Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 103

Chapter 103
Without wasting a second Ray stepped forward and instantly appeared in front of me .
“… . . Haaa… . !!” (Ray)
The spirit god sword shined so brightly it even dazzled my demon eyes .
Rays figure disappeared as if melting into the light but I felt bloodlust coming from my blindspot .
In a flash of light, the blade of the holy sword swings down so quick my eyes can’t follow it .
“There . ” (Arnos)
I condense on my left hand like a shield and block the attack coming from my blindspot .
The sound of a magical explosion roared in my ears and the on my left hand was destroyed .
“Well spotted . ” (Ray)
“Because I used your demon eyes . ” (Arnos)
I reconnected the cut magic line from and looked through Rays eyes .
“……… . . ” (Ray)
Ray cuts the magic line with Evans Mana but I immediately reconnected it .
Until I cancel and at this distance, I can reconnect it as many times as I want .
“You don’t have the benefit of now and even with your mazoku body you have no chance of winning . ” (Arnos)
“Well as for you, your origin was pierced by this sword 2000 years ago . Even though the purpose was to inject magic power into you this swords true purpose has always been to destroy the demon king of tyranny . Isn’t your origin still damaged?” (Ray)
“Let’s see shall we . ” (Arnos)
Casting Origin Killer I put my right-hand fingertips through it dying them black .
Looking at Ray with my demon eyes I can see he’s got his 7 origins now . If I don’t coat my hand with I won’t be able to damage them .
“Demon Rock Falling Star Bullet ” (Arnos)
A huge magic circle is drawn in the sky and equally huge jet black demon stones appear in it before pouring endlessly down . It was as if countless falling stars were heading towards Ray .
“…… . Haa…… . !!” (Ray)
Using Evans Mana Ray cuts away all the rocks coming towards him .
Even though Evans Mana is a holy sword it’s still impressive for it to easily destroy falling stars, however, it did serve to keep Ray’s hands busy .
“Water Prison Destruction Waterfall . ” (Arnos)
This time a huge formation covers the grasslands before spewing out water and transforming the place into a shallow black pond .
Then like a fountain, a jet black waterfall erupted vigorously at Rays feet and shot towards the heavens .
“… . . Seaa… . !!” (Ray)
Ray stabs Evans Mana into the ground with all his strength causing the ground to split and drain away all the water .
I immediately cast again and pour rocks down on Ray who proceeds to evade them all .
“Too slow . ” (Arnos)
I block his path forward by firing off 20 and as expected he couldn’t dodge in time and was wrapped up in the black flames .
“Haa!!” (Ray)
At the moment where he shook off my black flames using the blessing of Evans Mana, I pierced his chest right to his heart with my right hand .
“… . Guuuuh……” (Ray)
“First one . ” (Arnos)
I crush one of his origins using .
As long as one origin remains the rest will return but it does take time . As long as I can get 6 of his origins his resistance should stop .
“Give up . 2000 years ago you never beat me once . ” (Arnos)
“Certainly I never beat you . ” (Ray)
Ray strikes at my right arm with Evans Mana before it can destroy another origin forcing me to block with my clad left hand .
As soon as I did Ray kicks the ground and separates himself from me .
“No matter how many times I fought you and stood up . ” (Ray)
Ray launches himself forward straight towards me .
“Fumu . Risking your life? Then I’ll take it without hesitation . ” (Arnos)
I thrust my hand into Ray’s stomach and crush his second origin .
Normally you wouldn’t be able to stand up from this much pain but Ray swings Evans Mana down at my shoulder .
“… . . Haaa…… . !!” (Ray)
I block again with which shatters with a loud sound .
“Third one . ” (Arnos)
I squeeze another origin with my right-hand that’s still buried in his stomach .
Ray flinched before closing the gap even more by forcing my hand right through his stomach so I couldn’t grasp another origin .
“… . Haaaaaaaa!!” (Ray)
Again Ray swings Evans Mana down and again I block with forcing Evans Mana to bounce off, however, using the force of the recoil Ray changed its trajectory and swung back down at my shoulder .
Fast .
Even though I coated my hand in I didn’t have time to condense it so I switched to my and destroyed the magic power of Evans Mana .
“… . Fuuu!!!” (Ray)
Evans Mana still pierced through my anti-magic and bit into my right shoulder scattering fresh blood and causing numerous stigmata’s to appear in the wound .
“Fourth one . ” (Arnos)
After Ray forced my hand through his stomach I managed to withdraw it and stab him in the chest again crushing another origin .
Undaunted, Ray ignores me and digs Evans Mana even deeper into my body .
“I know what you’re up to . ” (Arnos)
Covering my left hand in I grasp the blade while Ray puts all his strength into his arms .
With our two powers colliding the grass is blown away and even the trees are knocked down .
The blade I grasped stopped moving .
“Did you think you’d win in a competition of strength now you’ve got a mazoku body?” (Arnos)
“… . . Gu… . haa… . . !” (Ray)
I squeezed my right fist and crushed the fifth origin .
