Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 102

Chapter 102
Everything went silent .
Even though it was the middle of a battle the air around us was calm and quiet .
Avos reaches up to his mask and removes it showing the undeniable face of Ray .
“How did you know?” (Ray)
The usual voice of Ray comes out . I guess the mask was for changing his voice .
“Ray Grandori is a reincarnated person . The chances of that being true were very high due to the fact you didn’t inherit the Iesta families secret techniques which was probably caused by the use of . Also, your sense of values are very different for this era and sometimes you showed me gestures that were familiar like you knew me . ” (Arnos)
At this point even though I was convinced he was a reincarnated person I simply assumed he had no memories .
“To hide the fact you were Kanon you played the part of a reincarnated person who would know me . You pretended to be my right hand Shin that you fought against in the past . You can probably also use magic quite well but if you did that your mazoku body would exhibit holy power which was another convenient reason to pretend to be Shin . ” (Arnos)
Shin was weak with magic so by pretending to be him he could hide his magic . Hiding his magic by keeping it weak would also make his holy power undetectable .
Also, due to his skill in root magic which is superior to mine, he could hide his origin from my demon eyes .
“Shortly after we came to Gairadeite you gave Misa that shellfish necklace . Remember asking that shopkeeper if he had a single shell one? Thing is, they are one shell split into two necklaces normally yet you knew to ask for a single unbroken one . You shouldn’t have known that . ” (Arnos)
At that point, it wasn’t hard to assume that Ray had at least some memories from his past life .
“The clasp on the necklace as well . Its a design not found in Deiruheido yet you easily knew how to undo it . It was a bit odd since Shin couldn’t care less about accessories . If it was a Deiruheido item he may have remembered but he wouldn’t have considered an Azeshion item worth remembering . ” (Arnos)
I wrote it off at first because I didn’t know everything about Shin so there was a small chance he could have known but it still surprised me .
“I asked you after that exam if you had remembered anything since you had mastered the unique sword . ” (Arnos)
But Ray said he hadn’t .
“Shin’s thoughts should have remained in the blade and once they encountered the same origin they would have transferred to you but you said they didn’t . If you didn’t receive any memories how did you know about the necklace?” (Arnos)
The mazoku haven’t had much interaction with the humans for almost 2000 years so it’s hard to imagine Ray going to Azeshion to find a cure for his mother where he may have encountered the necklace . Also, I explained about it in class after Ray had given it to Misa plus he overslept and did turn up to that class anyway .
“In other words, you weren’t Shin and you were obviously lying about not having any memories . ” (Arnos)
Ray once said to Misa that he was a liar . I’m guessing he meant this .
“But if you weren’t Shin then who were you? There was no one else on my side 2000 years ago who could use both holy swords and unique swords . However, what if the hero Kanon had reincarnated as a mazoku? I had no doubt that he could use both . ” (Arnos)
That was when I hypothesised that Ray was Kanon .
“What I didn’t understand though was if you were the Hero Kanon then why not tell me? Now we have peace there was no reason to hide it from me . ” (Arnos)
I only realised the reason back on Eiyan hill .
“You realised that if you told me you were Kanon I would notice that you only had one origin . ” (Arnos)
No matter how good Kanon is with root magic some things can’t be hidden and him only having one origin would be one of those things .
“It wouldn’t matter what your excuse was I’d still wonder where the other six went and it wouldn’t take long to link it to the seven elder demon emperors . Out of the seven only Melheys wasn’t taken over . ” (Arnos)
It wouldn’t be enough for me to think they’d simply been captured .
“Six of the demon elders fused with the origins of Avos Dillheavia leaving only one . The same number of origins the hero Kanon had . The numbers would match up exactly . Far too good to be a coincidence . ” (Arnos)
Ray was silently listening not denying a word .
“Therefore you couldn’t confess to being Kanon because I’d realise you were Avos . ” (Arnos)
Of course, there had been some unexpected situations . His mother’s illness and the whole sword tournament competition for example .
I’ve got some doubts about the sword tournament but this isn’t the time nor the place to ask about that .
“I think I’ve got the general outline Kanon but what happened 2000 years ago?” (Arnos)
I ask him straight and Ray smiles with a far more mature look than he’s ever had before .
“It’s exactly as Eleonor told you Arnos . Jerga-sensei and the Gairadeite demon king subjugation force established the hero academy so they could destroy you when you reincarnated . I desperately opposed it but no one would listen to me . You were right that day . Killing the demon king didn’t make the world peaceful . The battle was over but the war would begin again in 2000 years . ” (Ray)
The fighting would continue until one side eradicated the other . Those were the words I said to him .
“I was killed by a supporter of Jerga-sensei . I pretended to die and just revived immediately but I realised sensei’s plan couldn’t be stopped anymore……unless I took their lives . ” (Ray)
I guess he couldn’t do it . The hero Kanon didn’t have a sword to wield against humans .
“Humans made a mistake 2000 years ago . They made a plan to completely destroy the demon king Arnos who threw his life away to bring peace to the world . I couldn’t allow such an unjust story to unfold . I had to correct their mistake somehow . ” (Ray)
“That’s the reason… . ?” (Arnos)
Ray nods .
“I created the fictitious demon king Avos Dillheavia . A fake demon king for the humans to have their revenge on . ” (Ray)
“How did you take my name away from the mazoku?” (Arnos)
“We talked and sometimes we fought but the mazoku were much more understanding than the humans . Or rather than understanding it was their deep love for you . Eventually, everyone believed me and decided to forget Arnos Voldigod . ” (Ray)
Voluntarily forget about me .
