor)
“Because I promised that when I reincarnated we’d be friends . ”
“…I see…… that was the reason… . . It wasn’t a lie…” Eleonor says in understanding .
“There’s a lot of things I want to ask you but Misha’s treatment is top priority now . She won’t die but she’s in pain . ” (Arnos)
In my arms, Misha shakes her head .
She’s stouthearted .
All the more reason to hurry up with treatment .
“I’ve got to manage the students of the hero academy as well . I’ve stopped time using but the effect doesn’t last long . If left alone they will still explode . ” (Arnos)
“Understood . I’ll do something about it . ” (Eleonor)
“Oh?” (Arnos)
Once activated is like lighting a fire in an ammo dump . Although I’ve stopped its time and forcefully suppressed it, it’s a difficult task to return it to normal .
“Can you do it?” (Arnos)
“I’m good at origin magic . ” Eleonor says while raising her index finger .
“What about your body?” (Arnos)
“I’m fine now . It’s only because I was magic for a while that it took my legs a little time to adjust . ” (Eleonor)
You were magic?
That’s what I want to hear about the most but it sounds complicated .
Anyway . I can leave the hero academy to her .
“You’d better hurry then . You’ve got a day to restore the origins of all those people . ” (Arnos)
“Yes . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor runs over to the temple doors .
“Ah, Arnos-kun . ” (Eleonor)
As if remembering something she stops and turns around .
“Can you stop and talk after school tomorrow? There’s something I need to ask you . ” (Eleonor)
“I don’t mind but I think the hero academy will struggle with the teaching tomorrow . ” (Arnos)
The headteacher Diego has disappeared after all .
Well, no one saw him being killed and there’s no one who will be able to tell the demon corpse left in here was Diego .
Even if they put his whereabouts down tomorrow as unknown it’s not likely another teacher can just drop their own class and teach us .
“It’ll be fine though they’ll be noisy that Diego sensei isn’t there . I’m pretty sure the classes will go on tomorrow . ” (Eleonor)
Is there a substitute teacher already in the school? Whatever, not like I care about the classes anyway .
“See you tomorrow . ” (Arnos)
“Yup . bye-bye . ” (Eleonor)
Waving her hand Eleonor leaves the temple .
I use and transfer inside the demon king castle Misha made .
If it’s here the recovery magic should work .
I use and heal her wounds .
“Fumu . ” (Arnos)
Even though the wound caused by the light from the holy sword Enhalle was deep the effects from that light leaking from that door is even more troublesome .
It passed through the wound made by Enhalle and entered Misha’s origin where it’s been eroding her magic power .
This will make using magic unpredictable and might stop her from being able to even move .
“… . It’s become a bit better… . ” (Misha)
Misha smiles in my arms .
“Don’t worry . I’ll get you moving right away . ” (Arnos)
“Not worrying . ” (Misha)
Misha looked right at me .
“Because Arnos is here . ” (Misha)
“I see . ” (Arnos)
Misha nods .
“Depths of the temple . ” Misha murmurs her words almost a sigh . “…I saw a strong magic power…… . from Eugo Ra Raviaz… . ” (Misha)
You were looking that deep into the abyss? That would explain some of the erosion from the holy power .
“…… . My mistake………?” (Misha)
“No . That god is a mid-ranked god . I wouldn’t be surprised if the thing in there is even more powerful than Eugo Ra Raviaz . ”
“Thing in there?” (Misha)
“Possibly……” (Arnos)
No, I’ll answer Misha’s question .
“It’s probably the spirit god sword Evans Mana . ” (2)
The supreme holy sword dominating the other 88 holy swords .
The legendary holy sword forged to destroy the demon king of tyranny .
(1) The author used demon eyes for Eleonor here and he used it with Diego last chapter as well so I’m assuming that what Arnos is calling demon eyes is actually just magic vision that anyone with sufficient power/talent can use irrelevant of race and not just the mazoku .
(2) There’s my Reishinijn answer . I’d forgotten that’s how its called . You really shouldn’t translate when tired