“You’ve only got two left . There’s no way out for you . ”
“…… . I’ve continued to lose to you… . . and it was okay to lose because if I challenged you enough times then a miracle would happen and I’d win . ” (Ray)
“Miracles don’t exist . ” (Arnos)
No matter how much power Ray puts in Evans Mana doesn’t move .
At close range my and have completely suppressed Evans Mana .
This situation can’t last and Ray will run out of energy in his state .
“One left . ” (Arnos)
I crushed the 6th origin and blood drips out of Ray’s mouth .
“Retreat . You’re not stupid enough to fight in this condition . ” (Arnos)
Once he was down to one origin Kanon always ran away .
Even if it’s impossible now I hope we can connect in the future .
He understood he was the hope of the people and he should never die .
“……Someday there will be peace in the world . That was my wish…… so I ran away . Even though I kept losing I thought I only needed to win once . I believed that was the right thing to do . ” (Ray)
Ray stares at me as he talks .
“I was wrong . I was a coward . Right now is someone in front of me who needs help and I won’t wait for that someday to come . I’ll help them now . I want to help the people who are suffering now . If I can’t think like that then I won’t be able to risk my life when that someday arrives!” (Ray)
I’ve heard these words somewhere before . Where was it? Wherever it was they have made him make this decision .
He who has 7 origins and never died is prepared for the end .
“Even if a miracle doesn’t happen I can’t lose today……! If I lose here then someday, to put out those falling sparks you’ll have to kill humans again… . . !” (Ray)
A small amount of deaths can save a lot of lives . That’s correct, isn’t it? That’s how I have always done things until now .
As the demon king of tyranny if I hadn’t destroyed that which should be destroyed then I wouldn’t have been able to protect anything .
Ray takes his left hand off Evans Mana .
“I won’t let you do that… . . You who more than anyone else… . . wanted peace… . . !!” (Ray)
The space on the left side of Ray distorted and the unique sword Sigshesta appeared emitting an ominous purple light . The unique sword has become a demon sword that’s condensed its magic to its maximum extent .
“Haaaa!!” (Ray)
Ray swings Sigshesta down against Evans Mana causing a great explosion of light as holy and demonic powers collide and repel each other .
Most of the surrounding trees and myself were blown away .
“Fumu . That was some amazing magic power . ” (Arnos)
Ray slowly walks towards me .
On his right is Evans Mana emitting a divine light and on his left is Sigshesta emitting an ominous brilliance .
The lights are both mixing and repelling each other but they are also being controlled to their utmost limits and multiplying each other’s powers .
“So you’ve come this far . ” (Arnos)
Unique swords demonstrate their true value only when they are devoted to uniqueness and the spirit god sword only accepts owners with a cloudless and serene heart .
Ray wields the unique sword by filling his heart with the demonic while mastering the spirit god sword made to destroy the demonic .
At first glance demonic and holy are contradictory to each other but to him, they must be different .
The life of a hero and the life of a mazoku . Both exist within Ray . Holy and demonic do not contradict . No, it’s not even that complicated .
Humans and mazoku can coexist . That is his will and that means both swords have also acknowledged that will .
“I’m not going to let you die anymore . ” (Arnos)
I coat both arms with and stack up multiple Demonic Black Lighting Emperor before wearing it . The jet black aura becomes both an offensive and defensive magic .
“Come . I’ll release you from the curse of being a hero . ” (Arnos)
Ray strongly digs his feet in the ground .
“… . . Here I come Arnos . ” (Ray)
We both lunge directly at each other .
My magic collides with Ray’s twin swords and what’s left of our surroundings is obliterated by the aftermath .
While running through the forest Ray’s swords and my magics clash many times .
The Tora forest was shaking violently as if it was screaming at being unable to withstand the battle between the legendary hero and the demon king of tyranny .
How many times have we clashed?
Sigshesta flicks away my while Evans Mana breaks through my and .
And then Evans Mana pierces my chest .
“………How…… . ?” (Ray)
Ray spills his words in obvious surprise .
“You shouldn’t have fallen for that… . and even if you did… . . I wasn’t aiming for your origin……” (Ray)
I laugh .
I dared to receive the spirit god sword that can destroy the origin of the demon king .
Everything is as I predicted .
“Take a look around . ” (Arnos)
Ray looks around .
Though quite distant but clearly visible were the Gairadeite demon king subjugation force .
They are watching us with extreme caution .
While fighting I was guiding Ray to this place .
“The revived hero Kanon destroys the demon king of tyranny . According to your scenario, this will clear the humans hate . ” (Arnos)
I reach for Rays mask and put it on .
“My brethren . ” (Arnos)
I reach out and intercept the for the entire Deiruheido army and thanks to the mask my voice is now that of Avos Dillheavia .
Using I duplicate the clothes worn by Ray and wear them on my own body while changing Ray’s clothes to that of his hero self from 2000 years ago .
