Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 97

Chapter 97
Eleonor laughed while shedding tears .
“Thank you but its fine . I’m magic created to fight the mazoku and I cannot resist if used . I’ll just continue producing origin clones of Zeshia which will be used to invade Deiruheido . ” (Eleonor)
10,000 Zeshias using will be an unbelievable amount of war potential .
On top of that, each person can use to become a human bomb . It’s a threat to Deiruheido that cannot be overlooked .
“You mazoku don’t need to get caught up with human issues . Kill me and protect Deiruheido . ” (Eleonor)
Human circumstances huh? Half of that statement might be true .
“Eleonor . This is the battle I left behind 2000 years ago and the people living in this peaceful age shouldn’t be involved in such a tedious war . ” (Arnos)
If I’d destroyed Jerga at that time then none of this would have happened .
“You and Zeshia are also the same . ” (Arnos)
Diego is also seized by that hatred and is passing it on .
“I need to clear my debts . The Zeshia’s that have already gone will not come back but the ones here can still lead a peaceful life . ” (Arnos)
“If everyone forgot everything like they were supposed to then neither me nor Zeshia should even exist . ” (Eleonor)
“What’s done is done . ” (Arnos)
Eleonor and Zeshia have already been born .
“I’ve caused you pain for almost 2000 years . ” (Arnos)
Eleonor’s body trembles .
Suffering and more suffering . A life that did nothing but suffer with her only hope being that she might one day disappear .
So much misfortune .
“This is my mistake, therefore I’ll make sure your next 2000 years are happy . ” (Arnos)
Eleonrs smile disappears .
“I can’t erase what happened but at the very least let me try and make it up to you . ” (Arnos)
“… . I’m human . Well not really since I’m magic… . ” (Eleonor)
“What’s that got to do with anything?” (Arnos)
A tear runs down her cheek .
The tears that are melting into the holy water are clearly visible to my demon eyes .
“… . . As long as exists the humans will continue to hold a grudge against the mazoku… . . We can only fight until one of use is destroyed…… . ” (Eleonor)
“Then I just need to destroy . ” (Arnos)
Eleonor shakes her head with a sad expression and speaks in a feeble voice .
“…Hey… . . If you say something that gives me so much hope… . . I might start to dream… . ” (Eleonor)
“I’ll grant it . For 2000 years you have suffered . Any dream I can’t make come true is nothing but a lie . ”(Arnos)
Humans who continue to suffer and die without hope . If that’s the world’s system then I shall destroy it .
“I’m in front of you now . You’ve endured until today and that’s more than enough . ” (Arnos)
“… . But… . . ” (Eleonor)
At that time a dim voice leaked from somewhere .
A faint desire .
“…He… . lp… . . ”
It came from the 10 years old Zeshia in the holy water ball next to Eleonor .
“… . . Zeshia… . ?” (Eleonor)
Elenor looks astonished .
Zeshia who specialises in combat and shouldn’t be able to speak was now speaking .
“… . . Help……… . mama…… . ” (Zeshia)
Unable to bear Zeshia’s words Elenor starts sobbing .
Endless tears fall from her eyes .
“… . Sorry, Arnos-kun… . I was saying something unfair . Please, I beg you . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor begs me like before but this time her wish is much stronger .
“Help . Zeshia and me… . . We’ve already fought so much . ” (Eleonor)
“I promise . I won’t say I’ll do it right now but I will help you . ” (Arnos)
“… . . Yes… . . ” (Eleonor)
Eleanor’s tears spill like rain .
“……Absolutely promise… . ” (Eleonor)
“I’ll stake my name on it . ” (Arnos)
To liberate them I need to end 2000 years of hatred between the humans and the mazoku .
To erase Jerga’s origin which has merged with I’ll need to return to its original form, however, unlike Eleonor isn’t humanoid type magic . That means there’s no clear shape to Jerga’s origin . It’s become part of the worlds reason, order and concept .