“Evans Mana is the sword made to destroy you . It can even sever fate so 2000 years ago I severed your fate . The fate of the reincarnating demon king of tyranny . ” (Ray)
“Is that why you changed my name?” (Arnos)
“… . . Only the gods know what will happen when you sever someone’s fate but it seems everyone’s thoughts were answered . Looks like I won the first bet . ” (Ray)
So my name was overwritten as well .
That’s why even when using Time Manipulation on Aivis I couldn’t find my name .
The spirit god sword severed my fate as the demon king of tyranny and even rewrote history .
“Your right hand Shin Reglia along with the rest of your trusted advisors didn’t forget your name . Instead, they reincarnated and moved away from Deiruheido . Even the powerful mazoku tribes that didn’t get along with you or follow you during the great war agreed to remain quiet until you’d returned and everything was over . ” (Ray)
I see . So that’s why the mazoku from 2000 years ago haven’t appeared before me .
So it was never the work of Avos Dillheavia but all done by their own will . He’s as great as ever . Even though he was a human he gained the favour of the mazoku .
“… . On the other side of the wall, the hero academy learned that the name of the demon king had changed . They figured that Arnos Voldigod was trying to change his name and escape their scheme . Of course, that was exactly what I was after . ” (Ray)
Humans live short lives . Over the course of the years, the name Arnos Voldigod would disappear and only Avos Dillheavia would remain .
Normally that wouldn’t completely work but the holy sword which severed my fate would have seen to that .
“I fused 6 of my origins with the seven elder demon emperors . Of course, it was with their consent and their memories were voluntarily wiped as well . 2000 years later they knew you’d come into contact with them and notice the fusion so they wiped their own memories since they cannot lie to you . ” (Ray)
They did that to protect me from the human’s plan?
“That left me with my own original origin . I reincarnated many times and little by little I obtained bodies with more and more mazoku blood . This is my first time being a pure-blooded mazoku though . ” (Ray)
The hero Kanon has reincarnated into a body that completely draws on my blood while I’m in an almost human body .
To completely inherit all his powers in a body that doesn’t have a drop of his old blood is impressive . He is indeed far more skilled at root magic than me .
“And this war is a mop-up of your 2000-year-old plan?” (Arnos)
Ray nods .
“Human hatred won’t disappear . Demon King of tyranny? Humans? This war will continue until one side is destroyed . No matter how merciful you are you’ll have no choice but to keep stamping out the falling embers and I can’t take your life again……” (Ray)
Eleonor’s predictions were wrong . Despite being killed by humans he’s still a noble hero through and through .
“Therefore you’ll be killed instead? As the demon king of tyranny by the humans . ” (Arnos)
Ray nods .
“Will that stop it?” (Arnos)
“ may instil the hatred of the mazoku in its users but ultimately the source of that is Jerga-sensei’s origin . What sensei bore a grudge against above all else was the demon king . If the demon king falls then so too will the magic disappear . I truly believe that . Sensei wasn’t that stupid for it to remain . ” (Ray)
The serious look Ray is giving me really reminds me of Kanon .
“This may not be the road I wanted to be on but I’m still a hero . As long as there are still people that call me a hero I will make up for their mistakes and make up for the mistakes of past heroes . You staked your life 2000 years ago and made this peace possible . It’s a truly wonderful world now . It’s almost unthinkable what it was like back when you were alive . Even now this world is getting better . ” (Ray)
Unlike me, Ray has seen the changing world as he repeatedly reincarnates .
“Demon king Arnos . ” (Ray)
Ray speaks like we spoke 2000 years ago .
“Humans are foolish but I still believe in humans . I want to show you the wonderfulness of humans and the true peace you craved . ” (Ray)
“Hero Kanon . ” (Arnos)
I too, speak like its 2000 years ago .
“There’s no reason for you to do that . You have fought enough . Are you going to continue sacrificing yourself for those boring humans?” (Arnos)
Ray slowly shakes his head .
“I still remember our promise that day . This is the peace you pursued, created and protected . Though I’m reluctant in this form I still want to fight but as your friend this time . ” (Ray)
What do you mean by that? I can’t ask now though .
“It’s taken a long time and you’ve made some grand preparations but you must have been confused and anxious at times yet despite that, you carried on and made your plans come to fruition . Your thoughts these last 2000 years are not cheap enough to be swayed by my words I know that . ” (Arnos)
I won’t tell him to stop .
Those words will be too light in the face of Rays will .
“This isn’t even a single shell necklace but a Mishens necklace . ” (Arnos)
My explanation in the academy flashes through my mind .
2000 years ago in the early days of the war, most humans never came back from battle so they wished upon Mishens necklace to be bound together with their lover and be reborn together in another age .
The Mishens shellfish that lives in the Gairadeite lake was divided into two and made into two necklaces . One was given to the lover and the other was worn by themselves as they went to battle .
The Mishens shellfish live by drinking the holy water of the lake and were said to be the messengers of the gods . The two shells were said to guide the origins of the dead to each other .
The hero Kanon/Ray had feelings they couldn’t convey so they entrusted them to the necklace and said goodbye to their loved one .
“If you want this necklace back you’d better try with all your might . ” (Arnos)
“I thought you’d say that . ” (Ray)
Ray hangs his mask at his waist and draws a magic formation .
A divine light overflowed and turned into a holy sword . Evans Mana that was in the demons kings castle was summoned here .
This man also understands I can’t move him with words .
“Let me go so I can protect you . ” (Ray)
The hero readies the spirit god sword .
I spread my arms and stand in front of him .
How many times have I fought this man? Still, this is the first time I’ve felt like this while fighting him .
“I won’t let you go so I can protect you . ”