Finally, I cast and send the image to the Deiruheido army . They need to see the moment Avos Dillheavia loses .
“……All Deiruheido forces are to withdraw . I will not allow any retaliation against the Azeshion forces until I reincarnate again . Live . Until the day your demon king returns again… . . ” (Arnos)
Ray intended to be defeated by the subjugation army and probably had a similar speech planned out .
Even if they come to confirm the death of the demon king he has left his will behind and the royals will definitely protect that will and wait for his revival .
“…… . The spirit god sword is a holy sword made to defeat the demon king of tyranny…… my origin is…… already… . . ” (Arnos)
Evans Mana is certainly piercing my body and it’s definitely attacking my origin . That’s not something that can be made up .
Ray doesn’t need to risk his life this way either .
“… . Arn— . ” (Ray)
I touch Ray’s lips with my bloody fingertips and gently close his mouth .
“What’s wrong Hero Kanon . You’ve certainly defeated me . You should be proud . ” (Arnos)
Ray’s glaring at me with a stern expression on his face but the demon king subjugation force is coming over to us .
By now many of them will be able to confirm the body of the demon king pierced by Evans Mana .
I need to show my strength . Evidence that I am the demon king of tyranny .
“Stupid humans!!” I shout to the subjugation army .
It’s a total farce but if this brings peace then let’s play the clown .
Like that man was .
“I will not die . ” (Arnos)
I pour a large amount of magic power into and huge demon stones appear in the sky before I coat them all in so the demon stones are now covered in black lightning .
No matter how many barriers they put up this will still be enough to slaughter tens of thousands of soldiers .
“Fall together with this land . ” (Arnos)
Lighting clad black demon stones pour from the sky covering the soldiers below in darkness as they quickly cast multiple barriers .
A huge noise rings out and a massive hole opens in the ground . It’s so deep you can’t see the bottom and it could lead to hell for how it looks .
A quake follows quickly after . It’s so strong you’d think the world was ending .
Two, three and more demon stones fall drilling into the ground .
They all landed far away from the subjugation force but just surviving the aftermath was all they could do .
Hundreds of demon stones were still floating above aiming at the subjugation force .
If these fall we’re all dead . Everyone should be thinking that .
Seeing my intention Ray runs over to the subjugation force .
“Demon king Avos Dillheavia I won’t let you do that!” (Ray)
Ray calls out to the subjugation force .
“Everyone please lend me your power . I am the hero Kanon and with your power, we can put a stop to the cruel demon king!” (Ray)
Ray casts and and his figure holding the holy sword, clad in holy light and slashing the despair that’s falling down is indeed the perfect figure of the hero .
Then someone’s voice can be heard .
“… . . Is that the hero Kanon… . . ?”
“… . . I don’t know but… . but… . . that holy light he’s wrapped in is protecting us……”
“Was he fighting the demon king of tyranny all alone to regain the holy sword… . ?”
Kanon always had this mysterious charm about him . Any human that saw him always felt hope .
“…Kanons come… . ”
Word quickly spread amongst the subjugation force that had fallen into despair over the stones overhead .
“The legendary hero has revied to save us!”
“Defeat the demon king!!”
“This time we can have world peace!!”
Magic power and the thoughts of the subjugation force gather in Kanon causing the divine protection of Evans Mana to swells up dozens of times .
“……… . ”
I can hear a voice .
“I’ve been tortured by it all this time . ”
Through the magic line created by , Ray’s feelings that he can never put into words flow into my heart .
“Responsibility of the hero . Duty of the hero . ”
“I’ve only ever been a country boy that likes to swing a sword around”
“I never wanted to kill anybody . I never wanted to go to war but someone said that if I don’t fight even more people will die . ”
“The hero is an illusion . ”
“I’m neither strong nor righteous and I never had the power to save people . ”
“More life has spilt through my fingers than I ever managed to hold onto . ”
“I was deceived by heartless words, toyed with by fate and ran around the battlefield in confusion . ”
“I never had any courage only the fear of death . ”
“I was threatened by it, frightened by it and prodded by it . ”
“But even so . ”
“I had to be the hero . ”
“I had to continue playing the hero . ”
“We must meet the expectations of the people even at the expense of ourselves . ”
“We must be the hope of the people”
“A powerless person asks me to kill him . ”
“The weak are begging me to end their suffering . ”
“I guess it was inevitable . People need hope . ”
“Rather than seeing someone else suffer, I’d rather carry this fate and die . ”
“Die again and again . ”
“Revive again and again . ”
“In this way, I merely fought for people . ”
“Then one day I suddenly realised . ”
“Then what is my hope?”
“They had the hero but what did I have? I didn’t have the smallest of hope . ”
“It’s a very common tragedy story . ”
“Aah, but even now as in the past . ”
“Finally someone reached out their hand to me and it was the very person who was supposed to be my enemy . The demon king of tyranny . ”
“Arnos you were… . ”
“My only hero . ”