Correcting that will not be a trivial matter . I’ll be changing the law that says something falls if you drop it . It’s like taking a change done by my principle destroying sword and making it permanent .
“Eh… . . ?” (Eleonor)
I just felt a big disturbance in magic power as well .
It’s not in this building but somewhere outside . It’s not far though . Lake Seimei probably .
“… . I think its the temple… . ” (Eleonor)
I activate my demon eyes and send them into the building next door while also intercepting a .
“… . What’s that!?”
“Enemy attack! Enemy attack! Enemies have invaded the temple!”
“That’s one of the old seven demon emperors! The old seven demon emperors have appeared! Three members confirmed! Medin Gaasa, Zoro Angaat and Eldora Zaia! Requesting immediate support!!”
“Guh! So it really was the work of the Mazoku…… We thought it was the holy mother they were after but it was the spirit god sword……… . . !!”
Some of the old seven demon emperors have come here?
“… . . What’s happening…?” (Eleonor)
“Something a little troublesome . I’ll go and check it out . ” (Arnos)
“Be careful . ” (Eleonor)
“Aah . ” (Arnos)
I used to try and transfer to the temple, however, a magic formation was deployed at my exit point cancelling it .
The spirit god sword must be reacting to the invasion of the old seven demon emperors since the barrier its deployed is much stronger than last time .
I use again and transfer to outside the temple .
“Guaaaaaah… . !!”
Several soldiers were thrown outside the temple .
The doors were completely open so I marched right in .
Holy light covers the entire area with pure white radiance .
Looking around a number of soldiers had already fallen .
I marched right to the back of the temple a saw a single holy sword stuck in a pedestal .
Spirit god sword Evans Mana . It’s emitting a godly glow with tremendous amounts of magic power while four mazoku are standing by it .
One is a man with 2 horns, one is a man with huge bat wings, one is a man with red demon eyes and there in the centre was a man wearing a mask .
The masked man reaches out his hand to Evans Mana .
“Idiot . That holy sword can only be used by the hero Kanon . You’ll regret touching it!”
One of the soldiers surrounding the mazoku speaks out but the masked man grasps Evans Mana and easily pulls it out .
“…Wh… . . at……”
All the soldiers were startled and seemed unable to speak .
“… . The holy sword… . . was…pulled out… . ?”
“Impossible… . . that’s impossible! Has the holy sword that no ones been able to pull out for 2000 years accepted a mazoku as its owner!!? This shouldn’t be possible!!”
The masked man ignores the soldiers and looks at his most dangerous opponent in the room .
Our eyes meet .
“Fumu . An average mazoku would disappear simply by touching it . You must have some extraordinary power . ” (Arnos)
Looking closely I can see that the mask is a little different from the one at the sword competition but I still can’t sense any magic power .
“Excuses won’t work anymore since you’ve bought some of the old seven demon emperors with you . You really should name yourself . ” (Arnos)
The masked man raised the holy sword .
“I am the demon king of tyranny that destroys everything . I am Avos Dillheavia . ”
Evans Mana shines even brighter .
“Your name is a lie demon king of fiction . ” (Arnos)
I deploy six formations and fire off six .
“Foolish . ” (Avos)
Avos Dillheavia swings Evans Mana down and a divine flash of light fills the surroundings along with an uncountable amount of sword strikes .
My six were easily torn apart and the sword strikes attack me directly .
I dampen the power of the strikes with anti-magic and parry them all .
The surrounding pillars were all cut apart without a sound and the temple begins to collapse .
Fumu . Not only have they pulled out the holy sword they can actually use it .
Did you force the holy sword that chooses its own owners to accept you by overpowering it?
Or possibly……
“Listen up humans . The winner 2000 years ago was me . ” (Avos)
Evans Mana covered Avos along with the 3 demon emperors with light .
“Perish foolish humans and you stupid mazoku that fail to recognise me . I will remake this world . The correct world for the mazoku . A world swallowed up in deep darkness and chaos . ” (Avos)
The light flashed and burst open . When it cleared Avos Dillheavia was nowhere to be seen .